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Strategy Guide for Broodmother
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Sando's Guide to Broodmother

Broodmother has a unique playstyle, building a network of nests around a single lane and gradually dominating the area with her horde of spider minions. She... read more

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by Wulfstan on September 16, 2014
News Views 905 News Comments 24
The second iteration of the contest, this time, with really (un)balanced item ideas, but nontheless unique.

A tiny bit of background : Another inspired theme choice "Core Item", that led to wonderful ideas. We had 9 item ideas that made it into the voting part of the contest, but only 1 emerged as victorious.

So, without further due, the winner of the Forge of Creation #2 is :

Smuggels -

by Hades4u on September 4, 2014
News Views 1,694 News Comments 5

Hello members of DOTAFire! This is my interview with Austin "Capitalist" Walsh, most of you maybe know him from the joinDOTA streams where he's casting next to TobiWan, I was lucky enough to get in touch with him, he answered some interesting questions for us, hope you all will like them!

Recently, Capitalist star
by xCO2 on August 29, 2014
News Views 2,775 News Comments 20

Step Lightly: The Techies Update

August 29, 2014 - Dota Team

Just when you thought it was safe to walk, well, anywhere. Techies are finally coming to Dota 2, along with a host of new features and Compendium stretch goals, including the new All Random Deathmatch mode and the All-Hero Challenge. Check out the Techies Update page and learn more about

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F.E.A.R.0 DOTA 2 Blog
September 8, 2014

Damage and Armor

All damage dealt throughout the game have a certain type. Some are reduced by armor (attacks), some spell resistance (Laguna Blade) and some are seemingly not reduced at all (Meat Hook). Damage... Read more

Yukosss DOTA 2 Blog
September 6, 2014

The Way of Support

Hello guys, this is my first ever blog post in my life, so please be nice to me xD Oh, and also don't mind my english, because it's not my native language xD Hello, today i want to share my... Read more

Sando DOTA 2 Blog
September 4, 2014

3v3 Support Video

Hey guys, Another quick video guide, this time for a 3v3 lane that developed unexpectedly in a recent ranked game. The sides were a bit unorthodox due to some slightly odd picks, but here we... Read more