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Pyotr the Portal Keeper by Cuttleboss

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Pyotr the Portal Keeper

By: Cuttleboss
Last Updated: Apr 17, 2022
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Pyotr the Portal Keeper

-The agility support that controls mobility and teleportation-

(The bolded name is the name the hero would be referred to in-game)

I created the Portal Keeper, Pyotr, because I wanted to come up with an agility based caster support, as there are very few and they are prone to falling out of the role. Originally it was Vengeful Spirit, Nyx Assassin, Bounty Hunter, and Venomancer. More recently we got Hoodwink. Out of these heroes, most of them are not consistently played in the support role and prone to jumping to core roles based on the meta.
Originally the idea vaguely started out as Hermes, as the idea was to have a pretty boy (so far in Dota it’s literally just Skywrath Mage) who can travel quickly between places and play good teamfight and mobility disruption. Later I decided run with a space-themed explorer to tie into Dota's cosmic world instead. Pyotr is a powerful caster who controls mobility in many forms. In lore he is essentially another apprentice to Void Spirit and is written to have a one-sided attraction to Templar Assassin.

Every hero has a gimmick and Pyotr's is Manipulating Teleportation and Facing Direction. He is built around macro gameplay, mobility, and direction-based gameplay. His ability to control turning for his enemies and teleportation for both allies and enemies make him a very disorienting enemy to face.


Pyotr was already interested in exploring the world, having visited the Acid Jungles of Jidi, Mount Joerlak, and Icewrack among many others. Traveling with a troupe of treasure hunters, the exploring began to lose it's charm, as was being the packhorse of the group for far stronger companions. Pyotr was very curious about the nature of the town portal scroll, an recurring artifact that every hero seems to use and need. Seeking answers, he consulted the local keenfolk and separated from his companions to study the scrolls, how they came to be, and more importantly how to make them better. His project to understand the force of teleportation led him to cross paths with the Templar Assassin. Instead of slaying the young explorer, Lanaya instead asked her master for guidance. Inai put Pyotr to the test and tested his perspective to see if he could see the nature of teleportation if it was broken down and allowed the young man to borrow some of the Void powers.

To Inai's surprise, Pyotr was able to recognize the currents of teleportation magic and change a Town Portal Scroll's destination. From there, he allowed the young man to use his portal powers to visit new worlds and see what other things he could find. Through many years the young man discovered many worlds; some more horrific than others. The Hidden Temple now had a Portal Keeper to direct the many entrances to endless worlds.

18 + 2 [76 at level 30]
*24 + 2.5 [96 at level 30]
20 + 2.6 [95 at level 30]
Complexity ◆◆◇
Support ◆◆◇
Disabler ◆◆◇
Initiator ◆◇◇

Base Stats:
Health: 200 base, 560 at level 1
Mana: 75 base, 315 at level 1
Armor: -1 base, 3 at level 1
Damage: 18-23 base, 42-47 at level 1
Attack Animation (frontswing+backswing): 0.35+0.55
Base Health Regen: 0.25 base, 2.05 at level 1
Base Mana Regen: 0.3 base, 1.3 at level 1
Base Attack Time: 1.8/0.56 att/sec base, 0.633 at level 1
Initial Attack Speed: 90
Range: 550
Missile Speed: 1000
Movespeed: 305
Sight Range: 1800/800
Turn Rate: 0.7
Damage Block: 0
Collision Size: 24
Legs: 2
Voice Actor: Matthew Mercer (Plays Monkey King in the trailer only)

Level 30 Stats:
Health: 1720
Mana: 1215
Armor: 15
Damage: 114-119
Health Regen: 7.6
Mana Regen: 4.75
Attack Speed: 186
Attacks Per Second: 1.05

A visual of the hero's missile, a cutting disk of void energy that is flung at enemies:

Pyotr is not very tall for a human male, about the height of Anti-Mage, as seen in the size comparison far below.
As of this writing, the current version of Dota2 is 7.31b

Primary Abilities

Disorienting Blast
Pyotr shoots a ball of energy at a target unit or hero. When it hits the target, it deals damage and slows the turn rate and movement speed of all enemies in an AOE on impact.
: Target Unit
: 0.2+0.7
: Magic
: No
: 100/160/220/280 damage
: 600/700/800/900 Cast Range
: 40/50/60/70% (69/79/89/99% talent)
: 15/20/25/30% Movespeed slow
: 4 (6 with talent) seconds
: 250 AOE
: 100/120/140/160
: 18/16/14/12
Void energy limits your self control when it strikes you. Even a clear mind will not be able to control its body properly.

Spoiler: Click to view
Nocturne Flash
Pyotr blasts a thin beam of light at an area. When it reaches the center of the AOE, it will explode and stun all enemies facing the center of the AOE, and silences any other foes in the AOE that are not facing the center.

With Aghanim's Scepter: Causes Nocturne Flash to echo 2 times after the initial blast, 3 seconds between each pulse. Also allows Nocturne Flash to be cast on self or allies and the AOE will follow their position on each pulse.

: Target Area
/ Target Unit (Scepter)
: 0.3+0.7
: No

: 1.2/1.6/2/2.4 seconds
: 250/275/300/325 AOE
(550/575/600/625 talent)
: 800/850/900/950
: 0 (2 with Scepter)
: 0 (3 seconds with Scepter)
: 80/95/110/130
: 20/17/14/11
In the various worlds he has visited, Pyotr always came prepared with a blinding light in the darkness that scares away the beasts of the abyss.

Spoiler: Click to view
Creates a portal at a target point that allied heroes can right-click to start channeling. Once channeling is complete the portal sends them back to their fountain.
: Target Point
: 0.5+0.7
: 200 Cast Range
: 3/2.8/2.6/2.4 second channeling
: 1000 HP
: 10 second Portal Life
: 400 Radius
: 200/150/100/50
: 65/60/55/50
The comfort of home is only moments away.

Spoiler: Click to view
With his mastery of teleportation magic, Pyotr improves the common artifacts used to channel such magic. Improves Town Portal Scroll and Blink Dagger (as well as its upgrades). Reduces the cooldown of the items, reduces the teleportation time of TP scrolls and reduces the damage penalty cooldown of Blink Dagger (and upgrades).

With Aghanim's Shard: From Global range, allows Pyotr to transfer the passive to an allied hero for 8 seconds.

This skill is innate to the Portal Keeper and does not need to be learned.


: Passive
Target Unit (Shard)
: Yes
: 20% (40% talent) CD reduction
: 20% (40% talent) time reduction
: 1 (2 talent) penalty reduction
: Global (Shard)
: 8 seconds (Shard)
: 0
: 50 (Shard)
The magical flows of teleportation are slow and unwieldy, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Pyotr has long since learned to tinker with the artifacts to make them far quicker and more precise.

Spoiler: Click to view

Ultimate Abilities

Warp Glyph
Marks the target location with a powerful and disruptive glyph. This glyph is invulnerable and can be teleported to by allies as if it was a building. The area of the glyph will redirect all teleportation from enemy blinks, town portals, or any mobility spells to or towards its location.

The Warp Glyph may teleport nearby allied or enemy heroes to it. More info under the spell “Warp”.
: Target Point
: 0.7+0.8
: No
: 1000/1200/1400 AOE
: 10/14/18 seconds
: 650
: 175/275/375
: 150
The Warp Glyph is Pyotr’s greatest technique he developed. It interrupts and reroutes teleportation magic and allows him to push his foes into a deathtrap.

Spoiler: Click to view
The passive ability of Warp Glyph.
If Warp Glyph right clicks on a target allied hero it will teleport them to it's location if they are within the range of the AOE.
Warp can also be activated by any allied hero who right clicks on the Warp Glyph while it is off cooldown. Warp Glyph can also right click to target enemies to teleport them to its location, but at half the range.
: Passive
: Yes (allies)
/ No (enemies)
: 1000/1200/1400 Cast Range
: 500/600/700 Cast Range
: 5/4.5/4 seconds
Safety is but a blink away.

Spoiler: Click to view

Hero Talents

+300 Nocturne Flash AOE
Warp Glyph refreshes all ally TP scrolls when cast

+24% Disorienting Blast Turn Rate Slow
2x Omnipresence Bonuses

+30 Movement Speed
+2 Disorienting Blast Duration

+200 Mana
+200 Health

Pros and Cons

+Good counter to mobility dependent heroes and initiators due to causing their spells to malfunction
+Excellent siege hero, since enemy heroes cannot TP into the fight properly and his ability to send teammates to fountain
+Powerful laning and disruption potential due to turn rate slow+stun combo and his ability to send teammates to fountain
+Good save ability with Warp, excellent counter initiation potential
+Strong teamfight spells
+Warp Glyph gives him impact even if he dies or is far away
+Significantly less fragile than most casters due to being AGI
+Good mobility with items that can be transferred with Shard
+Item independent; does not need many items to have a huge impact
-Heavy mana costs for an AGI hero
-Still fragile to magical damage and vulnerable to ganks
-Weak playing from behind, especially if team cannot splitpush
-Low base and general damage output; teammate dependent
-Unreliable disables; can be difficult to execute
-Can be a lackluster ganker due to unreliable stun and a relatively weak slow
-Warp Glyph is liable to be turned against you; it can lead to your team being juked or the enemies setting up on you while you try to set up on them

Role and Gameplay

Pyotr is a support with limited ability to severely impact the game alone. Despite this, he is quite a powerful hero to help a trustworthy ally. His presence on a team allows the team to be a lot more mobile on a micro and macro level and can mess with enemies that rely on teleport spells or scrolls of their own.
His spells are very disruptive and good with a partner. He can easily slow turn-rate which is good in both lane and in a teamfight. His Nocturne Flash can be comboed semi-reliably with the turn-rate slow. On defense he is powerful with the ability to return to fountain after clashes or during sieges and Warp to teleport allies to safety even if they are stunned by right clicking on them. His ultimate also conversely can destroy the enemy team's ability to teleport into a fight safely. His Shard also allows him to share his superior innate mobility.
When you draft Pyotr, a few things would be ideal to play him to his potential. He wants some kind of aggressive partner that can take advantage of his disables that he can replenish after successful kills with a fountain trip. Though he's able to babysit with his skills, especially Sanctuary, it is not his optimal use. He is good with a splitpusher on his team if he has Shard, since he can give them his powerful passive to use.
As a hero, he plays most like a support Underlord or Weaver, without the hybrid elements.

His weakness is mainly that he is not all that powerful and will struggle if enemies are significantly stronger. Disrupting mobility means little if the enemies can simply overpower you. Heroes with other forms of mobility (like very high movespeed) also can be big threats. He is also not too hard to gank, since his abilities are not great defensively and he is not hard to kill.

Though he is designed as a support who does not really need items to be useful, it might be feasible to play him as a utility core, since he is quite powerful with Blink Dagger and Boots of Travel, he can partner with an initiator to get a Scepter and allow them to stun enemies continuously. With items like Maelstrom he can also be a decent splitpush hero.

Pyotr has some complex mechanics and there is a lot of skill involved in properly using his skills, especially his ultimate. As such Pyotr has relatively medium skill floor but a high skill ceiling.


General Stat Priorities:
High Priority: Mobility, Mana Regen, Movespeed, HP, Mana, Cast Range
Middle Priority: INT, Magic Resistance, Cooldown Reduction, STR, Attack Range, HP Regen, Armor, AGI
Low Priority: Status Resistance, Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Spell Amplification, Spell Immunity, Spell Lifesteal, Lifesteal

For item builds, Pyotr has flexible options in the early game since the items he wants to buy are rather expensive anyway. Due to his passive, he is extremely good with Blink Dagger(due to having low cooldown and penalty time on the item), Boots of Travel (due to the lower cooldown on town portals it is a priority to have unlimited tp scrolls to move around the map without it costing too much), and a distant third Eul's Scepter of Divinity (Due to the synergy with the reduced penalty time of Blink Dagger, it gives Pyotr an insanely powerful escape mechanism and is good interrupt and can set up Nocturne Flash's stun).

Boots: Boots of Speed (usually). Maybe Arcane Boots if you are building certain items or Tranquil Boots if you're broke and need the movespeed.
Laning Options: Magic Wand, Ring of Basilius, Urn of Shadows, Soul Ring, Wind Lace, Fluffy Hat, Headdress, Bracer, Wraith Band

Midgame Options:
General Core: Blink Dagger, Boots of Travel
All Purpose: Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Aether Lens, Force Staff, Aghanim's Scepter
Protection: Ghost Scepter, Glimmer Cape, Aeon Disk, Lotus Orb, Pipe of Insight, Holy Locket
Aggressive: Spirit Vessel, Rod of Atos, Orchid Malevolence, Mage Slayer, Diffusal Blade, Drum of Endurance
Pushing: Medallion of Courage/ Solar Crest, Vladmir's Offering, Aghanim's Shard, Mekansm, Dragon Lance

Late Game Options: Wind Waker, Hurricane Pike, Linken's Sphere, Heaven's Halberd, Scythe of Vyse, Refresher Orb, Boots of Bearing, Guardian Greaves, Black King Bar, Octarine Core, Shiva's Guard, Bloodthorn, Gleipnir, Wraith Pact, Arcane Blink

Neutral Items:
Level 1: Arcane Ring*, Keen Optic*, Ocean Heart, Trusty Shovel, Fairy's Trinket, Pig Pole, Tumbler's Toy
Level 2: Essence Ring*, Philosopher's Stone*, Quicksilver Amulet, Grove Bow, Ring of Aquila, Nether Shawl, Pupil's Gift, Vambrace, Bullwhip, Fae Grenade
Level 3: Ceremonial Robe*, Psychic Headband, Enchanted Quiver, Spider Legs, Quickening Charm
Level 4: Stormcrafter*, Telescope*, Ninja Gear*, Ascetic's Cap, Spell Prism, Timeless Relic, Trickster Cloak
Level 5: Force Boots*, Seer Stone*, Book of the Dead, Book Of Shadows, Ex Machina, Mirror Shield, Fallen Sky, Arcanist's Armor
*Denotes an extra useful neutral item

Skills and Talents

Disorienting Blast is Pyotr's strongest spell in lane. It deals a fair amount of damage and slowing down turn rate limits enemies ability to run away from Pyotr and his partner. It scales well with levels too, so it is the best ability to max out first most of the time.

Nocturne Flash combos well with Disorienting Blast in lane, giving strong kill potential when it is skilled. Flash is also weak in early levels and would benefit a lot from being leveled up. In most cases you would max flash second.

Sanctuary is good as a value point, because it can allow you and/or your lane partner to go home and get a full heal. It is useful to max later on, but early it does its job well enough and it is better to max the two aggressive spells first.

Warp Glyph is powerful not just because it disrupts teleporters but also for its ability to save allies or trap enemies. It should be taken whenever possible to get access to Warp and to be able to push. The mana cost increase is significant, but having it for longer duration and in a larger area makes it worth it.

Attribute Bonus: Pyotr will rarely find a reason to go attributes over his normal spells, since he is not a farming hero and he offers more to his team as a spellcaster. He may have trouble with mana but he can solve that more easily with many item options.

Talent Choices:

Level 10: Mana vs Health. A simple choice. Mana is a good option if you're winning and it allows you to much more easily cast your spells and Health is good if you're losing (or fear being blown up in either ganks or fights).

Level 15: Movement Speed vs Blast Duration. The Movespeed is very nice if you go for a Eul's and Travels movespeed build, which allows you to run at 455 base speed. The Blast duration increase can be powerful against foes that are reliant on turning in combat (usually high movespeed heroes like Bristleback or Leshrac)

Level 20: Blast Turn Rate Slow vs Doubled Omnipresence. Aggressive disable vs splitpush/mobility talent. The Blast turn rate slow makes turning take many seconds and essentially useless, which means that Nocturne Flash will be very easy to set up. The strengthened Omnipresence allows Pyotr and whoever he wants to share his passive with to move across the map even more easily and the reduced blink penalty makes it into a very powerful escape.

Level 25: Nocturne Flash AOE vs Warp Glyph Refreshes TP Scrolls. Nocturne Flash AOE is very strong with Scepter's pulses. This makes it a nightmare of a spell to teamfight into as its AOE gets large. The Warp Glyph refreshing TP scrolls gives strong buyback play potential due to being able to have all allies TP to the glyph to quickly rejoin a push or teamfight. The refreshing scrolls talent can be used as a simple global semi-save by refreshing the scroll at the right time.

Combos and Counters

Ideal Allies:

Aggressive Lane Partners:
These heroes are powerful laners that partner well with Pyotr and allow him to get kills. With Disorienting Blast the enemies cannot easily turn away when this high damage hero goes on them. They can also refill their health and mana with Sanctuary.

Splitpush Heroes:
These heroes use the Omnipresence passive from Shard well. They spend less time teleporting, can do their next teleportation earlier, and if they rely on blink dagger, the penalty period is shorter so they can get away more easily.

Heroes that Can Make Enemies Face Them:
These heroes can set up Nocturne Flash well, which offers a very powerful potential for chain-stunning, especially with the Scepter.

Global Mobility Boosters:
These heroes combo well with Sanctuary, which can allow one or more heroes that teleport home to come back very quickly after healing up.

Good Against:

Mobile Heroes:
These heroes are very reliant on their mobility spells to get them around and most of them can be killed very easily if they don't have them. Warp Glyph makes their spells not work properly and make them much easier to kill as they will be teleported to the location of the glyph.

Dangerous Channeling Spells:
Nocturne Flash stuns or silences all enemies in the area. A lot of these heroes also rely on Blink as well and Warp Glyph can easily counter that.

Heroes Weak to Warp:
A lot of heroes are weak to their target being repositioned by Warp as it can break their spells. It can mess very badly with their initiation.

Turn-Based Heroes:
Heroes that are countered abnormally hard by Turn Rate slow of Disorienting Blast can find it much harder to use their abilities properly.

Worst Enemies:

Spell Immunity:
None of Pyotr's skills work against Spell Immunity, including his ultimate. Against spell immune enemies he can only use Warp defensively and can do remarkably little else.

Run-at-You Heroes
Aggressive Tanky heroes that can shrug off the teleportation and turn penalties they face by just running and hitting you.

Fast Moving Gankers:
Heroes that can run up to you and blow you up while you have limited ability to defend yourself. They can make Pyotr's game very difficult. Racking up a lot of deaths on Pyotr will also deprive your team of your Aura.

Long Ranged Right Clickers:
These heroes are a lot less vulnerable to a turn rate slow and less likely to be hit by Nocturne Flash (due to its missile speed and limited AOE). Their long range also allows them to easily kill the Sanctuary Portal.

Story and Cosmetic

(Design by Vanya Panova, not made for this concept)

Pyotr the Portal Keeper is a friendly young man who is curious and looking to learn more, but is also strange by most people's standards. He has a goofy disposition in combat and enjoys himself whenever he casts his spells, and laughs if he misses his spells (Nocturne Flash). He is the adventurous type of character that enjoys the work he is doing. He does not take his job as Portal Keeper as seriously as he knows he should and sometimes slips into moments of seriousness as a result. He is also flirtatious with various girls.

Interactions with Other Heroes:
As the Portal Keeper, he serves Void Spirit loyally and thanks him whenever he can for the opportunity to be the Portal Keeper. His other Hidden Temple associate Templar Assassin has a friendly relationship with him, and he acts very enamored around her. Despite this, he seems to be unaware that Juggernaut and her used to be in a relationship, and will note that she would get along with him. With other girls he is very playful in complimenting them or lamenting the loss of their beauty when they die, though he is strangely unsettled by Marci. With some of the burly men in the game like Axe, Dragon Knight and Mars, he calls them dumb brutes and is not impressed by their muscles and shouting, though this may also be a place of insecurity over being thin and not-manly. Pyotr also has some negative but mostly positive interactions with the cosmic characters, like Outworld Destroyer (who he likes), Faceless Void (who he thinks is interesting), Dawnbreaker (who he is all sorts of impressed by), and the Fundamentals (who he likes except for Enigma who he considers the most dangerous of them).

Voice Sample:
Based on Yusuke Kitagawa from Persona 5, voiced by Matthew Mercer (who voiced Monkey King in the original release trailer, before being replaced in the actual game of Dota 2).

Equipment Slots (7) and Default:
Head: Pyotr's Adorable Do'
Chest: Pyotr's Coat
Shoulder: Pyotr's Scarf
Legs: Pyotr's Legs
Hands: Pyotr's Gloves
Off Hand: Pyotr's Helmet
Taunt: None

Set ideas:

Standalone Item: Dimensional Dagger
Off Hand: Dimensional Dagger

Based on the Blink Dagger item. Has a special animation when blinking where Pyotr lifts it. When teleporting instead of wearing his helmet he plays with the blink dagger like a butterfly knife.
A real portal master always needs one of these.

Relative Size Comparison:

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kakerate | March 30, 2022 7:37am
cool to see an ability showcase in the warcraft 3 engine. Do you play any WC3 these days?

question on the ult; if an enemy hero dashes, will the glyph teleport them 500 units (at level 1) at angle from them to the center of the portal? Or is it up to 500 units, ending at the center of the portal?
Cuttleboss (28) | March 31, 2022 12:21am
Hey there. Welcome to the site.
Warcraft 3 is the roots of Dota, and like the artstation designs of the heroes, it is rich with talented artists who have designed cool icons for many spells. And it's how I'm used to designing heroes. Though after big controersy with reforged about a year ago, I don't play it anymore.

As for your question, I do not fully understand what you are asking but I think it is about the ability Warp. Warp is a passive ability that belongs to Warp Glyph. If Warp Glyph is selected and right clicks on an enemy within 500/600/700 range while off cooldown, it will teleport that enemy hero to the Glyph's center (and it can do this from farther range for allies).
This is different from the Warp Glyph's default aura, which redirects enemy blinks/tps/other targeted mobility spells to the glyph's center (or towards the glyph if its a shorter ranged mobility spell like unupgraded Time Walk or Burrowstrike)

I hope this helps!
JakeKolkat (1) | November 3, 2021 1:33pm
I have read your idea about the new hero.
I think this hero has a very good chance of appearing in the game.
The abilities are well-thought & he's not OP or anything.
Thanks for introducing a new hero!
Cuttleboss (28) | November 8, 2021 8:13am
JakeKolkat wrote:
I have read your idea about the new hero.
I think this hero has a very good chance of appearing in the game.
The abilities are well-thought & he's not OP or anything.
Thanks for introducing a new hero!

Hey thanks! I don't work for Valve so it's very unlikely they would put my hero in the game (for legal reasons), but I appreciate the sentiment. I'm glad you like the Portal Keeper!
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