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DotA 2 Item: Shiva's Guard

Shops: Main Shop
Categories: Armor
Active Effect, Passive Effect, Aura Effect Recipe Cost: 2050
Total Cost: 5175

Item Details

Shiva's Guard

+5 Strength
+5 Agility
+5 Intelligence
+5 Health Regen
+15 Armor

Active: Arctic Blast

Emits a freezing wave that does 200 damage to enemies and slows their movement by 40% for 4 seconds. Deals 150% damage to illusions. Causes enemies to take 15% more damage from spells for 16 seconds.

Radius: 900
Damage: 200
Move Speed Slow: 40%
Slow Duration: 4


Passive: Freezing Aura

Reduces the attack speed of all enemies and all heals, regeneration and lifesteal.

Radius: 900
Heal regeneration and lifesteal reduction: 25%
Attack Speed Slow: 45

Additional Information

Said to have belonged to a goddess, today it retains much of its former power.

One Shiva's Guard grants a total of 15 armor, 390 mana and 1.2 mana regeneration (and 30 attack damage for intelligence heroes).


  • Does not interrupt the owner's channeling spells upon cast.
  • The blast spreads at a speed of 350.
  • The area of effect is centered around the owner, so when moving, the radius moves along.
  • The blast is not a ring. It affects every unit between the blast's edge and the caster.
  • This means it is not possible to avoid the blast by blinking towards the caster.
  • Provides 800 radius flying vision, following the caster and leaving a trail of vision which lasts for 2 seconds.
  • Freezing Auras from multiple Shiva's Gaurds don't stack.
  • The aura's debuff lingers for 0.5 seconds.
  • The status buff icon only shows up when the affected unit has vision over the source.

Item Discussion

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TheGreatSam8 | April 18, 2018 4:47am
Shiva is an indian god, so why is it said that it belonged to a goddess?
Hades4u (296) | April 18, 2018 8:58am
I don't think the Shiva from the DotA world is related to the deity, but to the Shiva from the DotA lore instead.
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