September 12, 2017

My hero and item ideas

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Here lie the creations of the swirling darkness that is my mind... look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Suggestions, criticisms, and comments are most unwelcome. /sarcasm

The Blind Seer is a hero based around a cool concept but one who's abilities I'm not entirely pleased with.

Xaeran, the Master of Attraction, a hero based around gravity with several unique abilities and an Oracle-like skillset that can hurt your team if not played correctly.

Mazzil, the Crazed Dwarf. This hero has a unique ability that the rest of the hero builds around, and is worth checking out. Compared to some of my other suggestions, this hero is relatively easy to play.

Some Item Ideas: This is a list of over 20 items that either build from items that have a linear progression to them (to add variety to the game), or simply ones that I feel should be added to the game.

Nulmarra, the Skull Lord: This is the epitome of a snowballing mid; its power is strongest when its enemies are weak, and it can shoot lasers. What's not to like? (Now with cool, buggy formatting thanks to ChunkyMaru)!

Razul, the Summoner: The only hero that can cast more spells than Invoker, while pressing less buttons to do so.

Kalldetha, the Shadow: Kalldetha is a stealth-based hero who operates very differently from the traditional ones, playing with the enemy's vision to gain a huge damage bonus with his ultimate.