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Sven Guide This is going to be SVENtastic

January 28, 2014 by Raging King
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Carry Sven Don't mess with him or you will join the shattered helm

DotA2 Hero: Sven

Hero Skills

Storm Hammer

1 3 5 7

Great Cleave

8 9 10 12


2 13 14 15

God's Strength

6 11 16


4 17 18


Sven is a strength hero who can be a carry or semi carry (if there isn't a harder carry than him like Faceless Void in your team you can go as main carry) Sven is a very balanced hero with one of the best Stuns in game Storm Hammer being an AOE stun with 255 Radius causes a number of heroes to be stunned if targeted at the right time and deals a good damage on the way Sven's Aura Warcry buffs him and his allies with bonus movement speed and nice armor bonus which helps boost his rather low armor this skill helps Sven chase or Escape From Gank's Sven also got one of the best passive's in my opinion Great Cleave which acts same as Battle Fury without stats gain or damage bonus but grants more Cleave than even Battle Fury which makes this skill is a must have at mid and late game and NOW we come to the ultimate Steroid God's Strength this skill Turns Sven Red as Jelly And he will Knock the hell out of the enemies team if he is not targeted with stuns or CC's simply put Great Cleave+ God's Strength= Team Wipe With your team's supports and your allies the other carries get READY TO HAVE A SVENtastic Match

Pros / Cons

1-reliable AOE stun Storm Hammer
2-can be tanky
3-scales well to late game
4-can do various rules

1-one of the worst mana pools
2-can be kited (without the appropriate items)
3-low INT gain which makes him need a support partner with Arcane Boots for him to dominate in lane phase

why pick the skills at these levels

Storm Hammer is Sven main source of damage at early game so you need it to gank so maxing this first will help make ganks and killing in lanes easier

Warcry picked at level 2 to get its 4 armor bonus and the main purpose is the movement speed the armor bonus of +4 is very effective at early game especially if the armor is low which is low because you are playing Sven and it's cheap mana make it very good to use at every team fight

Great Cleave i know the question is why level this early at level 8 by the time level 8 is there you should be getting Mask of Madness when you are leveling your Great Cleave your fast damage and with God's Strength your damage will be counted and well respected and the splash of Great Cleave will hurt invisible heroes and everyone behind them maxing this after Storm Hammer is very good especially since you are playing a carry Sven you need to make your damage more felt as much as you can this can also act as your farming tool clearing jungle creeps very fast with your Mask of Madness

God's Strength this is the skill that makes Sven SVENtastic the awesome damage it gives just cannot be ignored at first level it's like walking with a double damage not counting if you did pick the rune of double damage at second level it will give you 150% more damage now that's scary last level is like screaming 'i need to kill someone' because the bonus damage of 200% is like a triple damage just remember this skill boosts your base damage not damage from items so focusing on getting stats is good on Sven

each item and why you get it (starting items)

Bracer:gives you a decent stats to buff Sven stats and get some damage on the way it will be a great help especially it's intelligence boost to keep your mana up for some Storm Hammer and to Warcry
Tango:allows you to what else get some health by eating trees (don't take tango if you are very nature friendly or you will spend time crying on the trees you ate)
Healing Salve: same as tango but heals faster with no charges so you can't use it separately as tango and it will be removed if you receive damage

item explanation (early game)

Power Treads is your boots of choice why not Arcane Boots? Power Treads will give you a lot of flexibility and it will be better in the long runs boosting your attack speed and we come to the infamous 8 stats gain you can switch this to any stats you want if you are getting ready to initiate switch the boots to intelligence so you can cast spells and keep some mana left when you are done initiating switch it to strength

Mask of Madness i know a lot of good players will say this is bad because of the damage taken will be increased by 30% i agree here it's dangerous but let's get some things to perspective here it will get you attack speed and prevents some of the kiting on Sven because of the 30% bonus movement speed which is very awesome on Sven in my honest opinion combining Movement speed from Power Treads + Warcry + Mask of Madness will get you a whopping 489 movement speed that's very good if you are escaping or chasing so my reason for getting Mask of Madness on the BIG RED JAM GUY because of attack speed and movement speed so no more kiting on you

Item Explanation(mid game)

Black King Bar the most important item on Sven because it prevents a lot of CCs and stuns popping this up before team fights allow you to stay in it and be it by it i mean the kills and the team fight presence never skip Black King Bar because it is the life of Sven if the black king who made the bar still alive Sven needs to go and kiss his head (nearly every hero actually xD) pop this up and go and your JAM Powers will make the Fight SVENtastic

Crystalys not for the damage not for the image but for the critical's this is the first source of critical's picking this up after you picked your Black King Bar makes fights better and very easy when you see the Red Number flying with your Great Cleave and the JAM transformation God's Strength will result in wipes hero after hero don't be so cocky though you can still die play it good and you will win

Item Explanation(late game)

Daedalus first of all this is going to be really absurd but at the same time it will be SVENtastic this item will make them cry all over the place because of the insane critical's with your ultimate and your Great Cleave will get you triple kills or more after that just watch the other team says 'Sven is OP' 'valve please Nerf him' you just push more while enjoying your Sven i recommend getting this before Heart of Tarrasque

Heart of Tarrasque this will add more oil to the fire that is your damage with this you get an awesome health +40 strength with your JAM steroid it will add you +120 Damage making this item just awesome for the JAM warrior you will hit so hard even Tarrasque will weep for the enemy heroes getting this item adds incredible regeneration to your health allowing you to stay away from the fountain a little keeping you fresh for next fight

Assault Cuirass you hit like a truck that's with their normal armor how about adding some flavor to that already delicious jam? get this to reduce the armor of the enemy heroes and add awesome armor to you and to your allies

Monkey King Bar this is recommended to get before even Heart of Tarrasque but only rush it that fast only if there is evasion heroes like Phantom Assassin or heroes using Butterfly because their evasion will simply negate your JAM power why waste time and damage on nothing when the monkeys king worked long and hard to make this bar (looks like Monkeys are a good craftsmanship gonna ask them for that will keep you posted when the monkey answers) getting this after Daedalus to keep your hits going with no evasion

friends and enemies(in lane)


Lion lets face it this guy is the friend of everyone during the lane phase he got Earth Spike and Hex to keep them down for you to stun with your Storm Hammer his Finger of Death can wreck heavily on early game causes their health to be very low for you to take the kills lion in good hands means full farm for you as long as you two keep doing it good

Lina nearly same reason as Lion but i always prefer Lion for his hex and he always got the mana for the job thanks to his Mana Drain Lina have the damage the burst of damage caused by Lina spell is nearly a must kill at early game if you ask me there is something Lina better at with Sven than Lion and Sven is at least Sven can have something to look at better than a devil filled with horns

Crystal Maiden her spells are all useful to Sven starting from Crystal Nova to the Arcane Aura Crystal Nova deals a good damage while slowing them down for Sven to kill she also got Frostbite that can help save you as it will help you in chasing too because it prevents movement and normal attacking it will help Sven catching up to the enemies with his JAM powers and we come to the big reason Crystal Maiden is one of the best supports in Dota 2 Arcane Aura boosting your mana regeneration to an incredible amount this skill will totally fix Sven mana problems all of that makes Crystal Maiden Girl of the day for Sven

Keeper of the Light his Illuminate will keep the enemy heroes harassed and out of your farming land his Chakra Magic will solve your mana problems by only clicking you with his spell this guy is here for you just take care of him he is an old man

Shadow Shaman this guy got the nuke Ether Shock which deals good damage and more than 1 target he got the Hex and he got Shackles which disables the target making the target easy prey for you to pick staying with this guy will make you very happy as long as you don't mock the spirits or they will refuse to move him for you

Bane one of the best disabler's in my opinion his Nightmare will keep ganks and other enemy heroes at bay while making your lane fights 2 vs 1 his Fiend's Grip is a huge invisible word popping to the enemy hero saying 'you are dead if your team if far' they say Bane makes bad dreams to god's well i know if he is in lane he will make his enemies have nightmares because of what he will do to them

anyone with a stun or slow will help Sven land his Storm Hammer and with the combination of double stuns or stun and slow the lane phase should be good for you as long as you can keep it good


Lion reflect what i said on him being with you as being against you he will keep harassing you with his Earth Spike he will Drain Mana you will keep needing more mana the harassment will stop your farming for good and you can't stay in lane if he is level 6 because if you get lower than 450 HP he will just push this Finger of Death and it's bye bye for you simply don't lane versus this guy unless you have a good support

Razor Razor is a pain not because he is from the Underscape but because he got this skill Static Link which will allow him not only to reduce your damage but adding it to his own making him annoying as hell because even stun won't break the link forcing you to get back to break it simply just avoid this guy if you want to have a good farm

Bloodseeker everything about this guy screams easy to you right? well you are wrong because his ultimate Rupture stops you in your tracks and if you won't you will just add more oil to the fire because you will BLEED and you can't chase him with it why? because you will die because of you keep moving while bleeding like a stuck pig this guy is hard for any melee hero because of his Rupture

Friends and enemies(in teamfights)


Magnus his ultimate Reverse Polarity will stack the enemy team then you got screaming 'papa Magnus stacked them now time for the Rogue JAM to kill them' long story short his Reverse Polarity will stack them and stun you just toss your Storm Hammer for more stun then go God's Strength + Great Cleave = all dead and if Magnus buffed you with Empower its pretty much go to hell enemy team Magnus is your best helper for an easy Rampage just make sure to thank his horn not Magnus himself because he likes his horn more than he likes himself

Enigma same thing as Magnus he pops Black Hole and its the same result but for me i think Magnus is more useful because he can buff you with Empower

Dark Seer same as the two guys above but worse than the both of them he can pop his Vacuum to draw them in the same place so you can cleave them in the reason i prefer Magnus or Enigma is because they can keep them in place for longer time than Dark Seer but still he got an advantage over them his Vacuum got low cool down time of 28 i know it may not sound good but comparing it to Black Hole cool down time of whopping 180 seconds at level 3 and Reverse Polarity which is 100 cool down time at level 3 so Vacuum may not keep the enemy in the same place for as long as the other two guys but he can do it a lot more times than Enigma or Magnus


Omniknight why??? well because he will ultimate this **** Guardian Angel which will render you completely useless except your Storm Hammer and he will Purification heals his allies and since you are melee you will take his 360 pure damage this guy is just a wack on you because his ulti is the best counter to any right clicker yeah that s right all of them because right clicks means physical damage and his ultimate is designed to negate it so guess what if your team all Right clickers you will do no damage until his Guardian Angel duration is done

how to get rid of his ultimate if you are asking Sven to counter it he can't just fall back and wait for it to wear off if you can't fall back well tough luck try to survive his duration

Faceless Void if he farmed as much as you did check this out Chronosphere + right clicks on you then you are no where to be found but the grave begging for the reaper to send you back which he won't till you buy back or wait for duration it is simply this if a carry gets beated by another carry in shear force of 1 vs 1 fight means you can't out carry him

just try to get your team to use Force Staff to get you out of his Ultimate or you are dead meat try to get a tank to make him waste some damage on him

Chaos Knight many may argue Sven can dismiss Phantasm by his Great Cleave but well if he is as farmed as you he will out carry you because if your ultimate God's Strength gives you 200% more damage that's like triple damage awesome right? well his Phantasm summons 3 more illusion that deal 100% damage counting him and you got 4 Chaos Knight coming at you which means 400% more damage that's quadruple damage with his Chaos Strike which grants 300% critical damage (that's more than Daedalus by the way]] and with his rather Chance dependent stun Chaos Bolt he will stun you for at least 2-4 seconds if the number 4 seconds shows up just go grab a drink maybe he will eat you Alive Chaos Knight is one of those carries you really should shut down before he snow balls and wreck your team

Tiny he may not be a big enemy but if he is lucky he will be annoying because of his Craggy Exterior which is passive that keeps stunning you so if he is on your enemy team don't waste your time attacking him just go after other enemies if he dies in Great Cleave then that's very good he is not your nightmare but his stun will hinder your damage greatly so just leave him and go wreck his other allies

Doom Bringer i didn't even want to list this but i will it is that simple he will go Doom and there you go if you didn't pop your ultimate then it's hell for you and even if you did use your God's Strength then what after it Doom silences both items and skills including your passive Great Cleave Doom Bringer is a counter to everything and anything the only one who can take this and see his skills alive after it is Wraith King because Doom doesn't silence Reincarnation so if you have him with you try to let Doom bringer target it on him there is no counter to Doom except silence him and keep him stunned till he is dead other wise tough luck it even goes through Black King Bar

Axe he is not the guy who will kill you because of pure fight but he can do you a great deal of damage because of his Berserker's Call + Blade Mail will do your damage on you counter to this is try to get your Black King Bar it won't block his Berserker's Call but it will block his Blade Mail

pros and cons (in team fights)


1-absolutely insane damage when finished farming because of God's Strength + Great Cleave
2- Warcry buffs you and allies with much needed movement speed and a whopping 16 armor at level 4
3- Storm Hammer nice AOE stun helps a lot if targeted well


1- you can take damage but remember you are more of a damage dealer than a tanker let somebody else pick a tank like Axe or Wraith King these guys can tank a huge amount of damage something you can't
2- falls off a bit without his God's Strength
3- needs items to be effective

a little about me :D

i am a big fan of Sven he is actually one of my best heroes i decided to make this guide to share the experience i learned while playing Sven you can add me at anytime always ready to play :D i am usually one of these names:

King of Destruction (currently)


Raging King

this is my first guide so feel free to post in comments and say if you think the build is lacking in something or you think i should add another chapter to the guide i will consider it and i am always prepared to add new things to guide thanks in advance for your comments i hope you enjoyed it have a SVENtastic matches :D

future guides (depending on your choice in comments)

1- Wraith King(one of my best heroes)

2- Lion(one of my best heroes)

3- Chaos Knight

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