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God of War

Faction:The Dire
Primary Attribute: Strength
Attack Type: Melee
Role(s): carry,disabler,initiator,durable

Mars's Stats

STR 125 at 30 (23 + 3.4/level)
AGI 77 at 30 (20 + 1.9/level)
INT 69 at 30 (21 + 1.6/level)
Health 2180 at 30
Mana 675 at 30
Damage 58 - 66
Range 250
Armor 3.2
Movement 310

Spear of Mars

Mars throws his legendary Spear, damaging each enemy unit it strikes. The first enemy hero it...

God's Rebuke

Mars smashes enemies in front of him with his shield, knocking them back, slowing and damaging...


Mars wields his massive shield to block a portion of each physical attack when struck from the...

Arena of Blood

Mars summons an arena lined with the undead warriors of the Ash Legion, who block enemy attacks...

Mars's Talents

Arena of Blood Grants Team +180 HP Regen
God's Rebuke +65% Crit
+0.8s Spear Stun
+10%/5% Bulwark Front/Side Damage Reduction
+100 Spear of Mars Damage
-4s God's Rebuke Cooldown
-10% Bulwark Movement Penalty
+1.5s God's Rebuke Slow

Mars's Lore

Mars, first son of heaven, spent a long existence waging endless war, and saw countless more crusades waged in his old name. Wars of conquest and of vengeance. Just and unjust... Always cruel. Like his father, Mars indulged his basest impulses—inclinations much more monstrous than those of Zeus. But the day arrived when war for its own sake was no longer enough to satisfy his desires. As the Fates would have it, his solution came easily: he must wage war for a larger purpose, and inspire more than mere savagery and sorrow at the sight of his crest. Now, the god of war aims to lay claim to his birthright—to burn down the pantheon of the old age and build a new empire atop the ashes of his kin.

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