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Cosmic Crawler by Cuttleboss

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Cosmic Crawler

By: Cuttleboss
Last Updated: Oct 10, 2021
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Cosmic Crawler

-A spellcasting hard carry that scales indefinitely-


Cosmic Crawler is the hard carry that I designed way back when I first got into the hero designing with the intention to be the first extremely hard intelligence carry whose late game raw power rivals heroes like Medusa and Chaos Knight. Crawler was made to give INT heroes their own ultimate late-game juggernaut that is played in the safelane and farming based (as currently, all INT carries are tempo based and almost all played from midlane).
Crawler is explicitly modeled on lovecraftian horrors and built around themes of inevitability and time, and is also built to be a caster-based carry that actually scales as strongly as a right clicker carry. In this sense, Crawler is less of a traditional hypercarry and more of an extreme-scaling version of a caster core like Leshrac or Necrophos. Their place in Dota lore is what Outworld Destroyer came here to warn us about, one of the biggest mysteries in the Dota lore.

Every hero has a gimmick and Cosmic Crawler's is Time, Debuffs and The Three Attributes. Cosmic Crawler scales with Game Time, becoming more powerful in its attributes as the game goes on and respawning faster and faster instead of gaining respawn time as the game goes on. Crawler uses powerful standard (and not so standard) debuffs to counter all sorts of enemies it may face.

From beyond, it saw the formation of the universe from the other side, a side of darkness that no one could see. When the early magic users of the world saw it, it was called the Cosmic Crawler. It was a creature from another dimension that only observed from behind the looking glass. It was alone on its side, living in an empty universe of an unknown age. Now it turned its eyes towards a new universe. Eventually, the crawler gained sorcerer followers on this side who were enraptured by it's power. Before long it's avatar was summoned to this brand new dimension. The new body is still weak, but the Cosmic Crawler is highly adaptable, and before long, every creature may be in danger of absolute annihilation. Not even the followers know what it wants with this universe, but it cannot be safe for the inhabitants who live here.
15 + 1.4 [55 at level 30]
16 + 1.3 [53 at level 30]
*19 + 2.2 [82 at level 30]

Complexity ◆◆◆
Carry ◆◆◆
Nuker ◆◆◆
Disabler ◆◆◇
Base Stats:
Health: 200 base, 500 at level 1
Mana: 75 base, 303 at level 1
Armor: 6 base, 8.6 at level 1
Damage: 30-36 base, 49-56 at level 1
Attack Animation (frontswing+backswing): 0.3+0.3
Base Health Regen: 2 base, 3.5 at level 1
Base Mana Regen: 0, 0.95 at level 1
Base Attack Time: 2.1/0.48 att/sec base, 0.55 at level 1
Initial Attack Speed: 100
Range: 600
Missile Speed: 1200
Movespeed: 275
Sight Range: 1800/800
Turn Rate: 0.9
Damage Block: 0
Collision Size: 24
Legs: 8
Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker (Also voices Techies)
(This hero does not talk, only makes creature noises)

Level 30 Stats:
Health: 1300
Mana: 1059
Armor: 14.48
Damage: 112-118
Health Regen: 7.5
Mana Regen: 4.1
Attack Speed: 153
Attacks Per Second: 0.73
(Due to how this hero's
ultimate works, these
numbers are extremely
deflated from what will
actually be seen in game

A visual of the hero's missile, a ball of space / dimensional dark energy:

Cosmic Crawler is reasonably large, though more tall and floaty than massive, as seen in the size comparison far below.
As of this writing, the current version of Dota2 is 7.30d

Primary Abilities

Dimensional Rip
Cosmic Crawler rips a hole in reality at the target location. The rip damages foes and applies a selected debuff to all of them. Deals damage proportional to your Intelligence and applies a debuff based on Dimension Shift.

With Aghanim's Shard: Causes Dimensional Rip to deal 15% damage to buildings and apply the Dimension Shift debuff to them.
With Aghanim's Scepter: Upgrades the debuffs of Dimension Shift.
: Target Area
: 0.1+0.4
: Magic
: No

: 3.6/4/4.4/4.8 xInt in Damage
: 0 (0.54/0.6/0.66/0.72 xInt with Shard)
: 230/260/290/320 Radius
: Lasts 1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6 seconds
: 500/550/600/650 Cast Range
: (750/800/850/900 with Talent)
: 80/120/160/200
: 4
The Cosmic Crawler can open a portal to a new dimension with new rules and laws that no mortal can comprehend, creating only a special kind of chaos.

Spoiler: Click to view

Numbers (without spell amplification)
Spoiler: Click to view
Cosmic Bind
When activated, deals damage over time to a target area based on Cosmic Crawler's Strength. Units and heroes below a certain health percentage threshold have the Stellar Shift debuff applied to them continuously.

With Aghanim's Scepter: Upgrades the debuffs of Stellar Shift.
: Target Area
: 0.1+0.4
: Magic
: No


: 1.8/2/2.2/2.4 xStr damage
: 450/500/550/600 Radius
: 450 Cast Range
: 29/32/35/38% HP
: 41/44/47/50% HP (Talent)
: 550 with Talent
: 85/90/95/100 + 3% max mana
: 11/22/33/44 + 2% of max mana
: 6/5/4/3
Those without the stamina to resist it will soon find themselves crushed under the Crawler's cosmic energies, dominated by it's superiority.

Spoiler: Click to view

Numbers (without spell amplification)
Spoiler: Click to view

Mana Cost Scaling (Without manaloss reduction)
Spoiler: Click to view
Spirit Touch
When attacking, Cosmic Crawler applies a debuff that will damage enemies and remove their mana every second based on Crawler's AGI. If Cosmic Bind is active, Spirit Touch will cause Crawler to perform an attack against all enemies within the bind and apply the debuff to every target. The effect stacks fully, but does not refresh old stacks when a new one is placed.
: Autocast/Target Unit
: Magic
: No

: 0.35/0.4/0.45/0.5 xAgi/sec
: 6 seconds
: 10 + 3% of Max Mana
: 2 (1 with talent)
The Crawler shows how rudimentary the minds of these mere collections of stardust are. With a spectral arm, it can touch souls directly and feed them anguish.

Spoiler: Click to view

Numbers (without spell amplification)
Spoiler: Click to view
Dimension Shift
Shifts the debuff of Dimensional Rip that is applied when it is cast.
This skill has no cooldown, no cast point, and no mana cost. The order of the effects is Destabilize (lowers the values of any breakable passive by 2 levels, 1 level if its a passive ultimate), Inflation (-30% Mana Loss Reduction / increases mana cost of spells by 30%), Slow (slows movespeed by 20%) and Blind (40% miss rate)

With Aghanim's Scepter, the original debuffs are upgraded with: Break, Silence, Root, and Disarm.

Other dimensions have strange qualities, and twist the bodies and minds of those living in this dimension. It's a mystery which dimension suits the Crawler's tastes at the moment.

Spoiler: Click to view
Stellar Shift
Shifts the debuff of Cosmic Bind that is applied when enemies fall below the health threshold.
This skill has no cooldown, no cast point, and no mana cost. The order of the effects is Destabilize (lowers the values of any breakable passive by 2 levels, 1 level if its a passive ultimate), Inflation (-30% Mana Loss Reduction / increases mana cost of spells by 30%), Slow (slows movespeed by 20%) and Blind (40% miss rate)

With Aghanim's Scepter, the original debuffs are upgraded with: Break, Silence, Root, and Disarm.

The Crawler finds similar nasty qualities in the cosmos themselves. A weakened body would not be prepared for space and its energies.

Spoiler: Click to view

Ultimate Abilities

The Cosmic Crawler will channel for a short time at a target area. Once channeling is complete it teleports to that location. On arrival to its new destination all enemy heroes in a large area take a percentage of their maximum health in pure damage and are applied a special debuff. When this debuff is active it makes all of Cosmic Crawler's debuffs unable to be dispelled. If the afflicted enemies survive to the end of the duration of the debuff, the initial damage of Arrival is healed back. All enemy non-Ancient non-hero-type creeps are instantly killed.

Passively the Crawler gains each attribute, movespeed, mana regeneration, and reduced respawn time based on how long the game's timer has been running. Stats and mana regeneration gain over time is uncapped, while speed gain and respawn reduction is capped.

: Target Area / Passive Affects Self
: 0.1+0.3
: 160 (maxed 94/80/67 min)
: 80 (maxed 94/80/67 min)
: No
: Pure
: No

+1 to all stats every
-1 Respawn time every
+2 Movespeed every
+0.5 Mana Regen every

: Global
: 5/4.5/4 seconds
: 15/25/35% of Max HP
: 6/8/10 seconds
: (16/18/20 Talent)
: 1000/1200/1400 AOE
: 70/60/50 seconds
: 70/60/50 seconds
: 70/60/50 seconds
: 70/60/50 seconds
: 400/600/800
: 90/60/30
The Crawler goes where it pleases and adapts to it's environment, growing strong every second. It is only a matter of time before everything ends.

Spoiler: Click to view

Attribute Numbers:
Spoiler: Click to view

Hero Talents

+ 10 Second Arrival debuff Duration
Cosmic Bind grants Haste to the caster when in the AOE

+ 12% Cosmic Bind debuff activation threshold
- 1 Spirit Touch Cooldown

+ 250 Dimensional Rip Cast Range
+ 7 Armor

+ 10% Magic Resistance
+ 30 Damage

Pros and Cons

+ Massive teamfight presence if farmed with extreme AOE Nuking, AOE DoT and debuff DoT potential
+ Can adapt ability usage for many lineups by adjusting debuffs
+ Very fast cast point, spells (except Ultimate) come out quickly
+ Can become very tanky late game with base armor and the passive strength gained from Arrival.
+ Good for turtling and stalling, is able to hold position very well, and excellent at killing a lot of creeps
+ Can join teamfights at any point or easily move around the map with Arrival
+ High base armor, damage, and regeneration especially for a ranged hero, making it difficult to harass in lane
+ Nigh-unmatched power in very late game; one of the only heroes that scales well with all 3 attributes and spends less time dead late game than other heroes
+ Due to not having to save buyback most of the time, can usually spend entire net worth on items

- Low stats and gain that takes a while to remedy and come online, which uniquely means the hero relies on time and not just gold and levels to fight; this can potentially destroy Crawler's team's momentum
- Spells are mostly blocked by spell immunity and heavily dampened by magic resistance
- Slow, low hp early in the game and no reliable escape spell; easy gank target for significant portions of the game
- High BAT means that attack damage and attack speed items scale poorly
- Due to spending less time dead, can be easier to chain feed (and thus throw) with especially later in the game
- Despite needing time, still heavily item dependent
- Very draft dependent, needs good supporting picks and must avoid dangerous counterpicks

Role and Gameplay

Cosmic Crawler is a very unique and unconventional hard carry that is meant to win teamfights with a unique combination of magical dps, a spell AOE attack, and nuke spamming while relying on a global mobility spell to farm and fight. Playing against it is made to be playing against the clock, and it's skills are all built to turn a close or losing game in its favor. The hero is not optimal for ganking due to heavy item dependence (and lack of mobility-based crowd control) but can join fights with Arrival.

CC is an insane AOE presence, and every one of its skills scale into the late game. Both Dimensional Rip and Cosmic Bind offer excellent turtle and teamfight power, and the nukes grow stronger as the game goes longer while Arrival deals percentage damage and makes the debuffs undispellable. Spirit Touch gives it an edge in long battles due to mana burn leaving enemy heroes with few options. Crawler is not made to man-fight due to its relatively slow auto-attack and is a powerful nuker carry. It weaves around combat with high movement speed, dealing massive damage to many foes with each damaging spell. The combo of Crawler is to use Arrival and Rip to lower their health, then use Cosmic Bind to apply the constant debuff and attack with Spirit Touch the entire time. It is all about getting enemy's health down quickly, ideally before they are healed back.

Uniquely for a Carry hero, Cosmic Crawler has to play around enemy Black King Bars instead of mostly ignoring them like most carries. Crawler is heavily weakened and countered when enemies get their BKBs, then regains power late game as those BKB durations go down and Crawler's damage and general survivability goes up. Despite this, it is much safer to draft Cosmic Crawler with some physical damage dealers to make up for it's deficiencies.

Crawler is imagined as a hypercarry who goes to the safelane and spends most of the game farming, but because of Spirit Touch's mana burn and high armor and regeneration, it may be possible to run it mid depending on the matchup if Crawler can outtrade it's enemy. If you are feeling crazy, it is theoretically possible to run this hero as the world's greediest support and only use the debuffs to terrorize the enemy team until the Arrival passive inevitably makes you strong (which is very possible in a pub game). In terms of drafting and gameplay, Crawler would be most like Spectre in terms of global mobility and slow activation, but plays a little more like Necrophos or Leshrac, without the high potential to snowball.

It's gameplay leans towards passiveness and low activity. Crawler has all offensive spells with no in-battle mobility or durability, which means there is little potential for snowballing and all you can usually do is farm. It is the hero that looks to farm up some items until it is ready to face off against the enemy team and use the spells to defend towers if it comes to it. It will take it some time to activate due to bad stats and gain.
It's itemization favors big stat items because they boost the damage of Crawler's spells and attack modifiers because Spirit Touch + Cosmic Bind allows Crawler to instant-attack multiple enemies. There is also a strong case to be made for Heal reduction due to how Arrival works, it will severely reduce the heal-back at the end of the duration. Eye of Skadi fits all three and makes it an ideal item to buy at some point.
These specializations dissuade it from low or non attribute items such as Moon Shard or Assault Cuirass.

Due to their crowd control and damage however, it is possible to itemize it for earlier game because of it's ability to disrupt enemies with debuffs and deal some damage if it has enough INT early on. Crawler's itemization would also likely depend on which attribute you would value the most based on which allies and enemies you have. If you want more Damage over Time and a frontline Crawler, get more strength items, if you want a stronger nuker that stays back, get more intelligence items. Agility focused builds are mostly impractical due to Spirit Touch cooldown and 2.1 BAT (and Spirit Touch being the spell that does the least damage by a pretty wide margin), so Agility is more of an afterthought or bonus rather than something to build around.

Cosmic Crawler is a difficult hero and requires a lot of practice to play well due to the difficulty of using Arrival, Rip and Bind properly and selecting the best debuffs every moment requires a lot of game knowledge. The hero also requires excellent farming skills to win and deal with the late game situations that the hero excels in and the struggle of the hero's extremely vulnerable early game. The hero can be easy to chain feed with and thus it takes much effort and focus to play the hero properly. Crawler has a medium skill floor and a high skill ceiling.


General Stat Priorities:
High Priority: INT, STR, Mana Regen, Movespeed, Cast Range, Spell Amplification, Spell Lifesteal
Middle Priority: Magic Resistance, Status Resistance, AGI, Cooldown Reduction, Armor, Spell Immunity, Attack Damage, HP Regen, Mobility, Lifesteal, Evasion, Attack Range
Low Priority: Mana, HP, Attack Speed

Early Options:
Magic Wand, Wind Lace, Ring of Regen, Null Talisman, Bracer, Void Stone, Crown, Ring of Health, Fluffy Hat, Voodoo Mask, Falcon Blade

Early Builds:
Early Activating Caster: Arcane Boots or Power Treads Int> Eul's Scepter of Divinity> Kaya> Force Staff/ Blink Dagger>Any Kaya Upgrade> and then into late game items.
Early Activating Tanky: Arcane Boots or Power Treads Str> Eternal Shroud> Kaya and Sange>and then into late game items

Late Game Carry Builds:
Well Rounded / All Stats: Arcane Boots or Power Treads Int> Eul's Scepter of Divinity> Bloodstone> Eye of Skadi>> Wind Waker> Scythe of Vyse> Heart of Tarrasque> Ethereal Blade
Tanky / DPS / Str Focused: Arcane Boots> Eye of Skadi> Heart of Tarrasque> Bloodstone> Overwhelming Blink> Shiva's Guard
Burst / Nuker / Int Focused: Power Treads Int> Dagon 1> Bloodstone> Dagon 5> Arcane Blink> Ethereal Blade> Scythe of Vyse/ Wind Waker> Eye of Skadi/ Shiva's Guard

Strange/Goofy Builds:
Pusher Treant Style Build: Arcane Boots> Meteor Hammer> Aghanim's Scepter>then whatever you want or need for your team
Anti-Mage Build: Power Treads AGI> Mage Slayer> Diffusal Blade> Yasha and Kaya>then normal late game items

Item Discussion:
Eye of Skadi is one of Crawler's best items due to the massive raw stats, but also because Spirit Touch can attack every target in the Cosmic Bind AOE to Skadi the whole enemy team. The Heal reduction also helps with Arrival, since it limits how much the enemies can heal back at the end of the debuff duration.
Bloodstone gives Crawler a ton of mana which can potentially mean continuously casting Cosmic Bind and Dimensional Rip and with many charges can have a huge amount of spell amplification. The spell lifesteal and active gives Crawler a massive amount of survivability as well. The mana regen amplification stacks very well with Arrival's passive mana regen too, and of course the active can be a very powerful heal into the late game. An excellent item all around and most late game oriented Kaya Upgrade.
Kaya and Sange is useful because it can boost mana regeneration and increases spell damage. The Status resist is also useful because it can make Crawler less vulnerable to chain disables. Useful for generally making Crawler stronger while not specializing in a benefit.
Yasha and Kaya makes Crawler extremely fast with the percentage movespeed, offers better mana burning and still gets spell amplification.
Eternal Shroud a powerful, low cost, defensive and spell lifesteal item if you did not get Bloodstone but a different Kaya upgrade. Helps with being blown up by spells in the early game.
Octarine Core is a very powerful caster item for this hero enabling it to cast more spells from farther away, but unfortunately does not add any attributes, it would be better later in the game when the damage of spells is not as much of a factor. The reduction in the cooldowns of Dimensional Rip and Spirit Touch also boost Crawler's total damage output a lot.
Scythe of Vyse boosts a lot of intelligence, and the synergy with Arrival is that its hex cannot be removed if Crawler casts it. A powerful item late game and extra good on Crawler.
Shiva's Guard is a potentially good choice due to providing a huge amount of armor and reducing healing, which weakens Arrival's reversal heal at the end of its duration if the enemies have a chance of living that long. It also provides a huge amount of intelligence.
Rod of Atos/ Gleipnir Atos is a powerful item for Crawler early, as it helps the hero with the lack of control and the stats are good. Gleipnir also gives useful stats and a strong AOE nuke root which would stack well with chain rooting with Dimensional Rip (if upgraded by Scepter).
Ethereal Blade amplifies almost all damage that Crawler does and provides a powerful disable or effective protection from physical damage depending on the draft. It would also be immune to being dispelled by Arrival if Crawler's target has the debuff (except by Spell Immunity).
Dagon 1 to Dagon 5 allows for some nice additional burst and the stats are also pretty good on Crawler. A useful option of the team really does require more burst late game.

Abnormal Items:
Daedalus as crits proc on the Spirit Touch's instant attacks, this item is potentially an effective way to deal tons of damage to multiple foes. Not that reliable and the stats are mostly wasted otherwise.
Satanic is potentially good for synergy with Spirit Touch (with Cosmic Bind), which lets Crawler steal life from multiple foes and heal back huge amounts of health and the dispel is nice for silences.
Meteor Hammer the stats and buildup are nice and active makes Crawler a threat to towers and can synergize if Crawler gets Aghs Scepter to get AOE root. It will definitely feel like playing a discount version of a good Hammer hero ( Treant Protector in this case) until Crawler naturally activates later in the game.
Mage Slayer: With Spirit Touch, Crawler can apply this debuff to multiple foes. The stats are not bad either. Potentially useful against casters but not a great farming item.
Diffusal Blade: Useful for additional mana burn that stacks with Spirit Touch and Inflation. The active inhibit may give a powerful disable for a low cost. Useful against certain foes that are extra weak to mana burn like Bristleback and Medusa.

Other Useful Items:
Hand of Midas despite attack speed being the least valuable stat on Crawler, the gold and exp benefits down the line this item offers are actually quite tempting, since this hero does not naturally activate quickly and Midas may actually not delay the hero from activating at all as opposed to almost all other heroes.
Boots of Travel comes up as a natural upgrade to boots, especially after disassembling Arcanes. The extra speed is useful on this hero and the global mobility is very good combined with Arrival.
Aghanim's Shard allows Crawler to siege enemy towers and slowly whittle them down with blind/disarm. If Disarmed, towers can no longer use glyph to clear creepwaves.
Aghanim's Scepter massively expands Crawler's control and disruptiveness by improving the quality of the debuffs, especially the ones that counter carries. Nice if you have extra money late game or in certain matchups where you need higher quality debuffs (like Roots against Mobile heroes or Disarm against a team of right clickers).
Black King Bar if you need the protection it offers, often a decently high priority item because Crawler can be easily shut down by silences or nukes.
Force Staff/ Hurricane Pike fits into any build as the stats are useful and the push active helps with kiting and staying alive if enemies jump on you.
Manta Style, Lotus Orb, Eul's Scepter of Divinity to dispel self if needed. Usually for silences and annoying debuffs. Eul's is extra nice because it grants some invulnerability while allowing Crawler's spells to deal damage on their own and it's upgrade Wind Waker is nice for its stat bonus and ability to move out of danger.
Blink Dagger can be useful to help Crawler actually chase down and finish off more mobile heroes. Arcane Blink is a powerful Blink upgrade, it grants intelligence and allows Crawler to cast its spells with low cooldown (though Crawler's fast cast time doesn't allow it to take advance of the cast point improvement). Overwhelming Blink is another Blink upgrade for more tanky Crawlers. It allows Crawler to output a large amount of damage and control when it jumps into combat. Don't touch Swift Blink on Crawler, even if the movement speed looks tempting, go for the haste talent instead.

Neutral Items:
Level 1: Arcane Ring*, Pig Pole*, Fairy's Trinket*, Possessed Mask, Keen Optic, Tumbler's Toy, Ocean Heart
Level 2: Pupil's Gift**, Nether Shawl* Vambrace*, Grove Bow, Quicksilver Amulet, Bullwhip, Fae Grenade
Level 3: Psychic Headband**, Spider Legs*, Elven Tunic, Paladin Sword, Titan Sliver, Quickening Charm
Level 4: Timeless Relic**, Spell Prism*, Trickster Cloak*, Stormcrafter, Flicker, Ascetic's Cap
Level 5: Apex**, Fallen Sky**, Giant's Ring*, Book of the Dead*, Seer Stone*, Force Boots, Book Of Shadows
*Denotes an extra useful neutral item
**Denotes an exceptional neutral item

Skills and Talents

Cosmic Crawler has a relatively flexible skill build. Some of the skills can take priority depending on the nature of the game and the build you are going for.

Cosmic Bind is often the best spell to max out because it is Crawler's best farming spell due to damaging the most creeps for the least mana. It also is useful for defending tier 1 towers if enemies put pressure early. This spell is rarely the spell you get at level 1.

Spirit Touch is usually maxed second as a carry. Though not as good for farming as Cosmic Bind, Spirit Touch is an excellent laning spell due to the orb walking, low mana cost, and mana burn which neutralizes many lane opponents. Spirit Touch is a lot better if Crawler is laning against one enemy. This is the spell to max first in a solo vs solo lane.

Good as a value point (due to its massively increasing mana cost and getting most of its damage at the first level), Dimensional Rip is useful for quickly applying a debuff (which early game would probably be Slow to try to go for kills, Blind to try to make enemies miss last hits, or Destabilize to farm creep stacks that would normally have Cloak Aura). This spell is usually best to max last.

Arrival is always taken whenever possible. All your useful quirks as Crawler come from this spell and the mana regen makes it easier for Crawler to spam its spells. The active also frees up farming since Crawler can easily jump to farming spots, fountain, or fights if need be.

Attribute Bonus: Cosmic Crawler may benefit from some bonus early game stats. It has a big problem with fragility early game and the mana cost of each of it's spells grow at a high rate. If the player wants to dump all their stats into Strength, the player can choose to neglect their other skills and go for points into Cosmic Bind and Stats. If the player wants to dump all their stats into Intelligence they can go for Dimensional Rip and Stats. This works best with good support that will stop you from being punished for making such a greedy decision, like with many farm-based carries.

Talent Choices:

Level 10: Magic Resistance vs Damage. The magic resistance is quite useful against the right foes that will try to blow up Crawler and it scales reasonably well. The Damage is useful even though Crawler has 2.1 BAT because it adds the attack to all Spirit Touch targets which itself can be a big farm booster.

Level 15: Dimensional Rip Cast Range vs Armor. Two very different paths, either Cast Range to allow for safer casting of your nuke from the backline or armor to be more suited for the frontline at some point. It depends if you want a caster or tank Crawler.

Level 20: Cosmic Bind debuff activation threshold vs 1/2 Spirit Touch cooldown. The Cosmic Bind talent makes it much easier to threaten the enemy team with the debuffs as it puts it on them when they are below half health. The Spirit Touch cooldown is powerful for more mana burn and sustained damage to multiple enemies. It depends if you need damage/manaburn or if you need the easier access to the debuffs more. The Cosmic Bind talent is much more powerful if you have Aghanim's Scepter.

Level 25: Arrival Debuff Duration vs Cosmic Bind Haste. Arrival's debuff is useful because it delays the enemies healing back their lost health, giving you more time to burst down the enemy heroes. Additional time for undispellable debuffs can also be useful for enemies that are relying a lot on dispels and escape spells. It is overall very useful if fights are going on too long after Arrival is cast. Cosmic Bind Haste allows Crawler to definitively outmaneuver and kite melee or short ranged cores inside of it's bind and can be useful also for escaping from combat or chasing down enemies as well. It is excellent if the enemies have a lot of slows (especially Skadi).

Combos and Counters

Ideal Allies:

Turtle Heroes:
Heroes that can stall out the game and defend high ground easily can help get to a decently strong point with Arrival's passive. Keeper is also an extremely good ally in general for Crawler, which we will detail in this section.

Nuke Boosters:
The Crawler's nukes become extremely strong late game but magic or spell boosting abilities can boost them to absurd levels. Keeper once again is a good pairing because he can instantly refresh Dimensional Rip, and has Solar Bind.

Global Mobility Boosters:
Helps Crawler move around the map and farm or go to fights more effectively. These spells pair well with Arrival to give Crawler very significant global impact or the option to go to fountain and return fully healed.

AOE Crowd Control / Initiators:
Ideal heroes to set up Arrival. These heroes with a good entrance can deal a ton of damage. Also they are good heroes to teamfight with because Crawler before having Scepter has very limited mobility control.

Cores That Can Damage Through Spell Immunity:
Crawler is a carry that cannot damage through spell immunity, unlike almost all safelane carries. As such, it would be smart to draft Crawler with cores that can deal damage to Spell Immune enemies (usually physical but sometimes Pure). It is a reversal of a lot of usual position damage distribution.

Saving Heroes:
Crawler is easy to kill for much of the game. These heroes can protect such a vulnerable hero very well especially early game. Counterinitiators count here too.

Stat Boosters:
These heroes can improve key attributes for Crawler, allowing it to be a greater threat with it's abilities before it has farm and buildup of stats from the Arrival passive.

Good Against:

High Armor/Evasion/Attack Resistance/Physical Protection Heroes:
As a scaling magical nuker, Crawler is very effective against heroes who do not have protections from magic damage and focus on physical protection in all its forms.

Passive Reliant Heroes:
Crawler is naturally very effective against heroes that are reliant on their passives, even before it has Scepter due to making those passives weaker with Destabilize. Many of these heroes are also vulnerable to Blind/Disarm.

Kiteable Melee Heroes:
Later in the game, Crawler is much faster than these heroes and is very good at restricting them with it's various debuffs of Blind/Disarm and Slow/Root.

Heroes Vulnerable to Mana Loss:
Usually these are tanky heroes who still need to cast spells to do stuff, Spirit Touch can make them into non-heroes by depleting their mana in a similar vein to Anti-Mage so they would be alive but useless.

High Cooldown Heroes:
Heroes that rely on high cooldown spells to fight can face trouble. Crawler's fast respawn can potentially mean that in a normal game where these heroes would use their high cooldown spells to kill the enemy carry, it does not have that value here due to how fast the carry (Crawler) respawns. In principle it is similar to the normal way to counter these heroes (buyback) but without having to buyback.

Non-BKB Cores:
Cosmic Crawler is one of those "all cores are getting BKB or we all die" kind of heroes due to its massive spell damage output and control with debuffs. The cores that are not able to use BKB very well will have a tough game against Crawler.

Illusion Heroes:
Crawler plays a favorable game against illusion heroes. Crawler deals a huge amount of AOE damage with its spells, and illusions will quickly fall under the Stellar Shift threshold and have permanent Blind/Disarm or Slow/Root. Arrival's damage in its higher levels also allows it to one-shot most illusions (the ones that take over 300% damage).

Heroes that Like to be At Low Health:
Due to how Cosmic Bind works, heroes that like to be at low health will find themselves continuously debuffed, especially by Blind/Disarm. This is particularly good against carries that rely on Satanic.

Worst Enemies: (There are many of them due to how specialized Crawler's skillset is and how glaring it's weaknesses are)

Stat Thieves and Heroes that get stronger for each kill:
In general these are heroes that weaken Crawler or get stronger when they gank it or sometimes both. It's easy for these heroes to snowball to victory against Crawler who is ill suited to deal with them.

Global Interrupters:
Due to Arrival's active giving a minimap indicator to all players when cast, these two can counter the global teleportation from global range. Silencer can use his ultimate as soon as he sees the spell being cast, and Zeus (with Scepter) can use his ultimate to find Crawler and Nimbus Crawler to stop it as well. As such these heroes can prevent Crawler from ever using ultimate until late game when it has low cooldown.

Crawler's spells are all active and silences make it into a creep. It cannot impact the game at all when silenced.

Gankers / Jump Heroes:
Crawler has no escape mechanisms so gankers who activate early can easily get a lot of kills on Crawler and ruin it's game. Late game Crawler is still weak to being jumped if it doesn't get to cast it's spells.

Base Armor Removal/Ignore:
Crawler's armor naturally almost all comes from Agility and the 6 base armor it has naturally and it is not well suited for a majority of the Armor items in the game. Heroes that can punch through base armor it will be able to tear apart a lot of tank Crawlers very easily into late game.

Instant Healers:
Heroes that in general can restore huge amounts of life will weaken Crawler, as Cosmic Bind needs heroes to be low on health before its debuffs activate. Fast healers can effectively remove Cosmic Bind debuffs for their allies.

Heal Amplification:
These heroes will massively improve the heal-back of Arrival's expiration, allowing it to massively outstrip the initial damage it did and come back with a lot more health.

Damage Nullification and Reflect:
Arrival heals the full amount it's supposed to do at the end no matter how much damage it actually deals. As such enemies that nullify damage will end up with more health than before. Because Arrival is so slow and telegraphed, tanky heroes with Blade Mail can easily deal a huge amount of damage to Crawler with it. Nyx can do both.

As Crawler is the biggest caster core ever, heroes (and items) that counter INT cores are obviously big problems. Between the heavy mana costs/burns, magic resistance and scaling nuking that gets stronger, these heroes pose a massive threat in most phases of the game. The first 2 can be beaten with good use of upgraded debuffs (Silence and Root for Pugna; Break and Root for AM) and the Spell Immune heroes can be outscaled late game as they don't carry as hard as Crawler. Nyx basically cannot be neutralized as a threat and will be a massive threat to Crawler all game, especially since he can also block and return Arrival's damage. Mage Slayers will require good positioning to protect yourself from and good use of dispel and Black King Bar.

As stated above, Necrophos's healing and healing amp counters Arrival and Cosmic Bind, but the big issue is his ultimate counters Arrival's respawn reduction, which means that Necro can put you down for much longer for the enemy to make a play and can make the Crawler player much more likely to be forced to save buyback.

Story and Cosmetic Stuff

(Design by Hae Joon Cho, not made for this concept)

Spoiler: Click to view

Interaction with Other Heroes:
Spoiler: Click to view

"Voice" Sample: Similar to the Ultralisk from Starcraft II
Spoiler: Click to view

Equipment Slots (3) and Default:
Head: Cosmic Crawler's Head
Arms: Cosmic Crawler's Arms
Accessory: None (Used for cosmetic things that float around Crawler)
Taunt: None

Set Ideas:
ARCANA Creature of the Event Horizon

Spoiler: Click to view

Standalone Item: Eye of Skadi
Spoiler: Click to view

Relative Size Comparison:
Check out the original forum version of Cosmic Crawler here (under it's old name, Xilixilyl)

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St4pps | July 24, 2021 7:05pm
I honestly LOVE this concept keep it up.
Cuttleboss (28) | July 25, 2021 9:19am
St4pps wrote:
I honestly LOVE this concept keep it up.

Hey there. Welcome to the site.
I'm glad you like Cosmic Crawler!
Thank you also for following me on the bird site.
BloodArena (1) | May 20, 2020 10:47am
Hey, if you are making a hero concept and need opinion, just ask me. I am currently making mine too but I am starting first by uncovering really deep patterns behind the existing Dota2 heroes so I have a lot to share.
Cuttleboss (28) | May 18, 2020 11:47pm
BloodArena wrote:
I hate to say this but this hero is very UNENJOYABLE or straight up UNPLAYABLE.
Look at Invoker. The very same combo(for example: cold snap - tornado - meteor - defeaning) will ALWAYS be the SAME keys(QQQR-WWQR-D-F-EEWRD-QWERD) even if you try to do it a HUNDRED times.

I was considering this general stuff when I was making the two spells. I wanted to have Dimensional Rip and Cosmic Bind both able to use a variety of debuffs so that Crawler would have all sorts of tools to defeat it’s enemies if the player was good at using them. I was thinking of which ways to implement it. As heroes get only up to 6 buttons, that limits to 2 icons. This severely limits the options of picking the debuffs without massively complicating the hero ala giving Crawler its own Quas Wex and Exort.

Ultimately, the 4 modes toggle variety made the most sense to me, because there was already Power Treads in the game, so people would be able to figure it out based on that existing mechanic, though it’s a bit more high risk and variety than Power Treads, however, I think you may be overstating the comparison.

Invoker has 10 spells that all have really different effects and targeting systems. Each spell is used differently. Cosmic Crawler’s most complex spells are an AOE nuke and an AOE DPS spell and you’re just toggling the secondary effect. If you were playing Crawler, you’d have a good idea of what debuff you’d be using most of the time, either based on analyzing the situation or just personal preference. You would likely adjust your debuff accordingly before fighting even starts.
Example: If the most dangerous hero on the enemy team is Outworld Devourer you would adjust it to Silence/Inflation
If it was a Sven you would adjust it to be either Slow/Root or Blind/Disarm.

BloodArena wrote:
This 'repetition' is the most important thing about the hero design because it lets players subconsciously execute the combo without too much effort(even more if they go to the practice lobby, try to execute the combo w/o concsiously recalling what keys to press, and do it like a hundred times).
While, your hero will have to press 4 possible key combinations(Q, DQ, DDQ, or DDDQ) to cast the VERY SAME skill(and yeah, different number of letters for each, absolutely destroying the player's rythm). And what's more is he have another 7 skills of EXACTLY THE SAME 4 ways to cast(good thing that the half of those 8 uses W and F instead) creating severe confusion.

I think I disagree in a sense. This hero is not built around big playmaking combos where you rely very much on going into a “rhythm”. This hero only has 2 spells and 1 autocast orb, there’s not much comboing going on, but rather fast adapting. This is a strategic hero where your actions have to change based on what’s happening. Some quick reactions are needed, like if you normally keep your debuffs on Silence because the enemies got a bunch of spellcasters, but you need to act fast to Disarm an enemy right-clicker carry (let’s say Ursa) if they go on you or your allies, so you toggle twice (as it is 2 spaces away in the toggle cycle) and then cast the spell to save yourself or your ally. Being able to do that before you or your teammates die is your rhythm on this hero.
BloodArena wrote:
Yeah, Invoker's 10 skills have unique keys thus 10 unique sets to memorize. But that only makes Invoker longer to master but only slightly harder to combo with once you have already mastered him(compared to lets say he only got 5 skills). And one more thing, while playing your hero, the player will ALWAYS have to look at the hud at some of the most crucial moments of the teamfights, messing up the players concentration and fun.

The rhythm thing is actually pertinent here; I think that like Tread-switching, it is just a new rhythm to learn. Like, Extreme Tread Switching where if you fail you or any ally dies like in that Ursa scenario above. In time a Crawler player would live and breathe the shifting toggles the same way most carry players live and breathe their Power Treads, where you instinctively know what debuff you’re on without having to look at the HUD.
BloodArena wrote:
Though the hero actually got a lot of unique concepts attached on him.

I am glad you think so! No matter how frustrating you think this hero would be to play, it’s good you were able to enjoy something unique about this hero design. Probably the strangest one I have.
BloodArena (1) | May 18, 2020 7:42am
I hate to say this but this hero is very UNENJOYABLE or straight up UNPLAYABLE.

Look at Invoker. The very same combo(for example: cold snap - tornado - meteor - defeaning) will ALWAYS be the SAME keys(QQQR-WWQR-D-F-EEWRD-QWERD) even if you try to do it a HUNDRED times. And this 'repetition' is the most important thing about the hero design because it lets players subconsciously execute the combo without too much effort(even more if they go to the practice lobby, try to execute the combo w/o concsiously recalling what keys to press, and do it like a hundred times).

While, your hero will have to press 4 possible key combinations(Q, DQ, DDQ, or DDDQ) to cast the VERY SAME skill(and yeah, different number of letters for each, absolutely destroying the player's rythm). And what's more is he have another 7 skills of EXACTLY THE SAME 4 ways to cast(good thing that the half of those 8 uses W and F instead) creating severe confusion. Yeah, Invoker's 10 skills have unique keys thus 10 unique sets to memorize. But that only makes Invoker longer to master but only slightly harder to combo with once you have already mastered him(compared to lets say he only got 5 skills). And one more thing, while playing your hero, the player will ALWAYS have to look at the hud at some of the most crucial moments of the teamfights, messing up the players concentration and fun.

Hope you would agree to most of this.
BloodArena (1) | May 18, 2020 7:44am
Though the hero actually got a lot of unique concepts attached on him.
delta17 (22) | June 2, 2019 4:59pm
I do not believe Crawler will outclass many 3-star carries in the game. And it's for the very same reason Outworld Devourer and Storm Spirit will never be a 3-star carry: Spell Immunity. Crawler will suffer the same fate of being a second-rate damage dealer who will only be most effective at mid-late game at most. Late-late game, he's really good at becoming a conveniently rich, debuff support though.

Not mention that Crawler has 0 escape and 0 defensive ability. A perfect combination of dying a lot from ganks in the early game and dying a lot from all kinds of bursts in the late game.
Cuttleboss (28) | June 5, 2019 2:43pm
You make a fair point.

The earliest incarnation of Crawler did not use magic damage but Universal (which has been patched out). I had an idea of him as using Pure (penetrating Spell Immunity) for a while once Universal was gone, but I was advised to make him a magic damage hero, so that he'd be more counter-able. Because of this, if you were to draft him, you'd throw him with some heroes to supplement physical damage like Templar Assassin or Bristleback. So yes, he is less like a traditional carry and more like an extreme damage-scaling version of a caster core like Leshrac, Zeus, or Tinker.

I did give him lots and lots of CC to give him the ability to defeat other carries once they had no more bkb duration. So it likely is more flexible than I am presenting them, but I do think it does enough damage later in the game to be more than just a debuffing utility support, since its DoTs can do 200-500 dps each, and his nuke can do 700-1.4k per cast.
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