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The Terror Of The Tides - A Guide To Tidehunter (7.12)

April 2, 2018 by Masked_Man98
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Sernyx (1) | February 5, 2018 4:48pm
I have... questions.

First of all, I'd personally remove Midas and Vlads from rejected items. Midas can really help you carry on if you fall behind very hard against a particularly strong lane, or if the game is about to be super long. Vlads is a super cool aura and you're building utility anyways, so if your team has many right-clickers but noone bought it - do it yourself!

For the last time, cleave doesn't give a **** about armor. It only depends on how much armor the original target has to determine the cleave damage itself.

You didn't said anything about ancient farming. With maxed out Shell, they almost don't harm you at all, and you can clear even the biggest stacks with Anchor Smash.

Ravage now has 1250 range and 725 speed. And it CAN be used on a single hero if it's a very important target which will escape otherwise. You really won't constantly use Ravage off cooldown in mid-game, so if you're not hardcorely teamfighting from the beginning, it will stay so until lategame.

Players with good reaction can blink away from you when you initiate. You can use Shiva's before blinking in for an instant AOE nuke.

Not sure about Dazzle being such a good ally apart from Shallow Grave. Weave is either used on your own team before the fight, or it simply won't be useful enough if used right after Ravage. Also Poison Touch no longer slows nor stuns. (7.08 updated ;) )

Furion is exactly the opposite of what you wrote. He won't be in a teamfight which is your primary task. He will teleport to your buildings and crush them to dust before you even get back to base.

And lastly, your allies can put you out of Nightmare by simply auto-attacking you, not necessarily dispelling it.

Otherwise, good job, keep it up!
but next time i'd suggest really updating your guides before putting it in the title. no offense c:
Masked_Man98 (15) | February 6, 2018 3:14pm
Thanks for telling me the errors mate. I totally forgot about Dazzle and Ravage changes.
The necessary changes would be done.
ChingBuillds | July 22, 2017 3:09pm
pretty awesome guide man! But why would you need vanguard if you have kraken? I still don't get it
Masked_Man98 (15) | July 22, 2017 4:00pm
Emm... Vanguard and other damage block item are regected actually.
Long time ago in WC III some people build stout shield on Tidehunter, cause they maxed Gush and Anchor Smash first and they needed some more damage block in order to stay in lane. But those dark days are gone.
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