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General Carry Tips

Heyo people! I'm Terathiel, occasionally known by other names, most of them silly. I've been playing Dota for what, bit under a year and a half? Across this... read more

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by Xyrus on April 3, 2015
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Look At The Shiny Orange Heading!

Date: Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th April
Time: 16:30 Luxembourg time (CET)
Mode: Captain's Mode
Server: EU West

Inhouse Rules
by Hades4u on March 26, 2015
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The International Tickets FAQ

March 26, 2015 - Dota Team

Tickets to The International will be available to purchase at this link and will be on sale soon. The first wave starts at 10:00am PDT March 27th and followed by the last wave at 10:00pm PDT March 27th.

Q. How many tickets can I buy?
Ticket purchases are limited to 5 per household.

Q. When will tickets go on sale?
Tickets will be …
by Hades4u on March 20, 2015
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Tickets to The International

March 20, 2015 - Dota Team

Dota 2 returns to KeyArena in Seattle this summer from August 3rd through August 8th.

All tickets will be general admission, which will cost $99 and give you access to all six days of the main event, where the top 16 teams in the world will compete for the Aegis of Champions.

We are not directly selling VIP tickets this year,… Read More...

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fires.of.hell DOTA 2 Blog
Today @ 12:03pm


This day sucks, My team (with 2 stand-in) just played against a team in Best of 3 Captain's Mode: Enemy's first ban was Silencer and Invoker then a theory pops on my mind that they would pick... Read more

Safecyn DOTA 2 Blog
April 24, 2015

Treant Protector, Gold, and Natural Selection

Given up the MMR climb already, eh? I don't blame you, you're not cut out for competitive Dota. I'll have you know I'm one hundred percent committed to finishing my calibration, THANK YOU. But... Read more

fires.of.hell DOTA 2 Blog
April 23, 2015

Role, Favorite Hero and Why ?

The title says it all, Why you excel that role , Why that hero fills your favorite role and some advices and tips :3 Read more