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I A-M HoT PRC Chaos [In-Depth Guide]

August 28, 2014 by Hi-Breed
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3
Build 4
Build 5
Build 6
Build 7
Build 8
Build 9
Build 10
Build 11

2301/2401 Signature Chaos [Lane]

DotA2 Hero: Chaos Knight

Hero Skills

Chaos Bolt

1 3 8 9

Reality Rift

2 4 5 7

Chaos Strike

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Abstract (Quick and Image-Friendly Guide)

Brief: requires a complete guide to have at least 5000 characters.

Mine has almost a googol of characters, that's why I made this quick PRC guide for intermediate skilled players.


He can carry like no other! ^^


Almost none: susceptible to AOE Damage ( Radiance and auras included) and/or cleave a bit more than an average hero (as these two can single-out him from his illusions), but rather less than any other illusion-based hero (like Phantom Lancer, for instance).

When to Pick:

You need a hard carry/semi-carry/roamer/ganker/pusher.

When not to pick:

Against AOE casters/cleavers.
Bonus part: get Black King Bar against casters and Heaven's Halberd against cleavers.

Skill Build - The PRC Skill Build:


The top 2 questions (and their top 2 answers ;)):

Q1: Why should one build Chaos Knight's skills PRC-wise?
A1: Because the PRC build is one of the best builds for Chaos Knight. Here's why: one defends against an enemy carry by disarming/disabling him. Similarly, one defends against an enemy caster by silencing him, buying Black King Bar and/or items providing magic resistance.
You CAN'T quite defend against a PRC-(item-)built Chaos Knight by neither one of these, as his mirror images complicate the disarm/disable part and he does not necessarily requires using magic to kill enemies once he already cast Phantasm and/or activated Manta Style.

Q2: Why should one take Phantasm at level 6?
A2: Because a 2-3-0-1 skill build bursts around 36% more damage than a 3-3-0-0 skill build: the damage done in a small time interval by having an additional mirror image bests the one coming from an extra second of potential stun.
Bonus Question:
BQ: Why should one max Reality Rift at level 7 instead of Chaos Bolt?
BA: ^^
1) 2 points in Chaos Bolt are more than enough until level 7, as adding another 2 points will merely increase the potential disable time by one second.
2) Phantasm with Reality Rift maxed out will grant Chaos Knight additional 300+ 'bonus' damage each 6 seconds (2+ mirror images hitting for 100+ damage each and 100 bonus damage from Reality Rift; not to mention this scales up).
3) In addition, having a way to close a gap of 700 range each 6 seconds is equivalent to a 116.67 MS increase!

Item Build - The I A-M HoT Item Build:

The key to the PRC Chaos Knight build is to have at least the mana to cast a PRC/PRCR combo at level 6/7, which translates in buying early items for that extra INT boots. Finding low-cost appropriate items to avoid delaying his core is a must.




req. INT


INT boost


req. INT


INT boost



So for a level 6 PRCR you officially need 10 extra INT. But considering that 0.2 INT needed to pull off the combo translates to 0.2*13=2.6 mana points, you can engage in your PRCR combo thanks to your internal mana regen which will help you recover that 2.6 mana points until you finish your combo, anyway.

Even for a level 6 PRCR there won't be any problems related to farming for INT items due to the starting build which can help you get a Null Talisman until your ulti is up without doing anything except staying alive on lane. Having that and the starting 3 Iron Branches, you just boosted your INT with +9, enough for your own PRCR inscrutable purposes.

Here we go:

1. Starting STRING

2. Get a Bottle if going mid (roamer/ganker case)

3. Early Purchase Order


5. Core Add-Ons

6. On quickbuy in between Manta Style and Heart of Tarrasque - Better buy than die

7. Lategame Core

8. Still can't get your Heart of Tarrasque? Replace it with this farm-friendly fall down item:

9. Not over yet? Get these:

10. Still going, need more? Amplify dealt damage or further reduce/evade incoming damage:

Why no Drum of Endurance? Stop buying it as Chaos Knight: it's nothing more than a fleeing item on him.
Check this out. I even have more of that.


1. Farm

2. Try not to use any mana unless it's securing an enemy kill or avoiding a friendly death - you'll save your mana for a level 6/7 PRC... combo that will almost grant you a kill, if not even two!

3. Follow the PRC Skill Build

4. Follow the I A-M HoT Item Build

5. DON'T LEAVE YOUR LANE UNTIL LEVEL 6! I can't stress this enough! You desperately need your ultimate!

6. PRC... to death enemy heroes in teamfights; this is the priority:
- Follow your Team Captain's Instructions (TCI), else,
- Supports first
- Second: crippled enemies trying to flee - Reality Rift them back
- Third: disabled/disarmed carries (that get focused or about to die) - Reality Rift them

7. Push!

8. Repeat


1. You are a natural pusher. Push/pushfarm when not engaging a gank/combat. Push/pushfarm if they can fight 4 vs. 5 - DotA 2 is about taking down buildings, not amassing kills.

2. Focus the supports in teamfights: try to ambush them from behind or from the side, if you don't have a Black King Bar to come galloping in trough the front door.

(Basic) Friends:


(Basic) Foes:

Anyone having (built-in or Battle Fury) cleave and/or inflicting AOE damage (auras included).

As there are a few melee carries that get cleave, a Black King Bar is suggested to diminish the number of AOE casters foes. Against cleavers, get a Heaven's Halberd.

Tips & Tricks:

Coming soon!

End note:

For advanced reasoning and proofs of the above, go check the in-depth guide.

GL & HF! ^^


Welcome to my PRC Chaos Knight guide.

On steam it's here. Subscribe if you want to use it inside DotA 2.

How to use this guide:

1. You'll find almost anything you need to know about
Chaos Knight in this guide, together with PROOFS (WHY is one way and not the other).

2. Be careful at
+SPOILERS. That's where many proofs are 'hidden' to avoid lengthy readings. Take my word for granted or pop up a spoiler.

3. Spoilers have anchors to get you back to the title of the spoiler so you can close it and read on. Anchors have the inscription 'Spoil back ^^' and are placed at the end of the spoiler to the bottom-right of the text. They look like the one below and to the right:
4. If you still get lost in a spoiler, refresh the page. It will automatically close all opened spoilers. Remember the spoiler name so you can continue reading on.

5. If you want to find a piece of information, try with your browser's built-in 'find/search'. Mine is activated by pressing

6. If you don't find the information, it's probably in a spoiler. Information within spoilers can't be found until the respective spoiler is opened. Carefully look for the information needed within spoilers or send me a PM/comment and I'll gladly answer any of your guide-related questions.

I'll get back to the guide now, have fun reading the guide and playing Chaos Knight!

A PRC combo is the Phantasm + Reality Rift + Chaos Bolt combo following a level 6 2-3-0-1 build (this one).

A PRC... combo is the previous one followed by another sequence of Reality Rift and/or Chaos Bolt spells, that can even be cast at level 6.

In this guide I'll share some wisdom on how to play Chaos Knight in a way you've never played nor seen before, based on turning his charm on starting level 6+, using PRC... combos, granting earlier kills than 'standard' ganking builds that start his ganking carrier at level 8 or more.

The guide allows you to get more kills and more gold earlier (by KILLING your lane opponents at level 6 and using the new pushfarming principle right on) which in turn will get you snowballing earlier. In addition, it's more cost effective than other builds in focusing on exactly his needs that change from INT items early on to regen and DPS (with built-in escape mechanism) items midgame to illusion-spamming/STR/evasion boosting items lategame.

Pushfarming and Smart Farming

Furthermore, this guide will literally banish Drum of Endurance from every other Chaos Knight build out there by finding at least 5 items or item combinations that are more cost-effective than it starting 26% of its price! Check the spoiler.

Why Drum of Endurance is a no-no

Getting back to our knight now:

Chaos Knight is (as they put it) a strength based Ganker/Pusher/Semi-Carry that relies on his high cooldown ultimate Phantasm and/or his second spell Reality Rift to initiate.

For disabling enemies, he casts his random-damage, random-duration Chaos Bolt stun that has a 33% chance of stunning for 4 seconds at its highest level.

His third ability is a passive one, Chaos Strike, which is a critical strike maxing out 300% damage but having the lowest chance of occurrence in the whole game: 10%. Although this is low, his Phantasm-created 3 illusions fully benefit from it, topping it to a (theoretically) whooping 40% (that is, if you and all of your illusions are alive and focusing the same target).

Pretty neat, huh? ^^

Pros / Cons and When to Pick


    - Strength based hero with decent Agility gain
    - Good movespeed: 325
    - Very good ultimate (except for its cooldown)
    - Low cooldown spells
    - A stun (single target, not AOE)
    - Critical strike passive
    - Furthermore, he is able to cast the

combination as early as level 6, with the correct build (this one) for a mere build of 869 gold (including the starting 625 gold)

Interested already? o.O


- Random 30-spread attack damage (starting with 49-79) bad for early last hitting
- (Others say) he has a low mana pool and Intelligence gain (1.2)
- Spell randomness (the least random spell is Phantasm, the opposite being Chaos Bolt)

When to pick:
    - Your team already has a hard carry
    - The enemy team doesn't have (a lot of) AOE spells
    - Your team already has an initiator (it's best you initiate second)
    - Your team mates are squishy (the team lacks a strength/durable hero)
    - Your team lacks a Ganker/Pusher/Semi-Carry
    - Some of your mates' abilities synergize with yours (they have slows, stuns, disables)
When not to pick:

- The enemy team has a lot of AOE disables
- The enemy team has a lot of cleavers (AOE damage)
- Your team needs a hard carry (it's not that easy to hard carry, but it can be done)
- Your team lacks a ranged hero (although some melee can act like ranged, you included)


Q. Chaos Bolt (140)


Enemy Units
Throws a mysterious bolt of energy at the target unit, stunning and dealing damage.
Chaos Bolt damage and stun values are inversely related.



























1-2 seconds random stun, 1-200 random damage

1-3 seconds random stun, 50-225 random damage

1-4 seconds random stun, 75-250 random damage

2-4 seconds random stun, 100-275 random damage

Even Chaos Knight cannot predict this manifest of unholy energy.

W. Reality Rift (70)


Enemy Units
Teleports you, any images you have and the target unit to a random point along the line between the two of you. Gives you bonus attack damage for one attack.





















Bonus Damage





Bonus Duration





Random Location

30-80% of Chaos Knight's
current location

Armageddon rides between the planes, bringing Chaos Knight to his victim wherever he may hide.

  • Any illusions owned by Chaos Knight in a 1400 radius are also teleported to the targeted unit.
  • Chaos Knight and his target face each other after the teleport and his illusions are automatically issued an attack command on the target.

E. Chaos Strike (-)



Chaos Knight's mojo gives him a chance to deal bonus damage.






Critical Chance





Critical Damage






5% DPS increase for self and each Phantasm illusion

10% DPS increase for self and each Phantasm illusion

15% DPS increase for self and each Phantasm illusion

20% DPS increase for self and each Phantasm illusion

Chaos Knight's unwieldy power bludgeons those who stand before him, crushing the thickest of armors.

R. Phantasm (125/200/275)

Summons several copies of the Chaos Knight from alternate dimensions. The illusions deal full damage, but take double damage.






















After a 0.5 sec delay, creates 1/2/3 illusions.
During the delay time, Chaos Knight is invulnerable
and mingles with his illusions.

Drawing on his battles fought across many worlds and many times, phantasms of the Chaos Knight rise up to quell all who oppose him.

Casting this removes most buffs and debuffs from Chaos Knight.

Ability Explanation

1. Chaos Bolt

Chaos Bolt is the most random spell of Chaos Knight.
Chaos Bolt is a single target disable that is not reliable for its stun-damage combination. The stun time and damage are inversely related, meaning the longer the stun, the less damage it deals. The stun palette ranges from 1 to 4 seconds depending on the ability level and the overall damage range is 1-275.

You'll want to use this mainly offensive, to buy time to reach your target. Its defensive use kicks-in when you want to avoid taking additional damage (fleeing). Additional usage may occur in interrupting a channeling ability or item like Freezing Field or Town Portal Scroll's Teleport.

Being a disable though, it deserves the first point investment.

2. Reality Rift

This is a signature ability to Chaos Knight. Reality Rift brings the target closer to both Chaos Knight and possible team mates of the horseman. Although it has a random content, that content is by far less that of its predecessor, Chaos Bolt and refers only to the distance from your location to the location where you'll meet your enemy.

You will receive a bonus damage as a present for your enemy, damage that is fixed (not random anymore) and increases with leveling, together with a casting range increase. Another good part of it is that its cooldown decreases from 24 seconds at level 1 to 6 seconds at level 4, bringing it very close to a nuke spell cooldown.

Any illusions within a 1400 range spawned before its casting will be teleported to the meeting too, and will be automatically issued an attack command against your target.

3. Chaos Strike

This is Chaos Knight's only passive ability that grants a fixed 10% chance of inflicting a critical strike, regardless of its ability level. The increase in levels will take the damage multiplier from a level 1 (1.5x) to a level 4 (3x), therefore adding an overall DPS increase from 5% to 20%.

Being a critical strike passive, it works on any illusions.

4. Phantasm

This is Chaos Knight's ultimate, allowing him to summon 1-3 illusions of himself 'from alternate dimensions' to deliver full damage while taking half damage, making these illusions (almost) the most durable illusions in Dota 2 and (almost) the most powerful ones with respect to their damage output.

The ultimate will be taken asap (levels 6, 11, 16) as it synergizes both with his Reality Rift and Chaos Strike.

Ability Importance:

>>> >>> >>>

Skill Build (Simple And In-Depth Explanations)


Although we said we'll prioritize Phantasm over Reality Rift over Chaos Bolt over Chaos Strike, we'll start with Chaos Bolt at hero levels 1 and 3 due to his 'stunning' power and fill the rest to level 5 (levels 2, 4 and 5) with Reality Rift.
Now it's back to Phantasm over Reality Rift over Chaos Bolt over Chaos Strike. ^^
Choosing this order will allow you to increase your effective DPS by 82% and your effective 'HP' by 50% starting level 6, for the (maximum 24 seconds) period your Phantasm (1) illusion is up, allowing you to quickly crack some enemy support skull you find 'wandering' on your lane.
Basically, you won't need your support's help right now, but maybe when both of you will finish of the lane carry that was brave enough to hold his ground. He!! yeah, you can even start your PRC's on him if both of you focus him, although is recommended you kill the support first, as he is the one carrying disables around.
You can even take on more hefty STR heroes right after your first kill due to its (PRCR's) minimum reliable damage of 520 (going to a maximum of 1200+), but after a mana refill.

You'll find more advanced reasoning to that (and trust me when I say 'more') in the spoiler below.

Importance Of Following The PRC Skill Build

Item Build (Simple And In-Depth Explanations)

The key to the PRC Chaos Knight build is to have at least the mana to cast a PRC/PRCR combo at level 6/7, which translates in buying early items for that extra INT boots. Finding low-cost appropriate items to avoid delaying his core is a must.




req. INT


INT boost


req. INT


INT boost



So for a level 6 PRCR you officially need 10 extra INT. But considering that 0.2 INT needed to pull off the combo translates to 0.2*13=2.6 mana points, you can engage in your PRCR combo thanks to your internal mana regen which will help you recover that 2.6 mana points until you finish your combo, anyway.

Even for a level 6 PRCR there won't be any problems related to farming for INT items due to the starting build which can help you get a Null Talisman until your ulti is up without doing anything except staying alive on lane. Having that and the starting 3 Iron Branches, you just boosted your INT with +9, enough for your own PRCR inscrutable purposes.

Let's talk about the items now. Items having their pictures to the left will be mainstream items used, while I'll use the right item alignment for describing alternative (pauper) builds, how to assemble items or alternative builds for pushfarming.

I'll call a STRING a combination of items that is really needed in order to achieve something (the early PRC... combos mainly) while anything else that doesn't bare the STRING label is usually for alternative ways of responding to different threats that can appear during a game (Add-Ons).

Let's go!


Cost: 584 gold

This gives a 5-5-5 STAT increase with included health regeneration.

The Circlet will become a Null Talisman asap while the Iron Branches will build into a Magic Wand after you assemble your boots.

[Power Treads Build Order]
Cost: 1400 gold

The build order is chosen to increase your MS to 375 at (about) the same time your opponents buy their Boots of Speed.

Then, invest in a Robe of the Magi to increase your INT.

Finish your treads with Gloves of Haste.


Cost: 1400/1600 gold

If you think you can get your Power Treads by level 6 due to some sort of free farm your opponents allow you to have or because you can't rely on a courier until level 6, skip the Null Talisman and assemble your treads as they will give you both the STAT switching ability (+8 INT) and a 30 AS increase.

You can add a 200 gold Magic Stick for on-the-spot HP and mana regen which can be quite useful during a PRC... or right after it.

If you think it's better to have an early Magic Stick as you lane against heavy casters, sell an Iron Branch at the side shop for the extra slot. You'll buy it again with the Magic Wand recipe.

[Alt. Early Pauper STRING]
Cost: 285 gold

This is the 'I can't farm sh!t on my lane' alternative that will even allow you to PRCR at level 6 by completing your Null Talisman.
You'd better have your support helping you big time, because there's a chance the reason you couldn't farm might be just you.

Be careful as the enemy will for sure have his MS greater than yours, because you, my friend, have no boots.

Some boots / a Stout Shield or a Magic Stick are cheap add-ons that increase both your survivability and the damage done considering you stay alive longer (to deal more damage, that is).




Cost: 4370 gold

Add that gold to your previous 1400 gold EARLY STRING in order to be both a presence feared on the battlefield and a good farmer. After your fist 5-10 minutes, add 10-15 minutes for these CORE items, too. You should have a 300-450 GPM from kills and pushfarming starting right now, so it won't be a problem for you.

So right after your EARLY STRING, finish your Null Talisman and Magic Wand if they're not ready and with the help of a kill or two, go for the cheapest pusfarming items which are Morbid Mask and Town Portal Scroll.

Why? because these two will allow you to recover the HP you lost in a previous fight while pushfarming to the extent of roughly 450 HP/min, which is very, very good. Town Portal Scroll is there for easy lane-switching (or) in case things get ugly, so it acts like a cheap escape mechanism, too.

Of course Armlet of Mordiggian is the first true CORE item on you so you'll rush it immediately after.

Advanced CORE Explanation (Why no Drum here, man?)

[Q: I spent 2485 gold and got this. Is it OK?]
Cost: 2485 gold

It's very good. The reason you get a Helm of the Dominator is that the last item you bought, the Helm of Iron Will merged with your previous Morbid Mask. It's good as it gives +5 ARMOR and +20 DMG in addition to your lifesteal and it doesn't take another slot to do that. It can be dismantled later on to build into an Armlet of Mordiggian, when you have all its components.

Another good part comes from its active ability, which you can use to stack (ancient) creeps. Tip: use a ranged creep and pull the camp at xx:53. Don't stack more than 2-3 creep 'waves' for at most 2 times, as by that time you should get your Armlet of Mordiggian anyway with gold coming from successful ganks.



[CORE Add-Ons]
Cost: 1100-2200 gold each

It's a fact that the best thing to get after your Armlet of Mordiggian is a Manta Style (or is it a Diffusal Blade?).

I sometimes delay my Manta Style a bit to spend 1150 gold on a Vladmir's Offering upgrade, then continuing to Yasha and Vitality Booster that will get me at 1996 HP at level 17 without activating my armlet. I do this to counter more beefy (and AoE/Armlet) players like Pudge or Skeleton King, but it's not such a great idea as rushing your Manta Style.

If you are a skilled player and consider delaying a bit more your Manta Style, you can follow your core with Yasha, Diffusal Blade, upgrading Yasha to Manta Style then upgrading your Diffusal Blade (don't forget to sell your Morbid Mask or upgrade it to a Vladmir's Offering in the process).

A more aggressive pushfarming option would be to get the Boots of Travel asap or even before the core (although skipping Armlet of Mordiggian is a bad, bad idea), then go for Vladmir's Offering and finally filling that AS lack with either a Hyperstone (55) or a Yasha (31).

Blade Mail shines in the (unfortunate?) case the whole enemy team already starts to hate you and makes a priority of kicking your a** first, as you kind of cracked their skulls early game.
Plus, it gives you some armor, bonus damage and +10 INT boost for a mere 2200 gold!

Manta Style vs. Diffusal Blade(s) vs. 18 other items


Overall Cost: 10555 gold

This is the basic LATEGAME CORE that every Chaos Knight b


1-5 levels:

Try to have a good farm, as having your Power Treads at your first level 6 PRC combo is good for increased AS (only for the real CK, though). Not to mention increased INT.

Don't go nuts if you bought the Animal Courier and even Observer Wards, you can PRC just with the STARTING STRING, so be sure to complete it ASAP.

Try not using your spells because you'll need pretty much most of your mana to pull off your PRC signature combo. Of course, use your Chaos Bolt stun to disable enemies that can kill you. At level 3 you MUST have 2 points in this as it provides you a 66% chance that it will stun for 2 seconds or more, which is pretty good at this stage of the game.

Now before you reach your ultimate, mid will come ganking as he is already at level 6.

Avoid getting ganked is very-very-very simple to do, so simple that almost nobody thinks about that:

Just simply ward your rune spot AND the jungle.

Buying an Observer Ward is thus a great 150 gold spent but keep in mind that:

(1) It's not your job

(2) Mid can say 'Missing Mid!' (ss)

(3) Mid can come ganking before their mid does/initiates the gank

(4) You and your lane mate can initiate a 'gank' with your Phantasm, although

(5) It's not that efficient to Phantasm to evade an enemy gank, as your health may be already 'half-ganked'

But if you do buy an Observer Ward pack, be sure to:

(1) Place one of the two in the jungle, because mid can come ganking while avoiding some of the rune warding spots.

(2) Complete your STARTING STRING ASAP if it's still not ready with the help of your courier.

Level 6:

Put one point in Phantasm. It's a good time right now to start using your PRC... combos, but it is an even better time for those at level 7, so it's your choice of trying to kill someone right now with rather high chances of succeeding or wait for level 7 that will give you even more successful rates by its Reality Rift 6 second cooldown.

Starting right now, you are a ganking animal. Now how to do that?

Ganking/roaming like a Chaos Bo$$

Level 7:

Max out your Reality Rift and start delivering Chaos right now, not at levels 8, 9, 10 or 11 like other guides suggest. You'll reach level 11 quite quick after a couple kills and considering you are able to take on most heroes ALONE, you will also get a pretty good amount of gold.

Invest it in your pre-core, then get your Armlet of Mordiggian.


Q1: But can I cast the early PRC combo at level 6 without going for your STARTING STRING?

A1: Yes, you can if you have at least 4 additional INT over your level 6 22 INT STATS.

Every build that grants your Power Treads by level 6 is good, because you can 'juke' them on INT, thus giving you an 8 INT boost.

Q2: I 2-3-0-1 built Chaos Knight as you said but I have the following items:

Power Treads>>> Magic Stick>>> Bracer

Can I cast the PRC combo?

A2: It depends on three independent variables:

(1) Would you care to switch your Power Treads to INT in the process? If yes, my answer is also yes.

(2) Do you have at least one charge in your Magic Stick? Or will you have at least one charge in your Magic Stick until the end of the combo (99% yes)? If yes, my answer is also yes, regardless of your Power Treads being switched to INT or not.

(3) Will your own mana regen enough mana in time to use it? If yes, my answer is also yes.

Be careful, though, you have to cast 3 spells and maybe use your Magic Stick in the process, too. The PRC combo must be done quick enough to assure a kill early on, so another variable added to an already quick process (casting 3 spells, some micro needed to know when to cast your Chaos Bolt spell and to keep your target in range to squeeze hits in) is another 33% add-on referring to only casting the 3 spells!

A Magic Stick / Magic Wand is nevertheless useful in the process, to replenish your mana AND health.

My build is idiot-proof.

Q3: I chosen to prioritize STR over INT early on. What is the first hero level I can cast PRC... combos if I can't/don't invest in INT until then?

A3: Considering you need 335 mana for you first PRC combo of 125+70+140 mana, you'll need 335/13=25.77 INT from stats alone.

You'll get close to that (25.6) starting level 9.

Don't forget that your STR build goes for Power Treads, that represent a STR/AGI/INT +8 investment, so simply switching them on INT can grant you a PRC combo at level 6 and a even a PRCR one at level 7.

That's one of the main reasons Power Treads should be in any Chaos Knight guide.
Q4: I 2-3-0-1 built Chaos Knight as you said but I have the following items:

Boots of Speed>>> Magic Stick>>> Bracer

Can I cast the PRC combo?

A4: Yes, in 100% of the cases, but you have to make that a PRIC combo, as you'll use your Magic Stick in the process (or be helped by your own mana regen). The I in the PRIC is made to resemble a Magic Stick / Magic Wand with at least one active charge, otherwise you can't PRC due to the mana shortage coming from your build.

Levels 8, 9, 10:

You should be focusing on crushing skulls and getting your core up.

Focus on Manta Style right after your Armlet of Mordiggian, as it synergizes well with your second spell, Reality Rift and has a cooldown lower than your Phantasm.

Level 11:

Put the second point in Phantasm and now your level 6 'DPS' coming out of the PRC... combos just got a hefty 50% increase.

You also have some STATS and item increase DPS compared to level 6, so that increase should be a bit more than 50% now...

Levels 12, 13, 14, 15:

Follow the 'I A-M HoT' item build with Heart of Tarrasque after Manta Style and you should be just fine. If no hard carry takes over by now, you might be sentenced to carry the game.

Don't be afraid to man up and be in charge of planning the strategy from now on. Talk to your mates and tell them what to do. Buy a Town Portal Scroll and go farming if they don't respond positive to that.

Keep in mind that you might just be the last hope of your team, so avoiding 2-3 deaths may mean avoiding loosing 1000-2000 gold, so you should have some sort of game knowledge, skill, escape mechanism, magic immunity or returning damage.

But you already have your Armlet of Mordiggian by now, which can be seen as some sort of escape mechanism/tanking damage. Kudos if you're good at toggling that b**ch.

It won't be a problem if you are faced to a one-on-one situation, but if you really kicked a** by now, only idiots will come take on you separately and not together. If they are idiots, you can go for a pushfarming build (Build #3). If they are not idiots, defend yourself with some of the last three (cheap!) items from the 'Chaotic' midgame core of Build #4.

Spirit Breaker is tough to play against in this stage of the game, as he has some sort of global presence. Nature's Prophet and Tinker have that global presence, too, but you won't have a problem with them because they don't proc stuns. Farming the woods can be an alternative to avoiding Spirit Breaker's Charge, but keep in mind that Spectre can get to you without even seeing where you are, so prepare accordingly.

Another option to turn around the fate of a game and by far the most important one is by defending your base together, kill 2-3 of the enemy heroes then push.

But this is the good scenario when your team mates listen to you. You can successfully pair this with having Blade Mails in the defending process and Town Portal Scrolls in the pushing process that follows up.

You can even replace the pushing process with a Roshan one or mixing them together.

Do this several times and it's very good.

At this stage, a pair of Boots of Travel would be a great asset to your team, and in case nobody is the pushing type, that responsibility will fall on your shoulders, too.

No matter which way will your game go from this point on, for sure you'll get rewarded with 'thank you's and even commends in the end.

There are two personal milestone situations I want to share with you.

One, is when we successfully won a game after some sessions of defending and pushing after I told them to do so and buy Blade Mails in the process, although the final score was about 20 kills in the favor of the enemy team and,

The second, which was when some of my mates were pushing and an unfamiliar mate said 'Don't go pushing without Chaos Knight' instead of simply typing 'b' to our pushing mates.

Levels 16-20:

Suppose you have your 'I A-M HoT' items by now, amass gold by doing what you know best, which is delivering Chaos but to your team. Turn that gold into valuable items for you and your team (follow the item build) and try to avoid getting killed as you'll have the additional expensive option of buy-back or waiting for about a minute to respawn. Aside loosing a good hundreds of gold just by getting killed.

20+ level (Lategame):

Now in lategame when your empty slots are scarce and you don't know what to do with all that incoming money, you can try the following tips:

(1) Evasion or lifesteal?

Think that evasion bests lifesteal now that you have your Heart of Tarrasque to heal you up in 50 seconds and furhermore your Manta Style and Phantasm illusions benefit from evasion and not from lifesteal.

(2) What about a Divine Rapier?

Well, it is said that if the enemy gets one, the best way to get theirs is by buying a Divine Rapier yourself, otherwise you won't even get near them.

This is mostly true. But you are not a candidate for carrying the Divine Rapier around unless you have an Aegis of the Immortal which already increases your need of having free slots to a number of two. It's best to let your hard carry have it (where are you now, Skeleton King?) as anybody else is prone to quickly loosing it. If you're the only one left standing around a rapier, leave your boots there and take it away or you can even destroy it, like the bada** you are. ^^

(3) Why no BKB until now?

Black King Bar is great on every hero for the ability to almost completely evade enemy magic AND being able to casting your own, IF you are not targeted by enemy DPS-ers.

What is not good about BKB on Chaos Knight is that it gives him a very visible yellowish glow that makes him (among all of his mirror images) prone to being targeted by DPS-ers.

Improve your Black King Bar abilities against the DPS-ers in your opposing team of heterogeneous DPS-ers and dangerous casters by using it in conjunction with your Heaven's Halberd (which is a good combo) or Blade Mail. But he needs two slots for that and by the way, you don't see a Phantom Lancer BKB-ing around all day, do you?


In teamfight, your role is simple:

(1) Intiate (preferably) second

(2) Focus their supports

(3) Kill their supports (the easiest part)

(4) Watch out for disabled enemy carries: your second killing priority

(4) Finish off what's left of the enemy team

3 kills out of a 5 vs. 5 teamfight is achievable, as supports die quite 'instantly'. You should set the bar to at least 3 kills in such a teamfight, as killing 1-2 supports AND dying does nothing bad to their team (as supports don't require gold) and furthermore disadvantages yours (getting killed several times being the ganker in midgame can end both your following midgame ganking carreer and your lategame carrying one)

Now how to do that?

Check what I extracted from the (7. Gameplay) previous chapter:


(1) You should have mana (at least 335+n*70, for n additional Reality Rifts)

(2) You should start looking for ganks

Now getting back to ganking:

You have the mana, thanks to this early mana-focusing build. On lane, kill the lane support, try to finish of the lane carry with the help of your support and continue pushfarming towards the enemy tower.

Buy a Morbid Mask + Town Portal Scroll from the Side Shop. Buy 2-4 Clarityes from the main shop and have them delivered to you. You can check for a (regeneration) rune too, but be careful to avoid getting killed as you are low on health right now.

You can prepare for next kills with an Urn of Shadows instead of lifesteal. It will heal 400 HP of you or an ally of yours in 8 seconds, about 7 times faster than pushfarming with lifesteal.

Not to mention it gives you +6 additional STR and +50% mana regeneration, which is some sort of having built-in Clarityes and you can even 'nuke' fleeing enemies for 150 damage.

I usually choose lifesteal, as it synergizes with my next core item, Armlet of Mordiggian.

With the lifesteal and Clarityes you should have your HP and mana up again in 1-2 minutes, while getting some pushfarming gold in the process. Maybe you're around level 8 or 9. If your lane opponents didn't come back by now, they're probably waiting to gank somebody. If the rune and the jungle is warded, you're safe, so you should warn the others and get there asap via your Town Portal Scroll. If they come to gank you, well, here's the best part:

If you still have your support around and you initiate (having your Phantasm up now), you might even have a chance!

If you consider you'll loose the battle and you won't initiate, you better back out, OR TP TO A FREE FARMING LANE and PUSHFARM! ^^

Remember to focus the supports first in any fight, because:

(1) They can seriously disable you or your team mates (if they know who's the real CK there or have a lucky guess)

(2) They are easy to kill, being squishy: A PRC combo should do the trick both early and later on, due to the fact that in the late stages of the game you'll deal more damage and their support won't last for more than six seconds for sure!
Having additional 140-210 mana except that required for a standard PRC can be very helpful in disabling another carry that might seriously damage you.

(3) In order to focus their supports, one of the best ways to do that is TO AVOID BEING SEEN. Translating: you can either rift your illusions in while being covered by some trees or even get at the back of the enemy team, where their supports are left 'unguarded', and kill them one by one.

(4) If you don't have time to surround their supports, come galloping in the front door, focus a support, bang! he's dead. Go for another: bang! another kill (6 seconds cooldown ^^). Now finish off any of the remaining enemy team and that's it!

(5) VERY-VERY IMPORTANT: After Phantasm, you'll have more Chaos Knights around to micro, which can be difficult. Reality Rift puts the Chaos to order back again in issuing all your illusions an attack order against your target. See how simple that was? Nevertheless, holding CTRL while issuing somewhat basic actions would issue those actions to ALL your Chaos Knights around, so you'll have them packed to arrive at a Reality Rift meeting in 100% of the cases.
USE THE CTRL KEY! I can't stress this enough!

Now you can dish out the Morbid Mask + Clarityes regen combo as you are around your team mates. Some of them should have Arcane Boots, some healing spells, some Mekansm and you're all set!

If you (or your team) doesn't want to continue pushing, go pushfarming until the (most of the) enemy team respawns. You can even go for jungling to be safe. Having a Helm of the Dominator can help you farm previously stacked (ancient) creeps with no problem, paired to your Armlet of Mordiggian, so go do that.

Remember your midgame career is coming to a halt and to get a lategame carry career you should be farming round-the-clock, unless your hard carry does it.

If your team does not have a hard carry, you're the closest match for one, so GO FARMING RIGHT NOW!

In lategame you should focus on lategame items such as Heart of Tarrasque, Assault Cuirass and something having evasion (Heaven's Haberd).

Apply the same 'treatment' to the enemy team until their ancient is destroyed. You shouldn't have any problems now if you played good early on. If the enemy team is focusing you big time, having a Black King Bar around will come in handy. You can even pair that with a Satanic for additional in-battle survivability and it's gg.



Filtering his friends, we need to take into consideration three things:

(1) Chaos Knight is melee (therefore no two melee heroes on the same lane)

(2) Chaos knight can carry (so no two carry on the same lane)

(3) Lane partners should be mainly ranged supports with non-skill abilities. A skill ability is an ability that:

a. Is not instant: it kicks in after a period of time

b. Is not enemy (hero) targetable: it's point targetable, which needs some skills in appreciating where the enemy will be after a short period of time.
Some skill abilities examples: Pudge's Meat Hook, Kunkka's Torrent and other AoE delayed stuns/disables like Leshrac's Split Earth.

Taking that into consideration, we'll filter the friends to get the best ones:


and considering you'll lane with that support for about 10-25% of the game, you'll wreak havoc with one from the following 6-pack:



By far one of the greatest support heroes, Ancient Apparition is a good asset to any team. Having a 3110 level 5 build and paired with Chaos Knight on lane they can obliterate the two enemy heroes. The Ice Vortex + Cold Feet combination initiation while 'adding' a bit of Chilling Touch to you or your illusion will make your PRC combo grant a kill, if not even both.

Ice Vortex cast on an area will cause those units within to move slower (starting 18% at level 1, meaning 18%*365 MS=65 MS less!) AND take additional magic damage from spells cast in its range FOR 12 SECONDS!

Cold Feet on the other hand is a targetable spell that stuns the enemy in place for 1.25/2/2.75/3.5 seconds after 4 second delay (during which he will get damage!) if he remains in a 740 area, while

Chilling Touch will grant a friendly unit bonus magical damage for at least 3 hits, while decreasing his AS by 15%.

Keep in mind that Ancient Apparition has to have at least 210 mana for the first two spells and an additional 110 mana for Chilling Touch, not to mention your mana.
They won't know what hit them!

Pull the following (minimum) combo:

Ice Vortex the area
Cold Feet the enemy carry
PRC the enemy support while both of you focus him/her
then finish off the carry that might even be stunned by now!

If the carry tries to run away... Ice Vortex is spammable for its 4 second cooldown! Guess what? Your 12/6 seconds Reality Rift, too! ^^

Just have the mana for those. ;)



Another great team and lane support is Crystal Maiden. Any 3110, 1310 or 1130 spell build on her is good, by:
- having a slow spell
- having a disable spell
- having a global mana regeneration aura!

Now for that mana alone, Crystal Maiden's importance both early and late game is tremendous!

In importance term, Frostbite is better for its lower cooldown and its 'disable', which by the way, isn't that good: it just keeps in place, allowing them to cast their spells. Ranged heroes can even attack while frostbitten.

Her Crystal Nova is good for slowing the enemy MS by a whooping 30% starting even level 1! That 30% from 365 means -109 MS! Too bad it's so mana intensive, though.
The basic thing to do with her on lane is to use her Crystal Nova for initiating or slowing down fleeing heroes, one of the two, because its cooldown is of 15 seconds, so there's a high chance she won't use it twice in a 'gank'.

After (if any of) her initiation, bind a (preferably MELLE DPS-er, not ranged caster/nuker) hero in place, attack the other one, then return to the frostbitten one.

To avoid them from fleeing, both spells are good. Both spells at level 3 have a 140 mana requirement. Usually, you should initiate with Crystal Nova (in order to avoid Crystal Maiden stealing the kill if she casts it later on, too) regardless of its level and both of you focus their support.

The combo is pretty much similar to the previous one from Ancient Apparition.

Here's the combo:

Crystal Nova the area
Frostbite the enemy carry, if melee DPS-er
PRC the enemy support while both of you focus him/her
then finish off the carry!

Alternative (1):

Crystal Nova the area
Chaos Bolt the carry
Frostbite the support for keeping him in one place
PR the enemy support while both of you focus him/her
then finish off the carry!

Alternative (2):

Crystal Nova the area
PR the enemy support
Frostbite the support for keeping him in one place
Focus the support
Reality Rift + Reality Rift (or Chaos Bolt) the carry
(if you choose to reverse the spell order, Reality Rift will work on Frostbiten enemies by pulling the enemy closer while still keeping them in their icy cocoon)

If the carry tries to run away and you still have some mana and unused spells after you killed their support, make use of any spell you two have left, as all four of them are useful in slowing/disabling/killing fleeing enemies.



Io is a hero that requires proper skill, so it's still a bit tricky to pull off some combinations with this guy, but even without a skilled partner, the healing, 'stunning' (100% slowing, actually) and damage output from a 'non-skilled' partner should do the trick in most of the cases.

The combo looks like this:

Tether to a mirror image
Reality Rift the support (he should be 0.75/1.25/1.75 second Tether-slowed automatically)
Focus the support
Use Chaos Bolt / Spirits / Overcharge / Io's skill to get the carry damaged/stunned
Try to finish off the carry
Use another Reality Rift for the carry

This is not a 100% proof combo (like the one with Ancient Apparition <3) nor an idiot-proof combo, as there are too many variables, but nevertheless I mentioned it as it is very used and abused.

The better part of having Chaos Knight and Io in the same team is after Io gets his ultimate, Relocate. This teleports him and a tethered ally anywhere on the map for 12 seconds. This might not sound that good, as Io is no carry and teleporting a carry involves having Io around to basically do not so much damage at all. But it synergizes so well with Chaos Knight's ultimate, Phantasm, in teleporting one that transforms into 2, 3 or 4 carry-like heroes to backdoor an enemy building, finish off a fleeing hero or ambush global gankers like Nature's Prophet, Spirit Breaker, Spectre or Tinker. Later on it can even be used for a quick Roshan snatch, when/if you can finish him off in 12 seconds or less.



Shadow Shaman is a hero that has a great supporting potential coming from his long-lasting disables, especially when laning with DPS-ers (think the 100% kill rate of a Ursa and Shadow Shaman combo). Chaos Knight is no DPS-er, but by doubling his damage through Phantasm, it can be considered one.

Basically, Shadow Shaman will go 1130 or 0230.

So the combo is:

PR the enemy support
Shackles the enemy support while Chaos Knight will focus him
Support dies
Chaos Bolt and Hex will be used on the carry after killing the support or during the process

You can even Shackles the enemy support (or the enemy carry) while Chaos Knight will attempt a PR(C) combo directly on the carry, leaving Chaos Bolt and Hex for the enemy support.



Silencer is one of the best global supports (if not the best EVER), together with Ancient Apparition. Silencer is even more easy to play because his ultimate acts instantly. Another great part of playing Silencer is that he can even act as a carry!
Not to mention that he permanently steals 2 INT from every hero killed by him or that dies around him.

Silencer is a bada** just like Chaos Knight and when paired, their damage output is quite overwhelming.

The basic combo is:

Last Word the carry
When the silence/disarm will kick in
Curse of the Silent the area
PRC the support
Support dies
The carry should have about half of his life by now from Silencer's spells alone, so
Finish off the carry

Alternative (nuker support):

Last Word the support
When the silence/disarm will kick in,
Curse of the Silent the area
PR the support
Support should be dead in 2-3 seconds
Now finish off the carry with the help of your Chaos Bolt / Reality Rift spells



Venomancer, although is not a stunner, has great damage output both early and lategame (mainly through his ulti in lategame). Combine that with his first 3 spells that ALL slow enemies and you have a perfect support right there. Not to mention he can Plague Ward from 850 units away, making him a great slower even if he is not in attack range. And a perfect support for Chaos Knight.

Usually, Venomancer will be 1130. 3110 would be better, but hey, Veno is still Veno.

The combo is:

Add a pinch of Plague Ward
Venomous Gale the carry
(its radius is 125 so you normally can't get them both, unless they're packed)
Poison Sting the support
PRC the support
Focus the support
Poison Sting the carry
Add Plague Wards accordingly (mainly to slow a fleeing enemy carry)

Alternative (melee carry):

Add a pinch of Plague Ward
PRC the support
Poison Sting the support
(now if the carry focuses Chaos Knight or his illusion)
Venomous Gale the clustered enemies (now you get them both)
Plague Ward to further slow them down and
Finish them



Warlock, believe it or not, is both a friend and a foe for Chaos Knight.
Exploiting the friendship, we'll get a damaging spell that can inflict 20% of its damage to a nearby bonded (through his other spell) enemy unit and an 1200 casting range and 700 radius AOE channeled slow against fleeing enemies.

Usually, Warlock should be 1310.

The combo is:

Fatal Bonds the carry
Shadow Word the carry
PRC the support
Focus the support
Upheaval the area around the enemy carry
Finish off the carry




Tips and Tricks

1. Tips on Quelling Blade

Cost: 225 gold

Quelling Blade is mainly picked to passively increase your last hitting abilities, as it provides you (any melee hero) a +32% DMG increase.

But this in not the only thing it provides: it also provides the active ability of destroying a tree (like a Tango does, but without the regen) each 5 seconds. While this might not seem much, it actually negates Nature's Prophet Sprout, as you can instantly cut your way out.

You can 'cut' your way out using a Tango, too, and you'll even get the regen, but if you don't have a Tango, Quelling Blade should do the trick pretty good.

And you can cut a shortcut trough the (1) tree(s) in the same way, to avoid dying to an enemy gank, for example.

Quelling Blade is usually picked by melee junglers together with a Stout Shield and a set of Tangoes to increase their DPS when jungling. Stout Shield will decrease the DMG you take while Tango will provide the regen that will allow you to stay even more in the woods.

If you go on lane, you usually shouldn't buy this before leaving your base as you can buy it from the Side Shop, too. You should buy regen items instead ( Healing Salve, Tango, Clarityes) that you won't find at the Side Shop and take a lot of time and a courier to have.

Quelling Blade shines in jungling, as it will 'theoretically' allow you to clean camps 32% faster while adding the bonus of its active that will allow you to create shortcuts (you otherwise couldn't, except for a Tango) through the woods from one camp to another.

Another great use of Quelling Blade is for CPJ (Choke Point Jungling), which basically makes a jungler out of any hero. This is achieved by jungling through a pathway in the forest such that although there are more creeps in the camp, only one can attack you through the 'choke'. Some camps have a built-in choke point, others don't. That's where Quelling Blade comes in handy.

Some other (but also advanced) uses are for pulling creeps through a shorter and therefore quicker path and for hiding, just to name a few.

So unless you really go jungling, leave this for the Side Shop.

2. Tips on Stout Shield
Cost: 250 gold

Stout Shield has a 60% chance of absorbing 20 DMG for melee wielders and 'only' 10 DMG for ranged ones.

It's very good against enemy harassers early on.

Let's consider every hero's DMG to be a starting 60, that increases with 20 DMG each 5 minutes (or 4 DMG/min), like it roughly happens.

And that you get hit 5 times a minute.

With the above reasoning, you get 300 starting damage without a Stout Shield and only 240 DMG with one, that's a 20% reduction in the damage you take, allowing you to stay 25% more under fire.

After 10 minutes, though, the damage you receive should be around 100 each hit and the enemy will hit faster. Let's say 50% faster.

That leads to 100 DMG each hit for 7.5 hits per minute to a total of 750 DMG without Stout Shield and 0.6*7.5*20=90 DMG less for 660 DMG with a Stout Shield, that means 12% less DMG, therefore 14% increased effective HP.

It may not seem much, but consider escaping a gank with 10-20 HP: Stout Shield just saved your life.

Again, Stout Shield is mainly used by junglers to reduce the amount of received DMG, but can be picked on lane, too, as it will decrease the received damage, therefore allowing you to delay the use of HP regen items.

It can be bought both at the Main Shop and the Side Shop, so it would be better to start off with regen items and if your enemies harass you a lot (or if you're a rookie ^^), grab one at the Side Shop.

3. Tips on Magic Stick
Cost: 200 gold

Magic Stick is similar to a Stout Shield, but only against magic that can damage you or not.

Unfortunately it doesn't block magic, but will give you an active 'charge' each time an enemy casts a(lmost any) spell around you in a 1200 area and you have sight of him (i.e. he's not casting from a tree hideout).

Although receiving (magic) DMG is never a good thing, having a Magic Stick will get you a charge every time enemy magic is cast, that you can dodge or not.

Now what should one do with those charges?


The 'basic' regen items give HP/s regen of 7.1875 ( Tango) and 40 ( Healing Salve) but they are consumed. You can use and reuse a Magic Stick over and over.

Each charge gives 15 HP and 15 MP that you can use anytime without the worry of loosing the full regen if taking damage.

The maximum charges stored are 10, for a total of 150 HP and 150 MP, usable each 13 seconds.

Although Magic Sticks stack, only one of them will get the charge and they'll share the cooldown, meaning although you have more Magic Sticks full you only can use one of them each 13 seconds.

Magic Sticks also don't override each other, meaning an enemy spell can be caught by 5 friendly Magic Sticks, each one on a different hero, which is a thing that does not apply to other items, like Urn of Shadows and Bloodstone, to whom the nearest bearer gets the charge.

Unfortunately this item is not shareable like any of the basic regen items ( Healing Salve, Tango, Clarity).

It is upgradeable to a Magic Wand for maximum 15 charges of 15 HP and 15 MP (225 HP and 225 MP).

Although 15 HP may not seem much, it's free and many early (level 1-2) nukes are topped at 150-200 DMG, meaning you'll get an equivalent 7.5-10% DMG reduction, which is great (8-11% effective HP increase).

Its HP 'regen' doesn't scale up that good later, as for a 450 nuke it will heal you for only 15 HP (3%), but the extra 15 MP charges are always good in allowing you to cast another spell or even more, depending on your spells mana requirement (and cooldown!).

Keep in mind this DOES NOT act like an item providing magic resistance, meaning if you have no charges, 449 HP and get hit by a 450 DMG nuke, you'll die.

But you'll get the Magic Stick charge after the magic is cast.

This can lead to a funny situation you could eventually avoid death in the previous example by using the exact charge an enemy spell gave you before it actually hits you, but you'll have to time that perfectly.

Bottom line, it's always good having one around, especially when:

1. Laning against casters

2. Laning against heavy casters

3. Laning against casters having a delayed spell or a high cast point animation

4. You have a hero with a low mana pool

If their spells are delayed (i.e. Lina's Light Strike Array and Leshrac's Split Earth) and you have good skills and intuition, you can even avoid getting hit by them while refilling your Magic Stick in the process.

Credits and Videos

I'd really like to thank the steam team for creating such a good game that is DotA 2 and furthermore delivering it as freeware.

Special 'thanks' to my friend The Engineer who infested me with the DotA 2 virus.

Special thanks to commandojimbob for his maim findings that had a 16% influence on Item Builds (Check Item Build #6).

Special thanks to jhoijhoi for her guide on how to craft a guide and Janitsu for sharing his +SPOILER knowledge, that really helped me cram large amount of advanced information relevant to a specific topic.

Special thanks to borodin, Grusin and heartlessphantom for their great materials on Chaos Knight here, here and here.

Thanks to the dotafire and steam DotA 2 communities for the material posted on their respective sites.

Also thanks to gamepedia, reddit and youtube mainly for these two golden posts here and here.

Thanks to all of you who commented (regardless of the shade of grey in your post) as you made me think through your point and (hopefully!) improved the guide accordingly.

They (currently) are: Yasutsuna, samukobo, TheAmazingComicBookGuy and Peppo_oPaccio.

Thank you for reading my guide. I really hope you enjoyed it, as I definitely put a lot of effort into it.

Below you'll find some (funny) videos that helped me in crafting my DotA 2 guide:

1. Chaos Knight Hero Preview by DotaCinema

2. Chaos Knight Video Guide by DotaCinema (which I kind of disagree on)

3. Understanding DotA 2 Damage Types

4. Tips on Illusion-based Play and Last Hit Positioning

5. Advanced Illusion Play by Razor (avoiding tower aggro)

6. Getting The Max Out of Your Power Treads by 'Juking' Them

7. Maim Stacking

8. Watch out for this Crowd Control! ( Nature's Prophet hasty response 'Come!' is epic!)

9. Another 1 vs. 5 RAMPAGE Against Illusions and Minions ( Earthshaker)

10. Pure Diffusal Chaos Knight in Action
11. Some 'newage' Chaos Knight play by Purge ( Soul Ring + Vanguard)




















Improved the skill build from a starting 2211-2311 to a 2301-2401 one.
Banished Drum of Endurance from the guide.
Major work in formatting it from a wall of text to 95% of what you currently see.

Added Diffusal-based Item Builds coming from the findings here.
Added Evasion-based Item Builds.
Added 'Foes', 'Credits and Videos', 'Glossary' and 'Changelog' chapters.

Re-answered previous comments as a result of the guide 'rebranding'.

Added a Maim Item Build (#6) credited to commandojimbob maim findings.

Added 4 BKB Item Builds (#7-10) to honor Peppo_oPaccio's lobby. ^^
Considering changing the guide to a modular one having three main chapters:
1. Simple
2. Advanced
3. BKB

Added a quick (under 5000 characters) guide to lead this in-depth guide.

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