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Gigalogas, the Ectobeast

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by delta17 » August 12, 2018 9:21pm | Report
Click here for main Thread. But you can still comment your thoughts / give feedback here in this forum.

As a quicker version.


  • ULTIMATE: There is good reason for me to explain his ult first.
  • Gigalogas basically have two forms. A Mortal Mage (ranged intelligence) and his true Phantom Liger form (melee agility).
  • He always spawns in his mage form, and when that form dies, he is resurrected as the Phantom Liger. with bonus stats and modified abilities. Once in Phantom Liger form, there is NO way to turn into the mage unless through death. (yes, you have to kill him 4 times with Aegis of the Immortal)

Dusk Chill

  • An active aura that simply slows enemies around, not much else. Combos with the rest of abilities.


  • one mini-sunstrike every 2.5 seconds. Can only reach up to 425 units away from Gigalogas.
  • Deals weak damage but disarms for a very low duration.
  • Mortal Mage : Damage type is pure
  • Phantom Liger : Attacking the disarmed unit by this ability gives haste and unobstructed pathing.

Soul Fraction

  • Damages enemies while releasing a fraction of their souls.
  • Mortal Mage : 2 soul fractions are released, dealing twice damage. The soul fractions are immovable.
  • Phantom Liger : 1 fraction per enemy hero. The soul fractions are follows Gigalogas, granting bonus lifesteal for each of those orbs.

Throw Soul Fraction

  • Throws a soul fraction to target unit. Dealing damage per missing health per second.
  • Mortal Mage : Can target allies, healing per second based on missing health.
  • Phantom Liger : Cannot target allies.
In Mortal Mage form â–¼
In Phantom Liger form â–¼
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