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[Dynamic/Layman] Goo's Guide to the Earth Spirit Mentality

November 24, 2014 by TheGooGaming
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Build 1
Build 2

The Sweet Spot (See the whole explanation down there)

DotA2 Hero: Earth Spirit

Hero Skills

Stone Remnant (Innate)

Boulder Smash

3 5 10 14

Rolling Boulder

1 9 12 13

Geomagnetic Grip

2 4 7 8


6 11 16


15 17 18

Why are you even here? Dont you know how to play Earth Spirit? (Introduction)

*Dynamic is my way of explaining to everyone walls of text and make them easier to digest. So yea... The couple last patches included some fixes to how Boulder Smash targeting worked and some Rolling Boulder interactions. So basically for anyone that couldnt do it before, Earth Spirit is now slightly less broken and so, playable. If you want to call it that.

So what is this hero. Well, he is a Melee Inteligence hero that thrives on diving towers early on and being a nasty initiator with prolonged effects on teamfights. But wait, what are you saying, isnt Earth Spirit a strength hero? Well, he is on paper, but his playstyle, item pickups and positioning in the game match those of an intelligence rotating semi carry, having a role similar to Queen of Pain early game (destroying duolanes and killing the opposing Midlaner), and starts deviating towards his unique playstyle, as a playmaker, a utility hero, teammate saver and big teamfight contributor. You have to learn this or you will fail a lot until you understand it the hard way.

Personally, I play Earth Spirit as a Mid Laner.. As he can consistently kill the opposing Mid when he hits level 6. And if they are unsuspecting you can even get pickoffs from level 3 (!).

Though he is extremely strong in duo lanes. (Except for his poor ability to deal with harass and last hitting (This means that if you are in a double melee lane you are deader than elvis (unless your partner is Earthshaker, Tusk, or Centaur Warrunner ))) Whoa thats a lot of paranthesis.

By the same means he is a solid trilane component. As long as you know what the hell you are doing with your spells.

So. Here we go. What makes this guide different that the rest is that I will go into the non-intuitive stuff, that you learn with time, and also explain to you in relatively layman terms what and how Earth Spirit is done.

The Earth Spirit Mentality

Here I will talk about everything you need to know and what you need to know how to perform or do. So basically, I will explain the overall playstyle, and stuff you should perfect in order to get a better Earth Spirit result.

Number 1: Knowledge is golden. Come on be reasonable, the first thing you need to know is what everything does, this is for spells and also items (and maybe stats aswell, I will go into that later on).

Number 2: Confidence. I cant stress enough- wait maybe I can- IT IS KEY! that you are sure what you are doing, what I am trying to say is that if someone is escaping you have to be able to get in good angle and kick a rock at them, without hesitation, or dive a tower without being afraid of death. Confidence comes with the next factors (in the following numbers).

Number 3: Muscle Memory. First component of confidence, muscle memory will help you execute some of Earth Spirit combos that, to be honest, can be hard to miss or to time wrong. It comes along the next number.

Number 4: Practice. The second factor for confidence and the way to muscle memory. Practice as if you enjoyed it. Earth Spirit even if he lacks Micro Management, he needs quick fingers and quick reactions to be played to his full potential. Also, with practice you will know just by looking what 900 units is, and the casting range of everything, also Magnetize's radius and casting animation times.

Number 5: Eye-Hand Coordination This might be hard to understand, or maybe really simple. This is the ability to see everything in the screen, and quickly pinpoint it with your mouse, this is really key when playing Earth Spirit, as you have to know where are the stones, and at what angle you are kicking your enemies, and where are your teammates in relation to you, for Geomagnetic Grips and Force Staffs. You have to be able to quickly click on stuff, and not miss, or it will severely change what you were expecting to happen.

Number 6: Extrapolation of Space. Well, this is a fancy way of saying, know where is everything, even if its outside of the camera vision (or in the fog), this will be familiar to any Pudge, Mirana, Invoker player, to name a few. Know all the paths and jukes, and possible ways your foe may look at as possible escape routes and predict when they will be going through a certain point. This is not only for blind Boulder Smashes, but for Rolling Boulder yourself into them, and ganking the jungle aswell.

Here it goes, the thingy with the inconsistency with some of Earth Spirit's spells and that probably a lot of you that have tried to play him before have noticed it. You try to kick the rock and it goes flying in a random direction, or you accidentally kick a creep and you cry. Why does this happen? It is because unit detection and hitboxes. (Read the next section).

Types of Targeting and Hitboxes

So, what does this mean. Maybe you got it when I wrote types of targeting.

I'm talking about the thingy your cursor does when you use a spell. IF YOU USE QUICKCAST (that you should) IT IS GOING TO BE HARD TO UNDERSTAND HOW SOME OF THE SPELLS WORK. Since you cannot see your cursor (changing with spell targeting), and it will become difficult to understand what you are doing. However, some spells use more than one type, Earth Spike, Fissure to name a couple, and Earth Spirit has some of this cases. And it will screw you more than once.

Type 1: Point Target. Think about Meat Hook, Sacred Arrow, Sonic Wave, etc, etc. Anything that activates when you target the ground. Earth Spirit uses Point Targeting in Boulder Smash, Rolling Boulder and Geomagnetic Grip.

Type 2: Unit Target. Hex, Repel, Magic Missile. You know, when you select on a unit (duh.). Earth Spirit uses this on Boulder Smash and Geomagnetic Grip.

Type 3: No Target Its instant, like Reverse Polarity, Enchant Totem, or Leap. Earth Spirit uses this type of targeting for Magnetize.

There are other types of targeting, like AOE and toggle. But Earth Spirit doesnt use him in his spells. So no real point going into that.

Precision Is My Middle Name (Spells)

Now that you understand the targeting types I can go into the spells themselves and their usage/posibilities.

If you wanna know the details of every spell just mouseover the names. So you dont have to go around looking for wherever they are these are all:

Q- Boulder Smash
W- Rolling Boulder
E- Geomagnetic Grip
R- Magnetize
D- Stone Remnant
F- Enchant Remnant

Boulder Smash A.K.A THE "KICK"

This is Earth Spirit's first or Q spell and its one of the most mana expensive and longer cooldown of them all, of course excluding Magnetize and Enchant Remnant It is a kick when unit targeted, by kick I mean you push the unit in a direction (the one you are facing), such as Force Staff, but the traveling is slightly slower, and it is easier to change your orientation during the kick. It can target any unit except you (of course), this means heroes or creeps, ally or enemy.

Using unit target makes it so the kicked unit does damage to ther units in its path, but doesnt stun. For this you need to use a Stone Remnant. Also this unit (the kicked one) takes the damage aswell, even if isnt much, and it is not stunned.

HOWEVER THE STONE USAGE IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT. This is point target. You click on the ground to kick the rocks, but where exactly?

Take a look at my complex graph.

Red represents the zone in which you can stun people.
Max range of Boulder Smash using a rock.
Earth Spirit's kicking radius reach.
Light Blue is the zone that contains anything you can reach and kick.

For those that didnt understand the graph. Basically this is it: Boulder Smash (regarding only point target rock kicking, not unit kicking) works in these two circles. The big one, in this green., and the smaller one in this green.

You can kick the rocks that are inside the light blue area, by clicking past them, but still inside the green circle, like so:

The grey hexagon is the stone, and the red crosses represent anywhere you can click to make it go forward. If you click outside the green circle nothing will happen. If you click behind the rock (between you and the rock), nothing will happen, or the rock will be kicked and go in the wrong direction.

Simple enough? I am just hoping you got some of that explanation. Let me know. You still have to go and get the hang of it by yourself.

Extra Wiki Notes:

-The actual cast range of the ability is 1300. However, this big cast range is only for aiming the Stone Remnant.
-In order to smash a Stone Remnant, Earth Spirit must stand within 200 range of the remnant and target anywhere within the 1300 cast range. The remnant is smashed towards the targeted direction.
-When no remnants are within 200 range of Earth Spirit, nothing happens. The spell is not cast.
-In order to smash a unit, it has to be directly targeted. Earth Spirit then walks up to the unit and smashes it into the direction he approaches the target from.
-Stun is applied to all enemy units within the radius of a smashed Stone Remnant. A smashed unit is not and does not stun.
-Damage is applied to the targeted unit (if it's an enemy) instantly and to enemy units within the radius of the smashed unit or Stone Remnant.
-Targeted units are not disabled during the knockback. They are able to turn, attack, cast spells and use items. This means that it can't be used to interrupt the target's channeling spells.
-Cannot be cast on Roshan, ancient units, Warlock's Golem, Visage's Familiars and the Primal Split spirits.
-Unlike Geomagnetic Grip, Boulder Smash can knock units inside Chronosphere, Black Hole and during Duel.
-Casting Boulder Smash on Power Cogs or a unit under the effect of Flaming Lasso damages enemies within the radius around the target upon cast, but does not knock it back.
-Can move units and Stone Remnants over impassable terrain.
-Destroys trees which the targeted units or Stone Remnant collide with during the knockback.
-The Stone Remnant does not stop when hitting an enemy and stunning them.

Rolling Boulder A.K.A THE "ROLL"

When you see this on paper it may sound ridiculous, with almost no mana cost, an extremely short cooldown and sustainable slow. BUTT! you are forgetting about the stones. This spell is not nearly as relevant without a Stone Remnant use, and if you use it everytime you roll, you will be wasting your stones like an idiot.

When you are not using a stone, this spell is pretty much pointless to use, as with the slower speed and forming time, you could have made that same distance walking rather than using Rolling Boulder, with the only exception that it goes through terrain.

Important stuff you have to know about Rolling Boulder:

-This is a point target spell.
-It has a forming time (animation), this can be cancelled with a stun or cyclone (nothing else will stop it, not even Doom.
-It always travels full distance, unless you impact an enemy hero.
-You are not invulnerable while rolling (or forming), you can be attacked, stunned and so on. Dont confuse it with a Ball Lightning or Fire Remnant travel.
-You can cast any spell during the roll. Includes Magnetize, Stone Remnant and even Boulder Smash and Geomagnetic Grip (there is a great combo with this last one, I will go into it a bit).

The fact that the roll is stopped by enemy heroes means more than one thing.

-If they are clever they will bodyblock your escape posibility by standing in the way.
-For this reason Force Staff is great for escaping a moshpit of heroes in a teamfight, and then rolling out without anyone getting in the way.
-When you impact someone, you are placed on the opposite side you hit them, which makes for great kick-backs. Someone is escaping, you roll to them (using a rock to get there faster), you impact them and you Boulder Smash them back. Great for killing people early game by kicking them under your tower. This is why you get more points of Boulder Smash early if you are in a lane with another stun, to kick undertower using this simple combo (see build up there).

Extra Wiki Notes:

-Rolls at a speed of 800 without, and 1600 with Stone Remnant.
-Will always roll for the full distance when not colliding with an enemy hero.
-When colliding with an enemy hero, Earth Spirit lands at the opposite side of the hero from where he collided with and the rolling stops.
-Rolling over a Stone Remnant increases the roll distance by 800 units, damage by 45, rolling speed by 800 and adds the slow.
-Slow is applied to all units in the path, not just the hero it collides with.
- Rolling Boulder entangles Earth Spirit for its full duration. Means he cannot blink or attack during it, but can cast other items and spells and can turn.
-When Earth Spirit gets stunned, slept, cycloned or force moved by another spell at any time during Rolling Boulder, it instantly ends.
- Hex only cancels Rolling Boulder while rolling, not during the 0.6 seconds delay.
-Ensnares, entangles and taunts do not cancel Rolling Boulder ( Frostbite cancels it, because it applies a mini-stun).
-Does not affect invulnerable units and heroes. Can't collide with invulnerable heroes.
-Fully affects invisible units and heroes.
-Can move Earth Spirit over impassable terrain.
-Destroys trees when Earth Spirit collides with while rolling.

Geomagnetic Grip A.K.A THE "PULL"

Alright, this spell is the ****. I hope that didnt get censored or it kills the feeling. This spell is going to be your best friend, as its your nuke, its easy to use, and easy to save teammates with it, as its unit target.

Just as Boulder Smash, Geomagnetic Grip has two ways of usage, one with stone and one without stone.

---Remember that Geomagnetic Grip pulls the stone/unit to wherever Earth Spirit is, not where he casted it. Meaning that if you cast Rolling Boulder, and a friend is close and needs help, just Geomagnetic Grip him, and roll out, he will be pulled all the way with you. And he is probably safe now (this is the combo I was talking about a tad before).

When using a rock, if you intend silencing/damaging your foe, you are going to want to place the rock behind them, and then pull it. Placing the Stone Remnant has the same casting range as Geomagnetic Grip.

Its an amazing 275 damage on a 13 second cooldown and 75 mana cost, add a Bottle and some runes or bottlecrowing and you get yourself a dominating midder.

You cant pull friends out of some disables, such as Chronosphere, but you can pull rocks, and with Enchant Remnant technically they are rocks. And you can even pull out Faceless Void out if you so wish, and Boulder Smash him the full 2000 units as he was a rock. (Going into detail when I talk about Enchant Remnant.

Extra Wiki Notes:

-When targeting ground (point targeting), a Stone Remnant within 180 radius of the targeted point is pulled.
-When no remnants are within the range, nothing happens. The spell is not cast.
-In order to pull a unit, it has to be targeted directly (Unit targeted, this is only for allies, includes creeps).
-Silence is applied to all enemy units within the radius of a pulled unit or remnant.
-Damage is applied to all enemy units within the radius of a pulled Stone Remnant. A pulled unit is not and does not damage.
-Targeted units are not disabled during the pull. They are able to turn, attack, cast spells and use items.
-This means that it can't be used to interrupt the target's channeling spells.
-Casting Geomagnetic Grip on a unit affected by Chronosphere, Black Hole, Flaming Lasso or Duel has no effect, wasting the mana and cooldown.
-Can be casted on and pull allies or Stone Remnant which are being knocked back by Boulder Smash, canceling the initial kick.
-Can move allies and Stone Remnants over impassable terrain.
-Destroys trees within 200 radius around allied heroes during the pull.


Magnetize is known for having one of the most ankward and less inuitive description tags in the whole game, along with Soul Assumption. So I will break it down for you.

Magnetize is a spell that activates instantly on cast. It magnetizes every enemy unit in a small 300 radius (think Rot). Being magnetized is similar of having an Urn of Shadows charge on you, it damages you over time, and its a debuff you can see right above your hp bar, and see how long is going to last. If a magnetized unit goes near a non magnetized unit, that new unit will get the debuff, the full time. If a magnetized unit touches a Stone Remnant, that stone will zap all magnetized units near it, applying the debuff again, and so the full time is re-apllied. The stone is destroyed after this zap.

So basically even if you only manage to magnetize one enemy, you can Boulder Smash it away, to his friends, and get them magnetized. Wait a bit, and put a stone right on top of one of them, while they are still magnetized, and refresh the debuff. Try to get enemy creeps magnetized aswell. Once in a while, pop a stone on top of one of them to reset the debuff and keep it going until you win or you run out of stones.

Magnetized units are connected to each other, effect wise, but only with Earth Spirit's spells. So if you have 4 enemies magnetized, and you use a stone and Geomagnetic Grip to silence one, they will all be silenced, even if they are far away, this also works with the Boulder Smash stun, and the Rolling Boulder slow. It does not work with stuns, slows, or silences from other heroes, just you, that would be broken.

Really hope that helps.

Extra Wiki Notes:

-When a Stone Remnant is within 400 range of an affected unit, it refreshes and spreads the effect on units within 600 radius around the remnant.
-Used Stone Remnant are destroyed 8 seconds after being used. They can be utilized by Earth Spirit's other spells meanwhile.
-Deals 25/37.5/50 damage and checks for Stone Remnants within range in 0.5 second intervals, starting 0.5 second after cast.
-Without any Stone Remnant refreshing the duration, it can deal up to 300/450/600 damage per affected unit (before reductions).
-The Magnetize debuff can be placed on and spread from spell immune and invulnerable units (In other words, even if you cast it on the BKB´d carry, their supports will eventually die).
-Fully affects invisible units.

Stone Remnant A.K.A THE "ROCK" OR "STONE"

Simple, Innate Spell. You cant upgrade it. Call a Stone Remnant at the target location (point targeting). Stones Remnants have no vision and are invulnerable, and can be used with Earth Spirit's abilities (if you havent noticed yet). Calling a Stone Remnant consumes a charge, which recharge over time. You get 6 of ´em, they dont have a cooldown for use, so you can place all 6 in really quick succesion. It has a 1100 cast range, each charge takes 30 seconds to regen up, and the stones stay for two full minutes before they despawn.

Extra Wiki Notes:

-This is an innate ability and does not need to be skilled.
- Earth Spirit begins the game with and cannot have more than 6 Stone Charges.
-Charges represent the number shown on the status buff icon. It does not mean he can have only 6 remnants on the map.
-It's possible to have up to 9 remnants on the map when placing all 6 remants at once, and then every time after the 30 seconds recharge.
-Stone Charges gradually replenish even while dead.
-Stone Remnants can only disappear by running out of time, 8 seconds after being used by Magnetize, or instantly, by Rolling Boulder.
-Does not interact with spells which react on spell cast (e.g. Magic Stick, Curse of the Silent, Essence Aura, etc.)
-An enemy Rubick can make use of the same remnants when stealing and using one of Earth Spirit's spells (except for Rolling Boulder).
- Stone Remnant are visible through the Fog of War.


So, you buy Aghanim's Scepter and you get this spell. Enchant Remnant, turns a hero, ally or enemy, into a Stone Remnant for 3 seconds, during this, they are taken into account for Earth Spirit spells like Magnetize, Boulder Smash and Geomagnetic Grip as if they were stones. They are not instakilled if you roll over them with Rolling Boulder. Costs 150 mana and its on a 45 second cooldown, so chose wisely, you can only use it once per teamfight.

Extra Wiki Notes:

- Enchant Remnant has a cast time of 0.3 seconds.
-An enchanted hero is fully disabled, invulnerable and reacts on Earth Spirit's spells just like a Stone Remnant.
- Boulder Smash: Enchanted heroes are knocked back for 2000 distance and stun enemies they collide with.
- Rolling Boulder: Enchanted heroes boost it like a Stone Remnant. Earth Spirit will roll straight through them and break their stone form prematurely.
- Geomagnetic Grip: Enchanted heroes are pulled at a speed of 1000 and apply the silence/damage. Can pull enchanted enemy heroes.
- Magnetize: Enchanted heroes refresh and spread Magnetize when within its stone search radius. Enchanted enemies can receive the Magnetize debuff, but cannot receive or propagate the silence/slow from grip/roll.
-The knock-back from Boulder Smash and the pull from Geomagnetic Grip will continue normally even if the enchantment expires.
-If the enchantment expires while the target is being smashed back or pulled and then they collide with enemies, then only minor effects will apply: smash will damage but won't stun, and grip will silence, but won't damage.
-If the enchantment expires while an enemy is being smashed back, they will take 125 damage, but won't be stunned.

As far as building the spells go: You can do whatever you feel like. However maxing Geomagnetic Grip first is usually your best bet, since its your solid damage output (and only one) for the laning stage. But as I pointed out, if you are in a lane with a stun in your team, having more points in Boulder Smash can help kick foes under your tower and score some early kills. For the first ability build, it is entirely up to you what to get in level 5, Boulder Smash or Rolling Boulder.

Set In Stone. (Starting Items)

Starting Items is simple.

One set of Tangoes is mandatory. Mid or lane. You buy em.. No Healing Salve, since you are really exp dependent and melee, you cant keep distance while healing and get exp at the same time really, especially in mid lane.

Get a Stout Shield if you are laning against a semi support in the lane, or someone with a lot of right click power in mid. It will delay your [{bottle]] a tad, but its affordable.

If you plan getting an Urn of Shadows later on, you can get one (or even two) Gauntlets of Strength. Dont buy Stout Shield and this, it takes way too much money.

Iron branches, buy three if you are planning on grabbing a Magic Wand. Even if you are not buying a Magic Wand, but you arent buying Stout Shield or Gauntlets of Strength either, just get some to have some stats to work with, two do the trick usually.

Clarity potion is for the lane only, not mid, for the same reason you dont get Healing Salves. If you feel like you are gonna need some extra mana and have no farm available, get one or two.

Here We Go. (Early Game)

Here is the items you are gonna be using for the first 10 minutes of the game.

Arcane Boots are bought if you went to a lane, rather than mid, you can give mana to your partner, and yourself some mana pool aswell, as you dont have runes to recharge your bottle on. Also, in any side lane, buying Arcane Boots is easier, as you have the side shop or secret shop with you most of the time.

Power Treads are the thing. They give you stats and some attack speed to make some easier your last hitting. Usually your go-to boots in the mid lane. You need to know how to tread switch, and do it all the time. Use agility to use Bottle charges, use strength when hitting or taking damage and intelligence all the rest of the time, to passively regen mana faster.

Poor Man's Shield. Really situational, get this if your lane is really contested, or you need to babysit a carry (shame on you if you do this as Earth Spirit). Not your best pickup most of the time, instead of it you can buy a Bracer, as it gives you more strength instead of agility. Dont get it if you are mid, wasterino of your gold.

Buckler nice for deep diving with your teammates. Dont buy it if you are not getting a Mekansm later on. Please.

Urn of Shadows, you are gonna get kills or assists a lot in the early stages. Heal up and teammates after diving towers. Also gives you a nice unit target damage over time, that now cancels Blink Dagger. Passively gives you strength and a bit of mana regen, just so you remember.

Magic Wand. Dammit, this is simple. You know how it works. If not mouseover >>> Magic Wand<<<. Dont get it if there are no fights going on.

Bracer. Easy stats. Cheap. Builds into a drums of endurance.

Bottle, you get this in mid as the first item. In lane it can wait a bit, but not much. You can easily contest runes with Rolling Boulder, recharge dat Bottle. You can get runes when in a side lane, but ask first to the mid laner. The regen will help you a lot zone the opponent with Geomagnetic Grip spamming.

Orb of Venom is great on these kinds of heroes. Helps around everything by a low cost, sell it when you dont need it then.

Step Aside! (Core, Extensions and Mid Game)

First up, Core Items!

So what I consider the ultra core of Earth Spirit is the Force Staff. It gives you intelligence, and another active ability that consists of moving yourself, enemies or allies. This is also a great escape in combination with Rolling Boulder. As you can longer the distance between you and an enemy, so you can roll away without getting in the way, as I mentioned it before.

Rod of Atos is not only great because of the stats it gives Earth Spirit, but its a really big slow on a short cooldown, at it has quite some range, use it to help yourself land your spells, or in a teamfight to get slowed whoever isnt affected by Magnetize so they cannot run far, and there is bigger chance for it.

Mekansm is core if there is no better carry in the team than you. And if its really needed, otherwise you can get yourself a Veil of Discord better.

Other MidGame Items!

drums of endurance, great stats, good for group escapes and ganks. Dont hesitate using these charges, and certainly use it every teamfight.

Pipe of Insight is just as situational as the Mekansm here, but it if there is no other option. Generally not an item that you will buy for yourself. Negate big ults like Chain Frost or Epicenter.

Veil of Discord is probably the item that you are going to be buying the most mid game, of course, apart from Force Staff and Rod of Atos.

Harmonious Increase. (Late Game)

This is where Earth Spirit's damage potential starts severely decaying, now you are mostly pure utility, save your homies and silence, slow and stun them as much as you can.(not your allies, your enemies).

Aghanim's Scepter, Massive Item, grants you the possibility of using Enchant Remnant (read above). Remember, dont get this item just because I tell you its amazing, get it if you feel comfortable with it. Get the hang of it. Also the stats are nice, make you quite tanky.

Shiva's Guard. Again, add more coal to the fire. Makes the teamfight even more chaotic for the opponents. Imagine fighting under Magnetize, Veil of Discord, Shiva's Guard and on top of that, they are under Pipe of Insight. Its nuts! Also armor. And mana.

Heart of Tarrasque. Tanky, regen. Literally unkillable, simple as that. Usually better options out there.

Scythe of Vyse, more actives for you. Hex is great anticarry. Also a hexed unit cant really avoid getting magnetized.

You Achieve Harmony. (The "Special" Pick-Ups)

Special Pickups for special players:

Armlet of Mordiggian, if you can handle yet another finger and Armlettoggle properly to stay alive during dives. Good for you, get this after your core and veil.

Assault Cuirass is big armor and aura of armor reduction for enemies, give your team a happier teamfight. Also some attack speed for your jungle farming.

Heaven's Halberd is evasion, and yet another anticarry tool. If the other team has something like a Phantom Assassin is great for disarm. Also if their carry is a slow but hard hitter you have better chance of evading and surviving, say the other team has an Alchemist and a Phantom Assassin, assuming they have the same amount of farm and relevance, you should disarm Alchemist, as you can counter Phantom Assassin's heavy hits with your evasion. While Alchemist is completely shut down and he cant even chain lightning in the same effect. It also makes you more tanky.

dagon. Good for countering those pesky agility carries for good finish. The earlier the better, preferably after Force Staff of course, killing off Phantom Assassin, a Faceless Void with Mask of Madness (hoping for no backtrack), Bloodrage Bloodseekers, and all that jazz.

Bloodstone is what you get if your team already has a lot of disable and utility, say, you only need the regen (and the deny helps for sure). Helps spam spells, you usually can do this, if you have a Shiva's Guard already, but as I said, maybe your team already has one. Talk it out with your mates.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity. This is basically the poor man's early game, midgame, Scythe of Vyse. Also some nice stats to go along your Force Staff. This is usually the replacement of your Rod of Atos.

Sange and Yasha. Happy stats, some movement speed, and the most underwhelming slow in the game. What more can you ask for.

vladimir's offering. Dammit, your team REALLY needs this and everyone else refuses to buy it. Get your team some easy early rosh kills. If you start going for some hard right clicks (like Meracle in that video below) with Armlet of Mordiggian, Sange and Yasha, this is a good item to follow up. It also grants armor that people tend to forget.

Game Stages (And your role on them) [As concrete as possible]

First of all, this section is, as the rest, divided on 3 parts (early or laning phase, midgame, and endgame or late game); and if you go Mid, the early game is way diferent than going into the side lane, so here it goes:

Early Game (Midlane):

So, go to lane. You are melee, dont die. Dont get overharassed. Spam Geomagnetic Grip. Get your Bottle. Win rune contests. If the other mid gets out of place, kick them under tower, use your slows, Magnetize if available. Dont hesitate on using Magnetize its not freaking Black Hole, use it, people panic on it. If you get a haste rune, gank a side lane, simple. Never gank or offer help if you dont have Magnetize yet.

Early Game (Sidelane):

You are not a position 5. Try to not by a babysitter, it is better to go with a carry that is relevant earlygame, so, try with Terrorblade, Wraith King, not with Spectre. Take part of the action man! You are Earth Spirit. Follow the build.


Force Staff, Veil of Discord, probably Mekansm, defend towers, take all posible fights before you become the late game Earth Spirit, now you use your spells to save teammates aswell, not like earlygame where you are a like NUKE NUKE NUKE KICK SLAM ROCK PULL KICK MAGNETIZE. Its science.

Late Game:

Yea, now you are utility. Im sorry. All of your damage from spells is now nothing, unless theres something like Crystal Maiden on the other team. But forget about everyone else. Even Magnetize is nothing now, its just your way of silencing, stunning and slowing more than one person at the time. So thats it. Hex carries, save teammates, Veil of Discord for your REAL MAGIC DAMAGE OUTPUT, like your Earthshaker or something.


Here is some evidence that Earth Spirit actually works.


And Meracle:


End, But New Beginning!

So this is it for now! I felt it was running slightly short, but now that I realize Ive made quite a wall of text.

Anyway, hope it helps. I made add more sections if I feel more stuff needs to be mentioned.

Thanks for reading (if you did). Drop a comment if you feel like it.

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