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April 15, 2018

Slardar: Slithereen Crush

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It's been a while, eh? Don't worry, I'm still pretty much alive (at least physically, but inside...).

So, I've been tweaking around github and decided to split between real version of Dota 2 abilities and tutorial version. Meaning, there are 2 implementations for each ability created in different github branch.

Why the split? I thought that for beginners, it would be better if they just understand basic functions explained in this tutorial, and the ability scripts should only show what's essential for them. Meanwhile, the real version of the ability tends to have a lot of fuss and fancy APIs which may confuse the learners.

I've moved tutorial version of the abilities from "master" branch to "tutorial" branch. Previous links have been updated to the new links, so make sure you get the correct version.

In short, to download ability scripts, go to branch tutorial in the github to get the 'easy' version, and go to branch master to ge…
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February 05, 2018

Chaos Knight's Chaos Bolt

Playing with projectile

EDIT: Some links have been updated due to github repository change.

Ability Form: Precache

I've been avoiding aesthetics up until now, but finally it's unavoidable anymore. If you look at the base .txt file, everything seems normal excluding that "precache" key-value.

Okay, here's the thing about precache: the engine is just pure lazy. It won't load any resources (such as particles and sounds) unless it is explicitly required. This 'precache' is a way to ensure the particle is required 'explicitly'. Spawning a hero is another one, but even the engine won't automatically load his/her voice until they're triggered to speak.
Particle not loaded means it won't show up. Got it?

Knowing a particle's path would require a Workshop Tools or a GCFScape, so if you don't want to be bothered by those, simply use the path I set there. The most essential particle is the "chaos_knight_chaos_bolt.vpcf" one; the rest is optional.

Logic: Tracking…
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January 29, 2018

Ogre Magi's Fireblast

Straight to the action

EDIT: Some links have been updated due to github repository change.

Previously we've been dealt with passive abilities, which tends to do their action on their modifiers. Now, this unit-targetted ability will have actions that is defined in the main lua instead; modifier will be a simple tag without action.

Ability Form (.txt file)

The base .txt filled with things that have been covered in the first tutorial. Fireblast is a unit-targeted ability which target enemies that may be heroes or creeps, and deals magical damage that may be dispelled by strong dispel but cannot pierce spell immunity.

A question may be raised as to why the damage section is empty even though Fireblast do damages its target. The thing is, it does not have considerable impact as long as your code follows this form. If the form has "AbilityDamage" value, the code may call "Ability:GetAbilityDamage()" to retrieve it. If the form uses "AbilitySpecial" instead, then…
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January 26, 2018

Troll Warlord's Fervor

a stack neverflow

EDIT: Some links have been updated due to github repository change.


There's not much to discuss for Fervor's base .txt and main lua. As a passive, Fervor does not require targetting filter and other important values, so the txt file is pretty much similar to Spell Shield. There is one difference, however, that it states "SpellDispellable" as no. This is optional, since it only affects the tooltip.
The ability file is also as simple as Spell Shield. A copy-paste, in fact, since the ability is not required to do anything other than spawning the modifier.

The actual actions happened at modifier instead, so let's focus on that one.

Modifier: Characteristics

This modifier should appear at buff bar, hence we need to show it. Since it is not on the background anymore, its characteristics should be specified, such as:
  • Is it hidden?
  • Is it a debuff? (Otherwise is a buff)
  • Is it can be purged?
  • Is it removed on death?

So far, Spell Shiel…
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January 25, 2018

Antimage: Spell Shield Lua

Let's get our hands dirty.

EDIT: Some links have been updated due to github repository change.

Ability Form Review

Take a brief look on the ability's .txt file. It's quite short, since it's a simple ability.
Notice that the ability has been renamed as "antimage_spell_shield_lua" in order to avoid collision with the real one.
It is a basic ability with a passive behavior, and nothing else. No need for cast points, unit targetting, spell immunity, etc etc. It also has just one ability specials, which defines the magic resistance bonus on each level.
In short, it's short.

Introducing: Main Lua File

Open up a text-editor, create new file and save it as "antimage_spell_shield_lua.lua", placed according to the .txt file. This will be the main script file, which defines what the ability does. Let's begin with the keypoints.

Class Identifier

You should generally want this particular line at the start of your lua files. This defines the start of a class for c…
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