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Astral Channeler

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Astral Channeler












14 + 3.2


26 + 2.6


19 + 2.2







Tuvalo, the Astral Channeler, is a ranged agility hero that is known to conjure all varieties of aethereal projections to damage, gank, and thwart his enemies. Ancestral Legion calls upon a dozen spirits of his kin to rain poisoned arrows, allowing control of the area but only if there are trees, because they only spawn on trees. Raskav Wings is basically permanent flying vision and movement but on a hero with really bad mvspd and vision. Twilight Fall gives a chance for his attacks to shortly root enemies and deal AoE dmg on the impact area at a ln easy-to-dodge 2 seconds delay. Cornucopia is Sprout on heavy steroids. Channeling for 3 seconds to determine the scope of its effects, an entire battlefield could turn into a dense holographic jungle, making vision and movement extremely difficult.

Combining his abilities together, Astral Channeler can severely limit the vision and movements of his enemies while he himself has all the movement and vision he needs by flying! And when farmed enough, he can periodically root enemies and rain pillars of lights, dealing significant amounts of damage with his utmost positioning.
  • Reliable flying vision from 2 abilities. Can't juke this!
  • Generally incredible stats, with the exception of base atkspd and mvspd.
  • Great escape potential and its on a ranged hero!
  • Semi-permanent flight!
  • Can go late game. Decent farming tool.
  • Blind day vision.
  • Bad attack animation with low base attack speed makes early game last-hits hard.
  • Slow base movement speed.
  • No form of disable other than his petty, chance-based root.
  • Farm dependant, yet no abilities that boosts his right-click.


In the heart of the Yama Raskav jungle, the clan of Eki Bukaw has told of a prophecy. That the warrior destined to lead and empower their tribe will have its dramatic entrance from the sky, shining like a meteor of suns! This warrior, who is fated to control the clouds and the trees of Yama Raskav, will be nothing less than the true heir of the tribe's aboriginal ancestors.

But prophecies are often painfully histrionic.

A battle of 2 winged mages bombarded the sky with arcane explosions, which the Eki people below took as a sign. The final flash brought a severely wounded and oddly poisoned mage, on the brink of death, crashing into the canopies of the dense jungle. The Eki tribe spent 2 months resuscitating the man, only to be met with great disappointment. For they have mended what's probably the most egotistic jerk to have ever set foot on the entire jungle. But still, the healing magic made him bound to the rules of the tribe, that is until it wore off.

He was an outcast, oxymoronically part of the tribe yet exiled from it. He goes on to brag how his place was lined with silver walls and how their cuisine never tries to poison them. But he will soon slowly realized that his old place was just as treacherous, where your food might just be as poisoned for all you know. Then, on a fated encounter with a certain runaway shaman who can reveal his ancestors, it was revealed that the true predecessors of the Eki Clan were ancient Skywraths, once a down-to-earth migratory race. In this revelation the greatest forefather visage revealed itself and passed down on him a long-forgotten sorcery of the skies, and nature, fulfilling the prophecy.

The binds of the healing magic has long been worn off. But the Astral Channeler can still be seen guarding the harmony of the jungle. Now forever true to his calling.

[Q] Ancestral Legion

Summons the spirit of his aboriginal ancestors, housing into nearby trees in the area. Each spirits has 300 flying vision and can attack & poison enemies up to 500 range. Destroying the tree destroys the spirit stationed in it.
: Physical/Magical
: 1.0 + 0.4
: 750
Number of spirits
Spirit Damage
Spirit Attack Interval
Poison Slow
Poison duration
Spirits Duration
: 7 (10)
: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50
: 1.5 ~ 2.0
: 6% / 9% / 12% / 15%
: 3
: 12
: 120 / 140 / 160 / 180
: 45 / 40 / 35 / 30
Trees represents various spirits. And it could be anyone's.


[W] Raskav Wings

Requires a tree to take off. After a delay, Tuvalo projects the wings of a legendary Raskav Eagle on himself, gaining flying movement & vision.
: 0.01 + 0
: 150 (450)
Emerge delay
Flight Duration
: 1.0
: 12
: 40
: 35 / 25 / 15 / 5
The Astral Channeler has a fondness for the wings of Raskav Eagles.


[E] Twilight Fall

Tuvalo's attack have a chance to root the target and, after a delay, strike a pillar of light in an AoE dealing moderate damage and healing him. Has a guarantee proc at a cooldown.
: Magical
: NO
Root duration
Bns Dmg to Heroes
Damage as Heal
: 25%
: 0.5 (1.5)
: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250
: 200
: 40%
: 1.5
: 240
: 6 (4)
One arcanery of the Skywraths that Tuvalo learned to integrate in his arrows.


[R] Cornucopia

Channeling. Tuvalo projects an entire field of holographic trees while channeling, disrupting paths and blocking vision. If the channel is prematurely cancelled, the radius is smaller. Trees become invulnerable if channeled to full.
: 0.2 + 0
Max Channel Time
Min Radius
Max Radius
Min Trees
Max Trees
Trees Duration
: 2.5
: 150
: 900
: 3
: 36
: 12 / 15 / 18
: 150
: 60 / 50 / 40
The Astral Channeler controls the line between the aetherial and material.


Level 25
Level 20
Level 15
Level 10
+1s Twilight Fall root duration
+200 Twilight Fall Damage to heroes
+300 Raskav Wings cast range
+25 Attack Speed
|| OR ||
|| OR ||
|| OR ||
|| OR ||
+80 Movement Speed
+150 Attack Range
+3 Ancestral Legion spirits
+125 vision

Upgrades Cornucopia. All enemies caught within the expanding radius of trees receives a Twilight Fall proc. (complete with root)
Upgrades Twilight Fall. Every proc calls for 2 smaller pillars of light (180 AoE) to strike on nearby random enemies (no root, prioritizes heroes). Reduces guaranteed proc cooldown.


Le epic mini gameplay comic

Ancestral Legion has a relatively long cooldown and mana cost because of its significant effects. There are 7 units at 50 damage each, considering they attack at an average of 1.75 secs, means it's a constant stream of 200 DPS teamfight contribution for 12(!?) seconds, this is assuming all archer spirits hit only 1 target, which will never happen due to how they're limited by the positions of their trees and their attack range. It has utility to become a ~750+ radius flying vision for the team.
Use this ability on a very forested area (your ultimate perhaps?) to make full use of it.

Raskav Wings is a no-brainer ability. It's just flight. However, finding trees to take-off to every 12 seconds may prove to limit the hero. Tuvalo is also unfortunate to have 1000/800 vision (this is worse than Batrider's) and 270 movespeed. A testament of how much I value flying movement and vision. Put them on a hero who can't easily abuse it.
The spell has a cast-point, time to jump, and emerge delay, totaling for ~1.37s of self-disable to achieve flight. Raskav Wings can still be cast while on flight, allowing for a semi-permanent flight at up to 89.8% uptime (12s/13.37s) for 3.74 mana/sec (50mn/13.37s).

Twilight Fall is also no-brainer. Alright, it may depend on the person, but none of them will go beyond little-brainer. A 20% chance of 0.5s root is easy to digest. But the heart of the passive is on the explosive pillar of light that will strike the enemy if they don't move quick (or do they have to?). 2s delay, 275 AoE, and 0.5s for the root, if the enemy can move even above 183 movespeed, they can escape the judgment.
Twilight Fall's main purpose is jungling. Free AoE damage and heal is seriously fantastic to creeps who don't know how to dodge it!

Cornucopia summons an entire freaking jungle it would make Nature's Prophet cry. It's main selling point is the 'indestructibility' of the trees once channeled to full, making Timbersaw cry. At its potential, it fully obscures enemy vision and pathways while you don't, because you're flying.
I don't know if 36 trees at 900 radius is too little though...

Astral Channeler will build primarily as a right clicking pos 2~3, or a roaming pos 4 vision and teamfight support. He has a somewhat decent attack range, and decent agility gain, but the existence of Raskav Wings opens up HUGE opportunities to anyone playing a ranged carry. Hurricane Pike, Mjollnir, and Moon Shard will serve wonderful. He can also follow an itemization of a vision/teamfight support consisting of Observer Wards, Sentry Wards, and aura items.


V 1.01
V 1.02
V 1.03
V 1.04
V 1.05
V 1.06


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