DotA 2 Item: Maelstrom

Shops: Main Shop
Categories: Artifacts
Passive Effect Recipe Cost: 700
Total Cost: 2800

Item Details


+24 Damage

Passive: Chain Lightning

Grants a chance on attack to release a Chain Lightning that hits 4 targets, dealing damage.

Proc Chance: 25%
Bounce Distance: 900
Number of Bounces: 4
Damage: 160

Additional Information

Can proc on Spell immune enemies without damaging them. Does not jump towards spell immune enemies.

A hammer forged for the gods themselves, Maelstrom allows its user to harness the power of lightning.


  • Each Maelstrom in the inventory has an independent chance to proc. If more than 2 proc on one attack, only one chain lightning is released.
  • The same applies to Maelstrom and Mjollnir in the same inventory. When both proc on the same hit, Mjollnir has priority.
  • The lightning bounces in 0.25 second intervals, so hitting 4 targets takes 0.75 seconds.
  • Does not bounce on invisible units or units in the Fog of War.
  • Can never hit the same unit twice per proc.

Item Discussion

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KoDyAbAbA (65) | December 22, 2014 8:47pm
because they hit very fast.kappa.

edit:void have such strength wow.
Unscathed (47) | December 22, 2014 8:31pm
Why would axe get malestrom? Failfish
InfinityMan | December 22, 2014 7:32pm
I recommend Maelstrom for strength based heroes. Mainly Axe, Sven, Faceless Void, and most melee heroes. It's good at giving a kick when attacking multiple heroes or many creeps. It's even better when pared with attach speed boosting items to cause the shock effect to happen more often. It's not a skill based item but it will help in the long run.
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