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Top DOTA 2 Guides (30 Days)

Strategy Guide for Venomancer
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13 Votes

Some Idiot's Guide to Venomancer

Hello one and everyone! Safecyn here, bringing you a guide to Venomancer! ... ... Huh. What? It's just... you usually interrupt me before I get the hero... read more

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by Hades4u on September 2, 2015
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Coming Soon: The Reborn Update

September 1, 2015 - Dota Team

With The International behind us and the Majors just around the corner, we are excited to have the world start playing Dota in the brand-new Source 2 engine. Within the coming weeks, the main client will receive the Reborn Update. Moving away from the Source 1 engine soon will allow us to better focus our efforts entirely o… Read More...
by Hades4u on August 21, 2015
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Prepare for The Majors

August 21, 2015 - Dota Team

This fall, a new tradition comes to the world of professional Dota. The Majors are a series of four seasonal marquee tournaments culminating in The International. The first Major will be occuring in Europe this November and we’ll have more details on ticketing soon.

Ahead of this Major, there will be Open Qualifiers from October 6… Read More...
by Hades4u on August 17, 2015
News Views 1,376 News Comments 44

We have great news, Editor Bunkansee is now Veteran Bunkansee, congratulations and welcome to the Veteran Squad!

He has been around for a while, a really helpful and friendly member of ours and a great contributor of our community, well deserved promotion!
by Hades4u on August 12, 2015
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Evil Geniuses: Grand Champions

August 11, 2015 - Dota Team

Congratulations to Evil Geniuses, Grand Champions at The International 2015.

It’s been a long road for the victors. Battling in the Group Stage, Evil Geniuses secured a top position within their grouping. However, at the same time, the underdogs of CDEC Gaming were making a name for themselves. A runner-up at the China Qua… Read More...

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Blubbles DOTA 2 Blog
August 30, 2015

Mindset and Winning ( The Real Goal )

As of today I am on a 5 game winning streak (with the exception of one game where the four of the enemies abandoned and the last guy left would not leave, so I left and my team lost apparently).... Read more

R-Conqueror DOTA 2 Blog
August 27, 2015

Skill cap 2 stronk now

So I'm at college now, and my internet is soooooo much better. This has translated to an increase in my winrate and considerably more fun games. I also feel much more comfortable playing higher... Read more

Sanvitch DOTA 2 Blog
August 25, 2015

6.84c and Efficiency

Just a little frame-work before the main body of the post; This came about from one of my discussions with Hamster in Sando's 6.85 thread, where as usually we have very different view points on a... Read more