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DotA 2 Item: Sange and Yasha

Shops: Main Shop
Categories: Artifacts
Passive Effect Total Cost: 4000

Item Details

Sange and Yasha

+16 Strength
+16 Agility
+25% Status Resistance
+20 Attack Speed
+12% Movement Speed
+25% Self HP Regeneration and Lifesteal Amplification

Additional Information

Sange and Yasha, when attuned by the moonlight and used together, become a very powerful combination.

Percentage based movement speed bonuses from multiple items do not stack with Yasha, Sange and Yasha, or Manta Style.

Item Discussion

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Hamstertamer (89) | January 27, 2015 10:17pm
kakprim wrote:

Is slow attack stack with drow frost arrow and cold attack of eye skadi

Yes it stacks with both.
kakprim (1) | January 27, 2015 10:08pm
Is slow attack stack with drow frost arrow and cold attack of eye skadi
MrLocket (16) | December 4, 2014 11:32pm
Sounds a lot better if,

+20 Agility
+20 Strength
+20 Damage
+20 Attack Speed
+20% Movement Speed

Passive: Greater Maim
- Your attacks have a 25% chance to slow the target's movement and attack speeds by 50% for 5 seconds.
Hamstertamer (89) | December 4, 2014 11:00pm
Unscathed wrote:

Why is this item really bad?

I mean, the chances are not that low

16% chance to slow, man. 16%. That's absolutely pathetic. Seriously buy a Skull Basher on ranged heroes at that point xD

SnY is OK on some strength carries with kiting problems like Lifestealer and... Lifestealer. Nah it's OK on Sven, Bristleback, Wraith King, Spirit Breaker and Chaos Knight. But on AGI heroes man, just no, it's completely outclassed by far better builds such a :

- Phase Boots + ( Drum of Endurance) + Yasha (TA, Drow, Luna, Mirana, Spectre, Razor, Bloodseeker...)
- Eye of Skadi (Slark, Terrorblade, Clinkz)
- Diffusal Blade (Riki, Clinkz, Bloodseeker, Juggernaut, any illusion hero)
- Blink Dagger/ Shadow Blade (Shadowfiend, Troll, Drow...)

There are just far better chasing items for AGI heroes than dead-end SnY. Especially now that Butterfly gives movement speed as well.

So SnY is only good on AGI heroes that 1) can't go diffusal or skadi because they really want to get Desolator and 2) are getting horribly kited and desperately need a chasing item.

This leaves us with...carry Vengeful Spirit. That's it...for me carry Venge is the only AGI hero on which I'd ever build an SnY.

Just buff the maim chance to 22 - 25% and people will take this item seriously. Right now when you compare to Skadi which has a 100% maim chance...yeah.

Yasha is an awesome item but Sange really needs a buff...right now the only good part about Sange is that it builds into halberd.
apaz (17) | December 4, 2014 5:46pm
It's not necessarily bad, It's just largely considered an item for agility heroes. It's almost sad that it gives that agility, but for agility heroes, who often lack survivability, It's a good pickup. It's also good for snowballing and chasing. Examples are Slark and Rikimaru.

Unscathed (47) | November 14, 2014 5:25am
Why is this item really bad?

I mean, the chances are not that low
Uberursa | December 16, 2012 10:39am
I stared picking this item up for Spectre instead of the usual Vanguard/Diffusal combo. It doesn't have the same regen, but has a decent health pool and damage for the price plus a passive slow and I can break it down late game to make into a manta style and a heaven's halberd.
NicknameMy (2) | December 12, 2012 10:16am
Holy **** how underrated this item is.
Raider46 | November 3, 2012 4:51am
old pic
NicknameMy (2) | October 27, 2012 11:24am
Doesn't this actually have a different color ingame?
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