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Salsworth and Pipe by FangzofFuzzy

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Salsworth and Pipe

By: FangzofFuzzy
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2019
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Salsworth and Pipe

The Scavengers

"Where we going? Where we going?" - Pipe
"Scavenging." - Salsworth
"The usual? Alright, boss!" - Pipe


Salsworth the human scientist and Pipe the mole are an unlikely duo that work together to bury their opponents while digging up treasures for themselves. Salsworth uses technology shoots up those in their path and makes the most of what he can get. With his self-made gun, he can fire Scraps to knock back enemies and scrounge up more pocket money. These extra funds are primarily spent on items that he can further Upgrade, making his arsenal more powerful and unique. Meanwhile, Pipe enthusiastically follows him around as she provides the team some much needed damage and disables until they get stacked. As a subterranean animal, Burrow lets her litter the battleground with Holes, simultaneously creating a deadly labyrinth for enemies to tread and a tunnel network for them to engage and escape with. As a kleptomaniac, she may rumage through and steal items with Ransack in order to expand their combat options. Despite relying on cheap tactics and not being too formidable on their own, good Scavengers know that results are all that matter in the end.


Role: Ganker, Disabler, Support, Escape, Nuker
Strength: 18 + 2.4
Agility: 21 + 2.8
Intelligence: 24 + 2.8
Base Damage: 28 - 35
Base Armor: 1
Attack Range: 600
Movement Speed: 290


Years ago, a band of desperate biologists embarked on a journey to the Scintillant Waste. With their research funds dwindling, they decided to risk their lives in order to discover any new species they could find in the vast desert for fame and money. Among this crew was Salsworth, not a biologist by trade but acted as their technology expert. Weeks came and went without any result which slowly corroded their morale. The breaking point was reached when a particularly devastating sandstorm hit their camp, with an imposing arachnid creature at its center. As it ravaged and slew one scientist after another, only Salsworth managed to escape in the chaos.

Without advanced machines nor companions, he had only his wits to survive in the wild. Scavenging through wreckages and abandoned buildings to create water distillers and weapons, Salsworth roamed the lands in isolation. Months passed before he finally met humans in the form of a travelling caravan, though he rejected their offer for dinner. By that point, he had unknowingly become committed to the lone scavenger lifestyle.

One day while sleeping in the Riftshadow Ruins, his rest was disturbed by the sound of his bag shuffling. Pulling out his personal firearm, the culprit was revealed to be a mole that was native to the site. When it spoke, he was taken aback in surprise. Introducing herself as Pipe, she offered to work for him in exchange for sparing her life. Though he rejected her proposal as well, she would keep eagerly insisting despite him already agreeing to just freely let her live. It was clear that all she desired was companionship (And some trinkets to collect). Finally, Salsworth accepted the deal if only because of how useful her talents are when it comes to scavenging. But deep down, perhaps he wanted to be sociable again. Even if it had to start with a talking mole.

Primary Abilities

Pipe digs a Hole at a location that turns invisible after 1 second.

If Burrow is targeted on one, they blink to the location instead. This refunds half the mana cost.

If an enemy steps on one, it will be damaged and rooted. This destroys all Holes within 300 range.

Ability: Target Point
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 30, 25, 20, 15
Range: 600, 800, 1000, 1200
Radius: 150
Damage: Magical
Hole Duration: 180
Damage: 10% of their Max Health
Root: 1

Moles of the Riftshadow Ruins dig tunnel systems complex enough to rival the most advanced cities.

Salsworth blasts enemies in a cone to slow them for 3 seconds.

They are also shoved to the end of the cone, stunning them for the duration.

He passively gains bonus gold whenever he denies allies.

Ability: Target Point
Mana Cost: 60
Cooldown: 16, 14, 12, 10
Range: 750
Arc: 90 Degrees
Move Slow: 5, 10, 15, 20%
Stun: 0.25
Bonus Gold: 3, 6, 9, 12

The personal firearm Salsworth built from wreckage is a testament to never wasting any opportunity given.

Pipe plunders the inventory of an enemy to damage and mute it.

She returns with a copy of the last item they activated that Salsworth can use once.

Ability: Target Unit
Mana Cost: 75, 100, 125, 150
Cooldown: 15
Range: 600
Damage: Magical
Damage: 60, 120, 180, 240
Mute: 2, 4, 6, 8
Item Duration: 60

Though her vision is terrible, Pipe certainly has an eye for the nicest of treasures.


Ultimate Abilities

Salsworth improves the properties of the actives for all his items.

Additionally, he is allowed to use actives that normally affect only the user on allies as well.

The range for this feature is equal to the bonus cast range provided by this spell.

Ability: Passive
Bonus Cast Range: 200, 400, 600
Damage Amplification: 50, 75, 100%
Restoration Amplification: 50, 75, 100%
Stat Change Amplification: 50, 75, 100%
Duration Amplification: 20, 30, 40%

'Make the most of every situation' is a personal motto every good scavenger should live by.


Hero Talents

25 All Attributes
Ransack Copies Last 2 Items

2 Burrow Charges
Permanent Holes

12% Cooldown Reduction
+12 Scraps Bonus Gold

60 Damage
30% XP Gain




  • Let's start with Scraps. Passively, Salsworth gains more gold when last hitting like Greevil's Greed but only on allies. This is especially useful for supports, provided your carry understands this. This gold is clearly useful for a hero who revolves heavily around items. When activated, it can displace multiple enemies like Gust and God's Rebuke. Unlike those two, this blast has a stun. So perhaps in certain situations, saving it to cancel channeling could be better than immediately initiating with it. Overall, this spell is good to max for a passive playstyle early on with the extra gold and safety.

  • By itself, Burrow acts as a single target Proximity Mines and Stasis Trap. The upside being that it cannot be destroyed but the downside being that it has a fixed duration. While powerful, these Holes are also rather small. Thus, it requires unaware enemies, disables or displacements to guarantee a trigger. It can also be used for general mobility once you've set up a network of them. It's like a more consistent Rolling Boulder when it comes to ganking, escaping or moving between lanes and camps. If the enemy wishes to prevent him from moving so freely, they can sacrifice themselves or their controlled units to purposely crush Holes. Similar to Earth Spirit, Q and W can combo well together in the following ways:

      1. Straight up knocking them into a Hole that is behind them
      2. Wait for an enemy to be trapped before guaranteeing a nice knockback
      3. Blink behind an enemy to knock it back into your team
      4. Utilize the slow and good Hole placement to cut off their path

  • In a straight fight, Ransack nukes and mutes then steals an item like Spell Steal. There is a conundrum on when to use this. Do you cast it before the enemy uses an item to take full advantage of the mute but not generally know the last item they used? Or do you wait until they use a nice item to steal but mitigate the effectiveness of the mute? The answer always depends on the situation, so good decision making is key. Since this hero is primarily a support, this is a great way to gain access to costly items they might otherwise be unable to afford. As this spell pierces spell immunity, copying Black King Bar is incredibly easy but keep in mind the rest of the effects are wasted. Getting channeled items like Meteor Hammer is also easy. Further good examples include Drum of Endurance to nullify the speed gap for catching or escaping. Orchid Malevolence can be copied to counter the initiator that uses it. And all this synergizes with the true hallmark of this character.

  • Upgrade strengthens a majority of items you use. While Rearm and Bad Juju increase their rate of activation, this ultimate increases basically everything else. With the bonus cast range, planting Observer Wards and Sentry Wards becomes much more safe. Damage amplification will realistically not show up much but if Dagon 5 is ever on the table, even Finger of Death can be put to shame. Restoration amplification on the other hand will be ever useful, making staple purchases like Arcane Boots and Mekansm even better. Stat change amplifications are very useful with items like Buckler for allies and Diffusal Blade against enemies. Duration amplification similar to Arcane Supremacy is also good for debuffs like Scythe of Vyse as well as buffs like Mjollnir. Items that benefit from multiple improvements like Medallion of Courage and Glimmer Cape are very good. Even simple consumables like Clarity and Healing Salve can double down on restoration and duration. They are also a high priority Urn of Shadows carrier, especially after it becomes Spirit Vessel.

  • This is all without mentioning one of the best features of this spell: Ally targeting! Like the upgraded Time Lapse, actives can be used on allies instead of self to vastly increase the list of what this hero can do. You no longer need to turn Ghost Scepter into the expensive Ethereal Blade to protect allies from attacks. Early game, Faerie Fire and Magic Stick can be used to burst heal an ally similar to Tether. Eul's Scepter of Divinity and Manta Style become pocket Disruption to save your team and grant them illusions respectively. Blade Mail is usually not a great investment on less durable supports, but allowing it to be placed on an ally under fire can be game changing. Same goes with BKB to revive Omniknight's previous Repel. A few of these options also apply a basic dispel on the target, so Lotus Orb can become less of a priority in certain situations. You and your Tidehunter each have Refresher Orb and Refresher Shard? Boom, 5 Ravages. Keep in mind that the range for this ally targeting is rather short early game, so good positioning could be required.

  • In terms of talents for the Scavengers, the left side generally give more immediate power while the right side give more power later on. For example at level 15, do you want to use all your spells and items more or do you want to actually get those items? At level 20, 2 Burrow charges lets you do 2 useful things: Creating a Hole then instantly blinking to it for immediate teleportation, or simply place them on a disabled enemy one after another for chain triggering. The alternative permanent Holes is not as exciting, but sometimes quantity over quality can be useful, giving him near Techies level of control. Even at level 10, levelling up faster to get those aforementioned talents is always useful for a support. However, the extra attack damage does make him more useful in fights while also letting him deny easier to rack up more gold.

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