March 19, 2018

Meet my creations!

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The powerful mistress of the Palace of the Earth Spirits. Satori Komeiji has her abilities centered around the mind and death. Forcing her enemies to re-experience their pain twice, and hypnotizing them to the point where casting their own spells will be taxing! She can also travel to the mind of other heroes to learn their best non-ultimate arcanery!

As one who have had authority in former hell, she can bend the rules of death, resurrecting any dead allies immediately back in the fray! For a price...


Memory Vice
All damages the target unit received in the last 3 seconds are dealt again.
Concentration Cracker
The aura simply increases cast points of enemy spells while the passsive increases mana loss and reduces attack speed to anyone she attacked.
Disrupts target enemy while copying that hero's non-ultimate signature spell.
Recollected Spell Slot
Stolen Spells go here.
Recollected Spell Slot
Sub-spell of stolen Spells go here.
Death God's Contact
Target dead allied hero. If channel is successful, that hero is resurrected for a limited time. Their respawn time freezes meanwhile. If Satori or the resurrected hero dies, they both die. That ally will not trigger any on-death effects and will resume it's death from before. But Satori's respawn time increases by that ally's respawn time.
Passively reduces Satori's respawn time.


A hero with [⊛] is not an original character but a character who is part of another series/franchise/etc.
  • The Battleworgs - My very first hero concept. Creating this dude is the biggest reason I got into hero creation in the first place. Still proud of this concept to this day.
  • Hexius - Created for HCC: Portals. Otherwise a strong defensive hero.
  • Alryca - Formerly [⊛]Patchouli Knowledge. And winner of the HCC: Your Dream Hero! One of the most complex hero that ever set foot on DotaFire.
  • [⊛]Clownpiece - Unleash your love for America by throwing stars, sripes, walls, and madness!
  • [⊛]Nitori Kawashiro - A very mobile agility hero that uses the water from the river and her flood zones to be effective.
  • Kaaga - Revolves around critical hits and boasts a massive agility gain.
  • [⊛]Mamizou Futatsuiwa - A mischievous lady that tricks enemies without even trying. Adept at single target ganking.
  • Nevaeh - A ranged strength hero that steals her foe's maxHP.
  • [⊛]Satori Komeiji - A unique support that manipulates both mind and death.
  • [⊛]Ichirin ***oi - Hit, hit, dash, dash, sweep, smash, dash!
  • Lion Rework - He's basically a new hero with these changes. But his core gameplay remain the same.
  • My Items ideas - A list of cool item concepts arranged from what I'm very proud of to things that are 'meh'.