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DotA2 Skill: Doppelganger


Casting Method:Active
Targetting Method:Point
Allowed Targets:Self
Phantom Lancer briefly vanishes from the battlefield. After 1 second, Phantom Lancer and any of his nearby illusions reappear at a random position within the targeted location, along with two additional doppelgangers. The two added doppelgangers have different properties: one takes normal damage and deals none, while the other takes 600% bonus damage and deals 20% damage.

Cast Time: 0.1
Cast Range: 575
Target Area Radius: 325
Illusion Gather Range: 900
Reappear Delay: 1
Illusion Duration: 8
Illusion Duration: 8

Dread Magus Vorn's death imbued the Phantom Lancer with the ability to blend with all spectrums of light.
Mana Cost: 50 Cooldown Time: 22 / 18 / 14 / 10
Additional Information
  • Doppelganger can disjoint projectiles.
  • Cannot be casted while rooted.
  • Applies a Normal Dispel on Phantom Lancer upon cast.
  • Phantom Lancer and his affected illusions are invulnerable and hidden during the reappear delay.
  • Phantom Lancer cannot do anything during the reappear delay. Any order given during it will be queued as next order.
  • Phantom Lancer and the 2 created illusions will face the direction Phantom Lancer was facing upon cast.
  • Other illusions which got gathered will keep their previous facing angle.
  • Phantom Lancer and his illusions are position into formation shaped like a plus (+).
  • Illusions which were moving or attacking a target will continue to move or attack their target after reappearing.
  • The 600% damage taking and 20% damage dealing illusion looks like any other illusion Phantom Lancer can create.
  • The normal damage taking and no damage dealing illusion is brighter and can be distinguished by Phantom Lancer and his allies from other illusions.
  • Destroys trees within 200 radius of Phantom Lancer and every affected illusion.

Item Interactions:
  • Illusions take Purge damage.

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