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DotA 2 Item: Mjollnir

Shops: Main Shop
Categories: Artifacts
Active Effect, Passive Effect Recipe Cost: 550
Total Cost: 5500

Item Details


+25 Damage
+90 Attack Speed

Active: Static Charge

Places a charged shield on a target unit which has a 20% chance to release a shocking bolt at a nearby attacker and 4 additional enemies.

Cast Range: 800
Proc Chance: 30%
Proc Cooldown: 1
Search Radius: 900
Max Number of Targets: 5
Damage: 225
Shield Duration: 15


Additional Information

Can be cast on spell immune allied units. Lightnings trigger on spell immune units without damaging them. Cannot target spell immune secondary enemies.

Passive: Chain Lightning

Grants a 25% chance on attack to release a bolt of electricity that leaps between 4 targets within a 650 radius, dealing 135 magical damage to each. Deals 150% damage to illusions. Lightning proc pierces evasion.

Proc Chance: 25%
Bounce Distance: 900
Number of Bounces: 12
Damage: 170

Can proc on Spell immune enemies without damaging them. Does not jump towards spell immune enemies.

Thor’s magical hammer, made for him by the dwarves Brok and Eitri.


  • Double clicking the item casts it on self.
  • Successive casts on the same allied unit have no effect, wasting the mana and cooldown. The buff is not refreshed.
  • The search radius is centered around the shielded unit. When it procs, the proccing unit and 4 random enemy units within the radius are hit.
  • Lightnings cannot trigger more than once per second.
  • Does not trigger on the damage from Heartstopper Aura, Dispersion, Poison Sting, Corrosive Skin, Fatal Bonds.
  • Fully ignores HP removal and self afflicted damage.
  • Each Mjollnir in the inventory has an independent chance to proc. If 2 or more proc on one attack, only one chain lightning is released.
  • The same applies to Maelstrom and Mjollnir in the same inventory. When both proc on the same hit, Mjollnir has priority.
  • The lightning bounces in 0.25 second intervals, so hitting 8 targets takes 1.75 seconds.
  • Does not bounce on invisible units or units in the Fog of War.
  • Can never hit the same unit twice per proc.
  • All bounces together can deal up to 1200 damage (before reductions).
  • Mjollnir has an internal cooldown of 0.2 seconds

Item Discussion

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Kyphoid returns (42) | January 2, 2015 10:05am
The bounces are 8 and not 4 like that of Maelstrom.
Static charge range is also 900
fcchelsea136 | June 28, 2014 4:51pm
I found this works for meepo because you can put the static shield on your leading meepo and use him as a tank(preferably not your main meepo because he can hit from other sides while the shielded unit is targeted.
riptupFaitH (1) | November 11, 2013 11:05am
OP az ***
Kemedo (1) | January 11, 2013 10:03am
Great item for Sniper, because Headshot

And yes, it works with Helm of the Dominator (as others orbs) but when it procs, overwrite the other orb effect.
SuperNova (16) | December 9, 2012 9:21am
mjollnir rush on sniper needs a nerf.
ChanKeiz | November 11, 2012 7:23am
does this still proc when equipped with HoTD?
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