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Seline the Aeromancer by Cuttleboss

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Seline the Aeromancer

By: Cuttleboss
Last Updated: Apr 17, 2022
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Seline the Aeromancer

-A support that excels at re-positioning enemies in combat-

Seline, the AEROMANCER
(The bolded name is the name the hero would be referred to in-game)

Seline was one of my first heroes I had an idea for Dota 2. She was designed to be as disruptive to enemy position as can be, especially for a support. She is also my attempt to create a proper wind based caster, since Windranger is not really a "Wind Mage" the way Crystal Maiden is an Ice Mage or Lina is a Fire Mage. Seline was designed as the idea of a mastermind who manipulates positions from a distance to make things easier for her allies to kill them or keep them away. In terms of Dota lore, she's a character with a similar background to Windranger and from the location in one of Beastmaster's sets, but is out seeking vengeance against the Dead God, setting her against Undying and with Anti-Mage.

Every hero has a gimmick and Seline's is Forced Movement, as befitting someone with Wind based magic. Seline is all about the forced movement of enemies from a safer spot to one that is far more dangerous or inconvenient, or helping allies keep their distance from enemies.

Far atop the Stone Hills, the tribes around all worship the bird, and Jaeger was the shining town of windmills and birds, a city powered by the flurry of nature. Seline had spent entire days since she was a child looking at the windmills turn. Despite the seclusion of the hills, something happened with the birds. Seline saw their skulls and bones, and yet no one else saw. She warned that the birds of their town were no longer alive. No one took her seriously. The next day the Dead God's forces arrived, and Seline hid within one of the windmills as everyone she had ever known was killed and raised. The dead circled the mill, but found themselves unable to pass, the winds had protected Seline. The forces left her alone in Jaeger, but the winds followed her now. Through the years, she learned to control them. Her and the winds of the Stone Hills went out to make the world right, to cleanse it of the Dead God and other abominations.

15 + 1.8 [67 at level 30]
18 + 2 [76 at level 30]
*26 + 3.4 [124 at level 30]

Complexity ◆◆◆
Support ◆◆◇
Nuker ◆◆◇
Disabler ◆◇◇
Escape ◆◇◇
Initiator ◆◇◇

Base Stats:
Health: 200 base, 500 at level 1
Mana: 75 base, 387 at level 1
Armor: -1 base, 1.88 at level 1
Damage: 18-24 base, 44-50 at level 1
Attack Animation (frontswing+backswing): 0.4+0.77
Base Health Regen: 0.25 base, 1.75 at level 1
Base Mana Regen: 0, 1.3 at level 1
Base Attack Time: 1.7/0.59 att/sec base, 0.69 at level 1
Initial Attack Speed: 100
Range: 675
Missile Speed: 1100
Movespeed: 300
Sight Range: 1800/800
Turn Rate: 0.7
Damage Block: 0
Collision Size: 24
Legs: 2
Voice Actor: Kira Buckland (No other roles in Dota 2)

Level 30 Stats:
Health: 1540
Mana: 1563
Armor: 11.16
Damage: 141-148
Health Regen: 6.95
Mana Regen: 6.2
Attack Speed: 176
Attacks Per Second: 1.03

Visual of what her missile would look like, a ball of wind that lightly explodes on impact:

The Aeromancer is a little small among the heroes of this game, as seen in the size comparison far below.
As of this writing, the current version of Dota2 is 7.31b

Primary Abilities

Flurry Wave
The Aeromancer shoots a wave of wind from any angle which deals minor damage and pushes enemies back. They take additional damage if they pass through trees. Flurry Wave stops pushing targets if they hit a building, cliff or other wall then will deal even more damage and apply a ministun to them. The wave moves units at the same speed as it travels.
This ability can be turned on auto-cast and instead of affecting enemies, it will push allied heroes only.
This ability also affects and moves Wind Sabre in both modes.

: Target Vector
: 0.2+0.5
: Magic
: No


: 40 Initial Dmg
: 400 (550 with talent) Cast Range
: 400/450/500/550 Distance/Push
: (550/600/650/700 with talent)
: 200 Radius
: 1200 Speed
: 10/12/14/16 Dmg Per Tree
: 100/140/180/220 Dmg on Wall
: 0.1 second ministun
: 110/130/150/170
: 30 (7 with talent)
It is a common misconception that the wind cannot knock you off your feet if you're fastened. Seline has long since figured out how to fire her winds with the force of a tornado, and send her victims tearing through entire forests.

Spoiler: Click to view
Wind Sabre
Seline materializes a sharp blade of wind at a target location that damages and slows nearby enemies. Enemies can only be hit once by the Wind Sabre in this way. The Wind Sabre can also be moved by Flurry Wave and Twister at twice the speed, which both allow it to damage and slow enemies again.

With Aghanim's Shard: Causes Wind Sabre to stun enemies for the same duration as the slow.

: Target Area
: 0.2+0.5
: Magic
: No


: 100/150/200/250
: (200/250/300/350 with talent)
: 600/650/700/750 Cast Range
: 60/65/70/75% Slow
: 0.8/1/1.2/1.4 second Slow
: 200 Radius
: 6 Duration
: 0.8/1/1.2/1.4 second Stun (Shard)
: 120/130/140/150
: 14/12/10/8
The wind is sharp, and Seline's mastery of aeromancy allows her to create a storm of swords that can cut enemies to ribbons, and even can run with the winds to cut again.

Spoiler: Click to view
Gale Touch
Blesses all allied heroes in an area empowering their attacks with bonus damage, and for ranged heroes grants bonus attack range and the attacks also apply knockback. Melee heroes only gain bonus damage.
This buff only lasts for a limited number of attacks, and Seline will always get the buff.
: Target Area
: 0.6+0.5
: Magic
: No

: 15/25/35/45 Damage
: 600 (Global with talent)
: 450 Buff Radius
: 75/125/175/225 Range
: 3/4/5/6 Attacks
: 30/45/60/75 Knockback
: 20 seconds
: 70/100/130/160
: 45/40/35/30
Seline can imbue the winds to the hands of her allies, which adds some of the gales of Stone Hill to each strike.

Spoiler: Click to view
Acquired by Aghanim's Scepter

Focusing her nastiest powers, Seline releases a breathing curse upon a target enemy hero, which causes it to take damage and lose mana each time it casts a spell or uses an item. Deals minor initial damage.

: Target Unit (Hero Only)
: 0.2+0.5
: Pure
: Yes

: 400 per cast
: 40% of current mana
: 80 Initial
: 800 Cast Range
: 8
: 300
: 50
Each breath is the essence of life. Every spell and incantation takes a breath. The Breathstealer is Seline's most sinister technique, it steals the air from the lungs of the victim, leaving them an empty husk.

Spoiler: Click to view

Ultimate Abilities

Creates a strong rotating force of wind at a target location which rotates all enemy units clockwise 180 degrees, damaging them based on how far from the center of the AOE they are and changing their position from one side of the targeted area to the other. Enemies in the middle 75 AOE ("the Eye") are undamaged and unmoved, though unable to move outside the AOE until the spell is over and every unit is finished moving.
Targets take extra damage as they hit trees. This ability can affect Wind Sabre, but moves it twice as fast and a full 360 degrees.
: Target Area
: 0.2+0.5
: Magic/Pure (with talent)
: No/Yes (with talent)

: 240/380/520
: 16 Dmg Per Tree
: 800 Cast Range
: 475/575/675 Radius
: 200/325/450
: 90
Armies quiver at the storm, formations break and everyone flies around, except the lucky ones in the center who feel only a gentle breeze.

Spoiler: Click to view

Hero Talents

Twister Pure and Pierces Immunity
- 23 Flurry Wave Cooldown

+ 95 Attack Speed
Global Range Gale Touch

+ 150 Flurry Wave Cast Range
+100 Wind Sabre Damage

+ 200 HP
+ 30 Damage


+ Potentially strong nuker and disabler with good ability execution
+ Excellent kiting power in all her spells
+ Long ranged spells mean she does not have to endanger self to cast them
+ Strong ability to manipulate combat through positioning; very good at breaking enemy formation
+ Pretty independent of items
+ Can counter juking due to tree clearing spells
+ Has a strong save from the beginning of the game
+ Huge attack range that can be further increased

- Very fragile and easily killed, extremely slow strength
- Difficult execution, poor skill usage can make things worse for her team and these spells have high cooldowns
- Lacks a way to deal with Spell Immunity without Aghanim's Scepter
- Low autoattack damage for harassing, lasthitting, and denying
- Heavy mana costs on spells
- Can be somewhat reliant on trees and terrain to do damage, especially early on

Role and Gameplay

The Aeromancer is made to be master of the positioning in the battlefield. She is a support who is packed with strong offensive spells and a good Force Staff esque save available to her immediately. Her built in synergy of her skills gives her a strong ability to create a lot of chaos in teamfights. She is not for new players, as her ability to move enemies can easily put them in a better place than they were before, or misusing her save can potentially lead to her being punished due to its long cooldown. She can be played in both safelane and offlane, since her ability to push enemies out of position or allies back to safety makes her quite versatile and powerful.
Seline is the hero you want on your team if you are ranged and your enemies are melee. Her abilities allow her to grant range and knockback, and she can protect her cores from melee heroes with Flurry Wave and can easily slow them with Wind Sabre. She is also a hero that forces enemies to initiate well or be picked apart and mispositioned by her ultimate. She is a hero who fights with her team, and as such struggles against a lot of gankers who can blow her up easily.

In order to get the best results, Seline is best if she's played aggressively, to get a lead so as her abilities to control positions is capitalized on. Her ability to control enemy positions are a lot less useful if you can't fight them anyway and if losing she would be relegated to just trying to save her allies. In a sense she plays like a Disruptor with positioning based long ranged teamfighting skills (and a way to check up cliffs for wards with Wind Sabre). She is weak to BKB and will fall off for much of the game if enemies get ahold of them. Her late game is also strong with her Scepter, since Breathstealer can function like a pseudo- Doom and pierces spell immunity.

With her strong late game talents, it is likely tempting to play her as a core, but it won't be recommended due to her lack of proper scaling damage. Her attack speed talent is more for using Gale Touch effectively than to make her into a right clicker.

Seline is a complicated and difficult hero to play. Her skills are easy to misuse and she's fragile and easy to kill. In order to play her well, she needs a lot of practice and game knowledge. As such she has a medium-high skill floor and a high skill ceiling.


General Stat Priorities:
High Priority: Cast Range, INT, Mana, Mana Regen, Attack Range
Middle Priority: Magic Resistance, Movespeed, HP, Mobility, Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction, Spell Amplification
Low Priority: Armor, STR, HP Regen, Spell Immunity, Spell Lifesteal, Status Resistance, Attack Damage, AGI, Lifesteal

For item builds, Seline is very flexible due to a low dependence on items, so a lot of options are available to her.
Boots: Arcane Boots or Tranquil Boots
Early Options: Null Talisman, Magic Wand, Ring of Basilius, Urn of Shadows, Soul Ring, Wind Lace, Fluffy Hat

Midgame Options:
General/All Purpose: Aether Lens, Force Staff, Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Blink Dagger, Medallion of Courage/ Solar Crest
Protection: Ghost Scepter, Glimmer Cape, Aeon Disk, Lotus Orb, Pipe of Insight, Holy Locket, Mekansm
Aggressive: Spirit Vessel, Aghanim's Scepter, Rod of Atos, Veil of Discord, Vladmir's Offering, Aghanim's Shard, Drum of Endurance, Kaya
Right Click Based Items (to weaponize long range): Witch Blade, Dragon Lance, Maelstrom, Mage Slayer

Late Game Options:
Hurricane Pike, Linken's Sphere, Boots of Travel, Scythe of Vyse, Refresher Orb, Guardian Greaves, Black King Bar, Octarine Core, Gleipnir, Wind Waker, Wraith Pact, Yasha and Kaya, Ethereal Blade, Boots of Bearing, Revenants Brooch, Arcane Blink, Overwhelming Blink

Neutral Items:
Level 1: Arcane Ring*, Tumbler's Toy*, Keen Optic*, Ocean Heart, Trusty Shovel, Fairy's Trinket, Pig Pole
Level 2: Philosopher's Stone*, Grove Bow*, Quicksilver Amulet*, Essence Ring, Nether Shawl, Pupil's Gift, Vambrace, Bullwhip, Fae Grenade
Level 3: Psychic Headband*, Enchanted Quiver, Spider Legs, Quickening Charm
Level 4: Telescope*, Spell Prism*, Flicker, Stormcrafter, Timeless Relic, Ascetic's Cap, Witchbane
Level 5: Seer Stone*, Book of the Dead, Book Of Shadows, Ex Machina, Mirror Shield, Force Boots
*Denotes an extra useful neutral item

Skills and Talents

For skills, Flurry Wave is almost always for the first level. It is the most generally useful of all her spells and has a lot of potential damage from the beginning of laning.

Generally max Flurry Wave or Wind Sabre first and skill them together. Which one you max first depends on whether or not you need the additional damage and slow from more Wind Sabre levels. Otherwise the longer push (for save and aggressive plays) and increased tree damage make Flurry Wave more appealing most of the time.

Gale Touch is a spell you "touch" later. It does not shine until later in the game during sieges and fights. A value point is perfectly acceptable as it offers some bonus damage for harassing and lane control. if a lane is really hard, it may be worth it to put more points in this, as it offers more damage to the carry and more range (if they are ranged). In trilanes this spell is also worth the value point as it would give a lot of overall damage.

Twister should be taken whenever possible (though be mindful there is a large mana cost increase from level 1 and level 2). The spell is very powerful for all sorts of clashes and the damage and AOE both increase each level.

Attribute Bonuses: Seline is very unlikely to put bonus points into Attributes over levels in her spells, but of all the spells to be neglected in favor of stats, it would likely be Gale Touch if she lacks the proper ranged allies to use it.

Talent Choices:

Level 10: Health vs Damage. Some extra health can help with surviving in fights and is a more useful talent overall. The attack damage is a potential farm booster and a way to deal a little more damage in fights because of Seline's long range.

Level 15: Flurry Wave Cast Range vs Wind Sabre Damage. Probably the toughest choice for most people. The cast range is generally the safer choice for this type of long range caster because it lets her stand back farther and gives Flurry Wave a much safer range to cast, especially to save a core. Wind Sabre bonus damage adds quite a bit of damage to Seline's combo due to a single Wind Sabre being able to damage three times.

Level 20: Attack Speed vs Global Range Gale Touch. The attack speed makes Seline's own Gale Touch a lot more useful as you can shoot all 6 attacks very quickly and it helps with any damage or intelligence items you may have. A global range Gale Touch gives her just that, a global presence where Seline can help her allies if they're jumped on or if they are sieging even if she's on the other side of the map, which makes that talent more useful overall but less specialized.

Level 25: Twister Pierces vs Low CD Flurry Wave. Essentially on one hand Seline finally gets a counter to BKB and allows her to damage, kite and misposition heroes through all of that. On another hand, if she can actually use Flurry Wave multiple times in a fight this can highly improve her presence and make her in general less of a walking ultimate. It basically depends if your team bases you around Twister or not.

Combos and Counters

Ideal Allies:

Ranged Right Clickers:
Seline helps heroes that would benefit from Gale Touch to kite enemies. Her other skills can also help them if they get jumped on.

Tanky Frontline Heroes:
Seline can more easily manipulate the enemy's position if she has an ally that the enemy will gather around. Many of these heroes are also powerful teamfighters too.

Wall Builders:
These heroes allow Seline to easily push enemies into a wall for extra damage with her Flurry Wave.

Distance Moved Punishers:
These heroes punish people for having position forced to move. These are very useful for capitalizing on her skillset.

Good Against:

Kiteable Melee Heroes:
Heroes that do not like being blasted by Flurry Wave and Gale Touch attacks are miserable around you.

Fragile Backline Heroes:
Twister can bring these heroes into really dangerous positions in the frontline where it is very easy to kill them.

Dangerous Channeling Spells:
As Seline has Twister to interrupt channeling through Glimmer, she is able to stop these spells easily. With the Shard she can use Wind Saber as well to stop these spells. Even when they get BKB, if she gets the Twister talent, she can still stop the spells.

Spell Spammers:
Once you have Breathstealer, spell spammers will have to volunteer to not cast spells or lose mana and take huge amounts of damage.

Worst Enemies:

Global or Very Long Ranged Heroes:
Seline is a fragile backline hero that prioritizes cast range and staying back to stay safe. Heroes that have powerful global abilities are a big threat to her.

Sneaky Gankers:
Seline can be very easy to kill if you can sneak up on her, since she is fragile and may not always be able to push herself to safety.

Without spells, the Aeromancer is useless and very easy to kill. Also hello again Riki.

Mobile Heroes:
These heroes nullify the usefulness of a lot of her skills since they can re-position themselves very easily. You might also notice Riki again. Just note that Aeromancer is the exact type of hero he hunts.


Goeniko (who was used to be visual representation of Seline) design by SNK. Art by Hungry Clicker

Aeromancer's personality is a bit like a dark version of Crystal Maiden's. She is smiling and cheerful, but a deeply traumatized young woman underneath too. She takes great pleasure in killing her enemies, especially if they are monstrous in appearance. She also speaks to the winds when she is confused or happy with herself and this makes her seem more insane. Despite this she still shows appreciation and respect to many characters and people who help her and it is easy to see that she has good motivations at heart.

Interactions with Other Heroes:
Seline is not kind to her enemies. She will often throw biting insults towards enemies she kills if the are demons like Shadow Fiend. She also have a massive amount of hate for Undying as he is the agent of the Dead God, and conversely will look forward to fighting with Anti-Mage, who she considers the only person to hate the Dead God nearly as much as her. She shows respect to other elemental casters like Crystal Maiden, Sand King, Lina, and the Spirits. She is annoyed by Invoker's arrogance, but respects his power. She also is annoyed with Batrider, who finds her way too crazy. She has respect for Omniknight but says that there are more paths to justice than just the Omniscience and that her time there was not well spent (Seen in the Priestess of the Omniscience set). She also have a somewhat petty relationship with Windranger, who she considers the inferior chosen one of wind, but will work with her and even compliment her.

Voice Sample:
Based on Talim from Soul Calibur VI, voiced by Kira Buckland
Equipment Slots (5) and Default:
Head: Seline's Hood
Chest: Seline's Robe
Legs: Seline's Trousers
Arms: Seline's Wrist Buckles
Taunt: None

Set ideas:
Priestess of the Omniscience

Art by SNK

Head: Hood of Purification
Rarity Rare
While seeking allies to fight the Dead God, Seline found herself following the Omniscience for a time. While they did not give her answers they did give her another hood.

Chest: Gown of Sisterhood
Rarity Mythical
Though these gowns used to be common, the Sisterhood path had become less popular in the Omniscience as many of the members die on pilgrimage to the cliffs of Emauracus.

Legs: Skirt of the Faithful
Rarity Uncommon
Every priestess was expected to wear these skirts but it proves difficult not to trip over them.

Arms: Golden Bracelets of the Omniscience
Rarity Common
These bracelets show devotion to the All Seeing One, though to Seline the Winds of Stone Hill proved more useful.

Standalone Item: Glimmering Robe
Chest: Glimmering Robe

Based on the Glimmer Cape item, it features it in an alternate style, as a robe. Has a special effect when using Glimmer Cape active on self on an ally.
An aeromancer needs to sometimes stay out of sight.

Relative Size Comparison:
Check out the original forum version of Seline the Aeromancer here

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BloodArena (1) | June 25, 2020 12:55pm
Lol, that meepo skill ceiling.
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