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Beware the Worldsmith - A Guide to Elder Titan

November 29, 2015 by TEL9021
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Build 1
Build 2

Support (Positions #4 and #5)

DotA2 Hero: Elder Titan

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Animal Courier
Observer Ward
Healing Salve

Early Game Items (Pos 5)

Soul Ring
Magic Wand
Tranquil Boots

Early Game Items (Pos 4)

Urn of Shadows
Magic Wand
Arcane Boots

Core Utility Item Options

Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Force Staff
Drum of Endurance

Late Game - Luxury

Blade Mail
Ghost Scepter
Solar Crest
Pipe of Insight
Scythe of Vyse
Aghanim's Scepter
Crimson Guard
Guardian Greaves
Glimmer Cape
Lotus Orb

Hero Skills

Echo Stomp

1 4 12 13

Astral Spirit

2 5 7 8

Natural Order

3 9 10 11

Earth Splitter



15 16 17 18


1/12/2013: Guide published.
6/12/2013: Changed title, added vision pro tip to Astral Spirit
11/12/2013: Added various pro tips, split Core Item Build chapter into two seperate, more easy to read bits. Added Lifestealer to enemies.
31/12/2013: More tips here and there, added Sniper to allies.
25/11/2015: Back after almost 2 years! Major updates to skill and item builds. Negative Armor Titan build is now outdated.
29/11/2015: Updates to Astral Spirit and Aghanim's Scepter. (Thanks Sunabonzu!)

Back after 2 years! What has changed?

It's been a while since I looked at this guide! Back when I first wrote it, I was a 2.7k MMR scrub trying to get out of the trench. And I did so, mostly thanks to the old "Negative Armor Titan" solo offlane build run by by the 2013 teams Empire and Kaipi (back when Kaipi had RTZ and EternalEnvy in their roster).

Very soon though, Icefrog nerfed the hero's main power to the ground, which was his amazing Astral Spirit + Natural Order nuke that used to do insane damage from long range very cheaply. His only major power left was his Echo Stomp as a viable defensive tool against the TI4 deathball strategies. But after TI4, deathball was nerfed heavily with the 6.82 patch, leaving poor Elder Titan out of the competitive hero pool.

ET has received numerous stealth buffs (and one more nerf to Astral Spirit damage, Icefrog pls) over the years since then, which focused more on making the Astral Spirit+ Echo Stomp combo more powerful. He also got an Agh's upgrade, which I'll analyze later.

So! I've recently played a couple matches as Elder Titan, and am happy to say that he is viable again! Mostly as a support/initiator hero though, the old solo offlane build relied on getting last hits and harassing heroes with the initial Astral Spirit nuke, which isn't nearly as strong now.

Because of this, I decided to update the guide. There are a lot of changes that need to be made, so consider this guide a work in progress again, and tell me if you spot any errors!


Hello all, TEL9021 (aka the Dork Seer) is here again! When I'm not reviewing video games, I like to write DOTA 2 hero guides! This time I've written a guide to very versatile hero, Elder Titan.

Elder Titan is was an established pro team pick due to his lane flexibility, his burst spell damage and ranged farm capability with Astral Spirit, his Natural Order negative armor aura, and of course his massive AOE nuke/disable combo, Echo Stomp + Earth Splitter.

It's been a while since someone wrote a guide dedicated to played this hero. However, he is still very viable as a support, he is now less item dependent, and thus can more easily be played as a Position 5 support, meaning he can buy Observer Wards without losing much potential in teamfights. Regardless, since Elder Titan isn't always played as a support, I've included two builds for him: The first is my take on a support Elder Titan, whereas the second is my take on semi-carry Negative Armor Titan. Both builds are equally useful to a team The second build is now outdated, so don't go for it unless you know what you're doing.

More importantly, you don't have to choose your playstyle before the game begins: Since the items you need to buy are nearly identical up until the early game, this decision can be made on the fly.



- Decent base movement speed and attack damage which become broken with Astral Spirit buffs
- Lane flexibility: Can solo the hard lane, go in a dual-lane, or trilane
- Item flexibility: Very few items aren't viable on this hero.
- Excellent teamfight contribution with his spells and negative armor aura
- Scales decently into the late game (Especially when played as a semi-carry)


- Not a carry
- No reliable stun
- No escape ability
- Needs mana regen early game
- Low base mana pool (Building INT items is required for maximum potential)
- Requires a bit of micromanagement to land spells precisely


Q - Echo Stomp

- Elder Titan and his Ancestral Spirit stomp the ground after 1.2 secs of channeling
- Both stomps cause enemies within a 500 radius to fall asleep
- Sleeping enemies wake up when damaged by heroes (similar to Nightmare)
- Both stomps deal damage (Titan's is physical, Spirit's is magical)

This is your first ability and massive AOE sleep: When Titan casts it on his own it's not powerful, but when combined with an Ancestral Spirit casting it at the same time, it becomes an awesome initiation spell. Remember that its sleep is not exactly a stun, so don't attack enemies until your teammates are also close enough to attack them. While Elder Titan's stomp can be (and will be) stopped with a stun breaking its channeling, which will also disrupt Ancestral Spirit's stomp, there's no way to stun the Spirit, so if Elder Titan is at a safe distance or magic immune, Echo Stomp will be cast.

Pro tip: To successfully combine Echo Stomp with your ultimate, which takes 3 seconds to activate, you need only 3 points into this skill (i.e. 4-second sleep duration) for maximum teamfight potential. Provided, of course, that your allies don't attack enemies until your Earth Splitter hits them.

W - Astral Spirit

- Summons your Ancestral Spirit at the designated location
- Spirit is a controllable unit
- Spirit's movement speed is equal to Elder Titan's
- Spirit damages enemy units it comes into contact with once
- Each time Spirit damages a unit, it adds a stack to an attack damage and movespeed buff
- Spirit returns to Titan after 8 seconds or by pressing W
- When Spirit returns, it applies the buff on Elder Titan for 9 seconds
- Spirit also has Echo Stomp and Negative Armor abilities

This is Elder Titan's bread and butter skill. It has a cast range of 1200 units (exactly a Blink Dagger's maximum range). This is your ranged nuke and early game harass ability. Its high cast range makes Titan one of the few initiators that don't need to buy a Blink Dagger to be effective in the game.

A bit more info on the Return Spirit buff: Bonus movement speed is +1% for every creep and +5% for every hero damaged by Spirit, bonus attack damage is 6/9/12/15 per creep + 10/20/30/40 per hero damaged. As such, a Spirit that hits multiple heroes and creeps will give Elder Titan a massive attack damage bonus, so go harass the enemies with your right-click when you have it.

Pro tip #1: While you can control the Ancestral Spirit, it is not mandatory to do so and inexperienced players can skip it entirely. However, those wanting to get the most out of this hero should attempt to micromanage the Spirit so it's always in the best possible position. Here's how I micro Titan and Spirit:

Ctrl+1: Elder Titan
Ctrl+2: Ancestral Spirit
Ctrl+3: Titan + Spirit

Pro tip #2: Don't be quick to press W again to recall your Spirit: let it be on the map damaging units for you. You should only use Return Spirit when you actually get within attacking range of the enemy, so you have your buffs for as long as possible.

Pro tip #3: Ancestral Spirit can be sent deep into enemy lines to give you vision of the enemy's movements. Possible uses of this include scouting Roshan, rune locations, and breaking into the enemy high ground around their barracks.

Natural Order

- Negative Armor and magic damage weakness aura in a 275 radius around Titan and Spirit
- The aura's debuff lingers for 1 second after enemies leave its area of effect

This is your passive aura. Right off the bat, three things you may have neglected about it:

Firstly, the magic weakness part of the aura maxes at 33%, nullifying all heroes' innate 25% magic resistance and essentially making all magic damage slightly stronger than pure damage.

Secondly, Natural Order's 275 unit radius of effectiveness is tiny compared to other auras (For reference, it's exactly the radius of Astral Spirit's AOE nuke). Thus Elder Titan or his Ancestral Spirit will have to be within melee attacking range of enemies for the aura to be active. This also means that in order to maximize your potential, you'll need to be in the middle of teamfights, so items that boost HP, armor, or HP regen are very useful pickups.

Thirdly, putting one level into this skill early is a great idea now, since the first point in this skill has double the power of the next levels and actually increases the damage output of your other spells more than if you put a skill point in them instead.

Concerning the armor reduction, it's a percentage of the enemy's base Armor and Armor gained via increasing Agility, maxing at 100%. This makes Elder Titan a counter to Agility based carries such as Drow Ranger and Phantom Lancer, which don't rely on having high actual HP, but high effective HP due to their increased Armor. On the other hand, heroes with 0 base armor like Timbersaw will be unaffected from the armor reduction aura.

Note that Natural Order does not decrease Armor gained by items, such as Chainmail.

R - Earth Splitter

- Sends forth a jagged crack in front of Titan
- After 3.14 seconds, the crack implodes, damaging and slowing over 300 unit wide, 2400 unit long AoE
- Affected units are pulled to the center of the crack
- Damage dealt is 35% of the affected unit's maximum HP
- Damage dealt is half physical, half magical
- Aghanim's Scepter adds a disarm effect for 4/5/6 seconds
- Only the physical damage goes though magic immunity, no other effects do

This is your second nuke and ultimate ability. For you to be able to land it effectively, casting at least a level 2 Echo Stomp beforehand is mandatory. (If the enemies have Blink Daggers or can dodge with spells like Rage, Phase Shift, or Snowball you will need a level 3 Stomp.) Otherwise, enemies will simply dodge it, resulting in a wasted ult. Its range is really long (twice the max range of Blink Dagger), so you can use it to get a skillshot kill on an unsuspecting enemy who is near death.

Since the important component of Elder Titan's ult is the 35% HP damage, and you get that from the first skill point, consider not skilling your ultimate any more than that. All you get is an extra second of +10% slow per level, which isn't that significant when you're level 16, whereas having maxed your other abilities is.

However, the Aghanim's Scepter upgrade on this skill is ridiculously strong against hard carries and teams that rely on dealing physical damage to win, and it gives you an extra second of disarm per skill point, so put skill points into your ultimate as you would normally in that case.

While the ability's tooltip says "Pierces Spell Immunity: Yes" that is deceptive. Only the 17.5% physical damage goes through Spell Immunity, not the magical damage, slow, or Aghanim's Scepter disarm effects. So be wary of that.

Note that Earth Splitter, as most ultimates, can be heard by enemies globally when you cast it.

Pro tip #1: Target the actual point of the teamfight you want your ultimate to hit (or at least as close as possible to it) for best results. If you cast it close to yourself, it becomes way easier to send your crack flying in a random, unwanted direction.

Pro tip #2: Use Fog of War to your advantage. Try to cast Earth Splitter in a way so only the part of the crack that hits your enemies is actually seen by them. This will make it harder for your foes to dodge it, as they will hear it coming, but won't know from where it is coming. A good example for hiding the Earth Splitter crack is the jungle, as visibility is greatly reduced there.

Starting and Early Game Items

Since Elder Titan needs a lot of early game regen, I suggest buying a Tango, a Healing Salve and two Clarity potions, then rush a Soul Ring or Urn of Shadows. More details below.

Position 5 Support Elder Titan:

After you buy the aforementioned items, you have enough money to also buy the Animal Courier and Observer Wards, so do so if no one else already has. The downside to this is that it will now take longer for you to farm gold for your mana regen items, so it's better suited for when you're going on the safe lane to babysit the hard carry.

As a position 5 Elder Titan, you'll want to build a Soul Ring as early as possible. Get a Magic Stick if you can, too. These two items give you enough burst HP and mana to protect your carries throughout the early game.

Your Boots of choice are Tranquil Boots. They will provide you with enough sustain to remain on the field supporting your allies without ever needing to go back to the fountain.

Position 4 Elder Titan:

If someone else has already bought courier and wards, you may buy Sentry Wards and a Smoke of Deceit instead. Next, go for an Urn of Shadows.

Urn of Shadows is a really good pickup for Elder Titan, as he benefits from both its +6 Strength and its +50% mana regen.
To get the most out of this item, constant roaming is essential.
Also, beware of heroes on your team who like to build this by default, such as Spirit Breaker or Pudge, because Urn charges do not stack.

Your boots of choice are Arcane Boots. However, if you have more heroes on your team that definitely build Arcane Boots (such as Magnus or Dark Seer), feel free to buy Power Treads instead.

Urn + Arcane Boots is a slightly more expensive build than the position 5 Soul Ring + Tranquil Boots, but it's a better build since your team benefits from these items too.

Solo Hard Lane Elder Titan:

So you're taking on the hard lane alone. Uh oh. Well, on the plus side, you get to keep all the gold and XP you can get for yourself. On the down side, you're a melee hero, so you'll be harassed by any ranged heroes you're up against. In this case, buying a starting Stout Shield is a really good idea. This however, will delay you from getting your mana regen items.

Semi-carry Elder Titans generally go for Power Treads. They are an especially good item if you're good at "tread-switching", i.e changing their +7 attribute bonus from STR to INT in order to micromanage your HP and mana pools. Again, inexperienced players can skip this entirely.

However, if you're soloing the hard lane, consider buying Phase Boots. Combined with Astral Spirit's already great movespeed buff, they make him really, really fast, something excellent for roaming and better positioning during teamfights.

When In Game

Early Game

When the game begins, don't put a level on any of your abilities just yet. The most useful ability you could have at level 1 is Echo Stomp, but if your team is chasing an enemy hero down to get first blood, a quick Astral Spirit nuke might just do the trick. So wait for the opportune moment to skill your chosen ability.

Early game for Elder Titan is all about utilizing Astral Spirit in the way that most suits your lane choice and farm priority. Therefore, there's only one rule regarding ability skilling: Max Astral Spirit first. Everything else is up to you.

Support Titans should use their Spirit to harasss enemy heroes only, and make sure that enemy creeps are not hit by it so as to not push the lane. Also, it's a good idea to always have about an extra 100 mana left in your pool to follow up with an Echo Stomp in case another hero comes to gank your lane.

Semi-carry/offlane Titans should rely on Astral Spirit's nuke and attack damage buff to last hit and harass enemies. Make sure that you don't overdo it and push the lane under the enemy tower. Also, try to get Ancestral Spirit to hit all heroes you're facing in-lane, so you get more bonus right-click damage for easier last-hitting.

Whatever your role, have your mana regen and boots by level 6, then grab a Town Portal Scroll and start getting in fights, because early game is now over.

Mid Game

Mid game differs for Elder Titan according to the playstyle you eventually chose. Support Titans have their Earth Splitter + Echo Stomp combo ready at level 6, so the top priority for them is to nail this combo on enemies as effectively as possible. Semi-carry Titans need to be more active, getting up close to enemies and right-click attacking them to make the most out of the early Natural Order max.

Whatever your role, try your best to micromanage your Ancestral Spirit to hit all enemy heroes before you recall it. It's not mandatory, but it seperates the pub Titans from the pro Titans.

Whenever you can, use your Ancestral Spirit to give you vision of blind spots on the map. If you're lucky enough, you'll spot the enemy team's attempt to gank you. This is especially useful for pub games, where no one buys Observer Wards.

Late Game

Staying alive is crucial here, as your auras are active only when you're not dead. Utilize your core items as best as possible, land a good Echo Stomp + Earth Splitter, chase enemies down with Ancestral Spirit, and don't forget to right-click attack enemies. After that, whether you win or not is up to your team.

When on offense, use Ancestral Spirit to give you vision into the enemy base's high ground. If you do this, your team can find the opportunity to exploit a gap in the enemy's defenses and rush in to take a set of barracks.

Communication with your teammates is necessary concerning item purchases: Item auras do not stack, so make sure you're not all buying the same stuff.

Core Item Choice: Support

The next two sections cover choosing core items for support and semi-carry Elder Titan builds. Because Elder Titan is such a versatile hero, I will most likely miss an item combo or two. Feel free to chip in with your own item combos!

Support Elder Titan:

Utility Item

Any decent support hero should have at least one utility item in his inventory. You have three main choices for possible mid game/core items. The choice of utility item depends on whether another allied hero is intending to buy it or not and goes in this priority:

A) Eul's Scepter of Divinity
B) Mekansm
C) Force Staff
D) Drum of Endurance

First off, a Eul's Scepter of Divinity is an amazing item for a support Elder Titan. Now that you need to cast good Astral Spirit+ Echo Stomp+ Earth Splitter combos as much as possible, Eul's Cyclone offers the perfect setup for your full combo. You can either Echo Stomp someone, then Cyclone him and cast Earth Splitter so that it hits him when he falls, or Cyclone him, then cast Echo Stomp and your ultimate when he falls. You get the idea.
The mana regen Eul's Scepter of Divinity gives you is also enough to cover your INT needs for long teamfights, and the +40 movespeed buff means now you've got a minimum of 400 movespeed, without Astral Spirit buffs. Better yet, your Ancestral Spirit also gets the movespeed buff! Gotta go fast!

Secondly, a Mekansm is one of the most important items a team needs for teamfights. If you're soloing a lane, rushing one gives you really good early teamfight power. Since Elder Titan's spells and auras are geared for teamfights, it only makes sense to build items to match this. This item synergizes well with Soul Ring, and also with Arcane Boots, which you can later build into Guardian Greaves.

Thirdly, Drum of Endurance gives you more movement speed, which stack with your Astral Spirit movespeed buff, making you even faster. Just remember to hit its active before teamfights.

Lastly, Force Staff is a really good pickup for three reasons: It gives Titan the escape he lacks, it can be used on allies, and it gives Titan a +10 Intelligence bonus which really helps him from being mana starved during the mid game.

Core Item Choice: Semi-Carry

Semi-carry Elder Titan:

I'll be analysing three main core builds here: Ganker, Initiator, Disabler. Each build comes with the early game items I recommend purchasing before them.

Ganker's Core

Medallion of Courage: This item combines with your Natural Order armor reduction, ensuring that enemies end up with a permanent -6 Armor. It also gives Elder Titan more much appreciated mana regen to boot. With this item, your team can also attempt to fight Roshan early. Build it into Solar Crest later on.

Orb of Venom: This a very cheap orb effect slow to apply to your attacks, making chase kills much easier when ganking. However, you may face full inventory issues, causing you to have to sell it to buy better items later on.

Preferred Previous Purchases: Urn of Shadows, Phase Boots

Initiator's Core

Black King Bar: A useful pickup for almost all heroes, BKB allows Elder Titan to cast his Echo Stomp + Earth Splitter combo freely. The +10 Strength and +24 damage it gives will also make Titan more powerful.

Blink Dagger: While BKB + Blink is a known combo item purchase, Elder Titan doesn't need this item as much as other initiators due to the huge cast range of his spells. However, if you've got an Ursa or Shadow Fiend on your team who also went for BKB + Blink combo, by all means go for it and supercharge your teamfight potential.

Preferred Previous Purchases: Soul Ring, Power Treads

Disabler's Core (aka extension of Ganker's Core)

Orchid Malevolence: Got an enemy Dark Seer, Enigma or other mage threatening to destroy you in a teamfight? Then go for an Orchid Malevolence and silence him. Also comes with a decent +25 to Intelligence, +150% mana regen, and some extra damage and attack speed.

Heaven's Halberd: Afraid of an enemy Lifestealer or Chaos Knight and their terribly powerful right-click damage? Then go for this item to disarm them and render them useless in teamfights. Also comes with a +25 to Strength, 25% evasion, and some extra damage.

Preferred Previous Purchases: Ganker's Core

Late Game Item Options: Offensive, Defensive, Situational

The following items are all good pick-ups for a late game Elder Titan. However, a support Elder Titan will want to most likely build defensive/utility items, while the offensive items should be bought only by a semi-carry Elder Titan.

Offensive Options

Solar Crest: Combined with Natural Order, enemies now have -10 Armor. Also useful in support builds, for buffing your hard carry, and using it to quickly kill Roshan.

Aghanim's Scepter: Like I said before, the 6 second disarm applied on all heroes hit by Earth Splitter is simply broken, if you can land your ult properly. The disarm doesn't pierce Spell Immunity, keep that in mind.

Assault Cuirass: This is a really good late game item for Elder Titan, not so much for the sttack speed aura as for the -5 Armor reduction aura, which stacks with Natural Order, turning all enemies into squishy item-less supports. However, don't build one if your hard carry has already done so, since the aura you need is already in play.

Heart of Tarrasque: While this item is a rather selfish purchase, it will allow to stay in teamfights indefinitely, soaking up damage and staying alive while your auras destroy the enemy team.

Refresher Orb: Enemies getting hit by your ult twice lose 70% of their max HP just from that. However, it is unlikely that you'll be able to lock enemy heroes down for enough time to cast both ults, no matter how fast you recast your abilities. Also keep in mind that you'll need to have built decent Intelligence beforehand so you have enough mana to recast your spells.

Desolator: A very offensive (almost troll level) item pick. However, the -7 Armor reduction passive effect applied to your attacks stacks with Natural Order for huge extra right-click damage.

Eye of Skadi: A troll-level item pick. Adds a 35% orb effect slow to your attacks, causing enemies you chase to not be able to escape you, and awesome gains to all atrributes, HP, and mana. However, it is incredibly expensive and selfish.

Scythe of Vyse: A very expensive, yet incredibly useful Hex, giving Elder Titan more disabling power and eliminating his mana problems once and for all with massive increases to Intelligence and mana regen.

Necronomicon: Do you need more pushing power? Are your micro skills off the charts? Then go for a Necro book. Assign the 2 necro creeps to numbers 4 and 5, and add both to control group 3. These Necronomicon Warriors are powerful, but also difficult to micromanage, what with your hero already somewhat needing micro skills.

Defensive Options

Blade Mail: Gives Elder Titan the power to soak up more damage in teamfights and initiate without dying. Also gives you +10 to Intelligence, +6 Armor, and +22 damage.

Ghost Scepter: A worthwile item pick when playing support to save yourself from the enemy team carry's wrath. You cannot attack or be attacked, but magic damage you receive is amplified, so be wary of mages in the opposing team. Must be bought all at once for 1600 gold, which is a problem.

Shiva's Guard: A must defensive pick-up when facing attack-speed heavy teams (Think carry Alchemist or Lifestealer). Don't forget to cast the active ability, and don't buy it if someone else on your team already has it.

Glimmer Cape/ Pipe of Insight: If playing a support build, go for these items if facing heavy amounts of magic damage (Think Invoker, Ancient Apparition, Zeus).

Linken's Sphere: If you didn't build a Black King Bar and/or need more mana regen, build a Linken's. This item will make it harder for enemies to stop you from casting your abilities successfully.

Lotus Orb: The support's Linken's Sphere. Also note that the active purges most debuffs, even Hex.

Situational Options

Boots of Travel: This is a good late-game item on any hero. Gives you even more mobility and synergizes really well with Necronomicon for global pushing ability.

Armlet of Mordiggian: A somewhat troll level item pick, its active gives you huge stat boosts. It's unlikely that you'll farm enough gold to buy this item fast enough for it to have an impact. Synergizes really well with Desolator.

Dagon: Ugh. Yes, building a Dagon on Elder Titan is viable, mainly due to the Intelligence gains it gives and Natural Order's magic damage weakness aura. But seriously, there have got to be better items for you to pick than this.

Allies / Enemies


Elder Titan is a really good ally to heroes with big AOE teamfight abilities, Armor reduction skills, and powerful skillshot magical damage nukes. Here's a few notable mentions:

Alchemist: His Acid Spray synergizes with Natural Order, also after an Echo Stomp you give him the ability to cook an Unstable Concoction right in front of the sleeping enemies.

Dark Seer: His Vacuum makes it easier for you to land Echo Stomp.

Dazzle: His Weave stacks with Natural Order for massive bonuses.

Earth Spirit: A good Echo Stomp by you gives him time to prepare his skillshot spells.

Earthshaker: His Echo Slam synergizes with Echo Stomp, plus your Ancestral Spirit can walk over his Fissure.

Enigma/ Magnus/ Puck: Set up enemies with Echo Stomp, then let any of these heroes in to land their ultimates easily and safely.

Gyrocopter/ Luna: Two carries worthy of being looked after by you in the early game. Easy ranged harass with their attacks stacked with Astral Spirit + Natural Order, plus they provide good AOE spells in teamfights.

Invoker: An Echo Stomp from you is a free Sun Strike kill for him.

Kunkka/ Mirana: both heroes have difficult to nail stuns that become easy to nail when Elder Titan initiates.

Meepo: Set up enemies with an Echo Stomp, then let Meepo jump in and nail 5 pure damage dealing Poof nukes.

Shadow Fiend: His Presence of the Dark Lord stacks with Natural Order, and his Requiem of Souls becomes easy to nail with decent initiation by you.

Slardar/ Templar Assassin: Both heroes have unit-specific armor reduction abilities and tend to buy a Blink Dagger.

Sniper: An unusual, but really effective combo: Not only does Sniper's right-click attack hurt much more with Natural Order, he can also pure damage cross-map Assassinate enemies your Ancestral Spirit is following.


Elder Titan does badly against heroes that stop him from casting his abilities properly or can dodge them easily. Good examples include:

Clockwerk: His Battery Assault mini-stuns every 0.7 seconds, so no Echo Stomp for you when he's around.

Beastmaster: His ultimate goes through magic immunity, so buying a Linken's Sphere is mandatory if you intend to initiate properly.

Tiny: A good Tiny can spot you initiating, then Blink in front of you and counter-initiate by stunning you.

Invoker/ Enigma: Cold Snap and Malefice respectively chain-stun you and stop you from casting Echo Stomp.

Timbersaw: His 0 base Armor makes Natural Order useless, he can dodge Echo Stomp easily, and pick you off before you have time to respond.

Anti-Mage/ Queen of Pain/ Storm Spirit/ Puck: All four can easily dodge your abilities.

Lifestealer: His Rage lets him freely dodge Echo Stomp, and if he uses Open Wounds on you, your only hope is to somehow outdamage him in a 1v1 duel, something highly unlikely (though a Medallion of Courage helps a ton).

Final Words

That's all! I hope I persuaded you to try playing this awesome hero!

Shoutout to previous Elder Titan guide writers, whose guides massively helped shape this guide. You should definitely check their guides out, too!

If you have any questions, just comment here or follow me on Twitter (@The_Dork_Seer) and send me a direct message.

To all budding Elder Titans out there, it's OK if you find his abilities overwhelming at first. It'll take time to master them and even more time to find the playstyle that suits you the best. Keep at it and you'll be rewarded, because as Elder Titan himself says:

" You were right to put your faith in the Worldsmith. "
- The Elder Titan

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