Mamizou Futatsuiwa, the Bake-Danuki (Implemented)

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Mamizou Futatsuiwa, The Bake-Danuki

Alive, and playable


Here again, I implemented another hero created in here, unashamedly without permission. Dear delta17, if you may, forgive this one.


I own nothing except for the code. The hero design, icons, and texts all goes into its creator, delta17. You are free to look, use, modify, copy, or anything you can imagine of with my code, though.

How to play

Download it here, and follow the method here.


Spoiler: Click to view

Comments and differences from original


First of all, as someone had pointed it out. Seriously, change the name. I know it's in Japanese, but for most English speakers it sounds weird, if not hard to pronounciate.

Imagine a player shouts out, "Hey, Futa is here!" (if you know what I mean).

I just rename her back-end name with "bakedanuki"; Magical Racoon sounds unfamiliar.

Talent Tree

Same as Azura, talent tree is not supported. Yet.

Trickster's Insight

When I tried it, this spell worthiness is just in its Break, really. Sure, no single target, but it's not like you're against Bane, which all of them are single target, right? But Jugg's ult can't touch her tho.

The crit, what crit? 25% chance barely procs in that 5 sec duration.


Now this is a genius spell(s). I had a headache implementing them, side-effect of a great challenge. Note that the illusion will have its own auto-attack stance depends on player's settings, so it may be easy to spot. (oh, look, the aggresive one is fake!) Unless, that's how you tricked 'em.

What if Mamizou get healed while the trick is active? the creator didn't specify one, so I had it easy: no healing.

I add 1s cooldown on End Trick, because IceFog.

Frolic Aura

A rather simple and plain spell, but makes up the Tomfoolery's challenge. What does the icon truly means?

Futatsuiwa's Curse

The creator didn't specify a case where NO valid units in radius. So.... I just make it wasted its cooldown and mana, for hard-to-land reason. 225 speed is pretty fast, I can't tell the difference.

I am no artist, so I just go with the frog model.


That's all, folks. Sorry for not continuing the tutorial, still busy implementing my own Rubick's Spell Steal.


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There's nothing to forgive. I loved the work and the effort that you put through. I should be thanking you!

I'm sorry for her name, she's an established character from another franchise. Along with futatsuiwa's curse (full name: Transformation "Futatsuiwa Clan's Curse") But to help you, it's pronounced futats + eewa. You can even pronounce the letters at face value, shouldn't be that hard. Why not call her just Mamizou though?
- - - - -
Thanks for providing some useful feedbacks! Your right on the crits on Trickster's Insight. I'll buff the crit chance and nerf the crit multiplier, but a big buff overall.
- - - - -
Tomfoolery is more fun to use than I even imagined! You did a superb job! You can't see it but I'm giving you big round of applause.
- - - - -
Frolic Aura have dogs, birds, and men apparently 'frolicking' in the icon. I can't find a better icon that represents a hyped crowd than that. It's taken as a screenshot of the game she came from.
- - - - -
Yep, it will waste mana and cooldown if Futatsuiwa's Curse failed to hit.

You forgot to modify Dark Willow's stats to match Mamizou's, but I managed it on my own. (turned her to melee agility and changed stats) Dang, I really did learned something. :)


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This is in your disclaimer already, but I'm still going to ask for your consent. I'm with this group of discord fellows that plan to make a fully realized custom mod and I hope you wouldn't mind if we could use the code you made.

While I'm at it, say, you can program heroes for fun, right? Would you like to be invited to our discord where we try to make Dota:Allstars all over again? We're mashing up heroes from other mods and turn them into 1 big mod! We're throwing original heroes too. You can legit be a part of this! And they could use another programmer.

Heck, you can even join us and not do anything at all (like me)! The team is pretty lax (almost too lax...) so you can just keep doing what you're doing as if you've never heard of us and it's still fine! Whatever you can contribute.

This is the invite link:
this also goes to other people reading this and are interested in joining


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If you insist: Hereby, I declare thee to be able to (including but not limited to) open, read, stare, copy, modify, consume, distribute, laugh at, sleep with, step on, swim within, or make girlfriend out of a portion or all of my code.
Though I don't mind if you don't, cite the author's name to keep the plagiarism habit away from this world.

Discord, eh? I don't think I want to have one, so no, thanks.

If you (or any of you reading this) want to have your ability (or anything that is within my capability) be implemented, feel free to mention or pm me. If the ability is worth it, I'll implement it.
Generally, I program heroes during my free time, so the abilities should not be too complex (exception to VERY interesting abilities), and its technical requirements are clear (how it should behave, when linken'ed, when refreshed, when stolen, etc).

Less complex abilities take less time to build, fitting in my free time. Without particle effects, a simple passive ability should take 5-minutes to be completed. Around 10-minutes for unit target abilities, 15-minutes for point projectile abilities, 30-minutes-more for complex passive abilities (stack-based abilities), and almost a day (or even more) for abilities that require delays, objects or forced-movements (Enigma's black hole, Titan's Earth Split, Pango's Rolling).


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