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Off Topic
October 31, 2020
+Rep Report
On the off chance that you have reached your midlife period, at that point the more possibilities, you are not benefiting from the sexual coexistence at any expense. There are men, who are finding wherever that midlife can be the most fulfilling and testing time for them explicitly just as in their connections. In any case, there are a couple of men, who believe that the midlife has gotten them not ready for the adjustments in their bodies and furthermore their ways of life. At this age, couples may confront retirement and furthermore an unfilled home that may find that they have lost that zesty association of their initial sexual relationship.
They might be keen on realizing that how might they revive sexual craving? They should know the intriguing realities about sexual coexistence so they can discover a few different ways to revive it. Terminating the sexual craving all relies upon the state of the relationship and on whether …
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August 29, 2020


Views: 885 BloodArena
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Hello everyone, welcome to my blog about my many thoughts on how to improve our game. It is a compilation of a lot of different things, but all for the better change that I personally think the we need.
Just a warning, my explanations are very confusing. That's just how I write. But I'm trying my very best to make it casual. So feel free to write in the comments if something is not clear.

Friendly Matches

First, I wanna talk about something that we can all agree upon, that there's a big problem of toxicity.
Toxic players are the main reason the player base is at this state. People are simply starting to realize they deserve better, leaving this draggy and toxic game for good. So, I came up with an idea to somewhat "force" those toxic people to change the behavior they're showing. And even better, it would also sway people with neutral personalities to try and be on their friendlier side.
Simply, I highly suggest of rewarding players if they exhibit desired behavior during a matc…
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September 18, 2019
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Hi guys I'm Masked_Man and I wanna share my journey from a toxic player and sometimes person to a caring and positive player and person.
I've been playing dota for a long time and used to be good in game, well people where mostly bad, finding good guides was hard in game, web sites and YouTube and many didn't care about meta or patch notes but I did so grinding MMR was not really hard for me. Things were good but some irl stuff pushed me away from the game. I came back briefly for patch 7.00 to see what's up and ended up writing a guide for my favorite hero *Huskar* (Check out my guides if you're interested).
Talent tree system was not interesting for me and Huskar was **** in the patch so I got burn out quickly. I though I quit DotA for good. Until my reunion with my best friend Backstabber.
We haven't met in years and this amazing game that we all absolutely love and hate at the same time made us closer than ever.
We started in off lane with our Bristleback and Kotl combo, crushing l…
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June 19, 2019
+Rep Report
What to do if you are a returning or a new player? Start all over again???


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December 07, 2018
+Rep Report
So yeah, after recent updates, while creating custom hero spells (see my github and blog), I was twinkling on Dota 2 Workshop tools.

What a sight! It looks like a major update on Workshop, where a tool (previously void) shifts a particle's color to a new one (that is, changing the color).

Be noted that the changes only applies to ultimates' particles. So yeah, basic abilities are still in their actual color.

Nonetheless, I tried it myself, only to change the particles to full green (0,255,0), and Voila! It may be different from actual in-game later (primarily based on the color shift), but here you go. It's official.

Sonic Wave:

Freezing Field (falling shard):

Black Hole:


Laguna Blade:

Finger of Death:


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August 20, 2018
+Rep Report

Zhan and Yhen the Spirit Monks

I was thinking of creating 2 heroes where you can use both of them at level one or at the beginning of the game (YES! 2 heroes as one just like Meepo, but two heroes already at the beginning and have different skills). I got this idea long time ago when i stumbled on a story about yin and yang. They have each of their own 6 inventory slots and does not share stat bonuses and cooldowns for each of their items.

These 2 heroes help each other in fighting enemy heroes, although they have different principles and perspectives, they agree with each other in times of fights and clashes. The core of these heroes is there ability to switch places when they are close with each other. Their primary attribute is agility but gains differently in stats when leveled. If one hero is killed, both hero dies.

The first monk is called Zhan. He is basically the yin monk. He is a melee hero which uses his fist to fight enemies. He uses spirits to enhance every attack he mak…
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August 02, 2018
+Rep Report

Slark: Dark Pact

Waiting in interval

Tutorial Will be Moved

It's not that I wanted to, but apparently this blog isn't suitable for code-heavy writings. So, I decided to move the tutorial into the GitHub's wiki page.

Don't worry, I'll still be here if you have critics or questions regarding the tutorial.

So, rather than this post being empty, I'll write out the overview instead.


So, Dark Pact will teach us about how to use modifier's interval function; OnIntervalThink. Upon cast, Dark Pact will have a delay, and after that, continuously purges the caster.

There are 2 intervals; the delay and the continuous purge/damage. Both need to share the logic on one function; OnIntervalThink. In this case, we use boolean to check which interval invokes the function.

How it should be implemented? Here's the full tutorial: Slark's Dark Pact.


Next, we're going to have Linear Projectiles and How You Use Them, using Mirana's Sacred Arrow.
Comments, Critics and Questions…
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July 02, 2018

First Blood

Views: 2674 Queque
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My first ever DotA (Defense of the Ancients) game was an -apem1 game on Northrend server.2

The first hero I played with was Zeus. My friend advised me to choose him because he's, according to his words at that time, quite easy to play. He told me to go with him on the top lane and to spam Arc Lightning on creeps as much as I can so that we could push fast toward the first enemy tower. He said that I should use Lightning Bolt on heroes only.

However, he wasn't able to help me with my items because he had no idea what to build for this hero. At that time, he used to build Power Treads and Sange and Yasha on every single hero. And yes, I ended up building those two items for Zeus!

1 Apem stands for All Pick Easy Mode. Essentially, it's the same thing as Turbo game mode in Dota 2.
2 European server.

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July 02, 2018
+Rep Report
I have just begun making dota video :)
everyone see and comment for me
thank you very much !!!

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May 29, 2018
+Rep Report
Having or creating a strategy with players from random servers, or even with your own friends/teammates can be a hustle when trying to catch up with their skills, (if you're noob) or making them follow you (If they're noob). But fear not. There is a soluble solution to that. First, during the banning phase and the picking of heroes, talk to your teammates first. You shouldn't pick a hero right of the bat because it's your favorite or something. Make sure that your team is consisted of these line-ups.

-Tanker (for pushing)
-Support (Obviously, you know what the roles of a support are)
-Hitter + free hit= Long range hitter (SOMEONE HAS TO ATTACK FROM THE BACK TO YA KNOW)
- Another hitter + tanker= Carry (NEVER FORGET THIS. THIS WILL BE YOUR KEY TO VICTORY!!!)

In picking your hero phase, learn to raise your versatility. Don't just stick to one hero. (this is not a relationship BTW) So in times you needed a new hero whether you are a support or carr…
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