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Kaaga, [A hard carry, which is rare]

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Forum » Hero & Item Ideas » Kaaga, [A hard carry, which is rare] 3 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by delta17 » September 30, 2017 5:48am | Report

Kaaga, the Chimera Demon


V 1.09


Kaaga is a 1/3 human, 1/3 assassin-bug, and 1/3... something else. She have 6 legs, each are long and needle-like; She have 4 wings, which can only belong to a demon race; she have 2 eyes and 2 arms, strangely human; and she have 3 antennas, with the middle antenna hiding her 3rd eye. She have a human mouth which allows her to talk, but her tongue is also hiding a creepy proboscis inside it, which is a long tube-like mouthpart of many insects. Her exoskeleton are mostly brown, red, and black. She is a dual-wielding monster designed to be a monster.


Kaaga is built to be a very hard carry specializing in critical hits. Her Maleficent Blade is a basic crit. Giving her 'Maleficent Blade' charges when it procs. All of her spells can use these charges. She can toggle it off to disable her basic spells from using charges, so she can save up for her ult.

Shadow Parry, somewhat similar to Spiked Carapace allows her to completely dodge a damage instance. It will teleport Kaaga next to her attacker, after which she'll retaliate with one powerful crit. She can effortlessly escape with Umbral Slide should she got out of position.

Her ultimate, Blood Finale is a single target delete button. Constricting her target from moving or attacking, as she prepares the 3-hit fatal combo. Each hit from this ability consumes a charge (up to 3), so do make sure you spare some of it before deleting someone.
  • Supreme late game
  • Crits for days
  • Look at that agility!
  • 35s cooldown delete button
  • Extremely weak early game
  • Easily kited by spells
  • Needs a lot of gold to go online
  • Lack of wave clear for fast farming


A chimera made with the talents of a forgotten assassin, ambush instincts of an ancient assassin nymph bug, and wings of a Foulfell demon.



: 23 + 2.2
: 18 + 4.3
: 12 + 1.6

H regen amp
M regen amp
Spell Dmg.
M spd amp

28 - 31
Base HP regen
Base MP regen
Turn rate
Vision range
Attack range
Projectile Spd.
Attack Ani.
Magic resist
: 0
: 0
: 300
: 0.5
: 1800/800
: 150
: instant
: 0.25 + 0.65
: 1.7
: 25%
: 24
: 6

[Q] Maleficent Blade

Each attack has a chance to strike a critical hit, gaining one 'Maleficent blade' charges. She can use those charges whenever she cast a spell. Toggle OFF to disallow Umbral Slide and Shadow Parry to use charges.
Charges duration
Max charges
: 25% / 30% / 35% / 40%
: 140% / 150% / 160% / 170%
: 60
: 3 (+1 / +2 / +3) (+1)
Her blades being cursed are just rumors, it's all skill.


[W] Umbral Slide

Teleports a short distance. Then becomes invisible with bonus movespeed. Using a maleficent charge reduces cooldown.
: 0.1 + 0
: Global
Blink distance
Invi movespeed
Invi duration
: 425 / 500 / 575 / 650
: 15% / 30% / 45% / 60%
: 4
: 40
: 20 / 16 / 12 / 8 (12 / 9 / 6 / 3)
Her physiology of 6 needle-like legs allows for movements as quiet as shadows,


[E] Shadow Parry

In a short window, Kaaga will negate the next damage instance from an enemy hero. Kaaga, after evading the damage, will blink right next to her attacker and strike with one, painful blow. If her attacker is more than 1500 unit distance away she will evade the damage but won't blink.
Using a maleficent charge gives lifesteal to the attack.
: 0 + 0
Jump range limit
Buff duration

: 1500 (Global)
: 1.5
: 200% / 230% / 260% / 290%
(360% / 390% / 420% / 450%)
: 120%
: 30
: 18 / 14 / 10 / 6
With 3 antennas and a specialized third eye, Kaaga's inhuman reflexes ensures no retaliation amongst her preys.


[R] Blood Finale

Kaaga constricts a victim for 2.75 seconds, becoming invincible, untargetable and impossible to be removed unless she desired. Target is slowed and revealed after which Kaaga attacks in extremely quick succession. Each attack requires, and consumes, all maleficent charges.
Passively increases max Maleficent Blade charges.
: 0.2 + 0
: 150
Movement Slow
Max Maleficent Charges
: 2.75
: 40% / 60% / 80%
: +1 / +2 / +3
: 140
: 55 / 45 / 35
An unholy predatory ritual of a forgotten demon race!



Level 25
Level 20
Level 15
Level 10
5% Enemy Max Health as Attack Damage
Blood Finale mute
+1 Maleficent Max Charges
+15 Movement speed
|| OR ||
|| OR ||
|| OR ||
|| OR ||
+160% Shadow Parry crit
Blood Finale silence
Remove Shadow Parry range limit
+35 Damage to non-heroes
Notes :

Upgrades Maleficent Bade. Every crit of this ability applies a 0.3s mini-stun.
Upgrades Maleficent Bade. Every crit of this ability applies a 4s vision/true sight debuff on enemies.


V 1.01
V 1.02
V 1.03
V 1.04
V 1.05 (Creator's Lounge)
V 1.06
V 1.07
V 1.08
V 1.09
V 1.10


removed May 9 2018


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by The Magnus Magus » October 14, 2017 6:35pm | Report
This hero idea is really cool. Shadow Parry, once I understood it, would probably be one of my favorite spells in the game. However, I still have a few gripes with her.

First of all, using Maleficent Blade charges is really underwhelming except when Death is toggled. I would either
-significantly increase the cooldown of her other spells (Umbral Slide and Shadow Parry have 20 sec cooldown at all levels) and make using a charge makes the spell have 4/3/2/1 cooldown based on the level of Maleficent Blade.
-Make Umbral Slide be a 11/9/7/5 cooldown blink and the invisibility and speed are only granted by using a charge, and give Shadow Parry critical damage only when a charge is used.

Secondly, the name Death, as you know, is stupid.
Name it Twin Blades. Why has she not been using her other sw- SHUT UP, LOGIC!
Also, it shouldn't be unable to gain charges. At most, it still only has a 50% chance of gaining one and that allows 6 max attacks to become 9. Especially as a charge is so hard to get, this could help the spell overall to pull its weight as an ultimate. Perhaps increasing the crit chance as well would also help.

Next, I would ramp up the mana costs of her abilities, if the next suggestion is not taken. Right now casting all spells the maximum amount would cost 18 mana per second; it is literally impossible for her to have to think about mana woes or run out unless she is level 1 and spams more than a PA who just discovered dagger.
It would also make using the charge on Shadow Parry more useful if it cost, say, 100 mana.

My fourth and final suggestion is more significant and changes the hero a decent amount, but hear me out. (This is not a problem, like (in my opinion) the others might be. It is just a possibility that I dreamed up).
Right now, her entire skillset is based around damage and movement. Maleficent blade gives damage from crits and movement from reduced cd/mana spells. Umbral Slide gives ridiculous movement benefits. Shadow Parry deals a ton of damage and moves her to fight an enemy she can probably kill. And Death... kills things.
However, I feel that the spirit of the hero could be preserved while
-Giving her more weaknesses where she has almost none
-Giving her a new ability in the place of Umbral Slide, while
-Making Death feel cooler, by giving it parts of Umbral Slide

Heres the idea.
-Shadow Parry blinks strikes to them as normal, and after 1 second, is teleported back to her original position. Gives 4 seconds of lingering vision on the target.
-Death performs a blink strike from a random direction against any unit in previously attacked in the last 3 seconds, as well as giving increased BAT. It also gives .1 seconds of complete undetectability. This happens on every attack.
-Death becomes an orb attack. Its just easier that way to use it only once (to pursue a shadow-parried unit, for example.)
-Umbral Slide is exchanged for a unique ability. Here's one suggestion, but there's no reason it should be this. I can't think of anything I really like.
Horrifying Transformation

I don't really think this is the right ability to put in, but it should be something that inflicts a debuff or debuffs without doing any direct damage, and without positioning.
In fact, to better combo with Shadow Parry and Death, it should require positioning from afar, so I really don't believe in it. I can't think of anything better though as I have to go :(
"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster... when you gaze into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by delta17 » October 16, 2017 6:38pm | Report
Yes, the charge bonuses are intentionally weak. I designed them to be more 'situational' rather than 'necessary' because as you've said, charges are hard to get by and I don't want you to waste it on those spells. It encourages people to actually save it for her ultimate.

In other words, her playstyle does not revolve on 'Maleficent Blade', only 'Death Stance' needs those charges. The bonuses of her normal spells are just 'cherries on top' in the case that she won't be needing to use her ultimate.

You say that weaknesses she had none. One of her biggest weakness is her complete lack of crowd control. She can chase, yes, but at the cost of being out of position. She is also very vulnerable to crowd controls herself. Most especially disarms and silences, if not stuns. That's why she must itemize according to her weaknesses. She also cannot farm very well, with zero ways to clear creep waves. Like all carries, she's very weak early game being vulnerable to lane harass.

I think her skillset's fine as it is. Many thanks for the feedback! It's a lot better than no feedback. :)


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