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FoC - Group B

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Smuggels » May 27, 2015 1:04am | Report

Group B



    Submission threads are for SUBMISSIONS ONLY, if i see any comments that arent submissions on them you will get one warning then the whole group will get docked 5 points from there scores... for the rest of the FoC.

    you will be given a scheme/parameter/guideline/base idea to create your idea on. please adhere to this as your score is directly attached to how well you have worked with what you have been given. if it says create an item ... dont create a bloody hero.

    any questions about your idea please post in the main questions thread. any questions or comments about anyone else's . post there. questions .... go ... there.

    any unrulyness will be dealt with by the forge enforcer!(wulfy-samaaaa) *AHEM* good? good!

Create a Support Hero that has global presence.



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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Unscathed » May 30, 2015 12:51pm | Report

Deigar, the Mad Inventor

Image of Hyperius the Invincible from Borderlands 2
(pls just imagine himself a keen that looks like this)

For years he had worked on it. Many says he is mad, some says he is dead. The fine people of the keen city of Ghabor were restless. Rumours fly about the streets for years without anyone honest enough to confirm it. Many brave-or foolish men have ventured to the maze-like laboratorium. But despite the high numbers of adventurers few have come to tell the truth, for they do not dare to go deep enough to the forgotten heart of the laboratorium. One day, 14 years since the mad inventor's disappearance, two men went deep to the laboratorium. When they saw the red door they knew they reached the heart, and slowly, terrifiedly, they opened the door. As soon as the door was an inch open a strange figure rushes outside. Only a trail of orange dust was left in the air. The figure moved faster than light, sending the two men stumbling about, looking for balance. The curious orange dust trailed off to the woods on the edge of the town, then to a hill a mile to the east. Following the trail was a white bearded man who by the looks of it has seen beyond space and time and a small settlement high up the hills. He looked down to Ghabor and then behind him at the people of the small settlement, they looked at him with frightened gaze as if they just saw a demon. Then he looked down to his boots, all orange and glowing in all its glory. This was his masterpiece. The Boots of Travel. He drew a deep, relieved breath. Deigar now knew. He was not mad- he was enlightened.

Radiant, Intelligence

Base Health: 431 (0.8)
Base Mana: 312 (0.9)
Base Damage: 42-43
Base Armor: 1
Base Movement Speed: 300
Base Attack Time: 1.6
Attack Range: 128 (Melee)
Vision Range: 1800/800
STR= 18 (+1.2)
AGI= 15 (+1.1)
INT= 24 (+2.1)

(Q)Shock (active, target unit, pierce spell immunity, affects enemies)
Taze an enemy, mini stunning it for 0.4 seconds and slowing movement speed. After the slow ends the target will be mini stunned again. Deals minor damage during mini stuns.
Mana cost: 70
Cast range: 470
Cooldown: 14/12/10/8
Damage: 30
Slow: 40%
Slow duration: 2


A simple electric shock could go a long way in killing that one man

(W)Gearspinner (active, instant, physical, enemies)
Shot out spinning gears, dealing damage in an area centered on you. Decreases armor on hit. Each consequtive hits will refresh debuff duration but does not add stacks. Creeps receive 50% more armor reductiom.
Mana cost: 75
Radius: 500
Cooldown: 4
Damage: 55/95/135/175
Armor reduction: 1/2/3/4
Reduction duration: 5


A rival of his once send thugs at Deigar. They thought he was unarmed, and when they are too close, they realized they are too late.

(E)Travel (GLOBAL, active, target unit, pierce spell immunity, allies)
CHANELLING. Activates the boots of travel. Targeted on an allied unit from anywhere in the map, instantly changes your location to your target after the chanelling is over. After the chanell is over you and units in a radius of the targetted ally (including the targeted ally) will receive movement speed change. For allies it will increase, while for enemies it would decrease.
Mana cost: 70/45/20/0
Chanell duration: 1.6
Radius: 470
MS change: 40%
MS change duration: 2 seconds
Cooldown: 50


The masterpiece has two flaws: one is that it needs to charge, and second is that the location must be confirmed to be safe. The settlement at the hills east of Ghabor was where he spent his childhood.

(R)Mechanize (active, target unit, pierce spell immunity, allied heroes)
Infuses the ally with a machine, increasing movement and attack speed in a short period of time. In addition, any spells cast address the affected as a mechanical unit.
Mana cost: 180/160/140
Bonus AS: 30/60/90
Bonus MS: 13/19/25%
Duration: 6
Cooldown: 40
Cast range: 390 ( 580)
Aghanim's Scepter: Increase cast range and only spells cast by enemies will address Mechanized hero as a mechanical unit.


Before falling to madness Deigar used to serve the Ghabor army. His robotic limb replacement were winning Ghabor many wars.

He's strong, but not OP

To describe myself better, I shall make comparisons.

Shock I tried to make not as strong as a stun. Let us compare to Nature's Prophet, with his global strengths he has Sprout instead of a real stun. It is a really long disable but easily countered by a tree-breaking spell/item. Shock, on the other hand, seems weaker but uncounterable. It even pierces magic immunity, making him useful at any stages of the game to cancel TPs.

Gearspinner I designed to be a farming spell. It is still very strong in fights for the armor reduction but the 50% more armor reduction on creeps makes him a 4 position semi jungler. It is also useful to clear waves of creeps quickly late game. It used to be a simple damage spell but I decided to add armor reductions to make it unique and more useful. And no.. Dont be qorried about thelow CD and mana cost. The mana cost is quite much until he gets level 4 Travel.

Travel I tried to compare it with teleport. The weakness is that Deigar can't go anywhere like Profit for solo ganks, and I make it that he is reliant on a roamer's or a mid's engagement to gank. The strength lies in the MS change and the faster chanelling time. However, the enemy may see Deigar coming from the effects at the allied hero, and they could just run away easily.

Mechanize Now THIS is the big boy. Insanely strong spell since a whole lot of spells aren't designed for Mechanical heroes. Compare it to False Promise, an invincibility type of spell. FP has double heals AND constant dispels. Mechanize has a steroid and most spell immunity. However, remember that Mechanize is not a sustain spell and enemies right clicks can still rip out your Mechanized ally. You also need an Aghanim's Scepter before you are able to buff your Mechanized ally. This makes Mechanize a strong spell but not OP, especially in the early game.

MS doesnt match the lore?

-Farm and level independant
-Great global presence
-Unreliable disable (slow) still cancels TPs
-Strong lategame with utility items and global presence
-Good at all stages of the game
-Can TP to fountain and Travel back
-Good farming spell also enables semi jungling
-Okay mana pool
-Good wave clear for pushes
-Decent armor reducrtion

-Squishy as hell
-Low movement speed
-No escapes
-Need TP scrolls back to fountain to regain mana because of low mana regen
-Need to get close and personal to cast his spells.
-Poor stats overall

Item builds
Boots of Travel- At late game you will want to be extra mobile. BoTs helps this.
Scythe of Vyse- You will need utility items if you want to be relevant late game, just like any support.
Aghanim's Scepter- Solid item to improve the ultimate. Possible core.
Force Staff- Decent utility items that can help you ur your Traveled ally. Possible core.
Glimmer Cape- Like Force Staff.
dagon- Being a global deathray is certainly terrifying.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Late credits to Janitsu for the sig


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by BKvoiceover » June 1, 2015 4:29pm | Report
Kaldamu, The Ashen Eldwyrm

Image: Red Lyrium Dragon from Dragon Age: Inquisition


What is happening my fellow Dotafire people. I'm BKvoiceover, and welcome to my submission for FOC #5. As a person who plays a lot of support I felt as though this would be a simple challenge at that. Let me tell you it wasn't. Everytime I thought of some way to give this guy a global presence it seemed as though it had already been done before. But alas I managed to figure it out. Now without further ado I present Kaldamu, The Ashen Eldwyrm.


Faction: Dire
Primary Attribute: Strength
Attack Type: Ranged (500)
Roles: Nuker, Disabler, Durable

Strength: (25 + 2.9) 97.5 at lvl 25
Agility: (14 + 1.5) 51.5 at lvl 25
Intelligence: (17 + 1.8) 62 at lvl 25

Health: 2,102 at lvl 25
Mana: 806 at lvl 25

Base Armor: 1
Movement Speed: 290
Base Damage: 66
BAT: (1.7)
Magic Resistance: 25%


In an age beyond the reaches of human historical record, there occured an event that shaped the world for a century. The sun rose one morning as had always been, but soon the ground began to quake and the sky soon filled with shadow as the eruption of a supervolcano threatened every living being. When the ash clouds from the fiery mountain wrapped their shadowy tendrils around the world, it quickly fell under the guise of chaos. But as darkness fell across the globe, the denizens of the night rose to take ownership of this new world. A kingdom of darkness. For centuries the nocturnal ruled this world of shadow uncontested under the span of the great Night Stalker, Balanar. None were capable of wresting power from these creatures. But such is with all great powers, they cannot last forever.

After a century of darkness and shadow, the dust and rock thrown into the atmosphere began to fall back to the earth. Once again the world was bathed in the warmth of sunlight. However, the world was not expecting what came next. As the ash settled to the ground it began to accumulate together, forming and shaping into flesh and bone. And as the last grain joined with the collective, a creature unlike any other arose.

Such a creature is Kaldamu, the eldwyrm of shadow and light. The dragon of destruction and creation. The drake of the earth and air.


(Active) Stone Gale:

Description: Kaldamu calls down a rain of stone from orbit to desolate his enemies. These strikes occur periodically throughout the duration of the ability. Enemies in the AOE will be stunned periodically for the duration as well as taking damage.

Damage Type: Magical
Pierces Spell Immunity: No

AOE: 350 radius
Cast point: .3
Cast Range: 600
Damage/Stun Interval: 1
Damage per strike interval: 60
Duration: 2/3/4/5
Stun duration per strike interval: .5 seconds

Cooldown: 30
Mana Cost: 120/130/140/150

With a mighty roar, Kaldamu calls forth the fury of his birthright.

(Active) Eldwyrm Scales

Description: Kaldamu coats himself or an ally in powerful dragon scales forged within the depths of the fiery mountain. Those under the effect of the dragon scales will have their armor and magic resistance increased for a short time, but will have their movement speed slowed. Enemy heroes and creeps that attack the affected hero will have a debuffed called "exhaustion" applied to them. Those with exhaustion applied to them will have their attack speed and movement speed slowed for a duration.

Damage Type: N/A
Pierces Spell Immunity: No

Ally Buff Duration: 3/4/5/6
Armor Increase: 5/8/11/14
Magic Resistance increase: 30%/40%/50%/60%
Ally Movement Speed Slow: 20%
Cast Point: .5
Cast Range: 500

Exhaustion Debuff Duration: 2
Movement Speed Slow: 20%
Attack Speed Slow: 30/50/70/90

Cooldown: 40/35/30/25
Mana Cost: 90

Those fools who have attempted to slay the ashen eldwyrm realize that his scales are nearly impervious to blade and magic. It is the last mistake they ever make.

(Passive) Enraging Flame

Description: As Kaldamu takes more and more damage, a growing flame of hatred and anger surrounds him, punishing all aggressors. The flame grows in a small AOE around Kaldamu it will deal more damage depending on the amount of damage Kaldamu has taken. The enraging flame first engages when Kaldamu falls below 75% hp.

AOE: 400
75% HP DPS: 10/15/20/25
50% HP DPS: 20/35/50/65
25% HP DPS: 30/50/70/90

Just like the fiery mountain Kaldamu's rage burns with a seemingly eternal flame

(ULTIMATE) (Active) Soul Sever:

Description: Kaldamu severs a portion of his soul and animates a copy of himself anywhere on the map. This copy has half of Kaldamu's mana pool and health pool but has his full stats. And his abilities are half as effective as the primary.

Effective HP Pool: 50% of Original
Effective Mana Pool: 50% of Original
Duration: 20/25/30 seconds

Cooldown: 100/90/80
Mana Cost: 200/300/400

Upgradeable by Aghanim's Scepter: The copy now has Kaldamu's full mana and health pool. Abilities are fully effective.

Effective HP Pool: 100% of Original
Effective HP Pool: 100% of Original
Duration: 30/35/40 seconds

Cooldown: 100/90/80
Mana Cost: 200/300/400


From the dust and desolation comes new life.

Item Build:

So to start out, my item build for Kaldamu would be as follows.

Starting Items: Ring of Protection builds into your tranquil boots as well as making up for your lack of armor in the early game. Since you are a support you have your choice of either courier or wards. Or both if you're feeling extra generous. tangos for regen, clarity to fix early mana problems, and gg branches for the stats that will also build into a magic wand later if you want to go down that path.

Ring of Protection
Your choice of Observer Wards or Animal Courier.
Clarity x1
Ironwood branch x2

Early Game: Gives him movement speed, as well as burst heals, and burst mana. Soul Ring couples well with your passive in the early game, as well as fixing the mana problems faced by many strength supports such as Earthshaker and Elder Titan.

Magic Wand
Boots of Speed
Soul Ring

Core: This allows you a lot of mobility, disables, and regen for throwing out your skills. Tranqs make pushing easier, Eul's is a great teamfight item, and Aghs makes your ultimate even more powerful than it already is.

Tranquil Boots
Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Aghanim's Scepter

These are the core items that I would build. I can think of other items that might be good on him. Shiva's Guard would be nice against a team with a lot of physical dps. Mekansm would also be great for the burst heal, as well as hp regen and armor aura.


Now lets talk about his abilities and how I went about designing them. I wanted to make Kaldamu based around the two things I do best in a game of Dota. That being teamfighting, and pushing.

Stone Gale: This nuke/disable I designed around being effective for pushing, but mainly for teamfighting. The multiple stun instances makes it difficult for heroes with channeling abilities, or those trying to get away with a TP scroll.

Eldwyrm Scales: This buff can be extremely powerful in teamfights. Place it on a high mobility carry such as Storm Spirit or Anti-Mage and they're basically untouchable. Plus the movement speed slows will not really effect them much. You can also place this on a tanky hero that likes being in the middle of fights to capitalize the most on his abilities. Examples include Bristleback who loves soaking up damage to spam those quill sprays, and Abaddon who with Borrowed Time and Aphotic Shield loves to be the center of attention.

Enraging Flame: This ability I designed to make him an efficient laner even at low hp. Couple this ability with say a soul ring and you can push and fight quite effectively even reaching low hp. And with the ability to apply Eldwyrm Scales on yourself it can make you an incredibly survivable hero in the middle of fights.

Soul Sever: Where do I even begin with this one. It allows you to push, it allows you to gank, it allows you to counter-gank. The massive amount of uses for this skill cannot be understated. Not only do you have a global presence with this copy of yourself, but it can actually do more than autoattack a tower. It can also cast the original Kaldamu's spells but at half effectiveness. Although an Aghs scepter can fix that.


Entering the Game:

"The Ashen One"

The Battle Begins:

"With my birth came rebirth, with my life comes purpose"

"As the wind blows."
"With the dust."
"Even higher I soar."

Killing a Rival:

Night Stalker - "This world is now mine, stalker of the night."
Night Stalker - "I purged the darkness from you... With Dragon Fire."
Lina - "You learned from dragons... Now die from one."
Winter Wyvern - "Sister, how did it come to this?"
Winter Wyvern - "Rest easy now sister, for winter must end."
Jakiro - "Mutilated Filth, Unworthy of the title of Pyroxeres."
Dragon Knight - "DIE!!! Filthy Halfbreed!"
Phoenix = "These skies belong to me Pheonix."
Earthsahker = "From the dust you came, and to the dust you return"



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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by RazeMage » June 8, 2015 2:33pm | Report

Vala, The Shadow Spirit

Image : Morrigan concept art from dragon age

Lore :

Vala couldn't remember of what she was before except that she died alone in the forest.

The sun was rising and the there was only a speck of light shining to the forest. The lonely spirit was waiting for the chirping of the bird to start. Instead, she heard a wailing scream so loud that the forest creatures went back to their nest. She saw a woman running, but she knew it was not her will, but she was controlled by an unknown power. The woman ran and ran, but she reached a dead end. The spirit waited when suddenly, a powerful being appeared in front of them. It was about to vanish her existence when the spirit took pity of her. She took control of her and with its power, stop the damage that the being would inflict. The spirit commanded the being to retreat and feeling the power the spirit had, it did. The spirit took care of the woman for weeks and learnt from its mind the clash between the power of evil which cost the lives of humans. The spirit decided to stop these conflicts while stealing a powerful item from a powerful human to learn magic from it. With the body of the woman, it, or she, decided to fight these evils with darkness.

"A weak stats support and weak, but 12 abilities."

Stats :

Radiant, Intelligence
Support, Pusher, Roamer, Initiator
Strength : 10 (+1 per level)
Agility : 7 (+1 per level)
Intelligence : 10 (+2 per level)
Hit points : 150 (340 at level 1)
Mana : 0 (130 at level 1)
Damage : 15-20 (25-30 at level 1)
Armor : -1 (0 at level 1)
Attack/second : 0.52
Movement speed : 270
Turn rate : 0.6
Sight range : 1800/800
Attack range : 300
Missile speed : 900
Attack duration : 0.4+0.3
Base attack time : 1.9
Collision size : 24

Skills :

Q - Shadow Blessing

Vala summons a blessing at the ground which an ally hero can take which restores their health and mana and increasing their movement speed for a short duration.

Health restored : 90/120/150/180
Mana restored : 60/80/100/120
Movement speed increased : 15/20/25/30%
Movement speed duration : 2s
Cast range : 300

Cost : 90/100/110/120 mana
Cooldown : 15/12/9/6s
Black King Bar : -
"The combined power of shadow and spirit heals those who needs it"

W - Shadow Walk

Vala gains haste for a few seconds and gains unobstructed movement. Taking damage cancels the ability.

Haste movement speed : 575/650/725/800
Haste duration : 6s

Cost : 100 mana
Cooldown : 30s
Black King Bar : -
"The shadow moves so fast that no one even notice"

E - Black Grimoire

Vala gains increased stats. The bonus stats can be shared with an ally for a short duration

Attributes bonus : 5/10/15/20
Intelligence bonus : 5
Bonus base damage : 10/20/30/40
Range bonus : 100/200/300/400
Base attack time bonus : -0.1/-0.2/-0.3/-0.4
Movement speed bonus : 15/30/45/60
Ally bonus duration : 4s
Cast range : 500

Cost : 60/90/120/150 mana
Cooldown : 45/40/35/30s
"The darkness power helps the spirit to reach its goal"

R - Animal Spirit

Passively, Vala summons the spirit of her friends. She summons a spirit that can change to spider/turtle/bird form. If the spirit dies, it will respawn a few second after death. These animals uses Vala's mana instead their own.

When the ability is activated, the spirit splits into three for a few seconds

Respawn duration : 60/45/30s
Split duration : 10/20/30s

Cost : 100 mana
Cooldown : 60s
Black King Bar : -
Aghanim's Scepter : Vala summons all the spirits at once permanently. Also grants adaptation ability. Additionally, halved the mana cost of all spirit's abilities.
"The spirits always help each other"

Spirit Skills :

Spider form :

Spoiler: Click to view

Turtle form :

Spoiler: Click to view

Bird form :

Spoiler: Click to view



Beginning a Battle

First Blood



Casting Spell


Killing a Hero

Killing a Rival

Leveling Up




Skill order : E>Q>E>W>E>R>E>Q>Q>Q>R>W>W>W>U>R>U>U>U>U>U>U>U>U>U
Build suggestion :

Vala is a support who excels mostly in buffing allies and helping them to kill their enemies. Vala's abilities buff herself and her allies but she only has a high cooldown on all of her abilities and needs a lot of mana. All of her abilities are also mediocre, however, she has a total of 9 abilities.

However, Vala has a really really bad stats, so she needed to max her E, black grimoire. This ability is also good to buff her ally as the buff is really good although it has a really long cooldown.

Early game, Vala excels in roaming with her W, shadow walk, enabling her to help her allies laning with her Q, shadow blessing to enable them to sustain in lane while Vala poking the enemy. After she got her ultimate, she can focus on sustaining her carries while helping the other lane with her spirit animal.

Late game, her animals helps a lot by buffing her allies. If she doesn't have an Aghanim's Scepter, she needs to time her animal so she has the right animal at the right time. She can help by pushing since she has 3 animals with her.

Vala's Q, in late game is more useful in term of the movement speed rather than the heal to help her ally initiating or retreating. Vala's W is useful to roam around, being available globally pretty fast. Vala's E is useful to buff her ally highly even only by a short time. Spider's Q is useful to increase the damage of your allies. Spider's W is useful to focus an enemy carry. Spider's E is useful to disable enemy from running away. Turtle's Q is useful to protect an ally for a short duration from burst, etc. Tutle's W helps an ally carry for engaging. Tutle's E is useful to help an enemy from running. Bird are mostly useful for its utility, Its Q is useful for engaging or running away.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by armc3j » June 9, 2015 3:34pm | Report
Alright guys, this is my first go at a hero idea, so please bear with me. and thank you unscathed for the formatting... that helped soooo much.

Genzelan, Body of the Fog

Once upon a time, in the land of Eredel there was a king among men, who was so bright, so great, that he shone like a star. But, like all powerful men, he grew corrupt. He searched for something, something to make him like a god. Eventually, his travels led him to a fount of water, high up in the mountains of fog. The legend said that, upon drinking the water of the spring, he would gain god-like powers. But upon drinking the waters, the king was consumed. Fog rushed from all around, filling his mouth, his lungs, changing him. Now in his place a new creature stood, one determined to fight for the good of all, one determined not to let other men make the mistake he did.

Radiant Strength

Base Health: 606
Base Mana: 273
Base Damage: 56-66
Base Armor:
Base Movement Speed: 305
Base Attack Speed: 1.7
Attack Range: Melee
Vision Range:
STR 24 + 2.7
AGI 17 +1.6
INT 21 + 2

(Q)Fogged (active, does not pierce magic immunity, affects enemies)
Genzelan cats a spell at enemies, slowing and damaging them
Mana cost: 100 Cast range: 700 Damage: 100/150/200/325 Slow: 20%/30%/35%/50% slow duration: 2/2/3/4 Cooldown: 15/12/10/8


Even Fog can harm�

(W)Hidden (passive, self)
blind .
While in the fog of war, Genzelan receives a variety of bonuses
Movement speed bonus: 20% Attack speed bonus: 5/10/12/20 Duration after coming out of fog: 1/2/2/4


the most worrisome things are the ones shrouded in fog

(E)Fog travel (active, doesn�t pierce bkb, affects allies)
allows Genzelan to call his allies to his location after a short delay.
Delay time: 5/4.5/3/2 Cooldown/charge replenish time: 60 seconds Max charges: 1/2/3/4 Mana cost(per recall): 150/140/130/120


Just as the fog is everywhere, so are Genzelan�s allies

(R) Shrouded by the fog(passive, affects self and allies)
Darkness .
the fog hides Genzelan and his allies until they are within a certain range. Works like a smoke of deceit in that Genzelan and nearby allies are hidden from non-hero units. Fog is dispelled by coming within range of enemy heros ONLY
Distance until revealed: 1700/1500/1400 Distance allies must be in: 500/600/700


Beware the fog, for you do not know what lies in wait inside it

Well� this didn�t sound quite as overpowered in my head, so forgive me please. So, in principle, this guy makes Smoke of Deceit obsolete, the idea is to max his E skill first, then once he has his ultimate he starts moving around the map, calling allies to him and ganking unsuspecting heroes. This way, he himself is not global, but he still has a global presence, since his ultimate hides him and nearby allies from wards. He is not very item dependent, and he relies on his allies to bring stuns. Otherwise, the enemy can just teleport out. Id classify him as a support simply because he�s not very item dependent, so he can contribute most utility items. The only problem he may suffer from is mana, since each fog travel charge costs a considerable amount of mana
Now to go over his skills:

Fogged: This is his chasing spell. It allows allies to catch up to Genzelan and land their own stuns. It also provides him with a nice nuke, and should probably be maxed out 1st or second.
Hidden: This allows Genzelan to be the chaser he is. Essentially, once he steps into fog he gets a buff, kind of like Shadow Dance�s passive. It allows him to quickly close the gap on unsuspecting heroes.
Fog travel: This is like Recall and Relocate combined. It allows Genzelan to bring, at max level, all of his allies to a fight or a gank.
Shrouded by the fog: This works with hidden to allow Genzelan and allies to sneak up on enemy heroes. It�s essentially a free, permanent smoke of deceit� which may be a little bit overpowered
when a thing is done, it's done. Don't look back.


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