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[Full/Dense] Goo's Mid Lane Guide (Now with over 70 pictures!)

Welcome to my masterpiece. The day I started this guide I knew it was going to become a gigantic chunk of words. To keep everything nice and tidy we will have... read more

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by Wulfstan on January 22, 2015
News Views 1,042 News Comments 38
Nothing much to say, I shall post the groups.

Group 1:
  • TheGooGaming
  • Swampmist1142
  • R-Conqueror
  • Blubbles
  • Terathiel

Group 2:
  • Smuggles
  • RazeMage
  • porygon361
  • Fedorable
  • Yzreel

Group 3:
  • TheSofa
  • ThreadOfFate
  • dharma iniciative
  • BKVoiceover
  • Unscathed

Group 4:
  • Ninecent
  • MrLocket
  • ElDiablo
  • KodyAbAba
  • Hamstertamer
  • oldKainen

Notes (Please read for my mental sanity)
by Hades4u on January 7, 2015
News Views 1,473 News Comments 43

Preparing for The International

January 7, 2015 - Dota Team

We wanted to share some information about The International so that you’re able to start making room in your schedules. This year the Main Event in Seattle will include 16 teams and will run for 6 full days, from Monday August 3rd through Saturday August 8th. Ticket availability will be announced on this blog prior to g… Read More...
by Hades4u on January 2, 2015
News Views 1,383 News Comments 41
As the new year came, we're all expecting new changes and additions.

One of the first additions will be Editor Janitsu joining the Veteran squad, welcome Veteran Janitsu!

He has been around for a while, contributing whenever he had the chance, coming up with ideas, creating artwork for all of our members and bringing some new 'flavors' from our sister site, MOBAFIRE. Thank you and keep on being … Read More...

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Corus the Spectrum

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