March 19, 2018

Meet my creations!

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My very first hero concept! A goblin folk raised by a lone giant wolf (a worg). Their duality results in a strange yet familiar mechanic. All spells cannot interrupt queued orders and channeling but have very long effect delays. Their spells can also be cast of Zorac's With massive rockets and laser beams long their savage thirst for blood shed, the untameable duo can only get more chaotic!


Barrel Rocket
Fires a Rocket after a delay that deals damage in a large AoE and stun in a small AoE. Explodes on collision to enemy heroes or if it reached target point.
In a similar vein to Freezing Field, bombards the surrounding area with pellets that deals damage and mini-stun with each explosion.
War Frenzy
Gives the Battleworgs and nearby allies bonus spell amp and movespeed. The buff has exclusive bonus to the Battleworgs, every enemy units that die near them or by them will speed up all their spells current cooldowns.
Death Ray
After a really long effect delay, Raquruk unleashes their massive laser, dealing large PURE damage based on their maxHP and has powerful slow.


  • The Battleworgs - My very first hero concept. Creating this dude is the biggest reason I got into hero creation in the first place. Still proud of this concept to this day.
  • Hexius - Created for HCC: Portals. Otherwise a strong defensive hero.
  • Alryca - Formerly Patchouli Knowledge. And winner of the HCC: Your Dream Hero! One of the most complex hero that ever set foot on DotaFire.
  • Clownpiece - An annoying support. But not to the one playing it.
  • Nitori Kawashiro - A very mobile agility hero that uses the water from the river and her flood zones to be effective.
  • Kaaga - Revolves around critical hits and boasts a massive agility gain.
  • Mamizou Futatsuiwa - You can't 1 v 1 against her.
  • Nevaeh - A ranged strength hero that steals her foe's maxHP.
  • Lion Rework - He's basically a new hero with these changes. But his core gameplay remain the same.
  • My Items ideas - Python Shiv is the only good item here...