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Strategy Guide for Sniper
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7 Votes

Beginner's Guide to Sniper (Mid)

Hey everyone, welcome to this beginner's Sniper guide. In this guide, we'll be going over all the essential info you'll need to get started with Sniper. This... read more

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by Hades4u on March 3, 2020
News Views 894 News Comments 1

Ranked Roles Update

March 2, 2020 - Dota Team

Today’s update features a change to the rank system that replaces the Core/Support separation with a single rank that uses handicaps for each of the five ranked roles, representing your relative strength playing each position. This change will help the matchmaker better account for a player’s different performance levels between variou… Read More...
by Hades4u on January 17, 2020
News Views 1,407 News Comments 1

Hello everyone and welcome to our latest interview! We haven't had an interview for quite a while, but we're happy to be back and even more excited to have Pedro as our guest!

Pedro is a very high skilled player and we thought the community would be interested in his expertise. You can find more information about his DotA stats here.

Below we have covered a few questions about himself and h… Read More...
by Hades4u on January 3, 2020
News Views 1,042 News Comments 1

True Sight — The International 2019

January 3, 2020 - Dota Team

Join the pros who battled in The International Grand Finals — World Champions OG and runners-up Team Liquid (now the newly-dubbed Nigma) — alongside a live theater audience in Berlin, Germany on January 28th for the world premiere of True Sight: The International 2019.

OG made history in Shanghai last August by suc… Read More...

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Masked_Man98 DOTA 2 Blog
September 18, 2019

How Being A Pos 5 Turned Me Into A Better Person

Hi guys I'm Masked_Man and I wanna share my journey from a toxic player and sometimes person to a caring and positive player and person. I've been playing dota for a long time and used to be good... Read more

johnuel4321 DOTA 2 Blog
June 19, 2019

I'm a Returning Player

What to do if you are a returning or a new player? Start all over again??? HELL NO! Read more

Elfansoer DOTA 2 Blog
December 7, 2018


so yeah, after recent updates, while creating custom hero spells (see my github and blog), i was twinkling on dota 2 workshop tools. what a sight! it looks like a major update on workshop, where... Read more

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