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The Freezing Blade of Death

November 7, 2016 by LG_Fox_Brazil
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The Freezing Blade of Death

DotA2 Hero: Abaddon

Hero Skills

Mist Coil

2 12 13 14

Aphotic Shield

1 4 5 7

Curse of Avernus

3 8 9 10

Borrowed Time

6 11 16


15 17 18


Hi to everyone, my name is Luiz, I am from Brazil and this is my first guide in Dota Fire (I couldn't start this guide in a more cliche way) so excuse my english, it's good, but far from perfect.

Abaddon was one of the heroes with who I fell in love at first sight, he is a melee strength Hero and is probably the most versatile character in Dota 2. Many people tend to play him as a Support, but truth be told he can be almost anything that you want to, a tank, an initiator to some extent or a semi-carry. But I believe that if well played then 'The Lord of Avernus' can be used as a Carrier and that is what I am going to try to explain in this guide, feel free to add any comment and I will try to be always coming back to add sugestions and answer doubts.

Found this really cool fan art made by Stretchanselmo who posted it in Devianart and felt like inserting here.



So let's get everything ready, as you might have noticed I am not a guy who buys a lot of Iron Branch, but if you wish you can always replace the Magic Stick with 3 branches in order you can get a few stats and help with all those last hits. The Quelling Blade is amazing to help you get those so wished extra pieces of gold on creeps while Tango and Clarity are always important to keep you on the lane as much as possible.


All right, everything from now on is very situational, the order in that you are going to build your items will depend highly on how the game is playing, but I would recommend getting Boots of Speed to improve your mobility as soon as possible.

Buy the underrated Orb of Venom which in this case will allow you to inflict a lot of slow when combined with your Curse of Avernus. Now it's time to focus on getting that Phase Boots. Why this and not any other one? Because with it Abaddon can become a pretty good chaser, given that you have Curse of Avernus, which even in level 1 is more than enough to slow down your enemy and allow your partner(s) to get close enough and help you finish the poor escapist.

Orb of Venom was added as a core later by me, because only after Abaddon arrived in Dota 2 I noticed how great this item is for him because the 12% of extra slow that is provides works as well with Curse of Avernus, which turn this skill, even in level 1 an even bigger problem to your adversaries, oh and add to that a small damage with the poison and it becomes even more nice, a cold poisoned blade, what else can we ask for? =D

I removed Drum of Endurance from the build because my objective here was always to make a strategy that is quickly reachable and 6.87 made things a little more complicated for an Abaddon who plays as a carrier. The next item for your Core is Skull Basher, which can be made with a Javelin and a Belt of Strength, in other words, more damage and HP to your Abaddon, which is very welcome. But aside from that there is also the 25% chance to stun your target for 1.4 seconds and that may not be a problem to get to work because in a while you will be a machine made to attack as quickly as it's possible.

Okay, the last item of your core is when the controversy starts to build, I really like the idea of buying a Morbid Mask and turning it into a Mask of Madness. Many players find that this can be a dangerous move because although the huge ammount of attack speed that it provides is good, you will also get 25% more damage for 12 seconds, which can be very difficult to handle against quick damage dealers, but I say that if you already have your Aphotic Shield up to level 4 and your Borrowed Time even in level 1 this can actually work in your favor (and in a very effective way). That's because the extra 25% damage that you receive will help your shield to burst faster, returning the damage, and also will turn the 25% of extra damage into 25% of extra heal when you activate your ultimate, this is the most important combo to a Carrier Abaddon and must not be underestimated.

Once again, after the 8.67 update I had to add a few new tricks to Abaddon and the first one is Crystalys, so as soon as possible get a Broadsword and Blades of Attack. All right, if you already have Crystalys and Skull Basher, the item that is going to finish your arsenal is Echo Sabre and I think that you know why. The second attack that it provides will work with amazing synergy with your bash, critical as well as lifesteal from Mask of Madness and you will become a severe threat that is mostly ignored during teamfights due to Borrowed Time.

I do know that when I made this guide, back when Abaddon arrived to Dota 2, the strategy was far more simple and far cheaper, but I beg that you guys try to pull this build because it's a guarantee of sucess, mainly because yor mana problems will be over due to the regen that Echo Sabre provides.

Core Extensions

If you were able to build your items without much problem until this point, then the match may be looking good for you, or not. This is the time to analyze not only the adversary, but also your partners and how good did they do so far.

Boots of Travel is now here because there is a slight problem with this new build: There is no room for a Town Portal Scroll. If you feel like your new boots are far due to the lack of farm, then leave your Orb of Venom at your base and buy TPs, but it would be nice to switch boots once you have enough money because you need your arsenal full of powerful itens.

The Aghanim's Scepter is almost always the first item to come to everybody's mind because it gives very decent stats, more HP, Mana and give your ult some precious extra time that may save your a** and let you escape or make you last longer during the teamfights. If your team doesn't have a starter and you are willing to play as a bait then the Scepter is the way to go. I now have to mention that once Abaddon gets his hands on this item he can activate his ultimate manually and drain 35% of the damaged aimed at his friends within a range of 900, amazing to save your allies when facing heroes like Warlock and Gyrocopter, who have skills that can affect your whole team. If you decide to build it, I recommend getting rid of your Orb of Venom to make space.

"I am destroying the competition, nobody can resist my killing blows", then build your Abyssal Blade, which is now an amazing core item because since 8.67 it uses Vanguard to build it, which will make you even more tough to kill.

Your team is having trouble lasting long during the fights, then go for a Heart of Tarrasque and make sure that you are focused in the beggining of the teamfights. But beware, because Reaver is not a cheap item, and you should notice early on if you are going to need it, otherwise you will have a hard time farming it.

Too many disables? Then Black King Bar is the answer, turn it on, head into the fight and then as soon as it's over activate your shield, if done right your teammates will not be able to complain about any mistake from your part... or they will, some Dota players these days just know how to cry and blame others, sad story... =(

I finally was able to test an Abaddon with Eye of Skadi (sorry guys, I know I am late) and I enjoyed it a lot. The item gives Abaddon amazing stats, an unbelievable slow and works very well alongside Curse of Avernus. If you have the extra money you should really consider building it!

Now if you wish to destroy the game and get more kills, Daedalus is the answer and not that much expensive because now Crystalys is a core. But, if you are dealing with an enemy that can escape quickly, like Storm Spirit, then you may wish to build a Bloodthorn which will silence the enemy. Always pick one of the two to make.

Situational Items

Now let's talk a bit about all those items that could help you in different situations.

Blade Mail is one of those items for when you are still getting too much damage and even your skills can't keep up with the competition, also it will return some damage that you receive and may help you escape a gank, wait for your teammates, or give you time to recover your ultimate.

If you wish to have more defense, and at the same time help your team, then build an Assault Cuirass. It will give you and your teammates even more Attack Speed, armor and is another one of those combos that work marvelously well with you passive skill.

Radiance is a way to make things easier if the enemy team has to get too near to try to attack you and besides it still boosts your damage.

The Armlet of Mordiggian was a suggestion from readers (thanks a lot guys =D) and it really is a great item for those who are quick enough with the fingers and want to have even more survivability when it is well combined with Aphotic Shield and Borrowed Time. It basically can prevent your ultimate from activating if you don't think the time is right and can be turned off and help you cast Mist Coil if you know that you have no way out of a tight spot and must deny yourself.

A Divine Rapier is really rare to appear during the matches, but without a doubt it is a great item to have on Abaddon because of how long he can last during the teamfights and still be able to leave alive and well, so if the enemy team refuses to lose and the fights are becoming really epic this is the item that can turn the tide in your favor without a lot of effort. JUST DON'T DIE! Oh God please don't die because it could be devastating for you and your teammates XD

Another great tip that I received recently from readers is to turn Abaddon into a Gem of True Sight owner, because like with Divine it is really hard to drop unless you are very well ambushed, so if you happen to have one in your inventory keep yourself always close to your teammates and you will be just fine.

Solar Crest might be an item to think about when facing a team that can attack from a certain distance because it provides a decent amount of armor and gives you the ability do dodge attacks. Besides, it's not very expensive if you stop to think about it!



Ability: Target Unit
Affects: Units
Damage: Magical

Range: 800
Heal/Damage to target: 100/150/200/250
Damage to Abaddon: 50/75/100/125

Cooldown: 5
Mana Cost: 75

Abaddon releases a coil of death that can damage an enemy unit or heal a friendly unit at the cost of some of Abaddon's health.

    *The damage to Abaddon is pure damage
    *Self-damage from Mist Coil can burst Aphotic Shield just as any other kind of damage.
    *Abaddon can deny himself with this ability.


Ability: Target Unit
Affects: Allied Heroes
Damage: Magical

Range: 500
Radius: 675
Duration: 15
Absorved Damage: 110/140/170/200

Cooldown: 12/10/8/6
Mana Cost: 100/105/110/115

Summons dark energies around an ally unit, creating a shield that absorbs a set amount of damage before expiring. When the shield is destroyed it will burst and deal damage equal to the amount it absorbed to an area around it. Removes certain types of negative buffs and stuns on cast.
    *If Abaddon has Aphotic Shield on him, it will not burst if Abaddon is currently under the effect of Borrowed Time.
    *Will replace any Aphotic Shield currently active on the target, so two shields will never be active at the same time on the same unit.
    *Aphotic Shield will burst at the end of its duration if it has not absorbed sufficient damage.


Ability: Passive
Affects: Units

Duration of Slow: 2.5
Movement Speed Slow: 5%/10%/15%/20%
Duration of Bonuses: 4.5
Bonus Attack Speed: 10/20/30/40
Bonus Movement Speed: 15%

Abaddon strikes an enemy with chilling power on each attack, causing all units who attack the slowed enemy to gain increased movement speed, along with faster attack speed, for a limited time.
    *The Curse of Avernus buff is placed before Abaddon attacks, so he gets the bonus on his first hit.


Ability: No Target
Affects: Self

Duration: 3/4/5
Duration with Aghanim's Scepter: 5/6/7

Cooldown: 60/50/40

When activated, most negative buffs will be removed and any damage you take will heal instead of damaging you. If the ability is not on cooldown, it will passively activate when your hitpoints drop below a certain threshold.
    *Borrowed Time will activate itself if you suffer damage while you have less than 400 HP.
    *Upon casting Borrowed Time, Abaddon will effectively dodge any projectiles currently flying at him.
    *When activated it removes negative buffs from Abaddon.
    *Borrowed Time can be manually activated.

Skill Build / Tips

As you guys saw before I tend to put a single point at all skills until level 3, normally other guides would recommend to leave Curse of Avernus for last, but I usually upgrade it by 1 level because it is a very good way to harass your adversaries in the early game, if somebody comes close while you are denying a creep or getting a last hit then attack them just once and let it be, as soon as the adversary notices the slow he will instinctively retreat.

Moving on, Mist Coil is a great skill, because it works as a nuke and a heal, depending on the target, the dowside is that is costs not only mana, but also a part of your HP to cast it. This, by the way, is a great moment to tell you that Abaddon can deny himself with this skill, so if you know you are gonna die and that you have no other choice, cast it and watch your adversary shout in anger for not getting any gold or experience from it.

Aphotic Shield is the greatest defensive skill in the whole game (in my useless opinion XD) because it renders who ever has it invincible for 15 seconds, or until he/she receives enough damage to burst it. But that's not all, if the wearer gets attacked enough the damage contained by the shield will be unleashed upon everyone around it in a 675 AoE, a must have in any starter.

Abaddon's only passive skill is Curse of Avernus which has been discussed before in this guide, but it never hurts to go back and study it again. Basically this is the one skill that makes me believe so much in Abaddon capacity to become a strong Carrier. At level 4, when you hit an enemy hero the poor thing will receive a 20% slow in Movement Speed during 2.5 seconds (believe me, when you get hit by this it looks like an eternity) but that's not all, on top of that Abaddon gets a bonus of 40 points in Attack Speed and a bonus of 15% in Movement Speed. Oh, and any other allied Hero who hits the same enemy focused by Abaddon will also get a bonus in Speed Attack and Movement, so... well... bye bye enemy hero. All that, when combined with your build really shows how Abaddon really works during the matches.

Last, but not least, comes Borrowed Time. THE. MOST. HATED. SKILL. EVAH! Really, one thing that everybody loved in Dota 2 was the fact that Valve took a lot of time to add Abaddon to the Heroes Roster. And it's understandable because killing Abaddon is a tough mission, think it like this, everytime Abaddon's HP drops until 400 points his ultimate is activated and any damage he receives is converted into healing, and I mean it, ANY TYPE OF DAMAGE at all. And if that's not enough you can manually activate it as well, so let's say your HP is at 700/2000 and you see a huge hit coming on, all you gotta do is press R and there you go, your HP is almost fully healed and you are invincible during 3 or even 7 seconds (!) which means you can terminate anyone that stands against you or run away during this time, it's THAT GOOD.

On a necessary side note I have to make clear that there are a few ways of getting through Abaddon's ultimate and those are Lina's Laguna Blade, Lion's Finger of Death and almost all Goblin Techies skills because they can deal damage above the 400 points of HP mark that Borrowed Time takes to activate on it's on, BUT if you are able to notice early on when those skills are coming at you and you are able to press R fast enough you will have some very angry adversaries that just healed you so beautifully. There is no better sensation than being able to pull this off, once you guys do it you will understand! ;) The only true way to destroy Abaddon during these few seconds, which makes him really desperate on the battlefield is an Axe and it's Culling Blade. It doesn't matter if it's activated or not, this is the only skill that will kill Abaddon no matter what you try, and let's be fair, it's better this way, otherwise playing 'The Lord of Avernus' wouldn't have any thrill.

Friends & Foes

Wanna know who is Abaddon's best friend? Came to this guide to find out how to counter this tough Dark Knight? Then this is the place for you my dear reader! =D

Best Friends Forever S2
Business and pleasure

Basically, any hero that has a good disable is the best friend of Abaddon because they can give him that extra time to hit fast and hard the poor stuned or slowed enemy hero. But I would have to say that Ogre Magi is by far one of the best since he can stun with his Fireblast and give you extra Attack Speed (even more????) with his Bloodlust. Another great partner is Slardar who can stun with his strong Slithereen Crush and drain armor with the amazing amplify damage.

But after so many matches testing Abaddon in Dota 2 I have to say that I think I found out who is the best friend of the Lord of Avernus, and that is Spirit Breaker because both heroes' skill trees work in an unbelievable synchrony. Think about this, you can give Aphotic Shield to him and then watch him use Charge of Darkness in an enemy that is nearby, then as soon as your shield explodes, you can give him another shield, which can give Spirit Breaker a lot more durability. Curse of Avernus you will help him have more attack speed, which means that his Greater Bash will likely be activated with ease. But that's not all, with Barathrum by your side, there is no way somebody will ever be able to escape from you because Empowering Haste gives you an amazing boost in movement speed, well, I could go on and on talking about this amazing partnership that is Abaddon and Spirit Breaker, but images are more effective. Take a look at this match:

By the way, I would like to take this chance to thank my friend Mavt for playing and showing how amazing this combo is. Thanks man, this wouldn't have been possible without your help! =D

The hated ones
Family... so complicated

Let's get one thing straight, a skilled player can kill Abaddon with pretty much any hero, just as a noob player can let his Abaddon get killed by anyone. But there are those guys who clearly have some advantage over 'The Lord of Avernus'. Axe is a no brainer, the guy takes a lot of hits to go down and his Culling Blade is the only skill in the entire game that can get through Borrowed Time. Lifestealer is also another tough son of a good mother that can make you have a run for your shield because he may not have an ultimate like Abaddon's but his lifesteal is powerful enough to make him heal himself almost as quickly as you can. And besides, he is not called an 'Anti-Tank' for no reason. X)

Sven and Phantom Assassin are here because their criticals can be devastating to you, sometimes you might even not have the time to activate it manually and they may cause you damage above the 1000 points, which will count as instant death to you. So be aware if there is one of them against you and always keep a finger on the R in your keyboard and you should be just fine.

Ohhh my sweet Ancient Apparition... you have no idea of how much I hate you. Why? Well, because of that awful Ice Blast that won't allow you to heal if you are affected by it. Just be sure to stay far from it's range and remember to use Aphotic Shield if one of your teammates isn't fast enough to avoid it and you will live to tell the tale.

Doom is now in this list because since the update 6.79 he will eat you will with his Doom since Borrowed Time no longer activates once your HP drops below 400. If you are lucky enough he will not try to use his ultimate on you because he will probably prefer to use it on someone with more spammable skills, but if he does, just run, run as fast as you can and wait for it's effect to end without killing you in the process. If everything goes right you can even go back into the fight immediatly and activate your ult and still help your team to win.

Time to Fight

1. The Battle Begins

As soon as the battle begins choose any side lane, Abaddon can play just fine in either top or bot, but he should never be in the Mid Lane because he is not the type of Hero that needs to level up fast or can handle a 1X1 situation in the very early game, the same thing goes for soling a lane, Abaddon shouldn't try it, I mean, you could, if and only if:

A- You feel really confident in your skills
B- The 2 heroes you will face aren't really the type to harass
C- Plus, they seem to be very noob

If one of these conditions doesn't apply to your lane, then GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE and change with someone else.

Moving on, choose a lane partner who is preferably ranged and has a stun or a slow because this, along with your 3 first skills can give you a quick First Blood, Crystal Maiden, Lion, and Skywrath Mage are excellent examples.

As soon as you are in the lane be sure to get a few last hits, at least if you are not fighting alongside a Hard Carrier for your team, if that's the case then leave it to him and focus a bit in denying. Preserve your mana for now, unless you are suffering a lot of harass, if that's the case then turn your Aphotic Shield up and have no fear when approaching the creeps, the same applies to the case of having the Hard Carrier with you, if it goes like that then give him the shield whenever it's necessary and occasionally use your Mist Coil to either heal your lane partner or harass the poor enemy hero who only has 600 of HP.
This is how a deadly Coil is done!

2. Here comes the mid game

So, you already have your Phase Boots and Skull Basher, oh wait! You don't? Your early game was a huge load of s***? Don't worry then, time to go farm. That's right, whenever you feel like the game is controlled and without any action going on go farm near your lane. The biggest mistake, which I see everyday, is that whenever there are enemy heroes near a tower everybody stops farming and starts walking around the tower, don't do it, so that Abaddon can get strong it needs to farm, pop your shield up and face those neutrals like a real man! (No pain, no gain)

If it really looks likes that the tower you are near is about to be attacked then go for it and defend it as well as possible without killing yourself in the process. And always keep a Town Portal Scroll in your inventory if the tower about to be taken down is too far away.

If a teamfight is about to break down then you will need to study well how you are going to do it, and that requires a lot of comunnication with your teammates, remember that your Curse of Avernus gives a steroid of Attack Speed to anyone who focus the same enemy that you are hitting, so it's extremely important to know who will go down first. The second important thing is to define who will start the mess, whoever it is must be granted Aphotic Shield as it will absorb the initial damage and explode into everybody face at the same time. Don't be afraid to turn your ultimate manually if it's necessary, and if anyone tries to run away remember to activate those Phase Boots and attack/slow the runner so that the rest of the team can help you finish it off.

This is almost as how you will have to play during the whole match, there isn't a lot of secrecy, it's simple, but must be done right to get good results. If you see that an important hero of your team is going down then use Mist Coil to heal him and give him Aphotic Shield next, as this might improve greatly the chances of the teamfight turning to your side.

And what if there is no starter?

Now, this is something that was quite explored during the early days of Abaddon and up to this day can still work quite well, but needs to be planned during the Hero Selection. Let's say that there is no starter for your team, well, Abaddon can fix this by playing as a bait thanks to his survivability skills. What can be done is have Abaddon run into the whole enemy team and starts to attack and get his a** kicked, since his ultimate ins't in cooldown the whole opposite team will activate it and give time to the rest of your allies to jump in and win the fight, even if that ends up costing Abaddon's life in the process, this is a very useful tactic if your team has a Faceless Void with his Chronosphere, or Lich and his Chain Frost, if you have more than one of these then even better, but beware, you can only use this if YOU ARE COMPLETELY SURE THAT YOUR TEAM WILL BE ABLE TO PULL IT OFF, otherwise it's better to avoid it.
Says everyone who knows him

3. Time to settle our business

If by the 30~35 minutes mark you still don't have at least your core items, then I am sorry to tell you that the flux of the match is out of your hands my friend =/ You could try to farm really hard, but by now things must be looking pretty grim to you, even more because Mist Coil and Aphotic Shield are not as useful as they used to be, although Curse of Avernus and Borrowed Time are incredibly powerful now. What you can do now is serving as a bait and trying to help your partners by starting and attacking the main threat in the opposite team.

Now, if you farmed well, got lots of kills and the money keeps coming then you are a threat to be dealt. I am serious, if your team is kicking a** and you are building all those Abyssal Blade, Eye of Skadi and Echo Sabre as well, then it will be really hard for the enemy team to stop you because you are practically a God. Anything that you hit will possibly be stuned for a while (don't forget to abuse your Mask of Madness + Curse of Avernus + Skull Basher + Crystalys combo) and that, combined with the rest of your team, will pratically kill anything that is not a tank really fast.

Just make sure to keep planing the teamfights and not playing carelessly. Remember, a good teamfight is the one where your team gets the most kills, but a great teamfight is the one where you get all the kills.

This is how a farmed Carrier Abaddon looks like

Video Guide

You guys asked and after that I started looking for a good video that showed Abaddon's potential as a carrier. I happened to find this great video made by DannyGaminGnC in which he plays as a killer Abaddon.

His items are different than the ones presented in my guide, but this is a great way to show how the player should act during the whole match when it concerns getting last hits and taking part in the teamfights.

I hope you enjoy it and give a 'like' to the guy as he is also helping me a lot to make this guide more complete.

Pros / Cons


+Has a great nuke that is also an amazing heal for early and mid game
+A shield that is great to start, farm, damage, remove debuffs and look cool \o/
+Can swap roles if the game doesn't goes as well
+One of the greatest passive skills to slow down and hit fast
+An ultimate that is hard to get trough and greatly boosts survivability
+Good chaser, if well built
+Curse of Avernus and Borrowed Time become even better in the late game
+A great hero to carry a Gem if it is necessary


-Highly dependent on items to play well
-Ult can be countered by Axe's Culling Blade and Doom's Doom
-Aphotic Shield and Mist Coil don't work as great during the end of the match
-Weak early game


- November 07th 2016: Reviewed the whole guide
- July 26th 2016: Reviewed the whole guide
- May 13rd 2016: Reviewed the whole guide
- April 29th 2016: Corrected a few typing errors and added Boots of Travel do the build
- April 26th 2016: Made lots of change after the arrival of 8.76
- March 14th 2016: Reviewed the whole guide
- February 15th 2016: Reviewed the whole guide
- September 08th 2015: Reviewed the whole guide
- June 30th 2015: Added a new item to the build
- June 22th 2015: Reviewed the whole guide
- May 27th 2015: Reviewed the whole guide
- May 06th 2015: Added Solar Crest to the build and made new images
- March 12th 2015: Reviewed the whole guide
- September 13th 2014: Reviewed the whole guide
- July 27th 2014: Reviewed the whole guide
- March 14th 2014: Made a few changes to the 'Friends & Foes' tab
- February 10th 2014: Reviewed the whole guide
- January 13th 2014: Reviewed the whole guide
- November 09th 2013: Fixed a few images that had disappeared
- October 27th 2013: Made a few changes to the 'Friends & Foes' tab because of 6.79
- October 16th 2013: Made a few changes to the 'Friends & Foes' tab
- September 18th 2013: Reviewed the whole guide
- August 28th 2013: After playing 43 matches with Abaddon and winning more than 30 I decided that I needed to make a few adjustments in this guide and so I changed the order of the skills, the items, partners and a few other details so that this guide can become even more fresh and precise. I hope you will all enjoy it
- August 05th 2013: Added Divine and Gem as items, also added details to the Pros/Cons tab
- July 20th 2013: Corrected an information in the Items tab
- July 17th 2013: Added new items to the build
- July 14th 2013: Updated all the skill names and icons
- July 13rd 2013: Ran a few tests with this build in Dota 2, worked amazingly well =D
- July 12nd 2013: Changed the passive skill details after it was altered in the game
- July 10th 2013: The hero is released on the 'Test Client' have fun
- July 02nd 2013: Reviewed the whole guide
- June 17th 2013: Added the 'Video Guide' section
- June 06th 2013: Explained the 'Situational Items' in more detail.
- June 04th 2013: Abaddon only received more Movement Speed in the 6.78 update, so this guide is still relevant
- May 27th 2013: Added Force Staff as an optional item and fixed a few typing errors
- May 20th 2013: Added Crystalys as an optional item and Dota 1 icons for the skills
- May 16th 2013: Added the 'Friends & Foes' tab
- May 15th 2013: Added a few side notes to Abaddon's ult in the "Skill Build / Tips" tab
- May 14th 2013: Guide was created


I hope you guys enjoyed my guide, please feel free to comment about it and add any suggestion you guys have about it or if you have found some kind of error on it. And if you liked upvote it please! =)

GLHF to everybody!

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