DotA2 Skill: Meld


Casting Method:Active
Targetting Method:Instant
Allowed Targets:Self
Templar Assassin conceals herself, becoming invisible as long as she remains still. If Meld's invisibility is broken by attacking an enemy, Lanaya will deal bonus damage to the enemy and reduce their armor for 10 seconds.

Invisibility Duration: Indefinite
Bonus Damage: 50 / 100 / 150 / 200
Armor Reduction: 2 / 4 / 6 / 8
Armor Reduction Duration: 10
Mana Cost: 50 Cooldown Time: 6
Additional Information
Lanaya is as elusive as her covenant with the Hidden Temple.

  • Armor reduction doesn't work against towers unlike Corruption.
  • The bonus damage and armor reduction is only applied if Meld is broken by attacking a unit within range.
  • The armor debuffs from Meld don't stack instead they just reset the duration, They will however stack with Corruption so Desolator is a commonly bought item for her.
  • Meld's invisibility fade time is the fastest in the whole game at only 0.001 seconds.
  • Meld places a buff on Templar Assassin rendering her invisible. Though it is not a channeling spell it will be broken if Templar Assassin is commanded to do anything in any way including the use of items. Turning will not break Meld.
  • Although it cannot be broken by Templar Assassin being stunned or silenced, it will be broken by any abilities that forcibly change her position, such as the Knock-back of Greater Bash, Tornado And Gust etc. Axe's Berserker's Call deserves a special mention since it is an area of effect ability that forces Templar Assassin to break her own invisiblity to attack him if she is hiding too close to him.
  • An attack using Meld consists of 2 separate parts of damage; normal and Meld bonus damage. Only the normal damage part can be a critical strike when it procs, However Meld's bonus damage will benefit from the armor reduction at the same instance the debuff is applied while the normal attack does not, Melding again and striking however will cause BOTH instances to benefit from the armor reduction while resetting the duration of the armor reduction debuff while also being capable of doing an armor reduced critical strike if she has the right item.

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