DotA 2 Item: Assault Cuirass

Shops: Main Shop
Categories: Armor
Passive Effect, Aura Effect Recipe Cost: 1300
Total Cost: 5350

Item Details

Assault Cuirass

+10 Armor
+30 Attack Speed

Passive: Assault Aura

Grants attack speed and armor to nearby allied units, and decreases armor for nearby enemies.

Radius: 900
Bonus Attack Speed: 25
Bonus Armor: 5
Armor Reduction: 5

Additional Information

Forged in the depths of the nether reaches, this hellish mail provides an army with increased armor and attack speed.

Together with the aura, Assault Cuirass grants a total of 15 armor and 55 attack speed to the owner.


  • Fully stacks with other attack speed increasing, armor increasing and armor decreasing effects.
  • Assault Auras from multiple Assault Cuirasses do not stack.
  • A unit can be affected by the positive aura and the negative aura at the same time.
  • The aura's buff and debuff linger for 0.5 seconds.
  • The status buff icon on enemies only shows up when the affected unit has vision over the source.
  • Enemy buildings are effected by the negative armor aura.
  • Affects invulnerable allies and enemies.
  • Attack speed aura bonus also affects buildings.

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Styggyts | April 19, 2012 2:51pm
It would be nice if these items also had the prerequisite items listed to build the item. This is a great armor choice, and you get some nice attack speed! I sometimes even get this on my Viper! Thanks for the good item description as well DotA Fire!
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