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Arc Warden Compendium - Electric Mesmer (by Culling)

December 16, 2015 by Culling
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Build 1
Build 2

Comprehensive Zet (Nuker)

DotA2 Hero: Arc Warden

Hero Skills


2 8 9 10

Magnetic Field

4 12 13 14

Spark Wraith

1 3 5 7

Tempest Double

6 11 16


15 17 18

Arc Warden Compendium - Electric Mesmer (by Culling)

December 16, 2015


Hello and welcome to my guide on Zet! The current patch that this guide is effective for is 6.86, December. I go by the name Dionysus in-game. Zet is the second DotA hero who I've written a guide on. I've been playing DotA since 2005, when it was still a MOD for Warcraft 3. Usually when I play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, I pick the tanky bruiser role. I have chosen Zet as my second hero to write on because no one has written a guide on him yet. If you enjoy playing a carry/pusher who can demolish through tower fortifications and devastate heroes with his multiple item uses, then Zet is your hero. I hope you can read the whole guide; thanks for spending time here.


If you have any questions,comments, or suggestions, please leave them below in the posting section. You may be referenced in the guide if your suggestion is used somewhere on here.

About Zet

Zet's Role:

Zet the Arc Warden is a Radiant Agility hero who can be built either as an ability nuker or an attack carry who focuses on single-targets. As you'll soon come to realize, Zet is the premier ranged Agility pushing hero in mid to late game. Valve has classified Zet as aCarry,Pusher, andEscape. Curse-Gamepedia classifies him in the same categories as well. Zet's actual name means "shove", "push", or "move" in Dutch - his name is very symbolic of his role. He has 4 active spells, with his ultimate being the real game-changer. It allows him to create a fully autonomous illusion who can use its own items and spells - Zet is the only hero in the game who can do this ( Meepo seriously got nothin' on you). I would classify his spells as such:

Flux - 1st Skill


Magnetic Field - 2nd Skill


Spark Wraith - 3rd Skill


Tempest Double - 4th Skill

=Support; alsoDisabler andNuker

Zet's Difficulty:

In terms of difficulty, Curse-Gamepedia has not yet ranked Zet at a difficulty level. In several categories, I would rate him as such (on a scale of 1 - 5, 1 being easiest to grasp):

Hero / Item Knowledge: 4 - You must know much about items which grant actives, as well as some items which grant passives.
Map Awareness / Knowledge: 3 - You just need a base knowledge of warding, map awareness, and pushing.
Positioning / Reflex: 4 - You must know much about teamfight positions, ability timing, and juking.
Farming Ability: 2 - You should know a little bit about farming - you lack Area of Effect skills, but you make up for it by incorporating micro-management into your play.
Micro-management: 5 - You must have a detailed knowledge and experience with micro-management (the ability to control multiple units), in order to play effectively.
Survival Ability: 3 - You just need a base knowledge of survival and sustainability because you have a guaranteed evasion buff and a spawned illusion to confuse enemies. It will take you a while to get used to your Crowd Control ability, however.

Zet's Lore:

In the magnetic and ether touched lands of the far south a perpetual storm rages. In this strange, barren land, only an isolated tribe of nomads know to exist. These nomads worship the very nether storms that plague the land, and born out of this bizarre energy and intense faith, a chaotic god emerges. Sensing the calamity of the approaching battle of the ancients, the infant deity imbues his most trusted prophet with avataric powers and sends him to quell the forces of order and good that impede his growth. Wielding the ether touched powers of lightning, magnetism, and the ability to reverberate an exact duplicate of himself into being, Arc Warden is a force to be reckoned with.

Zet in Original DotA:

Zet was added to the original DotA on the last week of September 2012, as part of the 6.75 DotA Patch. He shared his model with the Warcraft creep Gnoll Warden. He used to be considered a Scourge / Dire hero prior to his arrival in DotA 2. Three years later, he joined the DotA 2 hero roster on the December 15, 2015 Patch, also known as the 6.86 patch.

Pros / Cons

Here is my opinion on what the strengths and weaknesses of Zet are:


+ 2nd highestINT growth of AGI heroes (can greatly spam spells)
+ 1st highestbase STR with an average growth out of many AGI heroes (he's pretty bulky in the early game)
+ Quite flexible with item and build choices
+ Very mana efficient as spells don't require much mana
+ Nice attack range of 625
+ Has excellent harassment and scouting range of 2000 with Spark Wraith
+ Great party buff in Magnetic Field for allies, being a crossbreed between Windrun and Battle Trance
+ Great pushing and teamfight potential ( Tempest Double)
+ Only item-using illusion hero in the game with Tempest Double (illusions of Meepo can only use his boots)
+ Fast gold income, once you obtain Hand of Midas and level 6

- 2nd lowestAGI gain compared to other AGI heroes, resulting in low base armor (only Slark makes him look better)
- 5th slowest Movement Speed @ 295
- 1st slowest Turn Rate @ 0.4
- No escape skills like a Blink or Shadow Walk
- Playing Zet requires that you are experienced with the other illusion heroes: Chaos Knight, Morphling, Phantom Lancer, Naga Siren, Terrorblade, and most importantly Meepo
- Playing Zet requires that you know how to regularly use the active component of your items


Below, you will see an in-depth look at Zet's 4 basic abilities:

In-Depth Abilities (click this 3 times if you load slowly)

Core Items

The Definitive Build:

Now we will talk about items for Zet. You will always start out with 625 Gold, unless you selected Zet at random, which will give you 825 Gold. Typically, you'll either choose to lane in Middle Lane as a castingNuker or in Bottom Lane as an attackingCarry. Let's observe the builds, progressing from early game to late game:

Early Game

Middle Game

Late Game (Nuker Build)

Late Game (Carry Build)

7 Slotting (Nuker Build)

7 Slotting (Carry Build)

Other Items

If you'd like to change up your build (say you don't need Black King Bar, there are many items you can consider depending on your team comp and the enemy comp. The sections below have been split to either represent common alternative items,Nuker items only orCarry items only. Also, after this section are the items which I don't think will benefit Zet. The items are ordered from cheap to expensive:

Alternative Common Items

Alternative Nuker Items

Alternative Carry Items

Items to NOT Buy/Use


Zet's Skill-Build:

It's important to understand why we skill up Zet the way we do. Zet is only level dependent in the sense that he must reach level 10 to maximize his nuking potential. Afterwards, his skill levels only make a minor impact in his overall effectiveness, especially considering that his skills do not have cooldown reduction per level up. We pick up Spark Wraith at level 1 for its zoning potential. Considering the low 4 second cooldown, you will be able to set wraiths up around runes before the game starts. After level 1 however, Zet should skill up Flux at level 2 for the slow and Magnetic Field at level 4 for counter-ganks and pushing. When you level up Spark Wraith at the respective levels of 3, 5, and 7, it will only become more damage-to-mana efficient. Afterwards, you'll focus maxing Flux at levels 8 - 10 for the additional range and DoT damage. From there, you're free to decide the build depending on enemy matchups - max Magnetic Field over attributes if the enemy team is comprised of auto-attackers. For your ultimate, you should skill it up at levels 6, 11, and 16 and use it whenever it's cooldown, to exploit the Hand of Midas kinks of Zet.

Zet's Laning:

You'll have to pick betweenBottom Lane or Middle Lane, depending on what your team needs. For both lanes, it's vital that you know how to deny creeps. Denying is the act of killing your own creeps or towers when they drop below a 50% / 10% health threshold. Denied creeps will reward 36 EXP to nearby enemies while towers will reward 100 - 160 gold, depending on the tower's tier. Back on topic, let's take a look at what it means to reside in these lanes:

Bottom/Middle Lane

Zet's Runes:

Runes are special consumable items that give you a powerful effect for 30, 45, or 70 seconds depending on the type of rune. They spawn either in the middle of the north riverside OR in the middle of the south riverside. The initial spawn time of a rune will be 0:00. After that, runes will spawn every 2 minutes on one of the sides. The rune types will always be different from the previous and successive ones. You may refill a Bottle by storing a rune inside for 2 minutes; when those 2 minutes are over, the rune will automatically be used. My recommendation of runes for Zet will be in this list. If you plan on going into middle lane, it will primarily be your job to ward around rune areas and obtain them. Here is the list of runes:

Rune Ranking


Using Observer Ward and Sentry Ward are not your main obligations. If you are running middle lane however, you should set one of these up on each side of the river. Here I will provide you with item information as well resources which will teach you how to use them. Here are their profiles:

Observer Ward Profile

Sentry Ward Profile

Zet's Teammates:

Zet's Good Allies

Zet's Bad Allies

Enemy Matchups

The Study of Matchups:

If you've played DotA 2 or any other MOBA game, you probably realize that matchups are not necessarily black and white. The advantages and disadvantages around certain heroes or groups of heroes are not quantifiable in a simple way. Even though we can make an outrageous theory thatStrength heroes counterIntelligence heroes (due to stable damage and high health pools),Intelligence heroes counterAgility heroes (due to crowd control and burst damage), andAgility heroes counterStrength heroes (due to evasion and critical strikes), it would be a mistake to make this assumption. DotA 2 is such a radical game that not only incorporates a base-level game theory like roshambo, but it evolves outward to include playstyles, skill builds, item choices, lane partnerships, whole team compositions, and random number generation to make matches dynamic. If we do want to go back and play on the idea of rock-paper-scissors when considering matchups, I'd like to propose an idea which expands it further so you can understand the complexities within analyzing counters. This is my Roshambo-DotA theory:

The DotA Attribute Triangle

Now that we know and recognize this as being just simply the Attribute Combat Triangle, there are also other variants of roshambo such as in Item Choices or more importantly, Hero Roles. For instance:
Disablers,Nukers, andRoamers will always prey onCarries in the early game. You can't relegate this fact - this is an issue of timing in the game. With principles of karma in mind, the opposite will be true in the late game.
Gankers can potentially be countered byPushers, provided that their kit has spells to defend from sneak attacks. This is our case. Zet is an Agility hero who dominates otherAGI heroes and defends well againstgankers, especially if he has a supportive ally nearby. How can we be so sure of this claim? Let's ponder at two certain active abilities in his kit - Magnetic Field and Spark Wraith. Zet's playstyle stresses that the player who plays him must farm diligently, take advantage of offensive opportunities, and position himself and his abilities correctly.

When to pick Zet:

Now that you know a bit more about the chemistry of DotA 2 and Zet, let's look at when the appropriate time to pick him is.

Pick Zet:
+ When there are fewInitiators orGankers on the enemy team.
+ When your team has already chosen aLaner for top lane and the jungle.
+ When there is aMiddle Laner on the enemy team who is vulnerable to magic damage.
+ When your team needs a strongPusher to shove the lanes and keep the enemy team preoccupied to roaming.
+ When there are slowRoamers on the enemy team.
+ When you have a solidSupport who can benefit you if you go to bottom lane.
+ When there are many auto-attackingCarries (who rely on invisibility) on the enemy team.
+ When there aren't AoENukers on the enemy team that pose a threat to your summoned units.

Don't Pick Zet:
- When there are more than 2Initiators or Semi-Initiators on the enemy team.
- When there is a strongMiddle Laner on the enemy team who emphasizes burst magical damage.
- When there is aLane Support on the enemy team who can possess your units ( Enchantress and Chen).
- When there is aLane Support on the enemy team who can summon or teleport instantly to assist their teammates ( Io or Nature's Prophet).
- When there are many enemyCarries who purchase Monkey King Bar or Radiance as part of their core build.
- When there are 2 or more burstyNukers on the enemy team who can silence you or reduce your magical resistance.

Zet's Actual Matchups:

Zet as a Counterpick

Neutral Matchups

Counterpicks against Zet

Tips and Tricks

Gaming Terminology:

Seeing as this is an in-depth guide to Zet and DotA 2, I thought it would be useful to provide a small reference for terms you will encounter when you play DotA. Well seasoned gamers can probably skip this section, as they will already be familiar with these terms. For those who aren't, I suggest you take a quick glance and familiarize yourself with these definitions:

Glossary of Gaming Terms

Item/Ability Tips:

Here are some tips and tricks for using shop items and Zet abilities:

Item Tips and Tricks

Other Tips and Tricks

Cosmetic Sets


Random Facts

Zet's Voice Commands on Curse-Gamepedia




Thanks to Curse-Gamepedia for all the information resources used to supplement this guide.


12/16/2015 - Changes started, due to hero addition and new patch.
04/14/2014 - Guide published.
04/10/2014 - Guide started.

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