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The Good, The Bad and The Warding

As the title itself says,hello everyone and welcome to a warding guide(the most action a support can get during a game-is warding). However,we keep... read more

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by Hades4u on July 25, 2014
News Views 460 News Comments 5

We have the winners for our "Pass The Test" contest!

Winner of the main prize is Ante Boljat, congratulations!

Since he's the single winner he's going to receive a bonus prize, a Lockless Luckvase!

The lucky random winners of pennants are:
  • cosminrelea
  • idollucky
  • renzo vk
  • ungsiong 94
  • guff sad
Congratulations to everyone and thank you for joining, you will be contacted through email and you… Read More...
by Hades4u on July 23, 2014
News Views 573 News Comments 27
Let's welcome our newest addition to the Veteran squad, he has been around for a long time and he has been active and friendly to our users!

Editor Xyrus is now Veteran Xyrus!

Congratulations, well deserved promotion, keep up the good work friend!
by Mowen on July 8, 2014
News Views 3,317 News Comments 45

To celebrate the beginning of The International 2014, we're hosting a contest to give you guys the chance to win some nice freebies to enjoy while playing DotA 2!

How to win?

Winning is simple, all you have to do is to tell us who do you think the grand finalists will be and also tell us the final match score.

For example: Natus Vincere vs Alliance 3-2

Giveaway Prize

Each winner will ge…

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Menstro, The Mind Worker

Menstro, The Mind Woker Faction: The Radiant Primary attribute: Intelligence Attack Type: Ranged Attack range: 645 Role(s): Support, Lane support, Disabler, Semicarry Strength: 19 +2 per... Read more

Powergoat DOTA 2 Blog
July 27, 2014

New Hero Ideas

This blog will have all entries also posted of the hero creation forms. In this blog I will be posting my own created Dota 2 heroes. I will start working on them In about a months time The... Read more

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July 25, 2014

Death Prophet Early Builds

Got to keep the { happy :) I was replying to this guide earlier on, and it got me thinking about why I tend to build Death Prophet the way I do. Is there a best way to do it? It's quite... Read more