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May the odd be ever in your favor

March 9, 2016 by Plutarch
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Best solution

DotA2 Hero: Oracle

Purchase Order

Early game

Animal Courier
Enchanted Mango
Observer Ward
Iron Branch

early mid game

Arcane Boots
Observer and Sentry Wards
Flying Courier
Enchanted Mango

mid game

Arcane Boots
Ghost Scepter
Observer and Sentry Wards

late game

Aether Lens
Guardian Greaves
Ghost Scepter
Pipe of Insight


Blink Dagger
Boots of Travel
Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Glimmer Cape
Force Staff
Octarine Core

Hero Skills

Fortune's End

1 8 9 10

Fate's Edict

4 12 13 14

Purifying Flames

2 3 5 7

False Promise

6 11 16


15 17 18


My first guild is about my favorite hero in DOTA 2: Oracle

Oracle is a multi-purpose hero with possibly the best utilities for his skills. He best fits the role of a support, but if the games orient unpredictably or there's already someone who volunteer for that role, his builds can become very flexible. But the true potential of Oracle lies in his skills, at some point, levels are all he needs and with proper skill uses, he could be the one deciding the outcome of a combat. Please take this into the account before playing Oracle, he's not newbie-friendly and even for those familiar with DOTA and want to try him out should consider a fact that Oracle is very controversial due to his flexible abilities affecting both allies and enemies. To play Oracle effectively, one must devote a decent amount of effort and likeness in him. Given the fact the in recent patches, Oracle is somehow nerfed and appears to be weaker than his former versions, making the above requirement more fundamental if you want to play as Oracle.

Pros / Cons

- Highly spam-able skills with decent mana cost and low cooldowns
- Posses many purposes, principally healing and nuking, a decent disable and disarm ability
- Not very item dependent, like all support, he only needs mana and levels
- Nice int gains and fast attack speed (though these are highly miscellaneous stuffs :) if you play as support).

- Very fragile
- Controversial skills that could turn out badly if misused
- Slow turn rate

Fortune's End

Info (in-game description)
Gathers Oracle's power into a bolt of scouring energy that, when released, damages, stops movement, and purges enemies of buffs in an area around the target. If target is an ally it only will purge. Can be channeled for up to 2.5 seconds. The stop duration is equal to the time spent channeling.
    Cast Range: 850
    Effect Radius: 300
    Max Channel Time: 2.5
    Damage: 90/120/150/180
    Min Stop Duration: 0.5
    Max Stop Duration: 2.5
    Mana cost: 110
    Cooldown: 15/12/9/6

- Can target on ally, self and enemy. If targeted on ally and self, only purge effect will occur, no stop and damage.
- If Oracle is interrupted, the bolt will still be released.
- The bolt will not be disjointed if the target becomes spell-immune, invulnerable,or invisible, which means it will still release, explode, and affect all units in that area (ignoring spell-immune, invulnerable, can hit invisible unit if they're still in the radius)
- The dispel occur before the damage, so if the target has Repel or Fate's Edict, it always remove those buffs before applying the damage.
- If the enemy has Repel, it has to be targeted before turning spell-immune or else you cannot target it.
- The purge effect is considered basic dispel, which means it can only remove purgable buffs, not disables, or some powerful status such as Doom
- The indicator of the target and the channeling sound is both visible and audible to all players.
- The stop effect reduces enemy's movement to 0, it does not root them, which mean they can still blink away.

Personal opinion (Precautions)
- The stop and channeling duration is the same for all levels, so in early game you only need 1 point of it.
- The dispel removes both positive buffs and negative buffs from the target, so debuffs on enemies like Orchid Malevolence or Ice Blast will be removed.. This is very important, you may not want to annoy your teammates, so you may want to research more on similar buffs that can be dispelled by basic dispel.
- If the projectile is disjointed, nothing will occur (no damage nor purge). The projectile will be disjointed if the target becomes invisible, however, if the target becomes invisible before the bolt is released, it still gets hit normally.
- The disable only causes the movement of the target to be reduced to 0, so if you encounter enemies with Blink, don't bother targeting it unless you are completely sure that it cannot use the ability or on cooldown. Also, an enemy with Blink will usually try to disjoint the bolt instead so don't waste your mana and cooldown until an assured chance is met.
- Fortune End is an effective and decent disable with long cast range and low cool down.
- These are possible uses for this skill as I will explain further later:
= Fortune's End + Purifying Flames to damage
= Fate's Edict + Fortune's End to buy you more time


Fate's Edict

Info (in-game description)
Oracle enraptures a target, disarming them and granting them 100% magic damage resistance. Can be cast on allies and enemies.
    Cast Time: 0.3+1.1
    Cast Range: 500/600/700/800
    Duration: 3/3.5/4/4.5
    Mana cost: 50
    Cooldown: 16/13/10/7

- Always treat as a debuff, which means if you target an enemy, he can purge it off himself while cannot purge it from enemy, and vice versa.
- Prevent abilities that require attack animations to deal damage, such as Sleight of Fist and Omnislash, if these abilities are performed when fate's edict is applied, the animation still occurs but it will deal no damage.
* Haven't tested with Riki's Tricks of the Trade*
*Updated* It is officially confirmed that Fate's Edict cannot prevent Omnislash from dealing damage, however, it is possible to prevent additional damage that are granted from this ability when the attack speed of Juggernaut reaches below 0.4 second per attack.
It is also confirmed that Fate's Edict cannot prevent Riki's Tricks of the Trade to deal damage, even though these attacks are treated with normal attacks and can be negated by Ethereal form or invulnerability.
Still, Fate's Edict can make Sleight of Fist to deal no damage remains true and has been tested. Moreover, Fate's Edict duration is frozen when the heroes perform these abilities with the buff on them, the duration continues after the spells have expired.
- The target takes physical and pure damage (which can be executed by some spells) and certain HP removals.

Personal opinion (Precautions)
- Fate's Edict is a good disarm against enemy's carries, at the cost of granting them 100% magic resistance, use it wisely.
- The following uses are available with Fate's Edict that I'll explain more later:
= Fate's Edict + Purifying Flames to heal
= False Promise + Fate's Edict + Purifying Flames to protect
= Fate's Edict + Ghost Scepter to protect.


Purifying Flames

Info (in-game descriptions)
Burns away impurities, dealing heavy magic damage to the target before causing them to regenerate health over time. The amount of health regenerated over its duration exceeds the amount of initial damage. Can be cast on enemies and allies.
    Cast Time: 0.3+1.1
    Cast Range: 750
    Damage: 90/180/270/360
    Heal per Second: 11/22/33/44
    Duration: 9
    Mana cost: 50/60/70/80
    Cooldown: 2.25

- The damage meets basic magic resistance, so the actual damage will be 75/135/203/270.
- The total heal will be 99/198/297/396.
- Multi-cast of Purifying Flames fully stacks.
- The healing occurs 0.5 second after the damage, so if any purging effects occur before that, the healing is not dispelled.(though this is unlikely to happen much)
- The damage is not lethal to ally, so you cannot use it to deny allied creeps, but it makes a handy last-hitting tool with short cooldown and reasonable manacost.

Personal opinion (Precautions)
- Purifying Flame is a good nuking and healing ability which goes well when combining with other abilities of Oracle.
- Remember that the damage is always reduced by magic resistance, so if an enemy survives a second stack of heal, the chance for you to kill it is very low given the fact that it has nearly +100hp per second.
- Alternatively, if an ally has higher MR than normal, say Pudge, Anti-Mage, Rubick, the buff can be applied without the assistance of Fate's Edict since the damage would not be much.
- The following uses of this skill will be introduced later:
= Fate's Edict + Purifying Flames to heal
= Fortune's End + Purifying Flames to damage


False Promise

Info (in-game descriptions)
Temporarily alters an ally's destiny, delaying any healing or damage taken until False Promise ends. Any healing that is delayed by False Promise is doubled. Removes most negative status effects and disables on initial cast.
    Cast Time: 0.3+0.97
    Cast Range: 1000
    Duration: 7/8/9
    Mana cost: 100
    Cooldown: 90/60/30

- Apply a strong dispel upon cast. A strong dispel means it can negate most negative buffs and disabling effects, including stuns, hex and silence. With very few exceptions, such as Doom
- Maintain the current status of an ally upon cast, which means the calculating heal/damage in the end will be apply to this status.
- Such as if False Promise is cast on ally at 500hp, it then takes 700dmg and 300 heal(doubled), the final result would be 500 + 300 - 700 = 100hp. The ally should survive, but with only 100hp.
- Alternatively, if the result is 0 or lesser means death. Credit is given to the hero that deals the last killing blow to the target, which can be in random order.
- Cannot prevent death from Culling Blade,Suicide Squad Attack, Ice Blast and Bloodstone
- The damage deals at the end is HP removal, which means it cannot be blocked by certain abilities such as Refraction, Living Armor or negated by becoming invulnerable by Cyclone. The only two exceptions which the target can survive after the damage is Shallow Grave and Borrowed Time.

Personal opinion:
- False promise applies a strong dispel, which means it is very useful to save an ally though you have to watch out for the long cooldown. This problem is removed at lv 3 which the cooldown has become significantly shorter.
- False promise maintains the current status of the target. Which means an ally such as Huskar who benefits from the high magic resistance he gains when at low health. No matter how much hp the heal has provided. Huskar will always sustain this status until the end of the duration. Which suggests that you can freely cast Purifying Flames on him while False Promise is active with low consequence.
- Shallow Grave can still save the target from dying and Borrowed Time will register the damage as heal. Which also suggests that these heroes are your potential allies.
- The orb floating on top the target indicates its current status, if damage is taken, a fiery effect will appear, while green particles will appear if heal is applied.
The target will always survive as long as there green particles on it, if the target is certainly dead, the fiery effect will displace all the particles
- Uses of False Promise that I will explain later:
= False Promise + Fate's Edict + Purifying Flames to protect
False Promise can be combined with a wide variety of healing abilities and items.


Damage combo breakdown

+ +

- Fortune's End is a slow moving projectiles while Purifying Flames happens almost instantly. Which means you can target Fortune's End at the enemy first, cancel the channeling by casting Purifying Flames on the enemy. If done correctly, Purifying Flames will damage the enemy then Fortune's End will follow suit, dealing additional damage and removes the healing buff from the enemy, makes way for additional Purifying Flames without much healing effect and complete an instant nuke combo that deal a handsome proportion of damage.
- At the highest level the damage dealt after reduction would be (270) Purifying Flames + (135) Fortune's End = (405) actual damage.
- The cast range of Fortune's End is unlimited once it locks the target, but Purifying Flames has 750 cast range, suggesting the combo should be done no further than this range.
- If the Purifying Flames is cast within 300 range or lesser, a high chance that the healing effect will not be purged as Fortune's End will reach the target before the healing occurs or even before you cast Purifying Flames at all. Since the channeling is canceled almost immediately while Purifying Flames has 0.3 sec cast point.

- Though both spells of Oracle has long cast range, it is advisable that you engage the enemy closer, preferably from behind, so that you don't have to cancel the channeling too soon, as the disable can make way for a second combo, as at its highest level, Fortune's End has only 6 second cooldown, while Purifying Flames has only 2.25 second.
- Aether Lens is a highly recommended item for this combo, it will allow you to make your attempt at a safer range, and also increase dmg output. The damage will be adjusted to (292) Purifying Flames + (146) Fortune's End = (438) dmg with the maximum cast range of 950 (based on Purifying Flames).
- It is possible to make a second and third purge with Eul's Scepter of Divinity, cast a second Purifying Flames then cast Cyclone, at the fast cooldown of Fortune's End, by the time the enemy lands, you should be only 1 or 0.5 second away from casting Fortune's End (it requires at least 1 second of channeling with the earlier Fortune's End for this to happen). Here's the sequel:
Fortune's End (at least 1 to 1.5 seconds) + Purifying Flames + Purifying Flames + Eul's Scepter of Divinity + Purifying Flames + Fortune's End + Purifying Flames(this one is cast separately and does not combo with Fortune's End).
+ + + + + +

Healing Combo Breakdown

- Fate's Edict provides 100% magic resistance which completely block the damage from Purifying Flames. So when this combo is executed, only the healing will occur. Best applied to an escaping ally.
- The duration of Fate's Edict is 3/3.5/4/4.5 while the cooldown of Purifying Flames is 2.25 so it is only possible to apply 2 stacks of heal when Fate's Edict reaches its 3/4 level. (given the 0.3 sec cast point of Purifying flames).

- When out of combat, this combo is one of the best healing techniques, given the low cooldown of both skills and average mana cost. You should be able to prevent magical damage to touch an escaping ally as well. As shown in the above footage of Fate's Edict.
- Important Purifying Flames can cancel Clarity, Healing Salve and Urn of Shadows even with the protection of Fate's Edict. Abilities such as Refraction, Living Armor, Gravekeeper's Cloak will not lose charges if shielded by Fate's Edict. Blink Dagger will be put on cooldown if not shielded by Fate's Edict.
- Purifying Flames damage is not lethal to ally, so it is not necessary to apply Fate's Edict if an ally is already at low health. Just watch out for nearby enemies.
- Combining this combo with Cold Embrace can give a large amount of HP boost while making the target almost invulnerable (Only takes damage from Pure dmg and some HP removals)
- It is possible to cast this combo first, then cast Fortune's End on the affected ally, Fate's Edict will be removed, but the healing will not. Use this to heal an ally during combat without interrupting their attacks for long.

Protection combo breakdown

- All HP regeneration is delayed, including lifesteal, HP bonus aura, individual hp regeneration, damage reversion like Time Walk and Time Lapse. So allying with heroes such as Huskar or Legion Commander or Lifestealer is a good choice, as they only require False Promise to be cast on them most of the time.
- Important False Promise has higher priority than Refraction, Living Armor, Aphotic Shield. Which means when combining these abilities with False Promise, the damage is always blocked by False Promise, while Living Armor and Refraction does not,(though they will still lose charge when damage instances are applied) and Aphotic Shield absorbs no damage, which also suggests that the delayed damage is not reduced because no damage instance is blocked by the above abilities. However, if Aphotic shield prevails after False Promise has ended, it will still absorb 110/140/170/200 delayed damage based on its current level.
- As mentioned above, False Promise maintains the current status of the target upon cast. Meaning the bonus hp regeneration by Guardian Greaves is sustained, giving a total healing of 15x9=135 (270 doubled). Alternatively, if Necrophos casts [Reaper's Scythe] it will always deal damage based on the current HP of the target.

+ +

- Considering all abilities at its maximum level, the total healing the target can receive considering only one instance of Purifying Flames is applied is 792

- Cast instantly this combo orderly on an escaping ally to achieve its maximum effect.
- You can change the order of the combo, the healing combo first then False Promise if your ally is about to engage in battle. Fate's Edict is removed upon cast. However, an second stack of heal is possible if the original order is executed.
- Combining with Cold Embrace to achieve the largest pool of regeneration possible.

- If an ally is on low health, no Fate's Edict is required, because Purifying Flames will always register the current health of the target. The damage is non-lethal so the delayed damage will be significantly small (provided that the target doesn't take much damage from external sources)
- Alternatively, if False Promise is cast on a high or full health ally, the delayed damage will be very large because the Purifying Flames will always deal 270 dmg (after reduction) with each cast.
- This combo can be executed when out of combat frequently if False Promise is at level 3, where its cooldown will only be 30 sec. Though it can require some mana items to supply the combo.

+ +

- Though Ghost Scepter amplifies incoming magical damage by 40%, Fate's Edict will always set the MR of the target to 100% which means Purifying Flames still deals no damage.
- Only Pure damage and some HP removals can pierce through this protection.
- Purge from an enemy's Diffusal Blade will cancel healing effect, but not Fate's Edict, therefore a different instance of Purifying Flame can be reapplied.
- If you are certain that the enemy has no hard disables that can interrupt channeling, use this combo then teleport away as you are untouchable and enemies with large physical damage or bash cannot attack.
- Several variations can be applied:
+ Fate's Edict + Orchid Malevolence on an enemy
+ Purifying Flames + Glimmer Cape on an ally
+ Fate's Edict + Ghost Scepter + Fate's Edict to achieve maximum disarm effect in case you are being chased a long distance or by multi-enemies.

Early game

Starting items:

Oracle is a hard support and this will also be the presumed role that your teammates will expect. The above starting items are applied to all three build styles, as Oracle potential lies purely in his skills in early game.
Enchanted Mango and Clarity should be obtained early as though Oracle is exceptional at healing, he is certainly not with mana restoration. And as a support, an in-time consumption of Enchanted mango can mean the difference between life and death.
A second pack of Tango is optional to obtain, in case your mid-laner askes for shared tangos, and you won't have to spam the healing combo very often until they reach high level.


- Fortune's End should be the first skill to be learnt, as it provides an early long disable, and not many heroes possess the ability to disjoint or negate it in early fight. Always stay behind your team before a possible rune fight or early gank. - Choose the most concealing position possible, preferably out of creeps or tower sight, and spots that are highly warded. Though in the beginning, any hero can become a target, but your fast attack speed and disable makes you somehow more important to survive and back up your teammates during a fight.
Most common style: When laning, retain the usual tactic of staying out from sight, only close enough to take exp and deny, Oracle has no hard disable, such as hex or stun, if caught, Fortune's End and even Fate's Edict cannot save you. His fragile hp makes him an easy target, especially when you are paired with an ally who has higher chance to survive, say Anti-Mage or Riki. Fortunately, Oracle has a fairly long attack range (620) so this shouldn't be very difficult.

Pure support: Keep on hiding, leaving all the last-hits for your teammates, you should sometimes roam to the rune or go stack the creeps in the jungle. Constant movement may restrict his level, but survival will make sure he's not left behind. Always carry a teleport and blue wards, upgrade courier when possible, you should also be responsible to warding and buy wards for other laners, to make sure all cluttering purchases is relieved from your allies.

Pure nuker: Not very different from the other styles in early games, though you should be catching some last-hits with Purifying Flames too. Urn of Shadows should be something you should rush, decent gold spent on wards and teleports is still recommended.

Worth remembering
- Keep yourself alive in early game is important, of course if possible you would sacrifice for your carries, unlike support such as Dazzle or Crystal Maiden, who get useful right from the beginning, Oracle combos early is fairly weak and it requires at least one of his skills to be at the highest level to be truly worthy.
- Purifying Flames will always be the skill that should be maxed out first, it provides both handsome damage and healing that is vital to Oracle's purpose, Fortune's End disable is the same for all level, while Fate's Edict increases its duration by only 0.5 second per level, so it is not very useful when spells damage is the main source of early combat.
- Two vital items that should be rushed first, Arcane Boots or Urn of Shadows, though in most games, it is advisable to go Arcane boots first as your teammate may have already built Urn or in need of mana.

Mid game (Most common style)

Recommended items+++
At least 2 or the 3 essentials should be obtained by mid-game, base on the situation, you can get either Mekansm or Ghost Scepter, if the main source of damage of the opponents is spells combo, then Mekansm is required, alternatively, if things are too difficult for you for a ganking team, say Slark or Drow Ranger, then Ghost Scepter should prevent feeding and make a decent stats item.

- Keep a safe distance from a possible fight, only when most enemies have shown themselves, that you start joining to avoid ambushes from DPS-ers who are sworn enemies to support.
- Though if an ally is in danger, don't hesitate to cast False Promise and Fate's Edict + Purifying Flames at the risk of showing yourself.
- When warding, make sure you are close to an ally to save each other.
- You should follow your teammates gradually, often choosing a juke spot from behind, close to earn exp and come to the rescue if possible. If space is created, you should make some fast last-hitting yourself with Purifying Flames.

Worth remembering
- Your survival means more than your gold, if an open farm area is created, don't rush to it, if an ally approaches, make sure you are right behind it to watch over the area.
- Don't hesitate to last-hitting creeps if some are provided, using Purifying Flames to speed this up.
A decent Oracle with support items, wards, and a hideous position from sight.

Mid game (Pure Support)

Recommended Items+++
Not very different from the common gaming style, but you should consider a fact that you are also a fighter yourself, this style is for defensive gameplay in which the enemies have more advantages. As for the excessive amount spent on wards, smoke and other consumables, these items would prove to be fairly expensive for a support if the games doesn't go well. But considering they should be obtained as soon as possible.

- You exist for 2 roles, healing and roaming, max Purifying Flames and one level of Fate's Edict to fulfill the first, then go warding, stacking creeps and dewarding.
- Always participate in team fight, carrying a teleport often, sometimes Fortune's End is all your allies need to catch. Constantly roaming mid to heal or to assist. Exp and gold should become secondary, just don't die too much.
- Remember that flexible items like Dust of Appearance, Sentry Wards, Smoke of Deceit and sometimes Clarity or Healing Salve are all your responsibilities. Save up for Mekansm is good, but don't hesitate to buy something if your team needs it.

Worth remembering
- Your main source of gold will come from teamfight and survival, if you survive for the first 15 minutes, you earn 1500 gold plus some from team combat and rare last-hitting. Which is enough for Arcane Boots and some wards. Sacrificing for your teammates is necessary, but don't lose yourself ridiculously to plain greed or suicidal attempt on a certain-dead ally.
- Even for the above items, not all of which should be strictly required, sometimes you maneuver with only Tango, Magic Wand, wards and Boot of Speed, which are totally enough and versatile for a support game play, saving money for some additional stats won't be worth it and delay your team's need for consumables.

Phantom Assassin and Oracle, a typical pair of carry and support. Oracle had been exceptional at supporting any carry, all they need were False Promise (invisibility) and Fate's Edict (50% physical dmg amplification). Sadly, none of these abilities now retains its former glory. Though with proper handling and timing, Oracle still proves to be a supportive force to reckon with.

Mid game (Pure Nuker - Semi carry style)

Recommended items
This style focuses more on offensive and self-based items. In which Dagon and Aether Lens are vital as it allows you to make a quick damage combo at a long distance with an amplified outcomes. The characteristic of this build that it would require you to earn a fairly advantageous amount of gold from farming and combating, in which combating should be the main source.
Despite being a nuker and ganker, you may still be required to buy wards and teleports often, though this is just optional if there's someone more willing to fulfill or share duties with you. Buying wards and teleports this time will not just for supporting, but for your own advantages as well.

- Mana supplements items are recommended as you will spam Purifying Flames for your last-hitting often to avoid denying. Your farming style should be somewhat like Phantom Assassin in which you finish the opponents that are close while trying to spam Purifying Flames on more distanced creeps.
- Items like Urn of Shadows should be rushed first, as it provided a manacost-free healing and damaging technique, keep in mind that Fortune's End can dispel the damaging effect on enemies, so use it as a last resort of damage to prevent the enemies from healing themselves or as a supportive tool to negate healing effects from Purifying Flames.
- Orchid Malevolence, once obtained, disassemble Arcane Boots to build Aether Lens as it is now the main source of mana supplement for Oracle. Remember that the silence effect from Orchid Malevolence can be dispelled by Fortune's End, so you should use it as an effective tool to shut down an enemy for your team or prevent escaping, combining with Dagon and Purifying Flames, the outgoing damage can be considerably high.
- Blink Dagger is another promising option as it provides a partial escape and chasing technique for Oracle, though if the game turns out difficult, you shouldn't be saving for this items.
- Eul's Scepter of Divinity is another hopeful, as mentioned in the damaging combo, it provide a second dispel to remove healing from Purifying Flames so that you could extend the combo to its best. Furthermore, the int, mana regeneration, and improved movement fit Oracle in anyway.

Worth remembering
- Orchid Malevolence should be optional, unless you have mastered the timing of your combo, a high chance that you will accidentally remove the silence effect from an enemy, if built, use it with discretion and as a handy mean to silent your opponent and add more to your damage and intel.
- Some items like Ghost Scepter and Arcane Boots should not be ignored, as you are still very fragile and mana dependent.
- Participating in team fight as often as possible, as Oracle is not a hero just for lurking around to heal and support.

A damaging-type Oracle, with Dagon, health and mana, and damage supplement items

Late game (Common Style)

Recommended Items
Situational items apply for all three styles
Guardian Greaves should be a vital late-game item, its reduced cooldown on heal/mana regeneration, the bonus healing for low-hp allies, and a series of other small stats prove to be indispensable for a support like Oracle, if you stand safely behind your team during combat, this item could be all you need.
Aether Lens should exist to support your casting range without steering to close to the heating battle.
Ghost Scepter will become your primary escape in late game, you are untouched by enemy carries while still able to cast spells, Fate's Edict should come in handy to void any source of unwanted nuke. If not, switch to Glimmer Cape for assisting allies, too.
Pipe of Insight can increase the versatility of your team during tough combat, feel free to switch to any situationals should any of your ally get this.

Remember that Oracle is still pretty fragile in late game since his items build consists mostly of spells supplements and small stats. You should get at least one of these three Ghost Scepter, Glimmer Cape or Force Staff to survive combats, 2 of them will never be redundant, if you have gold for it. Though I advise you get Ghost Scepter because Oracle is mostly owned by DPS enemy, and Fate's Edict is far too easy to remove in late game, considering Black King Bar or similar stuffs.
It is advisable that you save False Promise to cast on the right ally, preferably the one that is being focused, you can defend yourself with the above items.

Worth remembering
During chaotic period, when there is possibly no time to handle your skills accordingly, make sure you commit these simple tasks:
Cast False Promise on an ally
Disarm any physical damage dealer you see on sight
Turn on Ghost Scepter the moment you see yourself losing hitpoints
Activate Guardian Greaves, just not too soon or too late
Oracle's complexity becomes a burden in late game, where everyone is right-clickers, all they can do is casting all they have, unfortunately, Oracle could still be controversial if not paid a decent attention to what you are doing. So the above steps should help.

This is not my video. I borrow this footage. This is a typical match where Oracle was played with his usual role of a support and nuker, this is a long video so you may want to check it our later or scroll to late game.

Late game (Pure support)

Recommended Items
Not very different from the above style, actually Oracle in late game should be fulfilling the same role as above, though this time he no longer needs to focus on his outgoing offensiveness, instead items like Bloodstone and Pipe of Insight becomes utterly important. Oracle supportive role involves more the need to toughen himself and his allies.

The above items recommendation would hardly be obtained in full if you were supporting throughout the game, but items like Guardian Greaves or Bloodstone should be leaned towards. Save-yourself items like Ghost Scepter is still needed.
Joining combat should all be about protection, from disarming the enemies to healing your allies, the protection and healing combos should be adapted and executed constantly at this point of the game, because the nuking combo (in most cases) may no longer prove useful in this game.
You would rather have your allies survive than to make your opponent's hp drops by a few, which is the job of your carries.
If Bloodstone is achieved, considering scarifying yourself anytime to make your allies endure longer, HP regen from bloodston should ensure a certain life for ally with False Promise.

Worth remembering
*Same as above*
Though you should considering another right moment to suicide by Bloodstone.

The above footage should represent this role pretty well so I will not add another here.

Late game (Pure nuker - semi carry)

Recommended items
The items are all about damage and spells, though of course from the way it looks, you can suggest that Oracle is quite fragile with this build. Considering Octarine Core and Blink Dagger situational items.
Mjollnir seems like a strange choice, but actually quite lethal with Oracle fast attack speed, if not you can always buff on a carry to assist them.

Remember to cast Silence on any enemy that has no potential to remove it, and forget it, during mass combat.
Considering casting Mjollnir buff on an ally being focused.
Use Dagon to finish off anyone close to death, no one minds about KS at this point, your nuking combo should shine with a max-level Dagon and Aether Lens.
Remember, you can still upgrade your boots to Guardian Greaves or Boots of Travel based on how the game is going.

Worth remembering
- Always make the most out of Orchid Malevolence and Scythe of Vyse, usually many players cast in on the wrong ones due to sheer panic, aim your foes before combating.
- All of your spells has a short cooldown (even for a max-level Dagon) and all is point-targeting, so don't hesitate to focus on a single target and remove it from play as soon as possible.
- If things go well, considering save for buyback as you are now quite important during combat yet quite fragile, so prepare to counter a comeback.


This video is not mine. Oracle's gameplay by Miracle. In this footage is a highly offensive items build and combos. Though he is lost at the end, but I think it was mostly due to the unbalanced team lacking a tank and fewer disables than the opponents.


Best allies

Why Dazzle is Oracle's best friend?
Poison Touch goes through Fate's Edict so Dazzle is among a few supports that don't quite annoy with Fate's Edict controversy.
Shallow Grave as mentioned above, can save an ally from dying due to False Promise, increasing its invulnerability by 5 seconds. Even when there's no need for such combo, Dazzle and Oracle can save the life of at least 2 allies with their spells and healing occasionally.
Shadow Wave no need to explain, it is a fast healing technique that merges well with False Promise (280 hp heal) (X2) considering its short cooldown and long duration of False Promise.
Weave last but not least, your team always need averagely 2 support or at least 1 hard and 1 semi. Dazzle and Oracle makes one of the best couple possible (hmm, in the department of supporting)

Abbadon is a tank and semi-carry hero with great durability and acceptable damage.
He makes the best combo with Oracle, mostly known for the possibility of making Abbadon endure twice the time he usually does.
False Promise can hardly kill Abbadon. Upon ending, if Borrowed Time is activated, it will always register the HP removal as damage and turn it into heal. Borrowed Time has higher priority and False Promise. If activated at the same time, Abaddon's ultimate will absorb the damage, not False Promise, so the delayed damage is significantly reduced.
*Important Borrowed Time can only be activated if the damage that triggers it does not exceed his current health, therefore if the delayed damage from False Promise can kill him, Borrowed Time will not be able to save him. So it is advisable that your ally turns on Borrowed Time before False Promise expires.
Abaddon has his own Aphotic Shield and Mist Coil which allows him to return the favor to others.
Purifying Flames can be casted freely on Abaddon once Borrowed Time is active, within 2 stacks it would bring Abaddon to his full.
More importantly, Abaddon makes a decent late-game carry that Oracle won't have to worry much about how his combo would turn out for Abaddon, sometimes all he needs is False Promise.

Huskar makes another promising carry to be looked after by Oracle.
Huskar is known for losing hitpoint constantly to his advantage, same as Abaddon. He also possesses great survival ability with his skills. Sadly, he may not be invulnerable like Abanddon, and that is where Oracle comes to his aid.
False Promise maintains the current status of Huskar, which means he can have up to 62.50% magic resistant at below 10% health, casting freely Purifying Flames is advisable, as the consequences has been drastically reduced.
Oracle and Huskar makes a great deal of damage to a single target within a few seconds of Life Break and Fortune's End + Purifying Flames, often kills it almost instantly after a few Burning Spear by Huskar.
Though a lot of others can do the same, this couple makes a great durable team while provides no less offensive outcome to the opponents.
Pugna is another potential ally to Oracle, in the department of nuking.
Both heroes share somewhat similar line-up of items, and both of which produce a great deal of magical damage individually.
The combo should be Decrepify + Nether Blast + Fortune's End + Purifying Flames, which is quite lethal to most targets, even a strength hero.
Fortune's End may not be able to purge a decrepified enemy, since this status may only be removed by strong dispel.
Of course, this couple is highly vulnerable to a spell immune enemy,since both are very dependent on their spells. But remember that Pugna is a walking Ghost Scepter while Oracle has Fate's Edict, they can be quite talented at protecting each other as well.
Pugna also has the capability in teamfight, just like Dazzle.

Potential Allies

Any heroes with base healing and protective abilities that can benefit more from False Promise

*Omniknight, Death Prophet, Necrophos and Witch Doctor are highly recommended as well.

Any heroes with strong nuking power that can override the enemies early.

Some of the above heroes also possess carry potential, so they can scale late-game as well.
Any other heroes that have AOE spells damage are also welcomed, but try not to use Fate's Edict often when being around these allies, even if the enemies are hitting, combo of spells work better than a few seconds of disarm. The above heroes are also the ones who may likely be annoyed by Oracle's controversial skills.


Oracle is a support hero, and like any support, he does not take physical damage too well given the low armor and agility gain, which means he is quite likely to die pretty often by enemy DPS-ers.

Protective items are introduced above and some quick responses and skill uses can save him. Yet there are still quite a few foes that Oracle may prove to be a meal if not taken with discretion

Very bad enemies

Can you guess what similarity these heroes share? They can all purge Fate's Edict off themselves with their ability, they also possess high damage power and disable that can easily kill Oracle. You may also notice that some of them could be good allies, but they don't turn out so well being your enemies.

Other bad enemies
Any enemies with fast-paced damage and bashes

These heroes can kill you even before you cast anything to save yourself or to stop them.

Enemies with silence issue

Enemies with anti-magic abilities

Most of these enemies, if are well farmed till late-game, Oracle almost has no mean to stop them.

Last tips

Tricks that can be performed with Oracle

- Fate's Edict can prevent Sleight of Fist and Omnislash to deal damage if the buff is applied before these abilities are performed, both of the above have been tested, a similar ability that might be disarmed by Fate's Edict that has not been tested is Tricks of the Trade. Several on-damage effects may not trigger when Fate's Edict is applied.
*Updated* It is officially confirmed that Fate's Edict cannot prevent Omnislash from dealing damage, however, it is possible to prevent additional damage that are granted from this ability when the attack speed of Juggernaut reaches below 0.4 second per attack.
It is also confirmed that Fate's Edict cannot prevent Riki's Tricks of the Trade to deal damage, even though these attacks are treated with normal attacks and can be negated by Ethereal form or invulnerability.
Still, Fate's Edict can make Sleight of Fist to deal no damage remains true and has been tested. Moreover, Fate's Edict duration is frozen when the heroes perform these abilities with the buff on them, the duration continues after the spells have expired.
- Oracle can deny an ally affected by Ice Blast, when he comes close to the health threshold to shatter, cast Purifying Flames and the kill will be yours.
- Alternatively, an enemy affected by Ice Blast can not recover from healing of Purifying Flames, so you can spam it on them constantly.
- Fortune's End can be cast self and ally, most players unfamiliar with Oracle seem to forget this, the purge effect can dispel many negative buffs, sometimes it is better to save an ally than to stop an enemy.
- Fortune's End automatically drags creeps out of their camp once it is locked in, so you can stack creep from a long range and with a very high chance considering that the creeps will be stopped from returning. Remove yourself from sight if you are preventing the creeps from spawning.
- Fate's Edict can negate Laguna Blade (without scepter), Finger of Death, Assassinate, and the entire combo of Leshrac so sometimes use it wisely.
- Oracle is one of the sworn enemy of Linken's Sphere with 3 point targeting spells, one of them has only 2.25 sec cooldown.
- False Promise blocks all incoming damage, but take the damage reduction and damage negating sources into the account like Pipe of Insight and Crimson Guard before turning the final result into delayed damage, so these two should be available in your team.
- Fate's Edict works on Roshan.


These last few lines will sum up some of my personal opinions about this Hero.

Okay, I don't want to badmouth my own favorite hero, but the below is what I truly think about Oracle (up to date).

Oracle is among a few favorite heroes of mine. Sadly, he is also among the list of most nerfed hero in the recent patch. Take a look at his patch log history.
In patch 6.84, his ultimate no longer provided invisibility, the cooldown was also rescaled from 40/30/20 to 80/60/40, which was literally doubled, the constant purging seemed great, but as the damage can still slice through it, a high chance the target still dies.

In patch 6.85, Fortune's End damage reduced from 75/150/225/300 to 90/120/150/180, while its cast range increased and cooldown decreased. Fate's Edict no longer amplified 50% damage and purgable in any way, losing his potential to support hard carries.

In patch 6.86, his ultimate no longer provided constant dispels, its cooldown rescaled to 90/60/30, Fate's Edict cooldown rescaled to 16/13/9/7.

It can be said that Oracle has been widely fallen out of favor since the few last patches. Perhaps I may be one of the only few players who might still be faithful enough to pick this hero. During gameplay, being a fan of Oracle myself and had almost hundred games with him, I have to say that his potential is severely damaged. In late game, what saved my butt was mostly the items because False Promise, in most case, usually ensured a certain death even with Mekansm. Disarms couldn't do much because of the popularity of Black King Bar and Diffusal Blade.
Fortune's End in late game is like, *sorry*, a disposable ability because firstly it renders Oracle immobilized, and with the mass Boots of Travel and Blink Dagger, by the time it was released, the enemy was probably half-a-globe away from him and may still even be disjointed. If get hit, the damage would be quite minor and he would probably be released once my team reached there, it couldn't even be used to clear creep waves.
Unlike support such as Crystal Maiden or Dazzle, whose spells scale nicely into late game, Oracle seemingly fades by the time the game reaches past its middle point.
Of course, heroes like Lion and Pugna can be faded too if Black King Bar is obtained, but I have to say in early game, I did better with them and I don't know how many times my friends had refused to let me pick Oracle, they said I could sleep well in late game and even I think they had their point. False Promise has no scepter upgrade and in late game, if things went difficult, it would still be the same old unfortunate result.
Oracle was a threat to many teamfights (in the early version) and I had some quite lethal matches with him, but at this rate, with more people picking Riki, Slark or Omniknight, I may have to make another hero favourite support soon.

If you are still interested in Oracle, I still highly recommend you to pick him. Nevertheless, I still pick Oracle occasionally, and had some pretty good games with him, what I think above is just that he doesn't have much potential to thrive.
Probably there is no hero who could possess multi-role like Oracle, from healing, nuking, disarming and even able to save an ally (at your own risk, though). If combos are done correctly, Oracle is better than any support and he surviving in teamfight can be the decisive factor of the outcome. He almost never runs out of mana in late game and most of his spells are always ready with their amazingly low cooldown (at their highest level).
Keep yourself and your ally safe, and use your combos timely, you can still be lethal


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