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Hata no Kokoro [Touhou Hero Concept]

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Forum » Hero & Item Ideas » Hata no Kokoro [Touhou Hero Concept] 3 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by delta17 » July 6, 2020 9:03pm | Report

Hata no Kokoro

Secret Push!
Str 26 + 3.2
Agi 22 + 2.8
Int 20 + 2.2
Carry ◆◇◇
Support ◆◇◇
Disabler ◆◆◇
Durable ◆◆◇
Initiator ◆◆◇

285 1


Hata no Kokoro is a melee strength hero that uses her festive powers to deliver the party of a lifetime: your deathday party!
As a teamfight-oriented ganker, she opens the celebration with her dazzling Fireworks!, which after a delay, burns enemies who look at it and slows those who look away. Her naginata is the legendary Blade of Noh that pierces the heart of her enemies, stunning and displacing them to her back where they're more vulnerable to her allies' wrath.
When the rhythm of the warrior's heart resonates with the rhythm of the battle, will true strength be revealed. Spirit-heart is a self passive that can be activated into an aura once that big teamfight plays! Providing increased maximum health and suppressing enemy spell amp to Kokoro and her allies.
"Express your feelings! No one can stop you!" Her ultimate summons the stage for Catharsis Festival! This celebration of death will be so loud and merry, that all allies inside cannot be slowed, silenced, nor disarmed! Soon, the battlefield will be flashing with everyone's talents and everyone's an audience! 
  • Above average stats across the board!
  • Tanky teamfight support that can also offlane.
  • Allows the team to fight with their unhindered potential!
  • Can also make team-mates tanky!
  • Very weak early game attack damage (like Nyx).
  • Expensive abilities.
  • 2 abilities with significant delay.
  • Ultimate is very reliant on draft.

[Q] Fire Works!

Releases a mystical firework that will set off after 2.35 seconds on the location it's cast. Enemies looking at the firework will take high damage over time, while enemies who don't will take heavy slow. Slows turn rate whichever way.
: Magical
: NO
: 0.01 + 0.5
Firework Delay
DPS (looking)
Move Slow (not looking)
Turn rate slow
: 2.35
: 625
: 35 / 60 / 85 / 110 (75 / 100 / 125 / 150)
: 20% / 35% / 50% / 65%
: 30%
: 8
: 110
: 30 / 25 / 20 / 15
Fireworks will always remain the highlight of festivities.


[W] Blade of Noh

Stabs the target dead at their center of mass using her naginata, stunning them. Deals her increased attack damage as pure. She will then swing her weapon and reposition the enemy behind her, facing away.
: NO
: 0.1 + 0
: 150 (750)
Attack Damage Bonus
: 0 / 20 / 40 / 60
: 1.4 / 1.7 / 2.0 / 2.3
: 90
: 12 (10)
A killing stance with a flair for the theatrics.


[e] Spirit-heart

Passively provides Hata no Kokoro with bonus maximum health and spell damage suppression. Can be activated, granting the passive bonuses as aura to allied heroes, as well as playing a festive music.
: 0 / 1200
Aura active duration
Aura linger duration
Max Health Bonus
Spell Dmg. Supp.

: 15
: 0.5
: 12% / 16% / 20% / 24%
: 8% / 10% / 12% / 14%
(22% / 24% / 26% / 28%)
: 95 (75)
Hidden motions of unbidden emotions!


[R] Catharsis Festival

Calls forth a damned celebration! Allies celebrating inside become immune to move slows, attack slows, silences, and disarms (including mute and break) while boosting their primary attribute.
The AoE is marked by 6 pillars that block vision and pathing like trees but are indestructable (they don't do much other than aesthetics). Most importantly, it blasts a music that plays in chorus with Spirit-heart active.
: 1.0 + 0
: 400
Primary Attribute Bonus
Festival Radius
: 5 / 7 / 9 (9 / 11 / 13)
: 10 / 20 / 30
: 675
: 250 / 300 / 350
: 150 (120)
She may be a reserved and laconic girl, but she sure knows how throw a party!



Level 25
Level 20
Level 15
Level 10
+150 Damage
+4s Catharsis Festival duration
-30s Catharsis Festival cooldown
+5 Health Regen
|| OR ||
|| OR ||
|| OR ||
|| OR ||
+14% Spirit-heart spell-amp suppression
Catharsis Festival mute and break immunity
+40 Fire Works! DPS
-2s Blade of Noh cooldown


Upgrades Catharsis Festival: Activates Spirit-heart aura, or pauses its duration (if already active) so long as Kokoro remain inside the festival.
Upgrades Spirit-heart: Whenever an enemy hero dies under the aura when it's active, Fire Works! is instantly cast on their death location. Reduces cooldown.
Upgrades Blade of Noh: Increases cast range and causes Kokoro to teleport towards the target on cast.


Mostly played on position 3, Hata no Kokoro's play style is a mixed balance between a position 3 and position 4, so she's in a unique case of being a position 3.5. She has durability and damage from her Spirit-heart and Blade of Noh, while having a strong teamfight support potential from Fire Works! and Cathatrsis Festival. She'll primarily needs two things: durability and mana. But a bit of mobility and damage never hurts.

OR she can played as an honest position 3, taking advantage of her scaling tankiness and attack damage. Fire Works! and Cathatrsis Festival are quite expensive, so expect to cast less of them if her mana items are traded for more durability and raw attack damage. With Blink Dagger, she can initiate fights by dropping her AoE abilities before using Blade of Noh to guarantee at least one enemy to stay for the light show. However, it would be much preferred if there's a better initiator than can lock multiple opponents for her.

Fire Works! has a staggeringly long effect delay of 2.35 seconds! However, when properly placed, it is a powerful ability that is able to severely damage or severely slow enemies. While it has use for zoning during the laning phase, its high mana cost and cooldown prevents it from being used too many times.

Blade of Noh is a melee ranged stun akin to Dragon Tail but have strong pure damage that scales to her attack. One of its unique effects is it repositions enemies behind her, which serves greatly well in complementing her Fire Works! and Catharsis Festival at keeping enemies in place, probably better than the stun aspect. This spell will be her most commonly used ability because of its generous mana cost and cooldown for the effects it offers.

Spirit-heart is a simple ability that is used when a teamfight is going down. Giving allies two very rare and unique buffs under the music of battle! We don't really know if percentaged MaxHealth manipulation stack additively or multiplicatively because so far, Granite Aura is alone at having this buff.

activated aura battle music

Cathatrsis Festival is a very strong teamfight enabler that prevents her team from being suscepted by the most common crowd controls. Even without it, the primary attribute increase to allies can prove more than suffice. This ability is the sole reason why Kokoro will be very dependent on draft, both allies and enemies. Against enemies with a high number of silences, Cathatrsis Festival will feel like a broken, OP ability, especially to heroes like Silencer, which she hard counters; however, when against lineups that lack slows and silences but are heavy on other disables like stuns and cyclones, Cathatrsis Festival will feel lackluster, only providing stats as a consolation for the high-mana, high-cooldown ability it is.

But on to other matters, thanks to Spirit-heart, strength heroes gets more bang for their buck! The bonus strength from the ultimate gives more health, and that health gets even more amplified by a percentage! That's a dang strong natural synergy that isn't just locked to Kokoro herself, but as long as she has any strength allies as well!

Catharsis Festival music


  • Header image art by rychosios
  • Gif is an animated sprite taken from the game Hopeless Masquerade.
  • Game-icons created from
  • Music of Spirit-heart and Catharsis Festival are from Hata no Kokoro's theme from Hopeless Masquerade: "The Lost Emotion".
  • Spirit-heart art by neka
  • Catharsis Festival art by MiySin
  • Hata no Kokoro is a character of the Touhou franchise, property of Team Shanghai Alice, or simply just ZUN.




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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Hades4u » July 6, 2020 11:15pm | Report
Awesome concept!

Feels like Catharsis Festival's duration is a bit too long to be balanced, hmm. The talent upgrade maybe should be converted to Aghanim's instead?

Also for Fire Works, the total damage would be 845 at max level? That's pretty high for a basic ability.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by delta17 » July 7, 2020 4:47pm | Report
Thanks for liking it! ^.^

I made Catharsis Festival have very high mana cost and cooldown to make up for it's powerful effects, comparable to Omniknight's ultimate (but instead of immune to physical, it's immune to soft crowd controls). The duration is long and AoE is huge, but enemies will still be wise enough to fall back when it's up, so the the full duration might not even be used.

Fireworks has a ludicrous delay and the damage only works if the enemy is looking, I think that's reasonable enough of a setback for the damage it's capable of. Besides, there's things like Shrapnel which even without the talent can deal 880 total damage.

But who knows, it's hard to really know if you can't playtest the hero and you're not Icefrog. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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