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DotA 2 Item: Silver Edge

Recipe Cost: 600
Total Cost: 5550

Item Details

Silver Edge

+15 All Stats
+36 Damage
+30 Attack speed

Active: Shadow Walk - Makes you invisible until the duration ends, or until you attack or cast a spell. While invisible, you move 25% faster and can move through units. Attacking to end the invisibility will deal 175 bonus damage to the target and disable their passive abilities for 5 seconds.


Additional Information

Once used to slay an unjust king, only to have the kingdom erupt into civil war in the aftermath.

Applies damage on spell immune enemies. Does not apply debuff on spell immune enemies.


  • The attack out of Silver Edge's Shadow Walk cannot miss.
  • Does not interrupt the owner's channeling spells upon cast.
  • The bonus damage is directly added to the attack damage, so it can be reduced with e.g. Enfeeble​ or Static Link​.
  • However, it cannot be amplified with e.g. Empower or the Rune of Double Damage.
  • The damage is considered by lifesteal, cleave, splash ( Elder Dragon Form) and Psi Blades​, but not by crits.
  • The bonus damage is not applied when attacking wards and buildings out of the invisibility.
  • Applies a damage reduction and a break on the target when attacking from invisibility, disabling passive abilities.
  • Places the debuff upon before the attack damage is applied, but still relies on the attack (or projectile) to hit.
  • The invisibility is lost upon reaching the cast point of spells, or upon finishing an attack (for ranged heroes upon projectile launch).
  • Allows the user to pass through other units, including wards, but not through buildings.
  • The user can pick up and drop items without breaking the invisibility.
  • Shares cooldown with Shadow Blade.

Item Discussion

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Muush (1) | May 19, 2016 5:28am
I think this is slightly outdated. Silver Edge no longer has lesser maim or anything related to Sange now.
MiracleFan | May 19, 2016 1:59am
Best counter for Phantom Assassin
UltraSuperHyper (12) | June 1, 2015 11:08am
Break disables Borrowed Times activation threshold. Learned it the hard way :(
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