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Satori Komeiji [Touhou hero concept]

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by delta17 » April 20, 2018 4:26am | Report
art illustrated by

Satori Komeiji

the Third Eyed Maiden










18 + 1.7


12 + 1.7


22 + 3.8







Satori Komeiji is a very unconventional hero that can significantly alter how the game is played just by existing at the hero selection screen! She is feared even by the spirits as her abilities to manipulate the mind and death[1] makes her a real threat to get even close to her. Memory Vice is a potent ability that makes the target re-experience every damage they just received, potentially doubling the damage burst of her entire team. Concentration Cracker is her passive aura and attack modifier that serves to ruin any hostile potential. It increases cast points, inflates mana loss, and slows attack speed by disturbing their mind's focus!

Recollection is a unique ability that allows Satori to replicate an allied spell. It's similar to Spell Steal, but stolen spells only last 8 seconds or until she cast it once. She also cannot replicate allied ultimates and the cooldown changes based on the cooldown of the borrowed spell. Finally, Death God's Contract is her ultimate ability that bypasses death, resurrecting an already dead ally to immediately join the fray once more! Usage must be with caution. If the resurrected ally falls at the hands of foes, Satori will die with a much longer respawn timer!

All-in-all, Satori's design employs heavy focus on amplifying her allies' strengths! Memory Vice amplifies allied damage, Recollection doubles allied spells, and Death God's Contract gives allies a second fighting chance! Meanwhile, Concentration Cracker mitigates the enemies' strengths.
  • Can combo with just about anyone.
  • Disrupts enemy combos and spell casting attempts.
  • The third Rubick!
  • Can resurrect dead allies!
  • All of those even without an item!
  • Heavily reliant on her teammates.
  • Squishy with no escape abilities.
  • Stolen spells are worse than their original.
  • 2 channeling abilities.
  • Overall, a difficult hero to both balance and master.

(innate) Death Butterflies

Whenever and wherever an allied hero dies, their death location will be marked by a tombstone emitting a very thin pink pillar of light. It also has pink and black butterflies fluttering around it. Lasts as long as that hero is dead. The tomb doesn't grant vision.


[Q] Memory Vice

Deals damage equal to all damages the target received in the past 2 (4) seconds (after reductions).

: NO
: 0.6 (0.3) + 0.2
: 500 / 575 / 650 / 725
(900 / 975 / 1050 / 112520)
Damage re-deal
Re-dealt Time
: 100%
: 2 (4)
: 90 / 120 / 150 / 180
: 20 / 16 / 12 / 8
"The past beats like a second heart"


[w] Concentration Cracker

AURA: Satori's influence to the mind disrupts an enemy's attempt to cast spells. Each of their spell cast points are increased.
PASSIVE: Units hit by Satori's basic attacks gets a debuff that increases their mana loss and reduces their attack speed.
: NO
: 1200
Cast Point Increase
Debuff duration
Mana Loss Inflation
Attack Speed Loss
25 Attack Mana Burn
: 0.07 / 0.14 / 0.21 / 0.28
: 5
: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%
: 10 / 25 / 40 / 55
: 120
Her hypnotism is so great, not even the greatest shrine maiden can do anything right.


[E] Recollection

Satori channels into the mind of an allied (or enemy) hero to learn their arcanery. After the channel, Satori learns the target's last cast non-ultimate ability but can only be cast once. This spell's channel time and cooldown depends on the on the duplicated spell's base cooldown.
: NO
: 0.01 + 0.0
: 900 (150020)
Base Channel Time
Duplicated Spell's CD added to Channel
Duplicated Spell's CD added to Cooldown
Recollection Duration
: 0.1
: 10% (0%)
: 100% (0%)
: 15
: 60 / 40 / 20 / 0
: 14+ / 10+ / 6+ / 2+
A powerful mind-reader and a fast learner, she can replicate anyone's abilities just by visiting their thoughts.


[D] Recollected Spell Slot

Satori's recollected spell goes here.

[F] Recollected Spell Slot

The sub-spell / 2nd spell of Satori's recollected spell goes here. (if any)

[R] Death God's Contract

PASSIVE: Reduces Satori's respawn time.
ACTIVE: Resurrects a fallen allied hero after a channel, summoning them in front of her. That hero's respawn timer pauses but is treated as alive for the duration. If that hero or Satori dies, the pact ends, instantly killing whoever is the other one alive. If Satori dies this way, her respawn time increased by the contracted ally's remaining respawn time. The resurrected hero's return to death is NOT subject to any on-death triggers; they will simply resume their respawn time from before.
Can target living allies, which are just teleported to Satori and nothing else.
: 0 + 0
: Global
Respawn Time Reduction
Channel Time
Spawn distance
Pact Duration
15Resurrected bonus stats

: 10% / 20% / 30%
: 4.5
: 150
: 20 / 25 / 30
: 10
: 300 / 450 / 600
: 160 / 150 / 140
(110 / 100 / 9025)
While already having left underworldly matters, she remain to have a great influence on the rules of death.[1]


[R] End Contract

Ends the current contract, resuming the hero's death from before. No one is credited for the re-death of that hero as it will not trigger on-death effects.
: 1.5 + 0.0
: 0
: 0



LVL 25
LVL 20
LVL 15
LVL 10
Concentration Cracker 120 Mana Break
+400 Memory Vice cast Range
+60 Attack Speed
+150 Health
|| OR ||
|| OR ||
|| OR ||
|| OR ||
-50s Death God's Contract cooldown
+600 Recollection cast Range
Death God's Contract resurrected hero +10 all stats
+8% Spell Amp


Upgrades Recollection. Allows targeting of enemy heroes. Targeting allies resurrected by Death God's Contract removes the increased Channel Time and Cooldown. Also upgrades recollected spells to their Agh's Scepter level.
Upgrades Memory Vice. Reduces cast point and improves re-dealt Time. Also upgrades recollected spells to their Agh's Shard level.


Memory Vice is her most basic ability. Basically a reverse Time Walk. It has low cooldown for mediocre range but has very expensive mana cost for a spell whose damage is so unreliable. Something noteworthy: IfMemory Vice got less than 1.4 cooldown, she can technically re-deal the damage fromMemory Vice itself again and all over again! Got a juicy 1000 damage from the first cast? Now you can reliably deal 1000+ damage every 3 seconds from now on!
Memory Vice is not as powerful as you think as easy it is for you to dismiss. We must consider the fact that (look back at the notes) it re-deals the damage as it was received by the enemy after all reductions. For example, 800 total burst magic damage is strong, yes? Subtracting it from 25% magic resist is 600. This means Memory Vice deals 600 raw magic damage, it will be reduced by another 25%. This makes an exponential feedback the more resistances an enemy has. Simply getting Cloak makes this 600 Memory Vice damage into 510 damage, which will then be reduced again. Furthermore, actual situations where a team deals 800 damage in 3 seconds is decently scarce. Either your team can already kill it without you or you're just on your way to killsteal, which won't be appreciated since Satori is a support.

Concentration Cracker has a mechanic that I have never seen used in a concept before (though I'm confident I'm not the first to do this). Modified cast points! Although we can just call it a "non-interrupting stun on every ability cast". It'll definitely ruin a player's experience but hopefully not by too much. I personally think the value is too low but I believe the pros can abuse this. Overall, this ability can disrupt casters and right-clickers alike.

WithRecollection, she becomes the 3rd Rubick, (because Morphling was the 2nd). Some spells will be better than others, as she primarily depends on allies so the effectiveness of this ability varies from draft to draft.

Death God's Contract is designed against trolls focusing the punishing effects on Satori herself for resurrecting their ally in a bad way, one of the reasons why the resurrected ally cannot trigger on-death effects. The other reasons that this ability ignores death triggers are: problem interaction with Reincarnation, prevents insta-double-kills 'cause Satori will already die with the ally, and the motto "you can't kill a dead person."
You might think that this spell might be too powerful if a 6-slotted carry was resurrected "there's no way! We worked hard killing that carry! Now we need to kill him again!?" Remember: 1, That is exactly the power fantasy of this ability; 2, or just kill Satori herself; 3, or don't make her finish that channeling in he first place, if Satori wants to get her carry back into action ASAP, then she must be nearby; 4, Or just retreat until the pact naturally ends, if done right, you've just successfully added up to 35 seconds to his respawn time!

End Contract has a deliberately long cast point to prevent last second denies by Satori once she finds her resurrected ally is in danger. So a little bit of prediction and risk assessment is a must-have skill should you dared to use her.


Satori is best suited to a life of a position 4-5. She'll need mana, due toMemory Vice being an expensive ability on a 6 second cooldown.

Satori's whole idea is to be the all-round combo hero. She can directly combo with any core hero she so chooses.Memory Vice,Recollection, andDeath God's Contract is a testament to the way she uniquely enables an ally and perhaps the entire draft! Dealing damage depending on the draft's damage, recasting abilities depending on the draft's abilities, and extending an ally's prowess depending on their capabilities!


CORE : Your standard support items, but focused on life saving and mana.


V 1.01
V 1.02
V 1.03
V 1.04
V 1.05
V 1.06
V 1.07


[1] There's no canonity to her ability to manipulate death, but since she lives in what used to be THE hell, she must hold some influence prior. Just a head-canon.


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