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Razor - Low Budget PUB build

July 27, 2014 by eeon
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Standard_LOW Budget

DotA2 Hero: Razor

Hero Skills

Unstable Current (Innate)

Plasma Field

2 4 8 9

Static Link

1 3 5 7

Storm Surge

10 12 13 14

Eye of the Storm

6 11 16


15 17 18


Hello everybody! My name is EEon and this is This is a build guide on Razor maybe the most fun hero to play in DotA. He is not picked very often because people don't play him all that well and it's tricky to master. It is especially fun to play with in pubs because there everybody is a carry, but we will talk about this later. This is a built for, let's say, medium players, who can't farm all that well and find it hard to gather some gold for items.
If you are an expert just get Phase Boots, Heart of Tarrasque, Desolator, Sange and Yasha, Butterfly,a Black King Bar if there are nukers, Monkey King Bar if there are evasionist, you know them Phantom Assassin, Riki or Butterfly/ Heaven's Halberd carriers on the other team and you should be OK..Hell, if you have these items on Chen you will be owning.
So this is a low budget Razor, for harder games, with all your team sucking, and the enemy team all Navy SEALs. Let's get started.

Why Razor?

Razor is a kind of ranged semi-carry that dominates the mid-game due to his signature spell Static Link, but fades in the late game against a hard carry like Faceless Void, Sven etc, especially against ranged carries like Drow Ranger or Sniper. His main role is to steal the damage from the enemy and use it for himself. At level 7, you can steal 224 damage; add this to your damage and armor reduction from Eye of the Storm and you can 1v1 anybody, even Slark - carefully! with the 6.79 patch his ulti Shadow Dance is no longer revealed by Dust of Appearance so you have to run arount 4 seconds.
Tip: Always have dust with you if you play against heroes like Riki, Bounty Hunter and anyone that usually uses Shadow Blade.
So pick Razor when the other team has many slow carries and few stunners and disablers.

+ very powerful mid to late game
+ shuts down enemy carries with his Static Link
+ almost impossible to defeat 1v1
+ very high speed, excellent ganker
+ has lightning coming out of everywhere/cool whip
+ Plasma Field is a good nuke to last hit escaping heroes
+ very fun to play

- low starting damage, low stats gain
- squishy in the early game
- spells require some practice
- useless if he is silenced or slowed
- needs to stay alive the first 4 seconds of the fight
- gets shut down easily


When it comes to spells, Razor has a little bit of everything: a nice nuke that requires some work to get the maximum damage, a damage gaining spell, a passive and an armor reduction and damaging ultimate.

Plasma Field [Q]

Casting Method: Active
Targeting Method: Instant
Allowed Targets: Enemy Units

Releases a wave of energetic plasma that grows in power as it expands, but also zaps on contraction, dealing damage to enemy units caught in its path. Damage increases with distance from Razor.
Radius: 795
Minimum Damage: 60/100/140/180
Maximum Damage: 160/230/300/370

Mana Cost: 120 Cooldown Time: 14


Okay, so this is Plasma Field, the nuke, it does 370 damage at max level, at max range. When you press Q, a ring of plasma, I guess, or current whatever, expands from Razor dealing damage to ALL THE ENEMY units around a 795 radius, the further they are, the more damage they take. So if you have 5 heroes around you at 795AoE, they will all receive MAX damage, after magic resistance reduction.

Keep in mind that you are always in the center of the ring, it moves with you, so you can get closer or further away from your enemy to deal the maximum damage. This requires some experience and practice, but once you have mastered it you will see that it's a great skill.
Plasma Field loses some of its potential in the late game, that's why so many people max it first; I, myself, don not recommend this - MAX THIS SKILL SECOND, after Static Link.

Never use it to harass or farm, NEVER. Maybe if you have a Crystal Maiden that really likes everybody and maxed Arcane Aura just for you guys, but if you have CM on your team ask her to max Frostbite, it's much more useful for you. So as I was saying, NEVER!!!

You should use Plasma Field to target escaping heroes with low HP, after you have previously dealt a lot of damage, heroes like Riki, Phantom Assassin or Bounty Hunter that after fighting (loosing the fight actually) for a while they try to run by blinking or going invisible.
As a rule of thumb, when the Static Link breaks, press [Q]. The breaking point of the link is at 675, max damage for Plasma Field is 795, so taking into consideration the movement speed of the enemy you should get almost maximum damage.


Static Link [W]

Casting Method: Active
Targeting Method: Unit
Allowed Targets: Enemy Heroes

Creates a charged link between Razor and an enemy Hero, stealing damage from the target and giving it to Razor. Lasts up to 8 seconds.
Range: 600 - 675 breaking point -
Damage Drain Duration: 8
Buff Duration: 18-26
Damage Stolen Per Second: 7 / 14 / 21 / 28

Mana Cost: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 Cooldown Time: 25


This is the skill, yes, this is it. Static Link is the reason why the enemy team hates you, your signature skill if you want, bread and butter and all that. The mechanics are simple: you press [W], click the enemy carry (or whoever is there, Razor is not shy,he will steal damage from anybody, even big bastards like Pudge), stay close to him for 8 seconds (and hit him in the meantime) and BAM: 224 DAMAGE stolen from him and given to you. At lvl4 Razor takes 28 damage per second from the enemy, this is HUGE at level 7. This is the first skill you use when entering the battle.

SPAM Static Link, this should be always on cooldown. Because Razor has small starting damage, you must take damage from the enemy so it is harder for him to last hit creeps, and easier for you. Maybe you sneak in a few hits while you are linked. A smart enemy player will try to break the link as fast as possible, even if you steal only 14-21 damage it's OK because the enemy did not farm all that time, neither did you, but now you have the advantage of extra damage.

Once you activate the Static Link it can only be broken if the target moves away from you, so you steal damage EVEN IF you are stunned, that is why it is important for Razor to have tanky items, so he can withstand the first few seconds of the fight. After that, your damage output will be enormous, at first you will think that you are hitting illusions, but no, the enemy's lifebar disappears in bigger and bigger chunks.
Almost forgot: Static Link goes through magic immunity.

Another cool thing: the link remains ON even if the enemy hero activates Manta Style or ILLUSION rune so you always know which one is the real hero, just in case it is not the one running away from you in tears. Effective against Chaos Knight's ultimate Phantasm, the problem here being that you steal damage from the hero, but his illusions do full damage so you have to be careful.

MAX Static Link FIRST - this is the only tip I can give you, and don't watch porn with headphones on.


Unstable Current [PASSIVE]

Casting Method:Passive
Allowed Targets:Enemy Heroes

As Razor moves with increased speed, any abilities targeted on him are countered with an instant jolt of damaging and slowing electricity.
Slow Duration: 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6
Movement Speed Bonus: 4% / 8% / 12% / 16%
Damage: 40 / 70 / 100 / 130


Hmm.. not much to say about this. Unstable Current is a passive that gives you 16% movement speed and it slows and damages the enemy heroes that cast spells on you. The movement speed is essential to Razor, so once you have maxed this, you will be able to run after anyone, with a little help from Yasha and maybe Drum of Endurance. Note that the speed bonus is a percentage of your actual movement speed so it does not do much in the early game. The 130 return damage is just for fun, doesn't really do much at level 15, when you will have this maxed, and the slow is minimal, but it does make it easier to catch running casters.

Unstable Current has a purging effect on the enemies removing buffs and RUNES, this really punishes the caster. Also, it does not activate when arrow effect spells are cast like Frost Arrows, Poison Attack, Impetus etc.

Because of this spell, Razor is extra efficient against Phantom Assassin, when she uses Stifling Dagger to slow you down, she is also slowed; combine this with Static Link and Mortred will be almost useless.



Eye of the Storm [R]

Casting Method: Active
Targeting Method: Instant
Allowed Targets: Enemy Units

A powerful lightning storm strikes out at enemy units with the lowest health, dealing damage and reducing their armor.
SCEPTER UPGRADABLE: Causes faster strikes that can damage structures as well. When striking buildings, it will only target towers, barracks, and the Ancient.
Radius: 500/380 for units/buildings**
Duration: 30
Damage Per Strike: 37.5 / 50 / 62.5
Armor Reduced Per Strike: 1
Strike Cooldown: 0.7 / 0.6 / 0.5 (0.55* / 0.45* / 0.35*)

Mana Cost: 100 / 150 / 200 Cooldown Time: 80 / 70 / 60


Aaaaawww yyyyeeesss! The ultimate. This is somewhat of a strange spell, it creates a lightning storm above you that follows you everywhere, like in The Adams Family. It has a fun animation, with rain pouring rain and thunder and stuff. Anyway, the storm does damage and decreases the armor of the enemy with each strike.

The catch is: the lightning strikes ONLY the enemy with the LOWEST HP, not the hero, any enemy. SO, use Eye of the Storm only when there are NO creeps around - this is very important. Your ulti will do nothing if you misuse it.

At lvl 3, each strike deals 62.5 Damage and decreases the armor by 1 every 0.5 seconds (-2 armor per second), so if you have a, let's say, mediocre opponent that stays near you for 8 seconds, you will have stolen 224 damage and decreased his armor by 16.

What's interesting about this spell is that the damage dealt is Physical, meaning, because of the armor reduction it deals more and more damage. You can find the equation and details here ARMOR, but what you need to know is that -1 armor point deals extra 6% damage, -5 armor deals extra 26.6%.. it is not a linear equation but you get the point: more damage from ulti, more damage from rightclicking and more and more. All you need to do is land that ulti right!
TIP: if you play against Razor and he catches you off guard in the jungle, head towards the nearest creep camp so Eye of the Storm will target one of them.

The spell is up-gradable if you have Aghanim's Scepter: it hits buildings too, and it decreases the armor by 3 points per second. Only get Aghanim if you just woke up and have 4200 gold and don t know what to do with it, so don't.
Always get at lvl 6/11/16.


Easy, go close to the enemy, from behind if it's possible (if you know what I mean), cast Static Link on the hero that inflicts the most damage (carry if he's around), press [R] to activate Eye of the Storm ONLY if there are NO creeps around (again, very important), stay close to him and whip him to death. If he is faster than you (doubt it) and tries to escape, cast Plasma Field and get the kill. If there are 2, smash first the one targeted by your ulti and then the other one. yes, I know, it sounds easy, but it requires a little practice.


As any kill-seeking hero, Razor likes to have in his team heroes that can help him steal damage for 8 seconds and secure the kill so:


Lina with Light Strike Array
WD with Paralyzing Cask
Ogre with Fireblast and the +20% slow from Ignite is great.
Lion with Earth Spike and Hex

Sven Slar Tiny..

and anyone with an Abyssal Blade
you get the point

disablers and silencers

CM with Frostbite
Bane with Nightmare, Fiend's Grip and great synergy with Enfeeble
Rasta with Shackles and his Hex
Tinker with Laser
Puck with his silence and Dream Coil

Magnus Enigma and many others

and all the silencers, users of Heaven's Halberd or Orchid Malevolence


Viper with all his skills
Enchantress with Enchant
Naix with Open Wounds
Veno with his passive and Venomous Gale
AA with Ice Vortex

Lich Pudge Visage Trax..

and anyone with a Rod of Atos, Scythe of Vyse

Special mention goes to
Seer that can increase your speed with Surge and can bring you enemy close with Vacuum
Bara with his Empowering haste that gives you bonus speed and all-around stuns and my personal favorite
that Decrepifys the enemy and BAM: 3.5 seconds of free damage absorbtion and +50% damage increase for your Plasma Field.



OK.. So you are a popular guy and have many friends, but most of them are also bad for you when they are on the other side of the river. Good counters for you:

so you can't cast Static Link and therefore are almost useless

Burstdamagers(just made this word up)
those who do large amount of burst damage like Lina Lion Tinker and kill you before you can do anything (nukers)

Slowers and disablers
all of the above "friends" and basically those who stop you from moving anywhere, this includes Bloodseeker's Rupture, NEcrolyte's Reaper's Scythe, Fiend's Grip, Shackles and many many many more.

Another good counter are heroes that blink or have high speed and can break your Static Link prematurely like Anti-Mage, Queen of Pain, Weaver, Clinkz

Special mention goes to
Batrider, that slows you with Sticky Napalm and disables you with Flaming Lasso, Omni with his Degen Aura and all his other spells...hmm, he is also good on your team, he is good in every team, bastard.
AAAaaaand, ladies and gentlemen, the one and only, Doom bringerDoom that dooms you with his Doom which renders you useless and you are doomed, but Doom counters anyone so..Doom

Early Game

Early game

Razor can be played in any lane but the best place for him is MID, no doubt about it. You need to get XP fast, get lvl7 and start ganking.

Your starting items should be :
Tango and Healing Salve for sustenance in the lane .
Slippers of Agility for some damage, that Razor lacks in the early game, and a Ring of Protection for, you know, protection; it doubles your armor so it's a big deal. Both of them will be transformed later into Ring of Aquila.
As many Iron Branches as you can get, they don't call them GG branches for nothing. Later you will transform them into Magic Wand, especially if you go against a nuker like Zeus.
TIP: If you random Razor, or if you feel confident with your skill, buy an Observer Ward to place on the MID hill so the Static Link won't break if the enemy hero goes into fog and so you can see Pudge when he tries to hook you. The same goes if you go on lane, put a ward in the jungle.

OK, you got your items, head out to your lane, MID is the best for you as I've said before. Spam your Static Link, steal damage from enemy hero, use it to farm and deny. Try to play it safe because you are very squishy in this early stage of the game. Do not use Plasma Field unless it is for a certain kill, you do not have the mana pool to spam it.

Farm your way to Boots of Speed and turn your remaining items into Ring of Aquila and Magic Wand. Ring of Aquila is the BEST item for agility carries, works well even in the midgame: it gives you +9 damage, +3 to all attributes, +3 agility, +1 armor aaaaand aura with +2 armor and +.65 mana regen for all your allies. That is +15 Damage, +3 armor, attributes and mana regen and it only costs 985 gold.
Try and get a Vitality Booster as soon as you can, it gives you some much needed HP.
Best advice I can give you is..well, DON'T DIE.
TIP: You should turn off the aura in the early game so the +2 bonus armor to creeps won't push the lane making it harder for you to farm.

Mid Game - GANKING

Mid game

Aaaa, mid-game, this is where Razor shines. So, once you hit that level7 and have maxed Static Link and have you ulti, it is time for ganking.
Rule no1: Keep your eyes on the runes.


Ganking and killing heroes is your main source of income so you must always get that last hit. Be aware of your HP and increasing damage as the 8 seconds passes. It is easy to gank with Razor: cast Static Link on the carry, press [R] to activate Eye of the Storm ONLY if there are no creeps around (we've talked about this), first kill the one with lower HP, then the other guy. Use the Magic Wand in the beginning of the fight,when you take the most damage. It should be easy if you have some help from your friends.
NOTE: If you gank the easy lane try to let your carry get one kill, because you will need someone in the late game.

HASTE is the best one for you, speed is essential to Razor, pick it up and go and kill someone, they can't escape Static Link so it will be an easy kill for you.

Double Damage is a good rune for any ganker so you should take that too.

rune is very fun because you can sneak behind them, cast Static Link and watch as they try to choose which way to go - towards you so you can bash they head in or towards the tower and you allied heroes. Usually the come for you, either way, they are dead.

Why is ganking so important? Simple: GOLD! Here's the catch: Razor is very good at ganking, especially in the 1vs1 jungle fighting and the gold you get from killing heroes is RELIABLE gold - this means that if you die, you don't loose it, unlike the gold you receive from creep killing. So your job is to roam the map (the high built in mobility helps a lot), find solo heroes around and kill them; or to profit from a 3vs2 ganking opportunity and get some well earned cash! Think of you as a Night Stalker during the night. Leave the creeps for your hard carry. Bounty Hunter is a very good ganking ally because his Track will help you get even more gold and you have increased speed around the targeted enemy. After a successful gank, go with your teammates and push the towers -> more reliable gold.

In the mid game there is a turning point, where you choose your items accordingly. Don't fixate on one build and try to be flexible and ADAPT to the game play.

Power Treads or Phase Boots, both of them are OK, I personally prefer the Power Treads just for the attack speed and switching between STR and INT. Only use AGI while farming solo or in the late-game.
Phase Boots are an excellent choice on Razor because you move 16% faster, through the creeps while chasing you enemy with your whip. The +24 damage is also a big plus. I get Phase Boots when playing against faster heroes like Spirit Breaker and Slardar - see NFS build.

Check the enemy team;
if it's filled with Lina, Zeus, Leshrac and all the other nukers in the world, buy Hood of Defiance. It gives you 30% magic reduction and it works very well with Unstable Current that punishes nukers, and it gives you HP regen.
if it has many right-clickers like Phantom Assassin, Drow Ranger, Sniper get the Blade Mail. Only do this if you feel that you can't handle the incoming damage.

ALWAYS get Yasha. This is the item for Razor, it gives you AGILITY, therefore damage and armor, attack speed and most important of all: movement speed. The green katana is made for you, always get this. Combined with Phase Boots and Unstable Current you will be faster than blinkers. If the game is going worse than expected, get first Drum of Endurance as it gives you good movement speed and some stats, but as soon as possible -> Yasha.

At this point you have to check your KILL/DEATH status and your team score, as you are about to spend a lot of money. You must turn your Vitality Booster into something, but what? I know I've said that this is a low budget build, but you have to make your way to a Heart of Tarrasque, yes, i know, that Reaver is hard to farm but if the game is going your way try to get this. Or else.
Or else what? EXACTLY!
Vanguard is not that good of an item for you, it gives you +6 hp regen that is useful if you went for Blade Mail approach. Razor is, for reasons I don't understand, a RANGED hero, so you only get half the damage block. If you think you can't get the Reaver, you must buy Vanguard early on. I have many games finished that caught me with both Vanguard and Heart of Tarrasque in the inventory, so it's not a problem.

Late game

Late game

In the beginning of the late game you are still strong. The first thing to do is Sange and Yasha, yes, SnY. I think Razor (and maybe Slark) is the only hero that is fit to carry such a mediocre item. This really gives you everything you need: 32 damage (16 AGI), health (16 STR), 16% attack speed, 16% movement speed (higher ms from patch 6.79, thank you) and 16% chance to slow by 30% the enemy unit for 4 seconds. This is what we like the most: increased movement speed and slow for the enemy.

If you are easily getting gold, buy Talisman of Evasion and disassemble your Sange and Yasha to make the all-mighty Heaven's Halberd which gives you +20 STR (even more HP), +25 damage, 25% evasion, meaning 1 out of 4 hits will miss you, 15% chance to slow by20% (less than SnY) and the most important skill of all: DISARM, yes, your target will not be able to attack you for 4 seconds (3 if the enemy is melee). 4 seconds, this means that you steal 112 damage without being attacked. This is very important in the late game when in 4 seconds a hard carry can kill you, even if he is linked.

Again, if you have the cash, transform Yasha into Manta Style, just because you can and you have 1 slot occupied anyway. It gives you some attribute points and the 3 illusions that are for fun, because they do not receive the bonus damage from Static Link. When you activate it, you remove all negative buffs like Track or amplify damage that can be useful if you remember you have Manta Style. Also there is a 0.1 second of invulnerability upon activation, it's not much, but if you time it right you can dodge stuns and spells.

Ring of Aquila is my personal favorite item, but when you have some gold replace it with Desolator - the armor reduction works really well with Eye of the Storm and your damage output will increase significantly.
If you went anti-caster build, upgrade your Hood of Defiance to Pipe of Insight for team fights.

So this is my final " LOW BUDGET PUB " built except for HoT:



split into:
--> (maybe)


NFS - build for SPEED

The NFS build is similar, but with emphasis on SPEED, and yes, you will be flying on the map. For this purpose, get 2 early points in Unstable Current - see build. If you go mid against an Outworld devourer max Plasma Field last because you will not have the mana for it and watch out for his ulti and you lack of intelligence, in the game I mean, I'm sure you are a genius in real life. OK, back to the build.

Start the game with 2x Slippers of Agility that you will latter transform into a Poor Man's Shield. This will help you last hit better due to +6AGI and will also block some incoming damage.

Phase Boots instead of Power Treads - the 6.79 patch decreased the standard movement speed of the boots by 5 so the active from phase is really important now. Also the +24 damage compensates for the missing aquila.

Instead of Ring of Aquila you get Drum of Endurance - this is the most cost efficient item in the game. It gives you +9 to all attributes +3 damage and 15%bonus movement speed and 15 attack speed while active) to compensate for the lack of Power Treads. Don't forget to activate it when chasing an enemy hero or to escape a gank.

Because you no longer have armor bonus and mana regeneration from Ring of Aquila, you should get the very underestimated Medallion of Courage. It gives you +6 armor and +50 mana regen. It's active, Valor, decreases the armor of you and your target by 6 for 7 seconds - this is excellent for a ganker like Razor.

Then you must get Yasha, like I've said before, this is the most important item for you, as it gives you everything. Turn it into Sange and Yasha when you have the cash.
Also, you can replace Medallion of Courage with a Desolator if you feel you have too many active items.

Get a Hot and the game is done.

For some extra fun you can buy a Shadow Blade for more movement speed and an escape mechanism/ surprise gank opportunity. You can press W then R and then activate lothar's and the Static Link and Eye of the Storm still remain on. This works only if the enemy team do not have AoE spells.

Later you can follow the standard guide and slowly replace your items with better ones depending on how well you are doing.

TI4 - Pushing build

Razor was picked really hard during the TI4 and the PUSHER strategy is the way they went. In order for this build to work you really need a good team coordination so I don't recommended in solo pub games. Ok, let's get started.

Fist of all, if you go mid, go for a Bottle rush, get 2 - 3 Iron Branches and ask a teammate for 2 Tango (Shared) and head out to mid.

If you go on the side lane, get the standard Tango, Healing Salve some Iron Branches and a Ring of Protection if you want to go for Ring of Aquila or a Gauntlets of Strength or Circlet if you want to go for Drum of Endurance; there's no point in getting them both unless you are doing really badly.

Get you boots ASAP Power Treads if you want more survivability and attack speed, tread switching and so on or Phase Boots for the extra mobility, both of them work well on Razor.

Since this is a pushing strategy, you need Mekansm for the extra regen and armor for you and the 250 HP heal and +2 bonus armor for your creeps. You can skip your Magic Wand if you have gotten mek already, it is a mater of personal choice.

Finish your Ring of Aquila - as I have said before, an excellent item on AGI heroes, not to mention that the aura grants armor to you creeps so it further helps pushing the tower. Or your Drum of Endurance - gives you a little bit of everything and for your allies +5% movement speed and 5% attack speed aura - great item to have.

Oh, the skill build.. In this case you need to max first Plasma Field so you can clear the creep waves faster when going for a tower. Get 1 point in Static Link just because you need it in case someone ganks you and one point in Unstable Current for the extra mobility.
Get you ultimate Eye of the Storm at the standard 6 11 16, this will be your main pushing tool.

Make your way to Aghanim's Scepter it upgrades your ultimate to strike 3 times per second aaand to also hit buildings. again, keep in mind that Eye of the Storm only attacks the enemy with the LOWEST HP so use it when there are no enemy creeps around and you will see the tower melt.

If the enemy team has a lot of nukers and stunners, you will need a Black King Bar to survive. The extra HP and damage also helps, but BKB is more of a situational item as the Eye of the Storm and Static Link work even though you are stunned or hexed.

If everything is going well you can go for Refresher Orb so you can cast 2 ultimates at the same time for devastating damage and armor reduction. Not to mention that you will never have mana issues again.

As for the end-game, get Boots of Travel that are essential to any pusher so you can tp home and defend if there are problems. Extra 100 Movement speed is great, combine this with Unstable Current and nobody will be able to catch you.

In pro games I have seen Scythe of Vyse on Razor a great item to have of course, but still, really expensive. I have never bought it myself but if you do, let me know how it goes. Back to the item, a great item to have, you get a 3.5 second Hex (so free Static Link stolen damage) and 10 STR 10 AGI and 35 INT and 150% mana regen so definitely no more mana problems.

Always keep an eye out on the map for enemy heroes, if you see more of them on the other side of the map GO PUSH. Before you get your Boots of Travel always carry a Town Portal Scroll and get Observer Wards if nobody on your team has, vision and knowing where your enemies are is essential in a pushing strategy.

Like I have said before, I do not recommend this strategy unless you are a team and constantly communicating during the game. For this strategy to work, Razor requires some extra push from heroes like Death Prophet, Shadow Shaman, Leshrac, Venomancer a Desolator Lina or everyone's favorite fckin Nature's Prophet with his split push and stuff.

Other Useful Items

Other USEFUL items

It is very important to adapt to each game so here are some other items you can get in certain circumstances for the right amount of GOLD:

MEK - is a good pickup, especially if nobody on your team has it, it really helps your health regen issues in the early game and it gives you +5 attributes, +5 armor and HP regen, not to mention the instant 250HP.

BKB - magic immunity, yes please! pick this up if there are a lot of disablers in the enemy team - Doom, Culling Blade, Fiend's Grip, Primal Roar, Black Hole, Chronosphere go through BKB. TIP: don't activate BKB when Naga Siren casts her ulti or you will be be only one who's not sleeping and the other team can kill you very fast.

- gives you some extra stats and helps you against the casters, I prefer BKB though. Linken's works very well against single target hard spells like Doom or Laguna Blade, but can be easily bypassed by an experienced player.

- is the perfect item for an AGI carry, so it is good for you it gives you +30 agility (so +30 damage and +4.2 armor), another +30 damage, +30 attack speed, +35% evasion. This does not stack with the Heaven's Halberd so if you are thinking of Butterfly, leave the Sange and Yasha as it is

AC - gives you attack speed and decreases even more the armor of surrounding enemy units (useful for Razor since he has such a small range, almost melee)

MKB - useful against heroes with evasion, also the ministun helps you keep up with the enemy

- gives you +25 attributes and THE SLOWEST slow you can find, this is great for chasers like you

- not really useful but hey, if you got the cash, some extra damage and critical strike is great

- Okay, life-stealing, I personally never used this on Razor, don't know why, if you guys try it let me know how it goes. A! New player, be careful with the ORB effects, they don't stack so choose carefully between lifesteal Morbid Mask and what derives from it (except Vladmir's Offering), Desolator, Eye of Skadi or Orb of Venom, Mjollnir, mana burn ( Diffusal Blade).

- Abyssal Blade is a great item, it gives you +100 damage, has a minibash passive but more importantly stuns the target for 2 seconds so you can steal damage with Static Link.

- almost forgot about it. It is useful as it gives you an escape mechanism when your speed is not enough. You can also use it to gank more effectively or to secure a long and prosperous Static Link, also keep in mind that you do an extra 150 damage when you break invisibility

- I have seen this recently and it works, it really does, you can win 1vs2 fights with this, silence the support for 5 seconds, Static Link the hero that does the damage and kill them both. great item to have, fixes your mana issues and gives you a bit more attack speed

I wouldn't

- I saw that some people go for this. Don't. It is too expensive and you can buy much more useful items with that gold. It also means that you have to play passively until you get your Sacred Relic and Razor is not that hero.

- OK, it is overall a good item, massive attack speed increase, a little damage, awesome PASSIVE and ACTIVE spells that deal extra magic damage in the form of chain lightning, but it is better to buy items that give you HP, EVASION or ARMOR so you can survive the Static Link's damage stealing process.

Now, you started with my low budget items and now you are filthy rich? trust me, it happens, but it's usually too late for the enemy, but just for fun, here are the items you should have if you have 20/0 K/D:

& OR &

Any ITEM mentioned in the USEFUL Items section, you pick what you think is right for you (don't pick orb effect if you already have Desolator). I personally prefer BKB



As you can see, Razor is a versatile hero, and in order to play him well, you have to know his strengths and weaknesses. Basically you can get whatever you want on Razor but focus on HIGH MOVEMENT SPEED, TANKYNESS so you have time to steal the damage and slow/ministun/disarm for your enemy so you can easily catch him. He is not that great in team-fights, he is built for 1VS1 battles and you should focus on that. If you really want to help your team, you can get a Pipe of Insight and a Vladmir's Offering, but you should have a support.

Okay guys, this was my "LOW BUDGET" build for Razor. Please feel free to make any suggestions or criticize my build in any way and point out any mistakes I may have made since English is, of course, not my native language.
All of this was written while I was at work so I was actually paid to write this which is awesome.
I leave you with these TIPS and TRICKS:
- ALWAYS CARRY A Town Portal Scroll with you
- ALWAYS HAVE Dust of Appearance if you go against invisible heroes
- BE NICE to your fellow players even if they are all NOOBs
May the GG always come from the other team.

Thanks to Nubtrain for his Guide to making a guide and Dr.D for his Guide formatting and you and DOTAFIRE.

update log

- repaired some minor spelling mistakes
- added Desolator as core, Butterfly as luxury
- added "I wouldn't" item section
- added extra information in the SKILLS section

- added some 6.79 patch updates - nothing new on Razor though
- added new build
- rearranged the chapters
- added Pugna as friends
- added Mekansm and in useful items section

- added TI4 - Pushing build
- added Orchid Malevolence to useful items

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