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Furion, Nature's Guardian. A Comprehensive Guide to Furion

September 4, 2014 by Tigerre
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The Entire Thing.

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Furion, Nature's Guardian. A Comprehensive Guide to Furion

September 4, 2014

A Cliche Introduction

Hello readers, this is my personal Nature's Prophet build, this is my very first guide on anything that isn't a Steam build, this will improve as time goes on and I learn how to format things better and I can actually remember everything.

Please enjoy and win loads of games and comment to tell what I can improve on, as there is always room for improvement. Same goes for my Steam build.

P.S. Since I am in an accelerated learning program, I don't often have time to work on this, so for now this is a WIP, although it will always be a WIP, it is seriously in need of working on. Once the school holidays come I will be able to finish this guide (Hopefully...) :D


Pros / Cons


+Excellent pusher
+Can jungle very effectively
+Great addition to most lineups
+Is one of the most adaptable heroes in the game, he's so adaptable he can play in any role
+He can gank efficiently thanks to Teleport
+Is good at counter-pushing


-Can be shut down very easily with AoE stuns (e.g. Burrowstrike)
-Extremely squishy without survivability items
-Blocking jungle camps can screw him up very badly
-AoE abilities that affect creeps screw him up so bad it's not funny


This is the part where I explain all of the items and my reasons for the items, the reason my item build is so diverse is there is pretty much no item that cannot be bought by Nature's Prophet, but these are just the items that I like to get.

In another chapter I will state which situations to get which items in more detail, as I would end up with a supermassive chapter :P (Can you guess where I got the word 'Supermassive' from? If you do, don't tell anyone, just PM me if possible :P)

Jungle, Or The Full Build

In this part I will be explaining the item choices and a basic description of the item itself.

WARNING: This chapter contains serious roleplaying and comedy, this is not for the weak of heart and mind (It also contains a lot of wit, as I am a genius :P)

Starting items

The reason you get this at the start of the game is when it is turned on it affects your Treant's armour making them able to last longer in the jungle and it also gives you the necessary mana regeneration required to constantly summon Treants in the jungle with limited mana regeneration items.

Not so pro, pro tip

Did you know Ring of Basilius can be disassembled? This means that you can break it down into its base components. These components are: Ring of Protection and Sage's Mask, you can either sell the Ring of Protection OR keep it early on for the nice little armour bonus, 2 armour can reduce damage by *that* much, so sometimes it's worth keeping, the reason you'd do this is if you want to build into, say, an Orchid Malevolence, you'd put the Sage's Mask into an Oblivion Staff, which is one of the compenents, though make sure to get the other components of the item first :P

The reason you get 3 of these is so you get the mana regen to constantly summon Treants in the jungle when your Ring of Basilius isn't enough, the way you get 3 Claritys is you wait in the Fountain for the first 10 seconds after the horn and buy a third Clarity.

If you're in a low skill bracket, or your team needs to play a greedy lineup you can get this item, though to get this item you need to give up your Ring of Basilius and just get the Sage's Mask for the mana regen, though it does make your jungling experience harder, you can also spend the first 150 gold you get from jungling and Teleport back to the fountain to get it, which is really helpful to your team.

Early Game

Boots of Speed is the first item you buy (Unless going for the Hand of Midas rush build) so you can move to different camps faster, chase the enemy Courier if you Courier snipe, escape from ganks into the jungle and to gank enemies yourself. These are vital and they should be your first or second item every game.

Get two of these after your Boots of Speed for the extra attack speed, and build one into Power Treads and one into either Hand of Midas or Maelstrom

If your team is really ahead and you can get this in 6 minutes or less, though you can easily keep up in lvls if you follow the jungling patter that I give, though it may need to change depending on the camps you get.

If your team is a bit behind or you need to take towers quickly because you're playing against a powerful late-game carry, e.g. Anti-Mage, Faceless Void etc... This is my favourite choice out of Hand of Midas and Maelstrom no matter what, but it's up to you.

If your team doesn't get this you should have the 220 gold required to get this upgrade by 3 mins, it's pretty much essential to get this by 3 mins as it increases the speed that your team gets items delivered.

You get these if the supports desperately need to reach a Mekanism so you can get more important pushing items or damage items or if you want to Animal Courier-snipe.

Mid Game

This is where things start to get really tricky, you have to start to make choices according to the situation, I know this can be difficult, but I will do my best to describe why and when you get these items.

This is a very situational item, if your team desperately needs to push lanes, not towers, this is a very ideal item as you already have your Ring of Basilius and it's a cheap buildup from there. I wouldn't recommend this 99% of the time, but it can be useful.

This is a very epic item on Nature's Prophet, as with your Teleport you have global presence and should Teleport in whenever you recognize that a kill might happen, this is a MUST, without doing this Urn of Shadows is absolutely useless, to achieve this skill practice keeping an eye on the lanes for opportunities and map control as well.

This is a good item against a team that can easily counter-push you and have loads of SINGLE TARGET spells, AoE stuns counter this very hard, in this case don't bother with this item as it becomes useless, the reason this is a great item is it doesn't cancel a channeling spell, it just makes you invisible.

This is a good item to counter spell spammers, give nukes on your team *That* much extra power against a single target, this item is great against all invisibility heroes as well, special mention to Riki who annoys the **** out of everyone who plays against him...

This item makes you one of the best pushers in the game, and add Teleport into the equation and you get a very fast rax in a lane, then show up to a team-fight in about 3 secs after the rax is down, it scares the **** out of everyone, though if your team can 4v5 then continue pushing :D

This works perfectly with Nature's Prophet as your Teleport allows you to get to a team-fight and pop this to win it, trust me, I've had a few team-fights that have been won with a simple Mekansm active to heal the team up when they're all about to die.

You should only get this item if your team is ahead, if your team was ahead in the early game and you got a Hand of Midas, then just getting a Maelstrom is perfectly fine, though later on you almost always need this.

This is perfect in combination with Necronomicon, as the Unique attack Modifier (UaM for short) works on towers! HOW COOL IS THAT?? I've actually seen people rush this before, that's OK if your team is ahead in kills but not towers, though generally you want to get smaller items first. This is also great in a split-push war, which is kinda fun :D

Ah yes, the Magic Wand, this is a common item against spell spammers (We all hate you Bristleback), and among any spell spammers as well ,this gives you burst regen that can save your life in a game, which is very advantageous, especially in a team-fight when your team desperately needs a Mekansm heal in a little bit but then you die, and then your team loses, no good, this fixes that. I wouldn't recommend this 99% of the time, but there are always uses for this kind of item, of course you can just get a Magic Stick for the burst heal.

Dagon This is a very epic item if your team needs more burst damage, but NEVER NEVER use this to steal kills, use it for the burst damage, that's the purpose of this item, of course if your team is full of arseholes then by all means use this to kill steal :D

This is one of the cheapest items that help out a team to the point it isn't funny. This allows your team to take Roshan faster, burst down that annoying Ogre Magi and to destroy any other heroes with extremely high armour, or just next-to-no armour XD If you get this disassemble your Ring of Basilius for the Sage's Mask

This is one of my favourite items to get on Nature's Prophet, Viper, Bristleback and a lot of other tanky heroes, I only really get this on Nature's Prophet if someone else gets a Mekansm and we need it, unless someone else gets it, but then I just get annoyed.

Now, this item is a VERY interesting item, so interesting, that I'm gonna make a chapter on this and Ethereal Blade as there is so many uses for these 2 it's just not funny D:

Aaah, the item that most pros get on Nature's Prophet, Blink Dagger, now, just because a lot of people get Shadow Blade for the escape mechanism, doesn't mean Blink Dagger is bad, in fact, in a lot of cases Blink Dagger is better. "HTF IS Blink Dagger BETTER?? OMFG F**KING NOOB, WTFOMFG" STFU, I can't keep using you for the comedy factor, it's getting a bit boring, SOOOOOOOOOO ANNNNNYYYYYWWWWAAAAYYYYSSSS, back to what Blink Dagger does... NOPE! JOKES! GONNA MAKE AN ENTIRE F**KING CHAPTER ON IT, HAHAHA, I AM SO F**KING MEAN TO YOU READERS :P

Ok, so some people are gonna flame me for this pick-up, though against someone like Clockwerk this helps so much, against Enigma, if there's a Bloodseeker on your team etc. Ok, just like Blink Dagger and [Ghost Scepter]]/ Ethereal Blade, I'm gonna make an entire chapter on this item, as once again this item has too many uses to be explained in a single section of a larger section of an even larger section of this guide :D

This is possibly the best item for a Nature's Prophet who is in the middle of team-fights constantly, no more chain stuns, no more magic nukes (Excpet for that fricken Lina and her Laguna Blade... BUT WHO THE **** PICKS Lina ANYWAY?)... This is perfect for any build, whether it be a pushing build or a support build, being able to stand face-to-face with enemies is beyond just being simply useful, I don't often get this, though I do like to get it occasionally :D

"OMFGWTFNUBWHYTHEHELLWOULDYOUGETBLADEMAILONFURION????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!" Why do you always seem to think that my item decisions are noobish? I think I'm gonna have to get rid of that imaginary scrub bracket player... Now, as for why I get this on Nature's Prophet, I don't, but I would if I were to come across a Huskar or someone else like that, someone who'd die very fast from my Blade Mail... Its stats are nice and the damage is nice and who doesn't like activating something that makes them spikier than Bristleback?


Now, as I can't be stuffed flaming myself for getting this, I'm just gonna put this into a section with Sange and Yasha, Heaven's Halberd and Manta Style, and my reasoning behind all three of these items :D


NOPE, GOTTA WAIT FOR A LITTLE BIT! If you don't understand why, you're obviously just looking at the items that are never gotten, so shame on you :P

Late Game

I reckon this is the part of the game where the decision making is overly difficult, you HAVE to adapt to the situation or you will lose the game for your team, you have to understand who's winning, and then choose the right items to stop them winning, you have to get key pickoffs just before a big teamfight, you need to get the Aegis of the Immortal to win, I always lose the game for my team in this stage as I can't push as well when everyone has some way to beat me, so in this part you're to tank up and manfight people, OR I WILL REPORT YOU FOR FAILING AT Nature's Prophet!

Aaaaaahhh.... Aghanim's Scepter... This is a great choice in the late game for the extra stats it gives, extra health and mana it gives and most of all, the upgrade for Nature's Wrath. This helps greatly in a split-push war or if you just need that extra damage in team-fights, and trust me, it helps so much it's not funny.

This item is perfect for Nature's Prophet as it helps with pushing and team-fighting, helps solve one of Nature's Prophet's biggest problems, how squishy he is. This is perfect for almost any situation and I'd recommend it 80% of the time, I will list the times in the situations part of this guide.

This is one of the best items you can get on Nature's Prophet as it increases your damage out-put by insane amounts. Not much more to say about this item other than it's only really effective if you have some sort of damage item, whether that be Shadow Blade or Desolator.

DagonIf you got Dagon earlier it's time to upgrade it to level 5 or get rid of it, NEVER use it to KS teammates, it's here for a DPS-R[a]tting build, only get it if you NEED the burst (I hate you Slark, it's so hard to kill yo... Heeeyyyyy Slark, like my item that goes "ZAP ZAP"? I love it, it hurts to take one full to the face, and best of all, I just need to wait for you to come right on out of that dance so we can have 1 last dance before you die :D)

See Ghost Scepter

This is so situational it's not funny, I'd only get this as a last hope, where you just team-wiped and are losing, but know there's no buy-backs on the other team, it's so situational that you shouldn't EVER get it unless it's the situation above.

Ok, you may be asking, "Why the f**k are you getting this item when you most likely have Desolator? SCRUB BRACKET PLAYER!" Ok, well, STFU and let me f**king explain my reasoning, you don't HAVE to buy Desolator on Nature's Prophet, though it's really good, I know that it CAN fall off late game, especially against agi carrys, like Phantom Lancer or Terrorblade. Now, the reason you get this is it slows attack speed AND move speed, AND it tanks you up, AND increases your damage. It's too good to pass up late game.

Now, you may be wondering why I didn't put this in the mid game section, well, it's very simple, you generally need it more late game, you know, that time where that Terrorblade and Phantom Lancer and Spectre become unkillable, yeah, that's right :D Now, since this is called "Sheepstick" by most it turns people into piggies that you can turn into bacon to have for food :D(Get it? Food :D)

"WTFOMFGSCRUB, WHY DA F**K WOULD YOU GET F**KING Satanic ON Nature's Prophet?? NOOOB" STFU, imaginary guy that I made up for the purpose of this guide, you're making me cry D:. Ok, here's the answer... SURVIVABILITY! It gives you lifesteal, increasing the chance that you will actually live through a teamfight, it gives you health and health regen, increasing the chance that you will live through a team-fight, it is just an all-round great item, it even stacks with Eye of Skadi, so, ya know...

Ok, now we are at the conclusion of the items for this particular build, I will now give you my personal favourite item on Nature's Prophet... Shiva's Guard! It is so f**king majestic how you can shoot a massive ring of ice that helps you murder people to death, it helps the team, it slows people passively, AND it gives damage and armour AND AND AND it has a great build-up.

Not so pro, pro tip

Did you know you can effectively have up to 12 item slots? Yeah, that's right, though it can go horribly wrong, as it basically involves having your own Animal Courier following you with the extra items, I've seen so many pro players do this, so I know it works. "But Tigerre, how can this possibly go wrong?" You may ask, well, my imaginary friend, it's extremely easy, first the enemy notices what you're doing, second the enemy kill the Animal Courier, then you RQ even though you're winning, as that particular Animal Courier had those 6 Divine Rapiers that you bought, and now the enemy team has 1 Divine Rapier each and 1 has 2, so you lose anyway :D (The throws are real XD)

Ethereal Blade And Ghost Scepter

Ok, now's the part where I explain why I had to make a whole chapter on these two items... Hate doing hard work D:


Ok, because of how many uses there are for these two items I couldn't fit the full reasoning behind them in the items chapter, so here I shall explain when and why to get them, and how you should use them to maximise their full potential.

Ethereal Blade!

Ethereal Blade is one of the better ways to counter right-click carrys and also how to NOT counter Morphling. Ethereal Blade is an item that adds +40 agi and gives you an active known as Ether Blast, what Ether Blast does is it deals 75 base damage, and 2* your primary stat, making it a great item for nuking heroes, but there's a problem, it also makes you and the other person Ethereal, what this means is neither you or your target can't attack, or be attacked, but there's a HUGEMUNGOUS downside to it, it also amplifies ALL magic damage by 40%, that means that if you can combo in Dagon into the mix it deals SUPERMASSIVE damage. If you have a Lion or Lina or some other powerful nuker on your team feel free to get this to help them

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