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DotA 2 Item: Mekansm

Shops: Main Shop
Categories: Support
Active Effect, Passive Effect, Aura Effect Recipe Cost: 800
Total Cost: 1775

Item Details


+4 Armor

Active: Restore

Heals 275 health to allied units in a 1200 radius.

Radius: 1200
Health Restored: 275
Heal Stack Limit Duration: 64


Passive: Mekansm Aura

Grants 2.5 health regeneration and 3 armour to allied units in a 1200 radius.

Radius: 1200
Health Regeneration Bonus: 2.5
Armour Bonus: 3
Aura Linger Duration: 0.5

Additional Information

A glowing jewel formed out of assorted parts that somehow fit together perfectly.

Item Discussion

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TheSofa (54) | August 5, 2015 4:45pm
Question to editors:

The second point states that it "Affects every allied unit, including invulnerable units, siege creeps and illusions, exluding wards and buildings."

The second last point states that it "Does not affect wards, buildings and invulnerable units."

Which is true?
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