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December 09, 2015

How To: Power Down Auto-Pilot.

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Hey guys

Long time no SEA.... hahahah he he ... *AHEM*

anyway quick rundown. The team is getting more involved lately so i will not be around much with our potential sponsor and semi-pro division games coming up im pretty busy and also cause i dislike "things" otf atm.

But none the less i will try to poke my nose in now and then and im always here to help new players and or give advice if needed. never be afraid to ask :D

ill also try to keep up the blog series but they might be more spaced out than before due to work and commitments.

THUS i bring you the latest blog....


Auto pilot i hear you ask? well yes, auto pilot is what 99% of us who play dota do for 99% of the games we play and 99% of the duration of those games this is what mode we are in.

dont get me wrong im not saying we all cruise it through and dont pay attention ( IM LOOKING AT YOU SAFE LANE CARRY WITH WARDS UP THAT DOESNT SEE OR HEAR OUR MASS PINGS!!!!!) im saying that once we learn…
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September 23, 2015

How To: Get carried m8

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this will be a quick blog post just more so to get them feels of the chest ya feel homies?


lately ive been smashing the games out in my second account. being playing exclusively solo ranked games and it was around 4.4-5 k that i started to support a lot more.... like ... a lot.

i now have a 0.98 on my reborn graph for supporting. :p

its my role now in my team as a pos 5 i can focus more on controlling the flow of the game and executing the movement that i want in game. i am allowed to put more time into TEAM things rather then LANE things. i can talk and communicate more about what needs to be done and do it.

this also come into my ranked games. hence the high amount of supporting. ive also come to the realization.

im getting carried.

as of last night my solo mmr is 4675 nearly 4.7k boiz! but i noticed a trend. i lose when i go core. i really do since i hit 4.5k i have not won ONE game where i went core. literally not one game. dem feels elejiggle.

but …
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September 15, 2015
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hey guys its been a while huh?


well ill have you know i wasnt lazy i have been sick, well not sick more so sick with worry. you see i recently had a operation on my face? my eye? my face area where my eye is? my eyeball? my eyelid? i dont know what to call it but basically i had something there which gave back some weird test results that made some smart people nervous so they decided to remove a bunch of blood vessels near my eye. so i havent been really super active as normal due to well... me worried about never being able to see out of two eyes again... so there was that BUT BUT BUT im back now.


BLOOOOOGGG POOOOSSSSSTTTTT!!!! woooooooo well not reall cause im thinking a lot of people wont like this one.

and by a lot of people i means around 65% of all dota players.


wellllll its because truth and recognising self truths are some of the most painful things in lyfe. wther it be that someone doesnt love …
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July 20, 2015

The Grand Adventure: Episode One

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its here boys and grills !!!

game one which happened to be pretty fun and talkative and yes as you expect... easy.

im going to basically place down a video here and explain what im doing and some explanations about MMR and the like also so personal observations and some photos and run you guys through the eventual climb.

its a bit long but it hopefully clears up some MMR confusion and includes some of my backstory in MMR hell

Now before we begin i still haven't finished my first ten 10 games yet so this one is on the VERY first game played on the new account.

so with out futher ado here what the teams looked like! INB4 FILTHY SF PICKER... yes i know but hey love me some last hits and denies

as you can see the last guy didnt pick till right after the draft so all g. but i feel just looking at the drafts we were a bit ahead. early game was ok i won my lane pretty quickly with my last hitting. and i zoned out the Ques-Wex invoker pretty easily. then nek minute…
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July 17, 2015

Im Going on a Grand Adventure!

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I smuggles have decided to embark upon a grand adventure, one filled with horror and joy, happiness and pain.... and a whole lot of feeding.

i am going to create a new account ... a brand new account. I will document every tenth game on this account up until calibration, then i shall document each calibration match and i shall receive an MMR.


lately i have been having a lot of conversations about smurfing and MMR and skill and blah blah blah. people have been saying that Smurfing gives you a unrealistic MMR. That the trench is cancer. That only 3k and above is any good. im bring you all with me as i journey through the trench and climb the steep slope of newbie dota.

along the way ill explain how matchmaking works and how many smurfs i encounter. ill talk about things that newbies do that is very detrimental to their development and their chances of winning. ill try and help out those i encounter and showcase the wide range of different personalities th…
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