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Vrogros the Lord of Underworld, come to bring Hell upon Earth

September 18, 2016 by inclawd
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Mid or Feed ?

DotA2 Hero: Underlord

Hero Skills


2 3 5 7

Pit of Malice

4 8 9 10

Atrophy Aura

1 12 13 14

Dark Rift

6 11 16


15 17 18

Vrogros the Lord of Underworld, come to bring Hell upon Earth

September 18, 2016


Hey yo what's up Dota 2 Community, welcome to my Underlord Guide, the first ever my guide to be published. It gonna be a long journey if you read it from top to bottom, so if you dont want to waste your time you can skip some content as you already familiar with the content.

My guide will be talking about the way Underlord mean to be play, in my personal opinion our Lord is one of the best versatile hero in Dota 2. When it picks in Captain Mode, it gonna make enemy captain really think hard how Underlord gonna be play because he can be in every lane including jungle. So I'll explain in every different part for each Underlord lane especially for Jungle and Mid Underlord. On the other side the skill and item build depend on the situation to is huge amount. By picking up specific items and changing the skill sequence you have to adapt to the match and decide, what is useful and what is not.

The most important thing I need you to put in your mind when playing Underlord regarding what your role is, that playing a good Underlord to be presence in almost every war/fight. Playing a good Underlord can really turning the tide of war and sometimes turning the table of your team wining/losing

I am Inclawd, DotA player on a regular basis with now nearly 3.000 games played in DotA 2 and I think I have found my new favourite hero, Underlord is really versatile and give a big presence in team-fight. I hope all of you enjoy this guide and have a good day in Dota2 after reading this guide especially when playing Underlord.

Hero Introduction

Vrogros the Underlord is a very versatile hero whose presence is crucial to his team's. He has abilities that work from early to late game, Underlord is affected wide area and the flow during teamfights. Raining down damage with Firestorm, clearing creep in matter of seconds and damaging enemy hero in wide area . With his Dark Rift, he can teleport his entire team across the map, taking enemies by surprise, and pushing in lanes while the other team is dead or out of position, pushing enemy tower and counter enemy rat in single moment. Enemies' base attacks are reduced around Underlord by his Atrophy Aura, making Underlord can absorb many auto-attack than most other heroes. At the same time, Atrophy Aura allows him to accumulate damage from the deaths of nearby enemies, temporarily giving him high physical damage. One of the best area disables in the game, Pit of Malice presents a very large obstacle for enemies, especially melee attackers. With it, Underlord can catch and trap numerous opponents, making him a potent and dangerous opponent in any teamfight.


Roles :

Disabler | Ganker | Roamer | Tanker

Okay, I think one of the best thing in Underlord is his versatility he can be anywhere (literally using his ultimate abilities) but I mean is in laning phase and roles positioning, by using his 1st and 2nd abilites he can nuke down and lock down enemies then his 3rd abilities give him aura that nerf enemy physical base damage make him able to soak up ton of auto-attack damage, in other hand it also give him a boost in his physical damage every enemies that affected his aura die on top of that his ultimate abilites make him a gate of teleport for his team in this term he can uses it for ganking, rat, bring his teammate from other lane to help his other teammate, and many thing in more creative and unique way. So what he has is, he can Nuke, Tank, Initiate, Support , and Disable but that's not what I see in my opinion he has all the thing that all roles has but in mediocre way like jack off all trades. He maybe could auto-attack really hard but he need to at least kill a wave of creep first or one or two enemy heroes to get some damage, his Nuke in early game is a scary one especially you can combo-wombo it with your mates, his disable have big advantage the way it penetrarte magic immunity but it only for few second and it will release it roots if you/your mates hit the affected enemy, his ultimate just like BoT for whole team even if you stun Underlord or disable him or even kill the spell target it only can be stop by killing the Underlord itself so he just like a Big-Massive-ReallyFast Ambulance that came to your team aid. The downside is it has all, but not really deal big number except his ult that can be massive game changing and so it needs preparation for all his abilities, a good communication among your team, perfect timing and placing to use your abilities. On my opinion, as far as I see Underlord most fit role is mid/offlane/hard support, the way he play is to be commanding and be presence for your team and the only role that benefits from that is only Mid,Offlane and Hard Support. He just really fit to be a Commander or Playmaker of team, his abilities really characterize him like that.

As Midlaner for Underlord, it has many ways you can choose to play and fast time to go online and helping your teammates but also can manage a lot from ganking or hard pressure from enemy Midlaner especially melee mid heroes. In the other hand for Hard Support, you don't really need much of item to play Underlord because of his abilities itself already give all HardSupport need except mana, yeah i know his mana usage is very depressing in some way but his ganking and his presence itself was very nuisance for your enemy sometimes I think Underlord Hard Support is like big clumsy medic that really solve every problem of your carry/teammates. So for Offlaner unfortunately, I think you stuck between the way Midlaner or HardSupport playing this hero because I think the way it play as Offlaner is sometimes you can be in lane or just jungling, even so you still give a lot pressure for your enemy safelane through your 1st abilites and turning the table if their tri-hard-lanes try to rush your tower with your 2nd abilities then you still manage alive from your 3rd skill and punch a way after 1 or 2 hero die under your tower after you got lvl 6 I think you can go online and help your team or just stay put and give hard pressure to enemy safelaner still if your team was ganked, I insist you to help them cause your presence and versatility is the biggest advantage of yours.

There are ways of playing
Underlord as a CARRY hero. This guide is limited to a COMMANDING and TEAMFIGHT ROLE. The item suggestions accord only to this specific role.

Pick Underlord ?

Number One Rule : Communicate with your Team and Pick Last

Underlord will do good in every Lanes but if you are lucky you can get the Midlane.
In midlane you can level up faster so you can gank earlier.
But Sidelane is good too, especially if you get a nuker or stunner to set up a combo with you.

And you have to see if Underlord playstyle benefits your allies and counter your enemy ?

Underlord is a durable support who takes lead on the battlefield, creating dangerous hazards over large areas, while teleporting his team across the map with Dark Rift​. He excels at trapping and zoning enemies in a Pit of Malice​, and blunting physical damage within his Atrophy Aura​. With the health of a strength hero and the extra damage from Atrophy Aura, Underlord can stand his ground better than most supports. However, Underlord is slow and lumbering, and often suffers from insufficient mana.

You should pick Underlord :

Your team fits all roles, except mid
You play a Pub Game
You want to offer a solo lane for your team (if you play jungle)
The other team has a lot of base damage right click heroes like Morphling, Drow Ranger, Slark
The other team has a chanelling abilities especialy like Enigma, Witch Doctor, Crystal Maiden

You should NOT pick Underlord :

If the other Team are full of high mobilities heroes
If there are a lot of heroes that provide vision over map
If there heroes that capable wrecking you from long range or AoE counter-initiation

Pro & Cons

  • Excellent zoning abilities
  • (Anti-)Pushes very well
  • Global presence with Dark Rift and Boots of Travel
  • Atrophy Aura is an effective anti-carry base damage right-click
  • Not item dependent
  • Tankier than most supports
  • Low mana
  • Requires good team coordination
  • Inconsistency damage




Target Area
Enemy Units
Calls down waves of fire that damage enemy units in the target area, burning for additional damage over time.



























6 seconds

6 seconds

6 seconds

6 seconds

Damage Per Wave 150, Max Health as Damage per Second 6%

Damage Per Wave 240, Max Health as Damage per Second 12%

Damage Per Wave 330, Max Health as Damage per Second 18%

Damage Per Wave 420, Max Health as Damage per Second 24%

  • The damage dealt by Firestorm is considered Magical damage.
  • The burn damage deals damage in 1 second intervals, starting 1 second after the debuff is applied, resulting in 2 instances.

Basicly Underlord summon rain of fire from under world, it goes by six interval waves of fire in 400 AoE. Each of one second the rain come down to earth it will burn the affected for two second then it will refreshed every time it hit enemy in total six waves that came down. So if you can get your enemy stay in Firestorm AoE for all the duration, it will give 420 Magical Damage, if we dont calculate the magical resistance. And then another thing that Firestorm give is a BURN, it gonna be a nonsense if a fire from the hell don't burn living people soul right ? So how this BURN work is applying a debuff in affected hero for one second intervals, and it start from one second after the debuff is applied then you will get two second BURN so if you manage to hit all waves, the burn damages deals a total of eight instances. So what the special of this BURN thingy mate ? The special thing of this BURN is, it calculate by Maximal Percentage HP of affected hero for 24% (before reduction) as damage. Just think it for a moment, if your enemy is Axe that has 2000 HP if gets hit by all the waves he will lose 420+480(24%*2000) = 900 if his magical resistance is 0% ( we gonna talk it more later). This thing will hit hard in early game of course, but still managable to damage your enemy in late game because of how it calculate is using the maximal health point of the affected hero not the current health. Why that thing is really important dude ? Bruuuuuh it doesn't matter how high or low the current hp of the affected hero, the BURN still calculate it from his/her maximal hp so it really gonna pawn a lot for bulky hero that have many health point. The way I see it, this skill gonna be really sucks for Morphling, because the way people play Morphling is to turn STR when his health is low and then his current HP is growing because his maximal HP is expanding from STR gain, but he still in low hp but have a lot of maximal hp in this way this skill gonna rip apart Morphling when he is turning STR gain up in low HP. And for your information, if your enemy hit it by Firestorm first before activating BKB the BURN that he/she has will still damage him, but the next wave won't hurt anymore and the BURN can be dispellable by any dispel.


- The visual and audio effects at the targeted area during the cast time are visible and audible to allies only.
- Creates waves in 1 second intervals, starting immediately upon cast, resulting in 6 waves.

- Despite the visual effects, the damage of the waves is applied instantly, and not upon landing.

- The burn debuff does not stack per interval. Each interval refreshes its duration, resulting in 8 possible burn damage intervals.

- The burn damage deals damage in 1 second intervals, starting 1 second after the debuff is applied, resulting in 2 instances.
- When hit by all waves, the burn damage deals a total of 8 instances of damage.

- Can deal up to 150/240/330/420 + 6%/12%/18%/24% of max health as damage (before reductions) when all waves hit and the debuff is not dispelled.

Pit of Malice


Target Area
Enemy Units
A deadly pit is conjured at the target location; any unit that enters is unable to move for some time and takes damage. Each enemy unit can only be affected once.



























7 seconds

7 seconds

7 seconds

7 seconds

Damage 100, Disable Duration 1 second

Damage 100, Disable Duration 1.5 seconds

Damage 100, Disable Duration 2 seconds

Damage 100, Disable Duration 2.5 seconds

Lord of Underworld summon a pit from hell upon living earth ! Dude you can bring a cage from hell to earth too ? That's Underlord bruh, his second abilities cast a pit that ensnared and damaged enemy hero for 100 Magical Damage in large AoE. The best part of his 2nd abilities is large area disable and goes through magical immunity, stop all forms of blinking, and prevent invisiblity. Although a target only can affected once by this abilities, and if your target already escaping when you still casting it sometimes your enemy can escape from this pit because the pit only check and snare enemies in 0.5 interval starting immediately upon casting. This abilities is very terrifying because it blocks most of escapebility like Blink, Charge of Darkness, Teleportation, even Phase Shift. And other thing this abilities can is to turn the flow of ganking or war, because the pit can be a way to zoning the enemy to aid his allies or to stop your enemy from chasing your allies but mainly it purpose is to combo-wombo with your Firestorm and other AoE skill.


- The visual and audio effects at the targeted area during the cast time are visible and audible to allies only.

- The pit checks for and snares enemies in 0.5 second intervals, starting immediately upon cast.

- Can only affect a unit once per cast.

- Roots the affected units, meaning they can still turn, cast spells, use items and attack.

- Disables the following spells:
Blink​, Blink​, Teleportation​, Charge of Darkness​, Phase Shift​, Tricks of the Trade​ and Blink Dagger.

- Interrupts channeling spells of the target upon rooting, but affected units can channel spells during it.

- Affects invisible units and provides True Sight over them.

- Creates a distinct visual effect around affected heroes, but not around other affected units, including illusions.

Atrophy Aura


Nearby enemy units are weakened, losing a portion of their base damage. If a unit dies while under this effect, Underlord gains bonus damage.











Damage Reduction










Damage Per Hero Death





Damage Per Non-Hero Death









The only passive ability that Underlord has, Atrophy Aura will reduce enemy damage of all enemies in 900 AoE but only base damage that come from primary attributes that will reduce by this aura so any raw damage wont get reduced. Basicly this aura really sucks for carry that benefit from stat gain like Morphling, Slark, Drow Ranger, Terrorblade, Silencer ( Carry Build ), and other carry still really annoyed by this aura. This essentialy make Underlord still effective in team-fight even he can't spell his abilities, that one of the reason I said his presence is really important in almost every team-fight you had. After all of that really useful aura he has, this aura still has another thing in his sleeve and that is every enemy that die under affect of this aura he will get 45 damage for Hero and 5 damage for Creep. The way it works is only Underlord it self that gain attack damage not his aura, so it won't give your allies more damage but it only reduce your enemy team damage so if you play it right with your team during team-fight and yet you still alive after two or three enemy heroes die under your aura, sometimes you can easypicking enemy heroes that leftoff or simply rampaging enemy tower. Survival of the fittest,ain't it?

Notes :

- Only decreases base attack damage and that given by the primary attribute of the affected units. Raw bonus damage is not decreased.

- The aura's debuff lingers for 0.5 seconds.

- It does not matter how an enemy dies, Underlord always gets the damage as long as it was affected by the debuff.

- Each damage increment per dying unit lasts for the set duration. Gaining more damage does not refresh the duration of the previous increments.

- A status buff icon appears whenever Underlord gains damage from the aura. The buff shows how much damage the aura grants.
- Underlord's weapon also glows stronger with green particle effects the more damage stacks he has.

- Does not gain attack damage from dying illusions, couriers, buildings, wards, Tempest Double​s and Tombstone​ zombies.

- When there are multiple Meepo​es within range, only one of them grants Underlord damage when they die.

- Affects invulnerable units, but not hidden units.

- Treats creep-heroes as creeps.

Dark Rift


Target Point/Units
Allies Heroes
Opens a dark rift at the targeted friendly unit's position. After a short delay, Underlord and all nearby friendly heroes are teleported to that unit's location. Dark Rift can be cancelled at any time during the cast. If it is cancelled in this way, or the target unit dies before the spell becomes active, Dark Rift goes into cooldown.









Cast Range




Teleport Delay












Bread and butter of Underlord, from my own opinion I think this one ultimate is a game changing when it used perfectly. In simple term, Dark Rift is a Boots of Travel for YOUR SQUAD. Anyone standing in the AOE after the delay is up will get teleported to the target location, which can be a building, creep, creep-heroes or base. From my perspective, this massive teleport can be used to super-panic rescueing/super-surprise ganking and easy base/tower defense as well as pushing towers or even base racing, as long as your communcation between your team is good one. This ult need timing, good communication and the consent with your team on when to use it, and it should never use for doing thing without purpose.

Little warning if you die or your target of teleport die, it will cancel the teleport so be careful when targeting your teleport. If you want fast rescueing just tap twice your ultimate button it will cast to your fountain.


- Upon cast, Dark Rift is replaced by Cancel Dark Rift​ for its duration.

- Double-clicking the ability automatically targets the team's fountain.

- Can be cast on any allied unit which is not a hero (or illusion) or a ward. Can target creep-heroes. Can target them even while invulnerable.

- Can target and teleport to invulnerable units. Cannot target hidden units, but the teleport still happens if the target turns hidden after being targeted.

- When targeting the ground, it searches for the nearest valid target on the map and teleports towards it.

- The visual effects around Underlord and on the teleport target are visible to everyone.

- The targeted unit's priority is lowered, meaning it is attacked as the last auto attack target by other units.

- Disjoints projectiles upon teleporting for everyone who gets teleported.

- Can only teleport heroes (including illusions and clones) and creep-heroes. Can teleport them even while invulnerable or hidden.

- When Underlord or the teleport target dies during the delay, the spell is canceled. The spell is not canceled when the targeted creep changes ownership.

- Dark Rift doesn't teleport all hidden units, i.e Doppelganger and Sleight of Fist but the rest of hidden spells and similar spells don't seem to impact Dark Rift.

- Hidden unit glitch creates near-immortality and secret nukes, that can be abuse by Lifestealer and Brewmaster with their ult.

- Channeling ability doesn't get interupt when TP with Dark Rift like Black Hole, Death Ward, Freezing Field, and Supernova will TP the hero to wherever Underlord use Dark Rift to but the ability the cast will stay wherever they cast it and still continue until they finish the chanelling.

- Meat Hook and Glimpse is hard-counter to this ability because they capable of pull back the hero after it teleport if they time it perfectly, if you know old time abuse of Pudge and Chen it was very similiar the way Dark Rift interact to Meat Hook.

Cancel Dark Rift


No Target

Stop the teleport.





Sometimes this abilites is another game changing too, even it will make your teleport fail but sometimes this what you need when you do a wrong decision. On the old times, when Pit Lord cast his ultimate it can't be canceled, so it will easily trapped by well-organized team but now Underlord have a way to cancel his massive TP before it make a disastrous false.


- Replaces Dark Rift​ until the teleport finishes or this spell is cast.

- Interrupts Underlord's channeling spells upon cast.

- Dark Rift still goes on cooldown when it gets canceled.

- Underlord cannot cancel Dark Rift while silenced or stunned.

Physical or Magical ?

That is two way of dealing damage with Underlord,namely physical and magical

Some people think physical seems better with his passive with every time he kill it will bulk-up to his raw damage, but without killing his enemies first he won't got any damage at all. And so his physical damage unfixed how gonna affect the teamfight, in other way his magical can torn apart enemies in early game and few heroes still hurt in late game, but it require perfect set-up and as we know ability have cooldown.

So yeah, tit is tat. Your team line-up and enemy line-up will dictate how you choose the damage-path, and always consider this first :

1. Think about your build and how it will help your team

2. Always prepare and counter-measure things

Example : Your team have Phantom Assasin, but you choose to use Physical Damage-Path and want to make Solar Crest. What will happen ? Of course, enemies carry will make Monkey King Bar and your Solar Crest gonna be wasted. Always think before you do, it will save you lot when playing Underlord especially when using Dark Pit.


Starting Items

Stout Shield

Stout Shield gives us a 60 % passive chance to block damage from 20 damage (melee) from physical attack.

This is needed for early sustain, a 60 % chance to block 20 damage are a lot at the first levels! And we will upgrade it to Vanguard or Crimson Guard if you want really tanky.


Circlet give us some stat that help to last hit in early laning and will be upgrade to Magic Wand


Tango,nuff said...

Early Game


Bottle will help you sustain your health and mana in middle lane, you can fill it with rune or just using your courier to crowing and then spamming your ability to harass your enemy mid-laner.

Magic Wand

Magic Wand it was THE SAVIOUR in most of my games, it help me survive few abilities and hits from enemies and give me some mana to pull of my abilities in pinch time.

Soul Ring

Soul Ring AH, A classic one.. What you give is what you get, simply enough solve the mana problem in Underlord in laning-phase and roaming/ganking.

Boots of Speed

Boots of Speed simply give some movement speed to our Lord. It serve him very well you know...

Boots, Come on Lads pick your boots will ya?

Boots of Travel

Boots of Travel will help you to be an ambulance using Lamborghini, cast your Dark Rift from safe place to fountain and teleport your allies in need of help,and boom when you finish teleporting to your allies your Dark Rift will beam you to fountain with your mate.

Guardian Greaves

Guardian Greaves is a MUST for support Underlord it gives health & mana, have a passive abilities, purge negative effect in area for your teams. That's a blessing from Icefrog when this thing come to DOTA 2.

Phase Boots

Phase Boots , this thing only occurs to me when I play Aggresive/Physical Underlord because you need to chase and have high mobility. It's phase ability really help us when we need to chase our enemy through creep or anything that block our path.

Mid-Laner Core

Magic Core

Veil of Discord

Veil of Discord basically make your both your ability to another level by decreasing enemy magic reduction in area so your nuker allies will get benefit from this item too, and it will pulverize your enemy in early game if they trapped in your team combo-wombo. And it give you some armor and mana and kind of cheap item to build for core item to start.

Shiva's Guard

Shiva's Guard is your 2nd core, and man this epic-blizzard-armor is my favourite item for Underlord. So, it give you more intelligence ( more mana again ) and more armor, you will be more tankier and solving your lack of mana problem. In the other hand, it has passive aura with exact radius of Atrophy Aura that decrease enemy attack speed for 45 and active ability that emits blazing freezing pulse that does 200 magical damage and slow their movement speed by 40% for 4 seconds, dude that is what we need for our majestic lord another spell that sync with Underlord abilities. Basicly, your enemy base damage and attack speed will reduce when your presence felt in team-fight and you have 4 combo-wombo it self to nuke your enemies in area.

Octarine Core

Octarine Core make you more deadly and tankier more than ever, it passive abilites will give benefits to your abilites and items by 25%. And give you bunch of health and mana, but the best part is it SPELL LIFESTEAL. You will give a ton of damage from your nuke even if you get target by your enemies, most of times you will still survive and can beam out yout team with Dark Rift.

Physical Core

Armlet of Mordiggian

Armlet of Mordiggian is a one of a way to avoid death, by toggling it will give you +31 Damage +25 Strength +4 Armor but it will drain your health by 40 per seconds. If you full active it, gonna give you 400 HP and some armor if you do it right it will serve you well to avoid few last hit from your enemies.

Echo Sabre

Echo Sabre this thing give you double attack instantly to your target and give him 100% movement speed slow for 0.6, maybe it seems small but it give you time for one more hit or use your pit to trapped him for 1 more second to set-up with other allies skill.


Daedalus maaaaaaaan, what you hope again ha ? The only way to deal big damage with raw damage is from critical, and if you can live up after 2 heroes death man you can deal 1K critical to your enemies then turn the tide of war.

Offlaner Core


Mekansm is to insure that you tankier and capable of help your allies if your ganking go southway. And later on in can be build to Guardian Greaves

Arcane Boots

Arcane Boots simply enough give you and your allies mana, supplying your lack of mana problem and give mana to your allies after teamfight and ganking so you can continue pushing or rampaging tower.

Rod of Atos

Rod of Atos this one baby in hands of Underlord is a staff of gateway to hell, that say this stuff can be use from long-range with 1000 range and give time to Underlord to catch up and summon Pit of Malice or give some Firestorm first then Pit of Malice after it break from roots now give them the Rod of Atos to ensure your enemy hit all the Firestorm but if you making this as core, you must consider building Veil of Discord or Aether Lens

Urn of Shadows

Urn of Shadows give you some strength and some mana regeneration, good part is for ganking Underlord give a charge if your enemy death around you and two charge if no charge left in Urn of Shadows. It can be use to damage enemy for 150 Pure Damage or heal allies for 400 HP.

Jungle Mania

Vladmir's Offering

Vladmir's Offering good item for Underlord in jungling time and help him be more tankier and give his team more aura that help boost your allies damage and survive capability.


Radiance give small raw boost damage and 50 Damage over Time in 700 AoE that make enemies under Radiance effect have 17% miss chance and make him more tankier from right-click damage.

Extention Items

Blink Dagger

Blink Dagger simply enough "blink" your character to target point, this item server Underlord real good i.e casting Dark Rift from fog of war without your enemy expected and use Blink Dagger to your allies when Dark Rift almost finish casting or to chase enemy heroes that running from you and close gap to hit and slow enemiy with Echo Sabre if you buy it or trap enemies with Pit of Malice.

Aether Lens

Aether Lens give you bunch of mana with 200 Cast Range and 5% Spell Damage Increase, some times it help to cast your spell from far away but I recommend if you can build this item if you want to troll or already winning the game because it not really game-changing item.

Ethereal Blade

Ethereal Blade can be awesome if your team benefit from magic reduction damage, these item movement speed slow is huge even only for 3 seconds because it slow you by 80% and reduce your magic resistance for 40%. In how to use is basicly simple, combo it with your Veil of Discord it torn enemy magic resistance for 65% combine it with Firestorm, Pit of Malice, and Shiva's Guard then this thing will be wreck enemy whom you target it bruuuh.

NOTED: Enemy under effect of Ethereal Blade can't right-click attack, but still can use his skill so time it perfectly with your Pit of Malice to render enemy escape ability.


Necronomicon buy it if only your team gonna use R[A]T DOTA and team up with Lycan, Beastmaster, Broodmother, Nature's Prophet, Troll Warlord, Chen, Drow Ranger because your Necronomicon will benefits from their traits and abilities. Sometimes you can use it for backdoor with Smoke of Deceit and Dark Pit combo.

Refresher Orb

Refresher Orb just buy it if your team really desperate and so dependent with your Dark Rift to counter rat or in very very very late game that you need fast TP to enemy base or your own base.

Assault Cuirass

Assault Cuirass give yourself a boost in armor and attack speed, and the best part it give aura that boost your allies armor and attack speed then decrreasing enemy armor. Woah, what a nice armor isn't it ? Atrophy Aura itself render enemies base damage then Assault Cuirass make them vulnerability through minus armor itself. Happy Minus Day you suckers...

Lotus Orb

Lotus Orb an orb that make your target can counter spell targeted to affected hero. Yeah what a thing eh? I think this one item is a counter to people who use nuker as a counter to Underlord, the idea is because of Atrophy Aura the Underlord can take a lot from base damage or right click but not so well in term of magic damage, then Underlord became the main target of nuke most of times, because of that he became a good carrier/user of Lotus Orb and other positive thing is Lotus Orb can be used to your allies too. Win-win solutin isn't it?

NOTE: If you think of using this item, try to combo it with Pipe of Insight cause sometimes you doesn't take any damage from spell that targeted you but your enemy will be in pain for taking his own spell.

Blade Mail

Blade Mail the best rework of all time, now almost all tanky hero using this item because how it work now is mainly god-like. Now it return damage before reduction and return summons/creep-heroes to the hero who summon it. So in simple way have a big amount of reduction in physical or magical, return it to the owner with Pure Damage then count the reduction you have to diminishes the damage you got. Enemy take a lot, you take a tiny little piece of damage.

Black King Bar

Black King Bar only uses it to counter annoying spell that can hold you in place and interupt your Dark Rift or just piss of Underlord i.e Glimpse, Hex, Astral Imprisonment, Global Silence. Even your Dark Rift can't be cancel after it cast, but you still can been trapped or do **** if you been disable during the period instead saving your team you only save yourself even die before Dark Rift finish casting and coordinated team will target you before you even cast it because they know if you already cast Dark Rift is too late.


Mjollnir give what Underlord semi-carry or carry lack of. Lot of attack speed and passive that has chance to deliver lightning bolt to 4 targets by 20% chance. Then it has active ability that create shield of electricity which can proc a 20% chance to deliver lightning bolt if the shielded get hit. A beast item for semi-carry that have a lot of HP and tanky ability.

Scythe of Vyse

Scythe of Vyse amazing item to disable enemy carry in mid or late game for 3.5 seconds making affected hero can't do anything. Giving you bunch of intelligence and mana regeneration. Build it if your enemy carry is really annoy your teams and running out of control so you can kill him before the Hex end.

Crimson Guard

Crimson Guard grants a total of 290 health, 8health regeneration, 5 armor, 2 attack speed, 24 mana, and 2 attack damage. With it active it give you 2 armor, 100% chance to block 55 damage from each incoming attack to nearby allies and yourself. Simply enough work like charm with your Atrophy Aura even sometimes you won't take damage from incoming attack, you should build this if hero like Drow Ranger, Slark, Morphling is against you this item really cripple their capability from killing your team.

NOTE:Does not affect heroes who have been affected by Guard in the last 60 seconds. So you can use it twice or even your allies have this item too you don't get the active ability bonus from this in 60 second if you already use this. There is small buff above your hero telling how much time it left until you can be under Guard effect again.

Pipe of Insight

Pipe of Insight together with the aura, one Pipe of Insight grants a total of 12 health regeneration to the owner. It passive is Insight Aura that give allied units 4 health regeneration and 10% magic resistance in a 900 radius, stacks with all other sources of flat health regeneration and magic resistance, except with Insight Aura from multiple Pipes of Insight. The active ability from Pipe of Insight is Barrier, gives a shield that blocks 400 spell damage to all allies in a 900 radius. The best thing is this Barrier doesn't have stack duration, so after it cast and finish absorbing damage and your allies use his Pipe of Insight too your team will still benefits from Barrier unlike Guard from Crimson Guard that have 60 seconds stack duration. Sometimes a lot of Pipe of Insight is needed because how short of Black King Bar duration and some carry doesn't have bunch of HP to live through some nuke that capable to hold aboveground like Heat Seeking Missile, March of the Machines, Morphling + Ethereal Blade combo or other area nuke. This item really help on thus term if you need to push and end the game before they can push you back.

NOTE:Recasting Barrier refreshes the buff and resets the barrier's absorb capacity and if multiple sources of barriers are active on a unit, all of them lose capacity from the same absorbed damage instance. So communicate with your team to time it who use it first and second if 2 or 3 heroes have Pipe of Insight

Moon Shard

Moon Shard just buy this thing if already 6 or 7 slotted item, don't ever buy this item if other time not completed yet except you are in trolling game.

Divine Rapier

Divine Rapier the most heavenly sword in Dota2 world, give you 330 raw damage. If you in dire situation and a bit of gambling player or want to play high-risk reward playstyle, use this item alongside Echo Sabre and Daedalus with this triplet combo item and your Atrophy Aura maybe you comeback to win the game back.

Never Ever Build This Items


Bloodstone useless item for Underlord many item with more useful active can solve Underlord mana problem. So, this item is NO-NO for Underlord.


Bloodthorn doesn't synergize with your other abilities and other heroes in your team maybe more suitable to use this item like Windranger, Invoker, or Clinkz.

Dagon Dagon

Dagon just a trolling time we will use this item in Underlord please don't ever build this item except you want to just have fun, because even you are a ganking type Underlord still many item will more useful and synergize with your abilities.


Satanic oh maybe you think you can be more tankier and survive in teamfight with this item? HELL NO, you don't have lot of attack speed to really benefits from this item passive and active. Just skip it okay dude ?

Game Strategies


Q: Bruh, why you mid bruh ? You want to feed ha ?
A: No mate, because I need to lvl 6 fast and start ganking...

Early Game

Try to contest with enemy hero and harass him if you decide taking Atrophy Aura in lvl 1 after 2 or 3 creeps die, never forget to contest rune and don't go be a ***** in lane for Merlin beard sake you're tanky hero that can trade hit with enemy hero. If your roamer give signal to try take opposing mid-laner life, you must go for it because in early game both of your active abilities where it really shine most. In lvl 5/6 if yourself get some nice rune like Rune of Haste, Rune of Double Damage or Rune of Invisibility go for ganking other lane because this rune is your best friend.

Mid Game

Basicly, you already have Veil of Discord and Boots of Travel or Phase Boots, Armlet of Mordiggian, and Echo Sabre during this time if your carry doing fine, most of time you will be holding the stake of game. But you still to maintain your pushing and ganking, because in this time Underlord presence in ganking is a big factor. Try to finish your game in mid game because in late game your presence will be dropping and not contributin too much to your team.
Just remember, too maintain your rhythm when playing Underlord during midgame, know when to push or gank your enemy.

Late Game

Just hope, you don't get to this stage because this the hardest time to play Underlord you will be playing mindgame with your enemy, your 1st and 2nd abilities drop off during this time and enemy carry most of the time already 5 or 6 slotted items, your biggest play and contribute is your Dark Rift to maintain your base during your team push for big retreat or fast-break after sucesfully countering enemy push.


Q: Why I can't be in safe lane?
A: Cause mate, many heroes will benefits in safelane than yourself and bystanding in offlane alone, you can give more room for tri-safelane or jungle hero to shine. You are tanky hero dude, please don't ***** yourself will ya ?

Early Game

Don't DIE, that's what offlaner number one job. Stay safe don't give opposing laner that most of time will be carry so please don't give them more money, but if your opposing laner only one hero and he is a carry it come to offlaner 2nd that is zone out the carry farm capability during laning phase. Try to grab rune if your creep is pushing too far or maybe go to jungle and stack the creep for later. If a chance come arise like your mid come to your lane to gank your opposing laner, help him and get some kills. Don't forget to help other lane in need because you don't to need much item to play this role with Underlord. Reminder, use constantly your Soul Ring to harass opposing laner.

Mid Game

You will be the biggest and fastest ambulance that ever created in Dota 2 world, you play a lot part in midgame for your team. Helping them survive, making enemy weaker, and turning tide of teamfight. Just always have Dark Rift ready if you go pushing or ganking with your team, be stick with your team and be ready if your carry or other hero that separated from your team get ganked so you can Dark Rift your nearby allies to help your allies that was ganked.

Late Game

This part is where really Underlord lack of, like I say before in late game is mindplay using Underlord always stick with your team and communicating is really important. Your job in late game is to maintain your team and base in good condition, during this period your Dark Rift is a game-changing ability so use it carefully and precisely.


Q: Why you use Underlord in jungle?
A: There are better midlaner, safelaner, and offlaner in your team but your team need Underlord presence. That's one of Underlord benefits, he can put in any lane and he will do just fine.

Q: Why not use Underlord as a roamer ?
A: I think there are more better heroes for roamer position, so if your team need roamer just pick other heroes that suit the positions. Because Underlord abilities need preparation and fast leveling to shine better, that's why the best position to him is solo laning like Midlane, Offlane or Jungle.

Early Game

Use your Iron Talon and Tango in starting then start build Vladimir's Offering for easy jungling if you do well and without nuisance at 18-20 minutes Vladmir's Offering, Radiance and Boots of Speed is already in your item. Remember to ask nicely for your support to ward jungle entrance from river for your safety because you won't level up Pit of Malice when jungling so you don't have any counter to disable as Underlord don't have escape abilities until Dark Rift you will be easy target.

Mid Game

Go out and go hunt enemy heroes, start helping your team to win the game. Mostly with this item you can bring havoc and disaster during teamfight against enemy support or backline. Using Radiance and Atrophy Aura combo you will make enemy carry hard to hit your team and their squishy backline is dying from Radiance burn effect, in other hand your team get more damage, minor health regen and lifesteal from Vladmir's Offering. Your next item will be a counter to your enemy ability/item or item that bring more benefit for your team.

Late Game

Radiance burn effect still give some pain for enemy backline but not really hurting them and if opposing carry already built Monkey King Bar your miss chance will be useless so creating other item that make opposing carry have a hard time will be good like Scythe of Vyse or buff-up your allies with Assault Cuirass. Still your big advantage for your team is Dark Rift.


First thing first, put in your mind Underlord playstyle is like playmaker in basketball or "hit n run" in RPG. Why I say that ? Even you are a tanky hero, doesn't make that will survive from all nuke that come to you. You aren't Bristleback or Abaddon so remember this thing.


If you want to gank as Underlord try to not set-up the gank, ask your team to bait or stun your enemy first than bring down your combo so you manage to get Firestorm to full duration. Other thing is ganking using Dark Rift is risky to a counter if opposing team have hero that provide vision like Zeus, Treant Protector, Templar Assassin, Techies, Clockwerk, Spectre and Beastmaster so be careful againt this match-ups. In term of ganking, Underlord is a very good because he can nuke, trap enemy, cancel tp even they use BKB and get the hell out ASAP using Dark Rift. Always safe your Pit of Malice to lock-down some hero from TP or special hero that can't do nothing under Pit of Malice effect.


Never initiate teamfight, even your roles is Initiator you're not as good as other Initiator. Combo your Firestorm with your allies and use Pit of Malice to zone enemies that come to your backline or to help their friend. Don't running around like a big warlord in middle of fight and taking unnecesary damage, you will do more in last moment of teamfight after 2 or 3 enemies die and your Atrophy Aura give you some damage boost so you can demolize them. Remember, " Hit n Run" suppose to be cast your 1st and 2nd ability then avoid unnecesary damage but still in teamfight area to give Atrophy Aura to your enemy then after few enemies die you can start to go pulverizing leftover enemy and casting your abilities again if necesarry.

Best Bud's and Worst Foes

Best and Lovely Buddy

Ancient Apparition

A beast if you duet it with it Underlord both them have global ultimate that sometimes can be game-changing, most of his abilities synergize very well with all Underlord build. Their combo come around like this, Ancient Apparition use his Cold Feet then Underlord use his Pit of Malice to maximize the lock down duration after that Ancient Apparition put his Ice Vortex and Chilling Touch to play with Underlord Firestorm not to mention if Veil of Discord coming to the combo itself the damage will be huge to handle in early and mid game.


Make Dark Rift have a target that can fly around and go invisible that called Call of the Wild (Hawk), what a nice combo isn't it? Even without that, Primal Roar synergize very well with Firestorm and Pit of Malice , considering that Primal Roar and Pit of Malice penetrate Black King Bar so you can count that as 2 of your team can stop Black King Bar teleport.


At the moment, their synergize is quite weird because it came from abusing both of their ultimate. If you cast Dark Rift during Primal Splite animation every time Brewmaster rejoin from his 3 spirit immediately he will TP to Dark Rift target not to his spirit. Even though Underlord gain benefit from Brewmaster 1st and 3rd abilities still there is better combo-wombo for our Lord out there.


AH, another Dark Rift target that have invisibility capability, but be cautious wherever Spin Web existed there is slight chance Sentry Ward is there too. So your team will be lure to enemy trap without slight notice.


One of Underlord best buddy, he has slow and make enemy take more damage from spell or attack, he have creep that can be targeted for Dark Rift, save allies that unsuccessfully enter your Dark Rift AoE, and can you heal up so your survival is more guarantee with him around.


Two tanky hero that can lock and trap hero. That's Underlord and Clockwerk duet, he provide you with vision, can initiate gank and teamfight, trapped your enemy for 8 seconds basicly give your Firestorm full duration to hit, abilities that cancel channeling and penetrate Black King Bar. This two really bring a lot to table, they are like two bunch of annoying bully doing some nasty stuff together.

Crystal Maiden

One of the best baby-sitter, giving you mana regeneration problem solving, locking down enemy for 3 second, movement speed slow by 50% for 4 seconds and the best part her ultimate is like your 1st abilities but more vicious and can be abuse with your Dark Rift making she still using her Freezing Field from fountain as long as she still cast it.

Dark Seer

One of the hardest combo to pull but if you did it perfectly it will pay you a lot. Using his Vacuum to pull enemies to your Pit of Malice+ Firestorm then use Wall of Replica on top of it will bring you big smile if done perfectly. Another thin he solve for Underlord is for his lack movement speed to chase and right-click enemy with his Surge you'll be able to chase everything for 7.5 seconds because of maximal movement speed from Surge.


Have two large area abilities that can lock down or zone out enemies, combine the Firestorm and Pit of Malice together with Static Storm and Kinetic Field it will bring catastrophy to your enemies that trapped inside that combo-wombo.

Dragon Knight

One of the best fast-game duet with Underlord, both of them capable of going high-ground from earlygame is a scary thing. Both them passive is really synergize, Atrophy Aura reduce enemy base damage make Dragon Knight with his Dragon Blood that improves his armor and regeneration combining with his Breathe Fire that reduces enemy base damage by 35% for 11 seconds is very hard to kill. His synergize with Underlord continue on his Dragon Tail that lock down enemy for 3.25 seconds to be settle with Firestorm and his Elder Dragon Form that have splash damage work very well with Pit of Malice that can trapped heroes in splash area.

Elder Titan

His ultimate abilities and aura really syngerize with your combo, his Natural Order rip apart enemy armor by 100% and magical resistance by 33%. His Echo Stomp and Earth Splitter synergize well with Pit of Malice followed by Firestorm.


Both of you is hard to kill, the first one can heal and have a passive slowing enemy attack speed when she is attacked and the other one have aura that decrease enemy damage. Other thing is she can have a neutral creep for Dark Rift target even only for brief moment still it was worth it. On top of that she hit like a truck using her Impetus and if timing it perfectly with Hurricane Pike and Dark Rift combo it will be a massive play of the game. She too can help you landed perfect Firestorm with her Enchant that slow enemy by 50% for 5.5 seconds.


A massive AoE hero that synergize very well with Underlord, his Malefice help to chase and landed Pit of Malice, after that his Midnight Pulse, Black Hole and Firestorm do massive damage in teamfight. And he have summoned creep to be our Dark Rift target and special mention his Black Hole can be abuse with our Dark Rift

Faceless Void

He is a perfect carry to be duet with Underlord, he have one of the best AoE disable in Dota 2 for 5 seconds on max level with his Chronosphere, Firestorm will landed perfectly and Pit of Malice will lock down and zone out remaining enemy that aren't traped with Chronosphere on top of that he is one of the most carry that hard to kill with his Time Walk this synergize well with Atrophy Aura

Faceless Void

Simple enough, our Pit of Malice synergize well with his Call Down and Flak Cannon. One of most my favourite duet with Underlord. Sometimes the simple one is the better one ain't it ?


HE HAVE A LOT OF SPELL THAT COMBO WITH YOU DUDE!!!! He is THE BEST duet with Underlord, if he ganked he can summon his Forge Spirit and you can help him, he can set up ganked or teamfight with his Tornado or Eul's Scepter of Divinity, he can give you attack speed you lack with Alacrity, render enemy movement with his Cold Snap and Ice Wall, rampaging enemies with Meteor, Deafening Blast, Sunstrike + your Firestorm- Pit of Malice combo, scout enemies with Ghost Walk find perfect spot for your team to initiate teamfight then summon his Forge Spirit for your Dark Rift. See that mate ?? Only with 1 hero you have a lot of way to combo with him, that's why he is your best duet bruuuh...


Still worth to mention as good combo with Underlord even he not even in the meta right now, all his abilities is active and DPS AoE and have one abilities that create a freezing path that stun enemies for 2.5 in 1200 range at max level. Even though he only bring raw magic damage together with Underlord he still worth to be teamup with Underlord

Keeper of the Light

Another hero that have ability that abuse Dark Rift if he isn't using Aghanim Scepter, simply start channeling his Illuminate and Dark Rift him in front of enemy when his Illuminate at maximal point and boooom you got yourself big damage. Even you don't you use that abuse Keeper of the Light bring a lot for Underlord. Mainly his Chakra Magic solver our mana problem and reduces cooldown for next spell we casts, most of time we use it for reduce our Dark Rift cooldown. His Mana Leak is another amazing zone out ability that make affected hero losing mana if he/she move, easy target for Firestorm isn't it? If he manage to acquire Aghanim Scepter thing will go more crazy for example you pushing bottom lane and 4 of your allies included Keeper of the Light in top lane was ganked, he only need to cast his Recall to you while you casting Dark Rift and if your team can hold on until you succesfully Recalled then ABRAKADABRA your whole team is safe. And he still has Blinding Light that knock back enemy and causing them to miss by 80% for 6 seconds then his Illuminate when in day light will heal you maximal at 375 if fully channel. Seems good support isn't it ?


What I can say ? Slippery hero that have massive AoE damage to bring, his Torrent, Tidebringer and Ghost Ship make amazing combo with your Firestorm and Pit of Malice. Hard to catch with his X Marks the Spot and capable to be everywhere and push many lane with Underlord


One of the biggest hero that can deal magic damage, team up with Underlord was kind of amazing because how they play is very aggresive. Gank, gank, gank, and ganking will be their playstyle still they can wreck tower like hell. All his skill synergize with your Firestorm and Pit of Malice. Personal recomendation if you team up with Leshrac is to give him midlane then go jungle and build Radiance because your Pit of Malice is use for setting up Leshrac combo and Radiance will make both of you tankier when roaming around.


Deal big amount of damage in teamfight and can help protect allies with his armor buff. His armor gonna give you lot of safety feeling really synergize with Atrophy Aura and his Frost Blast and Chain Frost synergize with Firestorm and Pit of Malice


This one is a special abuser of Dark Rift, just Infest to Underlord then Dark Rift to tower and you simply Infest tower and can suprise enemy that hitting your tower. Beside that his Open Wounds synergize with Firestorm and Underlord very well.

Lone Druid

Only one thing we do well with him is surprise attack, this is just my idiotic combo so just don't use it serious game or tournament okay ? So this how it surprise attack work, first thing first Lone Druid Summon Spirit Bear must have Shadow Blade, when it goes invis our team use Dark Rift from fog or fountain to the bear and boooom shakalaka enemies have been surprise and running-wild panicking from sudden attack from us.


Best mate ever, Lycan have an invisible target for Underlord Dark Rift that will give enemy shocking surprise as 5 heroes suddenly coming from nowhere and start massacre their team. Other small benefit is Underlord can lock down enemy even they're under affect of Black King Bar so when Lycan use his Shapeshift don't go to waste for chasing enemy.


He is one of the best initiator in Dota 2, his Reverse Polarity making your enemy sit like shooting-target practice waiting to pop off to their miserable death. Just remember using your Pit of Malice when his Revese Polarity stun near over so you don't stacks the stun duration. Best thing is his Skewer can put enemy to Firestorm and Pit of Malice area so your chance of full damage is almost guarantee. Then his Empower give you splash damage and buff-up your damage making your whole damage to be AoE from ability to right-click.


What more panicking then after you see Dark Rift symbol at creep but nobody show up because Moonlight Shadow and then 2 second after that everyone already dead ? That one of the combo you can do with Mirana, in early game to mid game both of you are one of the biggest magic damage dealer using Sacred Arrow+ Starstorm with Aghanim Scepter and Firestorm+ Pit of Malice with Veil of Discord I think nobody will survive that combo unless they use magic reduction or immunity like Black King Bar, Pipe of Insight, Hood of Defiance

Nature's Prophet

Double the push, double the mobility of your team, and double your rat/counter-rat. His treant from Nature's Call can be Dark Rift target if you got ward in enemy base and Nature's Prophet have Aghanim Scepter when he uses Wrath of Nature and treant was created you just can beam up your team with Dark Rift then finish up enemy base or doing blitzkrieg attack.


Can resurect allies, have heal that hurt enemies as well, can slow enemy attack speed, his stun penetrate magic immunity although unreliable. But still he has a lot to offer when put together with Underlord especially he is one of the abuser of Dark Rift. YUP, his Supernova can be affected by Dark Rift and teleport to home safely but his AoE damage and stun affect lies where Phoenix were Supernova casted.


Simple enough, he scout Underlord come and they got kill. Their combo is ****ing annoying. His Blink Strike and Cloak and Dagger make him capable of initiate good gank or teamfight for Underlord then his Smoke Screen+ Tricks of the Trade synergize very well with Firestorm+ Pit of Malice. Both of this combo simply render most escaping ability in Dota 2, the only one that come in my mind is only Force Staff and Black King Bar that can run away from that combo.


Another annoying duet, the trickster of Dota 2. His Null Field and Atrophy Aura negate enemy capability of dealing damage in magical or physical and his Fade Bolt even decrease 35 attack damage for 10 seconds. His Telekinesis can use for perfectly trapped enemy in your Firestorm+ Pit of Malice combo and the most annoying part is he can steal enemy ability with Spell Steal to add more combo with Underlord.

Shadow Fiend

The most special buddy is this one hero, to pull of the best of it you need at least 3 spesific hero including Underlord, Shadow Fiend and heroes that provide Dark Rift target that invisible like Lycan, Broodmother, Lone Druid, and Treant Protector. First, find your Dark Rift target. Second, synchronize your Requiem of Souls with Dark Rift. Three, just watch your enemy instantly and miserable death. Feel so satisfy after pulling this off, although I recommend if you team up with Shadow Fiend build your Underlord around support or physical core, because he really weak and need some help to survive in the other hand he is one of the best glass canon because of his Presence of the Dark Lord and Necromastery that benefit with your Atrophy Aura so consider building Assault Cuirass, Vladmir's Offering, Crimson Guard, Guardian Greaves, Lotus Orb, and Pipe of Insight.

Skywrath Mage

His Ancient Seal, Concussive Shot, and Mystic Flare really similiar and synergize with your Firestorm+ Pit of Malice. Both this combo roaming and ganking map will bring terrifying presence to enemy carry. Giving a lot of pressure if both of this already having one of their core item.


TANKY&INITIATE, that is what Tidehunter offer to you. Your Atrophy Aura give his Kraken Shell even harder to penetrate by enemies. He can set-up a good teamfight with his Ravage and decreasing enemy base damage by 65% for 6 seconds with his Anchor Smash. If one of your allies use Crimson Guard active abilities, your enemy will deal no-damage from right click in 6 seconds duration.


A robot that hate tree and deal PURE DAMAGE. His Chakram slow down enemy and deal massive damage if use inside Firestorm+ Pit of Malice not to mention his Timberchain and Whirling Death. Your Atrophy Aura synergize wonderfully with his Reactive Armor make him more tankier than ever.

Treant Protector

I think most of people doesn't know that this hero is like one of the best best best buddy of Underlord. He gave damage block, regeneration, invisibility, lockdown, and information. What are you asking from an old tree dude, that already a lot of thing isn't it ? If he have Aghanim Scepter he basicly can put Observer Ward for free in every tree all around map every 25 seconds, yeah your map can be a map hack somehow if he inside your team line up. And from that enchanted tree he can cast his Overgrowth in 800 AoE, again yeah he basicly have a global ultimate with proper set-up and stupid enemy. Speaking global ability, his Living Armor also global so he can still help you survive from anywhere by giving you damage block and regeneration. The best trick he offer to Underlord is surpires attack that have perfect success unnoticeable rate but require Necronomicon lvl 3 to pull off this trick, so how it work is Treant Protector hide in the fog and stay invis with his Nature's Guise then summon his Necronomicon which we will use Nature's Guise on the warrior one yeah dude the red one which has True Sight so we won't get trapped from Sentry Ward or Invisible Hero that carrying Gem of True Sight. Even his Leech Seed really help us at early game to secure our kill, so basicly yeah he is one of your best friend forever.

Troll Warlord

Symbiosis mutualism, Troll Warlord give you attack speed that you really need thus Underlord give him disable that he need to demolish his enemies. As I say, simple one is the better one

Vengeful Spirit

The fallen princess, from all combo this one is the one I most hated. Because she use her Nether Swap to your Pit of Malice stun for 1 second then stun again from Magic Missile already rain down with full duration of Firestorm then hit with Wave of Terror that reduce enemy armor, just by hearing that itself I already feeling surge of pain. One of most advantage she bring to allies when team up with Underlord is when she alive our team get more damage, but when she slain by enemy her Vengeance Aura will curse the one that slain her and decrease damage around the cursed one and himself.


The only benefits is from his Grave Chill that reducing enemies movement speed and attack speed, plus his Summon Familiars that flying can be targeted by Dark Rift


Fatal Bonds and Upheaval really make nuisance during teamfight for opposing team. His Fatal Bonds synergize with your Firestorm+ Pit of Malice, his Upheaval is channeling ability so it can be abuse by using Dark Rift too i.e pull out all both of your skill, then when he use Upheaval beam up to safe position near your teamfight using Call of the Wild (Hawk) or Summon Familiars to fog.

Witch Doctor

Basicly, same combo like Crystal Maiden, Enigma, and Warlock after pulling all his skill beam-up Witch Doctor during he channel his Death Ward to safe position near your teamfight using Call of the Wild (Hawk) or Summon Familiars to fog.

Worst and Hateful Foes


His Apothic Shield purge Pit of Malice and shield it from Firestorm damage.


The BEST EVER COUNTER to Underlord. Make fatal mistake than you die, Dark Rift in front of him when he still alive and well is suicide, Dark Rift your whole team and landed upon his Static Storm and Kinetic Field is the worst nightmare you will get,trust me. And if he build Force Staff believe me, your Firestorm+ Pit of Malice gonna be wasted.


Doom make you useless in the other time his Infernal Blade really give you a lot of damage, Doom is King of Hell dudeeee mean while Underlord only King of Abyss. You know what I mean right ??

Ember Spirit

His Sleight of Fist and Fire Remnant can escape from you unless you with other hero that capable of locking his ability. Still his Flame Guard will guard him from your Firestorm, please dude even from the name of ability we're already losing away..


You ain't touching this ***** trust me, your hope is only nuke him down together before she start healing with Nature's Attendant


Sometimes your best friend, is your worst enemy too. Never ever make stupid Dark Rift decision when carrying your team when Enigma around or your whole team will be eaten alive with his Black Hole


Same condition like Disruptor WORST COUNTER to Underlord. You think you run away ? X Marks the Spot and you will be back to die. Torrent, Ghost Ship and Tidebringer will destroy your whole team if you do miscalculation with your Dark Rift


His Chain Frost when your team succesfully Dark Rift is a death that come early to your team.


Professional Lion can time perfectly his Earth Spike after your whole team landing from Dark Rift and pray to the Lord that he hasn't Aghanim Scepter or you'll be screw.


Just say good-bye to your life, this thing can destroy your whole team dream in one single unpredictable moment even your Dark Rift is a good one.

Naga Siren

The beast of counter-initiate, yeah you'll be walk into trap if you using Dark Rift as initiatin tool against her cause she just need to pop-off her Song of the Siren and your whole team sleep like a little cute baby with her friend coming to help her to start a bloody massacre.

Nature's Prophet

Simple, the only one who counter rat is another rat. He really can destroy your base if you and your team do miscalculation.

Phantom Assassin

This annoys me so much, the only one who can escape then constantly attack after Pit of Malice is this hero with her Phantom Strike and she basicly using raw damage and critical so your Atrophy Aura doesn't do well against her.


I don't know but other than Kunkka and Disruptor his Meat Hook is the only thing that pull back Underlord or everyone after Dark Rift and all his ability is magical and one of that is pure damage so for Underlord is a NO-NO


Can purge your Pit of Malice and bring havoc to your team


Just sitting around and drink tea while shooting your face and your mate from distant. If he always in good position during teamfight most of the times your team will be doomed.


Haunt you till you death. His item build will be annoys you so much Diffusal Blade and Radiance torn you apart.

Storm Spirit

You won't ever catch this one ball of lighting. Yeah his Ball of Lighting will make you confuse and kite you around


Wrong step,and BOOM!! Your whole has been annihilated bruh, his Remote Mines provide vision and can instantly kill your whole team after Dark Rift.

TIPS: Counter it with my Treant Protector tactics in "Best Bud's Explanation". It work like a charm, trust me

Templar Assassin

Same **** like Techies unless herself will be invisible and murder your whole team by herself. She provide vision with her Psionic Trap and set a trap with her Meld

TIPS: Counter it with my Treant Protector tactics in "Best Bud's Explanation". It work like a charm, trust me


Tanky hero that initiate and counter-initiate as it best as it can be. Be carefull again using your Dark Rift when pushing or anything.

Treant Protector

Provide vision, can scout your team, and basicly counter initiate your Dark Rift. From best friend forever to worst hateful foe, what a life...

Vengeful Spirit

Save anyone who trap to your combo, reducing your team armor and damage, even capable of disabling and kidnapping your allies in front of your eyes before you finish Dark Rift. She is our ambulance buglar.

Winter Wyvern

Wrong decision in Dark Rift and perfect timing Winter's Curse will kill one of your allies or perhaps yourself. Always think twice when dealing with this bugger.


The Great Almight Nuker that provide vision and have true sight skill. This is one of our combo counter and possibly can kill us mostly in all teamfight or minimize our capability during teamfight.

Honourable Mention: Item that Underlord hate

Force Staff

Simply save the one that you target in your Firestorm+ Pit of Malice combo, smooth as silk...

Guardian Greaves

This one, ha this is the 2nd most hated item by Underlord. It can purge your Pit of Malice for 900 AoE, wait wait a minute the purge is AoE ?? Yeah mate, so if basicly you success trap 5 heroes inside your Pit of Malice, then 5 of them will safe and sound immediately with more health and armor too

Pipe of Insight

This is the worst hated item ever for magical damage Underlord, most of damage is absorbed by Pipe of Insight active so you done nothing to enemies hero.

Observer and Sentry Wards

The biggest counter of Dark Rift invisible creep-heroes combo, and proper placing Observer and Sentry Wards will minimize chance and opportunity to use Dark Rift

End and What will coming in future

I hope for now that will help you Underlord fans to play better.

And I have few idea for more content in this guide for future:

-Adding video/gif to guide about mechanics
-Add more picture and more tips and trick about Underlord
-Correct mistake and more details in every section
-Better Game Strategies section

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