DotA 2 Item: Blink Dagger

Shops: Main Shop, Side Lane Shop
Categories: Arcane
Active Effect Total Cost: 2250

Item Details

Blink Dagger

Active: Blink

Teleport to a target point up to 1200 units away. If damage is taken from an enemy hero, Blink Dagger cannot be used for 3 seconds.

Cast Range: Global
Max Blink Distance: 1200


Additional Information

The fabled dagger used by the fastest assassin ever to walk the lands.


  • Double clicking the item automatically casts it on your team's fountain, blinking towards its direction.
  • Does not blink for the full distance when targeting closer than its max distance.
  • When targeting beyond the max blink distance, it blinks for 960 range towards the targeted direction, instead of 1200.
  • Disjoints projectile upon cast.
  • Cannot be cast while rooted.
  • Damage greater than 0 (after reductions) coming from any player (including allies and self) and Roshan puts the dagger on a 3 second cooldown.
  • Since it is a 3 second cooldown and not actually disabled, it can be refreshed with Refresher Orb and Rearm.

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