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Bloodseeker - a short essay on how to fly

August 2, 2015 by GeRoCk
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GeRoCk's Bloodseeker

DotA2 Hero: Bloodseeker

Purchase Order


Quelling Blade
Stout Shield

How to fly

Ring of Aquila
Phase Boots
Null Talisman

Core items get hated

Blade Mail
Dagon 1

Extended Core

Silver Edge
Sange and Yasha
Manta Style
Black King Bar
Linken's Sphere

Luxury #enough fun

Ethereal Blade
Abyssal Blade
Monkey King Bar
Eye of Skadi


Crimson Guard
Force Staff
Guardian Greaves
Diffusal Blade
Heaven's Halberd
Lotus Orb
Solar Crest
Eul's Scepter of Divinity

Hero Skills


1 3 7 10

Blood Rite

5 9 12 14


2 4 8 13


6 11 16


15 17 18

Bloodseeker - a short essay on how to fly

August 2, 2015


"The search for blood begins.."

Welcome to my second guide, english is not my mother language and i wrote that over weeks so it may be that something is not clear because i wrote weird etc.
Just send me a message if u want on facebook:

Now to Bloodseeker , he is a great disabler,nuker,ganker and chaser of enemy heroes and is in most games just cancer.

My build is very diffrent from others because this build is for Pubstomping
so just for fun.
Bloodseeker has good overall damage and healing mechanics with his Bloodrage,
the bad thing is that he take also more damage.
In my opinion his stats gain is rly good and he has a good
amount of HP,Mana and Agility at the start.
Because his ultimate Rupture which goes through magic immunity is such a good skill in all game stages he is a rly usefull hero against enemies that need to be mobile in fights such as Mirana, Slark and Phantom Assassin.

In the summary i explain more.

Here is my Dotabuff:

Explaination, if i get over 100% i am getting a rank number, half the way done already :)

Pros / Cons


Techies Mirana are oneshot targets

Its hard to die because you are just to fast

Ist hard to not get a kill because you are just to fast

Most efficent jungler/good farming mechanics

Setup ganks

Fly over the map with about 700 movement speed

Aoe pure damage silence

Rly high early game damage

Farm heroes like creeps

You dont need bkb in every game

Rupture goes trough bkb


You feel like a Reaper from Mass Effect when u Dagon people.

You win games


You hate pure damage, or nukers in general

You hate axe in early game

Easy evadable CC

You take 40% more dmg from everything

You hate stuns

Friends and Foes


Everyone is your friend :)

It rly doesnt matter who else is in the game.
Its just important to have something that is able to fight the draft of
the enemy team.



Blade Mail , Dust of Appearance :)
If he wants to Walrus Punch u just use the Blade Mail then Dust of Appearance and finish him off,
u might want to get an Assault Cuirass , Butterfly or such much burst damage
you just **** him off.


Kite kite kite!You need to keep runnung away from him get an Eye of Skadi in the end.
When he uses Enrage he wont take any damage well it feels like it, Rupture
him that he is slowed and run, engage him when its off or suprise him and purge his ulti with a Diffusal Blade, worked when i was Mirana :P


Blade Mail , Dust of Appearance :)
Clinkz is rly a pain in the ***.
He just waits till you reach a point were you are
you are low in teamfight an finishes you off.
u might want to get an Assault Cuirass , Butterfly.
You can go for a Dagon in early game because he is a one shot target.

Town Portal Scroll

Yes this ****ing 100 gold item is a counter, once you Rupture enemies can instant
start to channel a tp.
Monkey King Bar , Eul's Scepter of Divinity and Skull Basher
Thats rly simple and the reason why i go for Dagon, Silver Edge.
You can burst so much there is maybe no time for tping out.



  • Bloodrage amplifies all three damage types the bloodraged unit deals and takes.
  • Can be cast on enemy and allied units, as well as Bloodseeker himself.
  • Cuz of the low CD you can use it on 2 targets at the same time
  • Can be dispelled, can be blocked by Linken's Sphere.
Click for more informations

Skill in action

Bloodrage in general is your skill to keep alive on lane or in the jungle.
On a lane with a Quelling Blade you are even solo mostly unkillable because you can heal
from getting lasthits and doing denies.
Also it increases your dmg output insane, you do take more damage aswell but mostly u kill
the heroes before they can do something and you got your lost HP back.
In the build you will later see the core items Blade Mail which should be clear, because
you deal 40% more damage and refrelect 140% of the taken damage.
If you are able to cast it on both heroes u can deal 80% more damage and reflect 180% of
incoming damage.
You just need to make sure u dont die first because you heal the enemy then.
The second core item is dagon , today i had a bad game and my dagon was finished in
about 16 minutes after jungling and getting some free kills from ganks.
So lets see dagon with Bloodrage on yourself does about ~500 dmg after reduction.
When you cast Rupture use Bloodrage and dagon there is no way out since most
heroes have about maximum 1200 HP at this time.
Because the enemies stays still because he doesnt want to die lets head to the next spell to use.

Blood Rite

  • The affected area is visible to enemies.
  • The delay consists of 0.4 seconds cast time +2.6 seconds effect delay.
  • With max level Bloodrage on Bloodseeker Blood Rite deals 168/224/280/336 damage.
  • With Bloodrage on both him and the enemy unit, it deals 235.2/313.6/392/470.4 damage
  • Grants 200 radius flying vision at the center of the area for 6 seconds after cast.
  • Can be dispelled, blocked by spell immunity.
Click for more informations

Skill in action

Bloodrite is an incredible silence and pure dmg aoe nuke.
You can amplify the pure damage of it by Bloodrage aswell.
If you ruptured and enemy in low hp you can just nuke the spot and and watch him die while trying to flee or dying in the circle.
Also if someone is even with low hp rly scary like Huskar , Tusk you just silenced him and now can easily finish him off with rightclick power.


Click for more informations

Skill in action

Thirst allows you to hunt down you prey. you can fly over the map with insane
movement speed.
If the enemy as survived the first 2 example steps just run after him get bonus attack dmg
and finish him off!


  • Checks the distance the affected unit moved every 0.25 seconds.
  • If the unit moved more than 1300 distance in 0.25 secs, it will not be damaged.
Click for more informations

Skill in action

Rupture This ability makes running away or running towards you impossible without taking serious pure dmg.
Troll the enemy with your supports who have a forcestaff , 2x used and dead in an instant.
Make people run away take dmg till they cant move and cast Blood Rite and use dagon to finish them off.
Nice for setting up ganks and controlling some enemies in the teamfight.
If the enemy hero as a Linken's Sphere , guess what you gonna do.
Use [[Bloodrage99 to pop it and proceed.

Early Game


Jungling with Bloodseekr is the most relaxed way of farming in my opinion.
You are fast because of your Bloodrage an if all goes well
you dont even neeed the Tango you bought.
On the Dire side i made an example of cutting a tree, on the radiant side its not necessary.
The Dire jungle in generall is rly good to farm,
the only thing good on Radiant side is the 8 min armlet rush by Huskar
Anyway lets continue.
You just smash creeps get your Ring of Aquila and Phaseboots quick, you might be lvl 3-5 now, maybe there was already a chance to gank your lain or your mid because someone was low?
Since u went Phaseboots you are much faster than any already even if they are half hp.
When u reach lvl 6 and skill Rupture you can buy a Town Portal Scroll and gank a lane.
Lets see if we go Dagon or Blade Mail now in the Mid Game chapter.

If you do it right you get the second camp spawn at minute 1:00



Laning with Bloodseeker is nice aswell, if you dont get stunned or nuked you can heal all the time by last hitting creeps with Bloodrage.
If u got low u can farm a camp in the jungle to heal and let your ranged supports some last hits.
The lanes were you can go to isnt important that much,
just for this guide you need constant farm
which can not be guaranted if you are solo offlane.
If you are mid, just wait for Phase Boots and a low HP hero to charge at.
If there weren't chances just wait till lvl 6 and set up a gank.
If your are on a dual lane harrass the enemy to low hp and smash the **** out if him or them.
If you are on a solo offlane , just stay alive grab a tp early to counter initiate
you only need Boots of Speed for this.
At lvl 6 go and gank the **** out of the enemy team and make them hate u.
Before mid game stage you should have got a Ring of Aquila and Phaseboots.

Mid Game

The hardest question of the mid game is what item will we get first to penetrate them more.
Dagon or Blade Mail is actually the core question here.

You need to get the right feeling for it i dont think that it matthers so much, but well if we consider that Blade Mail is pure dmg and Dagon not i can give you some examples for it.
When i have a Huskar or a Tusk in the enemy team i go for Blade Mail.
You can Rupture them if they want to flee just meele them to death, turn Blade Mail on and about at their half cast Blood Rite no escape possible exept if they just stood idle and channeled a tp from the beginning.
On a Dagon build you nuke so much dmg already that they cant move away from the Blood Rite you can silence them and finish them off which is in my opinion the better solution because you dont get hit much and the risk to also die is less given here.

The next item in the most cases should definetley be a Silver Edge , if you Bloodrage go invis and hit someone you deal about 300 to 350 dmg on hit.
After you come out of the invisibility you can Bloodrage
the enemy aswell and one shot supports with Dagon,
or annoying heroes like Techies , Mirana , early game Spectre
because no Dispersion, Riki which cant go invis etc.
If the enemy team is going for early 5 man team fights and pushes it might be wrong to get this item because of ****ing supports with their ****ing Dust of Appearanceand Sentry Ward.

So here the other options:

Sange and Yasha provides good overall stats makes you tanky, moving like hell and doing good damage aswell.
Manta Style this one is better if the enemy has silences since i dont prefer to go for an early game Black King Bar if its not needed because you need maybe a long Black King Bar for the late game.
Also it provides movement speed aswell and gives more targets to focus on for the enemy in a teamfight.
Black King Bar, if there is way to much CC etc. for you and you cant do **** in a fight this is the item of your choice.

Late Game


Now the time were you can rampage the enemy team has come.
But first read this short text.

Today i had a Faceless Void in the enemy team, he had nice items.
Mask of Madness , Mjollnir , Crystalys, Black King Bar.
I had Silver Edge and Dagon lvl 2.
I went into our jungle because Void was farming there.
I casted Bloodrage on myself, used Silver Edge ran onto him, punched in his "face"
and instantly fired up his *** with the Dagon , bam oneshot no Backtrack ****er.
I killed everyone that easily in the game but we still lost, so lets focus on why.
This game went perfect even if we lost.
Everyone on my team feeded in the early game, but i farmed the streaks of the enemies heroes like a greedy **** and got rich aswell.
Since then i created space for the others to farm because i was fast everywere on the map and did pick offs and defending **** in the same time.
I created so much space that sniper could farm and once he was usefull i baited a teamfight, sure the enemy focused me down with everything.
But then came Sniper and raped them, well i killed them in the end and got a rampage and then i failed.
I pushed alone because we had only 2 towers from them and we already lost racks.
I was alone at their Tier 3 Tower got duelled in Static Storm because Death Prohpet baited me.
70 seconds dead no one could handle the enemies without me, we lost all racks.
I respawned and we killed them again but well game was lost.
So what u need to learn from this is. You cant will all games even if you dominate.
Sure my team mates were not the best but thats not the point.
We got outdrafted, simple as that.
Death Prohpet and Brood Mother rly do early game pressure and can fast
solo push towers.
They created space for Faceless Void and Legion Commander which both just did used their ulti to shut me or Sniper , while the others just rat the base.
This is called objective gaming and rly important, because it isnt the amount or
kills or farm that makes you win the game.
The objective is to get the ancient.
And while i write this guide i can say, it would have been much more better to get a Radiance for the Spiders in the early game and for miss chances vs Legion Commander and Faceless Voidd
Click me

This game i saw we will be in the disatvantage in the mid to late game.
So what i did is to pick ppl off and rat towers, which is the reason we won.
Click me

This game the enemies were so much tanky and my mates so stupid i need to take more action in teamfights which is the reason why i went for double Daedalus .
The ability to know what is right in the late game to build comes with time.
You need to reflect games you won and lost to see what went well and what not.
Click me

I mean look i bought a Necronomicon for Techies.
Click me


So what are you doing or what items you wanna get now.
Simple said, it is very game specific because Bloodseeker is such a versatile hero.
If you are the only carry in your team i would say you are ****ed late game in the most cases.
Since you already have all items at this point to be effective it also doesnt matter this much what you get in late game.
I can just say what everyone would say like:
If you die to auto attacks get a Butterfly, if they got Monkey King Bar rather go for an Abyssal Blade or a Ethereal Blade to nuke them fast down.
If you just need raw dmg versus somebody get a Daedalus and so on.
If you dont have a Black King Bar by now you should get one maybe
or a Linken's Sphere .
But simply what you do at this point is Rupture someone in a teamfight who shall not take much part of it which is also everytime someone else.
A short example here is Phantom Assassin she need to blink during
team fights to be effective an ideal target!
I could write a chapter about good target for taking off in a teamfight but this
knowledge just varies to much for me, always a good option is
to use it on mobility heroes, like Slark , [Mirana etc.
The next chapter will be items to give you an advice how to arm for the late game.



Quelling Blade
This item make is easy for you to get lasthits, denies and to farm the jungle.

Stout Shield
Best early game item on meele heroes, especially if you jungle.

Ring of Aquila
This item provides rly good overall stats for any early game phase and good mana reg aswell.
Make sure to get the Wraith Band first.

Phase Boots
Bloodseeker has rly much early game damage, if you buy this boots you got rly much dmg
and you can phase after enemies and through creeps/allies to kill the target.
For me there is no discussion about why this are the best boots on Bloodseeker

Null Talisman
The first step into a Dagon , it provides good averall stats and help you out
with your mana reg, if you dont do ganks u can just farm the jungle and completley reg
everything there.

Well if you got a Dagon you can Bloodrage yourself and the enemy and burst about 500 life after reduction away.
The best thing is in early game when someone of the enemy is low, you know a stunner is hugging the tower waiting for you to to punish your dive.
You see him on the mini map because he is low and click Dagon on him , once you are in range he is dead in a second.
In late game this item can be well combined with a Ethereal Blade which amplifies
the dmg much more but also can save you from rightclicks.
I usally let the Dagon on lvl 1 or lvl 2 till i am full slotted.

Blade Mail
The why do you hit yourself item rly hurts on Bloodseeker.
With Bloodrage on you , the enemy gets 40% more dmg from Blade Mail
while you make 40% more dmg to him, overall you do 80% more dmg than a normaly hero
in early game.

This are the Cores items what you go next depeneds on the picks.

Extended Core:

Sange and Yasha
This item is rly good for overall stats and gives you tons of movement speed.
If you dont need a Silver Edge in early game this is the best next item to get.
It doesnt cost as much as Silver Edge and Manta Style but the best is that you can
disamble the item into a Silver Edge , Heaven's Halberd
and Manta Style in late game.
More infos about disamble

Silver Edge
This item provides your hero tankiness, burst dmg and an escape and inition
Also enemies can say goodbye to things like [Backtrack , Bristle Back
Dispersion etc.

Manta Style
Good on any agility hero, if you need decoys, some cannon fodder or something to splitpush.
Also it dispels on use, a solid versatile item.

Black King Bar
I try to hold the item back till the late game, with my movement speed and reactions
i can evade most spells in early game.

Linken's Sphere
Linken's is good when the enemy has targetable spells which go through a Black King Bar , such as the Dismember or Reaper's Scythe etc.
If you get catched you might die rly fast so avoid this.
In some games i get a both items to be safe.

The Radi is best vs pushers like Natures Prohpet, Brood Mother etc.
It kills the minions fast and in teamfight the miss chances to alot in early game.
Also it does rly much dmg and even more if you casted Bloodrage.
My secret tip, i always get Radi on Pudge , because i help my team out with
do alot aoe dmg and people need to focus the tanky Pudge.
Space created :)


If your Team lacks in right click, help them out and do about 900 + 40% +40% dmg
on a crit xD.
Right click is underrated on some heroes but this Tusk who annoyed me so hard
had to get some anal lube in late game to face me.
Also for example i carried a game as Lina with right clicks.
Tusk Game
Lina Game

It gives you insane dmg for a rly good price and the ability to rat towers and base raze.

Eye of Skadi
This is one of the best item vs carries i can imagine
Tankiness, stats, and a slow which goes through a Black King Bar.

Since you can farm creeps and heroes in early game, a soon Butterfly
vs right clickers can end the game fast.
Did you know you can disamble a Ethereal Blade ? :)
As you see you can build many items and rebuild them for any cases in late game
on this hero.

Monkey King Bar
Throw stuns at em like a tard :D
recommend late game item vs evasion heroes like Phantom Assassin etc.
Doesnt work vs Backtrack.

Abyssal Blade
Well bash is best vs everything, also you can stun for 2 seconds through bkb.
In late game that means a carry uses his bkb runs at you 2 secs down already you stun him for 2 secs and when he wants to fight his bkb is already off lel.

Ethereal Blade
Stats, dmg, armor and a nuke which works well with Dagon


Crimson Guard
Vanguard was built back in the old days of warcraft, since you tower dive rly much
its a good item and makes you alot tankier early, i didnt tried to
built one yet but since bloodseeker can be played as rich support/utlity
a Crimson Guard can be helpful in later stages of the game.

Force Staff
Since it can be casted on anyone and anything this item is rly good in any cases.
The best thing is you can cast it on a target who is under Rupture.

Guardian Greaves
A very good item which makes you tanky and burst heal you and your allies.

Diffusal Blade
This item gives so much agility and dmg!
Also purge is a rly good thing, for example you can purge off the Enrage
ff Ursa.
More information about dispel

Heaven's Halberd
The ability to disarm can turn team fights in early game to mid game.
Also it gives you tankiness and evasion.

Lotus Orb
The advanced why do you hit yourself item.
In some games it can be more usefull than a Linken's Sphere or used to
guard you main carry.

A rly good item vs Clinkz also you can insane splitpush with it.
Combined with a Desolator you can easy base raze.

Solar Crest
The armor and evasion for this low price is rly worth its money.
You can tank towers with it and survive longer in team fights.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Euls gives you speed mana reg and the ability to combo the active
with your Blood Rite for a sure silence.
Also you can tornoda enemies in team fights and yourself do prevent dmg or
disjoint some abilities.


I hope you enjoyed this guide, and have fun with my buld.
I´m considering to buy a Mask of Madness the next game and try it out with a Blade Mail.

Maybe you like my Huskar guide aswell. Click

Soon when i learned how to process videos etc. the right way i will add videos.

GL HF :)

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