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Strategy Guide for Silencer
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Some Idiot's Guide to Silencer

Hello one and everyone! Safecyn here, bringing you a guide to... Where the hell have you been??? Uh... what? You haven't written anything in MONTHS! You have... read more

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by Janitsu on October 27, 2014
News Views 1,162 News Comments 61
I, for one, LOVE birthday threads. I love making them for other people, and I love participating in threads I didn't make. But I know there are a few MobaFire members out there who have never received a "Happy Birthday X" thread, simply because a friend forgot, or didn't know their birthday.

So this thread is a place where birthday dates will be held,
by Hades4u on October 19, 2014
News Views 1,582 News Comments 49

Day by day, DOTAFire is growing bigger and better, people join us daily, spammers do as well, and I'm happy and proud to say that we are one of the biggest and best DotA 2 community alive! And also.. I have to mention that; we're the most open-minded and friendly community around!

We are the best because of our wonderful members and contributors, who spend tremendous amounts of time and… Read More...

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UltraSuperHyper DOTA 2 Blog
Today @ 09:22pm

Offlane Pudge.

IN one of my recent matches, I was forced to offlane with a pudge (because of random -_-). But, I realised a few minutes into the game that it is pretty easy to get kills with him in the offlane... Read more

Yzreel DOTA 2 Blog
Today @ 07:28pm

Chapter 1 - Hestia and the Vestals

Chapter 1 Hestia and the Vestals “Welcome to The Alcove” That gentle, clear voice pulled me back to reality –if it was reality– and as I lifted up my head trying to find the source of the... Read more

Terathiel DOTA 2 Blog
Today @ 12:29am

Outside the Cycle

As I promised in my conspiracy thread, I wrote a story of the Ancient War and its potential outcome. I know I'm going to receive some criticism for the choices I made in the plot, so I'll explain... Read more