DotA2 Skill: Bristleback


Casting Method:Passive
Bristleback takes less damage if hit on the sides or rear. If Bristleback takes 210 damage from the rear, he releases a Quill Spray of the current level.

Reduced Damage (Rear): 16% / 24% / 32% / 40%
Reduced Damage (Side): 8% / 12% / 16% / 20%
Additional Information
  • Bristleback's rear is considered to be within 70 degrees from the back.
  • Bristleback's side is considered to be within 110 degrees from the back.
  • When taking rear damage, Bristleback's effective health will be increased by 19.05% / 31.58% / 47.06% / 66.67%
  • When taking side damage, Bristleback's effective health will be increased by 8.70% / 13.64% / 19.05% / 25%
  • Damage reduction (and Quill Spray triggers) are calculated by comparing the location of the damage instance's source to Bristleback's orientation. This applies to damage over time ticks as well.
  • The amount of damage considered towards buff removal proc is the one actually done to Bristleback, and is reset after a passive Quill Spray from Bristleback occurs.
  • Passive Quill Spray proc does not cost mana.
  • Bristleback's Quill Spray proc does not work against towers.
  • Ability is disabled by Doom and Chronosphere.
  • Animation shows Quill Spray procs even if the Quill Spray is not learned, but it does no damage.

Item Interactions:
  • Illusions benefit damage reduction, but not Quill Spray procs.

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