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I come from the darkness of the pit!

December 28, 2013 by F.E.A.R.0
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Build 1
Build 2

Azgalor the Pit Lord

DotA2 Hero: Underlord

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Pit of Malice

2 12 13 14

Atrophy Aura

4 6 8 9

Dark Rift

10 11 16


15 17 18


Hero Introduction.
Azgalor is one of the heroes that focuses his powers on multiple enemies or even friends. Everything he does, he does it on a large scale. He can trap many foes at once, rain fire on them and make their bodies explode after. He's a deadly combination that satisfies the devil's love for fire and death, but he can also instantly transport every ally and himself to another battle field, making him a valuable leader of the undead, always present where he is needed.

Background Story.
One of the many regents of Lord Archimonde who became stranded on the physical plane after the Legion fell in Kalimdor, the devil Azgalor's love of destruction allowed him to accept the Lich King's invitation to help lead the Scourge in conquest with few regrets. After all, this Pit Lord is happiest when he conjures fire to scorch his opponents from above, roasting them slowly as the dead literally explode from beneath their feet. With such hateful power in the hands of a monster such as this, it's no wonder he inspires so much terror as he roams across the battlefield.

Pit Lord is a hard carry melee strength hero. His base armor is low (example: Doom, Alchemist, Abaddon and etc.) His damage is very high along side with his 3rd spell that gives him +200 damage and higher, so killing an enemy hero with him will be easily. He can take down hard carry heroes such as Sven, Kunkka, Nessaj, etc. (can't take down late game someone like: Ursa, Void and Alchemist). So playing Pit Lord through out the game as support not gonna go well, you can choose Tank which is very good instead support role. You will need farm to get items (Pit Lords farm is like Magina - Anti Mage he needs to get items) and good allies Disablers, Initiators, Durables and Healers.

Pros / Cons


  • Has high damage 62-68
  • Has high STR
  • Needs farm in order to carry
  • Able to jungle early
  • Fourth highest INT growth among STR heroes
  • With Dark Rift can escape most ganks
  • Spells spammable
  • Pusher

  • Has low base armor
  • Has low AGI 12 + 1.3 growth per level
  • Has low mana pool 221
  • Spells cost high mana
  • Can be killed easily from start


Firestorm: Ability Type: Active, Targeting Type: Point
Calls down 6 waves of fire that damage enemy units in an area and continue to burn them for 2 seconds. All 4 levels: 14 cooldown, Casting range 750, Duration 2 seconds, Allowed Targets: Enemy units.
Level 1: 100 Mana Cost, Effects: 25 wave damage, 5 damage per second
Level 2: 100 Mana Cost, Effects: 40 wave damage, 10 damage per second
Level 3: 100 Mana Cost, Effects: 55 wave damage, 15 damage per second
Level 4: 100 Mana Cost, Effects: 70 wave damage, 20 damage per second

  • Damage type: magic

You should cast it in a teamfights after Pit of Malice try to hit as many enemies as possible. This spell is not very reliable if you don't level Pit of Malice.

Pit of Malice: Ability Type: Active, Targeting Type: Point
All 4 levels: 24 cooldown, Casting range 800, , Area of Effect 275, Allowed Targets: Enemy Units
Level 1: 100 Mana Cost, Duration 1 seconds, Effects: Deals 100 damage and ensnares enemies in the target area
Level 2: 100 Mana Cost, Duration 1.5 seconds, Effects: Deals 100 damage and ensnares enemies in the target area
Level 3: 100 Mana Cost, Duration 2 seconds, Effects: Deals 100 damage and ensnares enemies in the target area
Level 4: 100 Mana Cost, Duration 2.5 seconds, Effects: Deals 100 damage and ensnares enemies in the target area
  • Damage type: magic
  • A unit can be disabled by this spell only once per cast.
  • A unit affected by this skill cannot go invisible when disabled.
  • This skill affects magic immune units.
  • The Pit itself has a duration of 7 seconds.

This is your disable and initiation spell.

Atrophy Aura: Ability Type: Passive, Targeting Type: N/A
All 4 levels: Mana Cost N/A, Cooldown N/A, Casting range N/A, Area of Effect 900, Allowed Targets: Enemy units
Level 1: Duration 30 seconds, Effects: 18% damage reduction. Gains bonus damage on enemy death.
Level 2: Duration 35 seconds, Effects: 26% damage reduction. Gains bonus damage on enemy death.
Level 3: Duration 40 seconds, Effects: 34% damage reduction. Gains bonus damage on enemy death.
Level 4: Duration 45 seconds, Effects: 42% damage reduction. Gains bonus damage on enemy death.
  • Only reduces base attack damage and damage from the primary attribute.
  • The damage reduction is applied to the base attack damage of all enemy units, neutrals, ancients and Roshan in the AoE.
  • The damage gained is always 5 for enemy creeps and 30 for enemy heroes.

You get +200 bonus damage from this skill of killing creeps and enemy heroes but it is not permanent and crushing them will be easy. With items you will have +300 damage and along with Divine Rapier +600.

Dark Rift: Ability Type: Active, Targeting Type: Unit/Point
All 3 levels: Cooldown 130, Casting range Global, Area of Effect 450, Duration N/A, Allowed Targets: Allied units and structures
Level 1: Mana Cost 75, Effects: 6 second teleportation delay
Level 2: Mana Cost 150, Effects: 5 second teleportation delay
Level 3: Mana Cost 225, Effects: 4 second teleportation delay
  • Units hidden by spells such as Astral Imprisonment will not be teleported.
  • When targeted on the ground, will target the nearest valid target around that point.
  • Can deactivate Dark Rift at any point after cast. Will still go into cooldown.
  • Dark Rift makes its teleportation target a low priority target (similar to Boots of Travel)
  • Has a sub-ability that allows the effect to be canceled before it resolves. This does not prevent the cooldown from being used, it only makes it so you no longer have to teleport everyone away

Dark Rift is Pit Lord's signature spell. It allows him to escape most ganks and to move his team from one point of the map to another, killing isolated heroes and pushing towers like crazy.

Pit Lords Spells

Icons from the original Dota

From left to right:
Firestorm, Pit of Malice, Atrophy Aura, Dark Rift.


pit lord can do jungling after getting Vladmir's Offering. Start with the Easy camp first. Firestorm is very important for jungling to kill the creeps faster also you can farm with this spell in your lane just by spamming it. It's best if you avoid Ancient camps cause of your low armor. Get Battle Fury and Armlet of Mordiggian since both give you regeneration and the other gives you DMG, armor and AS.

Pit Lord Support role (not playable)

Usually don't go for this role all of his 4 spells are not supportive mostly not Atrophy Aura since it gives you +200 DMG and higher, from killing creeps and heroes, but the DMG is not permanent and on level 4 it lasts 45 seconds. Better if you choose Tank role instead of Support it's a thousand times better and your Enemy Team will find you very hard to kill. If you don't believe me, start WC3, go create game, choose 6.79c map or find the latest map with bots and play (test out) pit lord.

Item Build

Get if you want, so you can spam your spell with Firestorm.

Buy it since it will give you good mana regeneration and healing from enemy hero deaths.

Gives AS and MS will do good for pit lord.

Get it between 8-10 minutes or lower if you have a good farm cause the gold cost is now 2050.

Is very important for pit lord since it gives you mana regeneration and lifesteal and other stats.

Buy if you are the only Durable, Initiator which will make you more to survive.

Get if the enemy team have Spell Caster heroes like Lich.

Buy against Spell Casters like Zeus and Lina.

Even a faster push with this fell free to buy it and will help you good against someone with invisibility like Riki.

Buy if only the enemy team have Spell Caster heroes both when you play Carry and Tank. Don't get Black King Bar if the enemy team has right clickers like Lifestealer it will be useless.

Will be great if you build along side Hood of Defiance and Vanguard.

Gives cleave DMG in a 225 AoE around the target as well as Hp and Mp regeneration. Don't get this first you will be a big fail, instead first get Vladmir's Offering and Armlet of Mordiggian.

Will be good to get if you don't have someone on your team like Crystal Maiden with mana resources.

Buy these over Arcane Boots if you have someone like Crystal Maiden, Witch Doctor and Dazzle on your team to support you with mana.

This is very important on Pit Lord since it will give you DMG, AS, Hp regeneration and armor.

Buy if only the enemy team has right clickers example. Drow Ranger. Also gives evasion and disarm which is very useful.

Gives the DMG, Hp, and the stun pit lord needs.

Great DPS damage and -armor get it especially against Dragon Knight.

The DMG is good also the chain lighting and the attack speed.

Buy them in the late game. Sell Arcane Boots or if you bought Phase Boots.

Major crits!

Get it if only the enemy team has Phantom Assassin or someone who will buy Butterfly like Anti-Mage.

Very awesome on pit lord as well the bash and the 2 seconds stun that goes through Magic Immunity which will be faster to kill.

Very good item on pit lord, also get it if there is Phantom Lancer on the enemy team.

Good for farming and good DMG, combine it with Mjollnir against Phantom Lancer.

Health bonus and regeneration, Mana bonus and regeneration. "Too tanky!"

Big life, DMG and Hp regeneration out of combat. "You can't kill me now!"

Gives DMG, big lifesteal, and armor. You can do this over Heart of Tarrasque.

Buy if the enemy team has 3 or more carries when playing tank and against someone with great AS like Drow Ranger.

Get this item ASAP cause pit lord has low armor and you will need it, also gives AS and the aura your team mates need. Get this against Dragon Knight. "Stop it you're tikling me!"

+250 DMG, you with items +200 DMG and with your Atrophy Aura +600 DMG and higher. "Boom! You're dead."

Rejected Items

You don't need this nor that MS, AS, armor, DMG, Health and Maim and the slow. This will not bring you any good, so just skip it.

You don't need the illusions neither the stats it gives you, armor, AS and MS.

Not such a good choice you don't need it you're not even a healer don't do it!

Don't do this, this is useless on pit lord.

dagon Not a good item on pit lord.

You don't need the slow nor the stats it gives you.

Do not ever buy this on pit lord cause of your low armor and the 30% extra damage you will take when you activate this item, you will be even easier to take down, you will fall like rock from a cliff.

Fail item! pit lord doesn't need mana burn, so you can just skip this item.


Double Damage: Lucky if you find it, the bonus damage will be good and you can finish enemis faster.

Haste: Good for escape and faster kill.

Illusion: Not useful for pit lord.

Invisibility: With this you can sneak upon enemies and cast Pit of Malice, than Firestorm and boom down goes the enemy.

Regeneration: If your on low Hp or Mp or both don't think grab it.

Allies and Enemies


Basically pit lord's friends are those with high mana regeneration and high mana resources, healers, stun, durable, initiator and disabler. Before starting a fight with pit lord you will need some good stuns like these Hoof Stomp and Avalanche so you can cast Pit of Malice and after it use Firestorm. Heroes that enemy heroes unable to attack is very good, such as Shadow Shaman and Lion. Omniknight's repel will render you magic immune and will allow you to initiate in fight and trap enemies with Pit of Malice without problem.


pit lord's enemies are those who can disable, stun, Hex, and slow him. Viscous Nasal Goo, is a good example. Others are those who stun him during fighting Time Lock and Greater Bash. Heroes that have long stun and disable are his worst nightmare example Earth Spike, Hex and Shackles.

Heroes you will meet

Difficulty: Hard

If you meet Ursa in combat 1v1 don't fight him run. Use anything to escape from him cause your need you team mates to kill him or you will fall like a bird from the sky. Earthshock will slow you and followed by Fury Swipes, Overpower and Enrage, will tear you apart.

Difficulty: Hard

Since pit lord has low armor Slardar will be a big problem you should run from him to before he gets you. You can kill him only with the help of your team mates. He will quickly amplify damage, sprint as well to catch you up, and use Slithereen Crush, and followed by his bash, you're 100% dead.

Difficulty: Hard

Wraith King can kill you easily if he already has Armlet of Mordiggian and Desolator. He will use Wraithfire Blast to stun you, while he has his vampiric aura that will heal him on every attack, Mortal Strike to deal major critical damage to you and if you some how kill him, and if he has mana for Reincarnation which will render you weak after the first fight and he will slice you to pieces.

Difficulty: Hard

The only thing you can do from Lifestealer in 1v1 combat is run. You can only kill him with your team mates. First he has Rage which will render him magic immune to Firestorm and Pit of Malice (the stun will go through magic immunity but the 100 damage won't), Feast is even more scarier than vampiric aura cause he regenerates a portion of ever attack you made and deals the same portion of damage per attack. Open Wounds is a serious problem cause it slows you and also gives him more life steal with it.
And if Lifestealer has already made Armlet of Mordiggian and Skull Basher he will easily eat you


This is my first guide on DotaFire I am not new to it but I wanted to show you Azgalor the pit lord] which now in Dota 2 will be called the Abyssal Underlord due to copy rights. I want to introduce him to the new Dota 2 players cause I play Dota for 6 years and I want new players to know him. As soon he is released I will try to update the new stuff. I wanted to add some other Effects to the guide but since this is my first guide and there are no tips on how to make one I found one the LoL MOBA Fire site and I didn't knew hot to add some effects I couldn't understand them. I will make a guide for Terrorblade the [[soul keeper (Illidan Stormrage from WC3) since they're both confirmed to be released on the same date when the patch comes out. Fell free to add any comment.

"You fail to amuse me".

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