DotA 2 Item: Bloodstone

Shops: Main Shop
Categories: Armor
Passive Effect Recipe Cost: 900
Total Cost: 5000

Item Details


+500 HP
+400 Mana
+9 HP/sec Regeneration
+200% Mana Regeneration

Additional Information

Active: Pocket Suicide

Instantly causes you to die.

Cast Range: 100


Passive: Bloodpact

Begins with 12 charges, and gains a charge each time an enemy hero dies within 1675 range. Each charge grants 1 mana regeneration per second and reduces respawn time by 3 seconds. If the bearer dies, 500 + 30 health per charge is restored to allies within 1675 radius, while the Bloodstone loses a third of its charges.

Charge Gain Radius: 1675
Death Heal Radius: 1675
Charge Gain per Enemy Death: 1
Mana Regeneration per Charge: 1
Death Respawn Timer Reduction: 3
Death Base Area Heal: 500
Death Bonus Area Heal per Charge: 30

The Bloodstone's bright ruby color is unmistakable on the battlefield, as the owner seems to have infinite vitality and spirit.


  • Deals damage in form of HP removal equal to the owner's unit to the owner upon cast.
  • Dying this way counts as a deny.
  • Cannot kill the user while invulnerable. Attempting to do so wastes the cooldown.
  • When having multiple Bloodstones, the one in the higher inventory slot gains charges.
  • The top left inventory slot has the highest priority, the bottom left one the lowest.
  • The effects of Bloodstone charges from all Bloodstones a hero owns fully stack.
  • When multiple heroes in a team have Bloodstones, each hero can gain a charge from the same enemy death.
  • Gains a charge whenever an enemy hero dies within the radius, or whenever the owner makes a kill from any distance.
  • The number of charges lost on death is rounded up.
  • Despite the visual effects, the area heal is applied instantly in the entire radius.
  • While dead, the bearer has 1800 radius ground vision at the death location, regardless of whether it is day or night.
  • While dead, the bearer earns experience in a 1200 radius at the death location.
  • When the charges reduce the owner's death time to 0, it instantly respawns.
  • This can cause still ongoing spells to affect the owner still (e.g. Timber Chain).
  • Cannot reduce respawn time to below 1

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Kyphoid returns (41) | January 1, 2015 4:35am
Cooldown not added still.
KoDyAbAbA (65) | January 1, 2015 4:32am
Fixed :)
Kyphoid returns (41) | January 1, 2015 4:26am
Recipe Cost: 800
Gains experience in 1200 AoE at that location.

If you use active while invulnerable, it goes into cooldown without suicide.

Cooldown:300 seconds
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