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Kuro's Guide to Nature's PROFIT Suicide laner

March 15, 2016 by Kuroyukihime
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Profit's items

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

Purchase Order

Offlaning vs trilane #1

Null Talisman

offlane vs trilane #2

Boots of Speed
Healing Salve

Offlane/safe lane vs solo

Null Talisman

Mid game/ situational

Black King Bar
Force Staff
Hand of Midas
Shadow Blade
Orchid Malevolence
Aghanim's Scepter
Drum of Endurance

Late game choices

Scythe of Vyse
Eye of Skadi
Monkey King Bar
Manta Style
Assault Cuirass
Shiva's Guard
Moon Shard

Choice of boots

Power Treads
Phase Boots
Boots of Travel

Hero Skills


4 12 13 14


2 8 9 10

Nature's Call

1 3 5 7

Wrath of Nature

6 11 16


15 17 18


First off, I would like to inform that English is not my native language, so there may be mistakes all around, so bear with me.

This is a simple guide aimed to help people understand Prophet's role as an of offlaner and solo safe lane to aid beginners or advanced players ( if you find them helpful that is) to play Prophet to his fullest potential. Everyone has their personal preferences on playstyle and build, so you don't have to follow closely to what I have presented. It is merely my personal way of playing him. Prophet is a very strong hero who is able to exert pressure globally, establish map control and farm absurdly fast if given space, allowing him to carry the game with the full advantage of items.

Roles : Pusher

A Prophet left unchecked allows him to have a quick access to a midas, increase his farming potential and levels, giving strong carry potential and better pushing mechanisms in forms of lower CD TP's , extra treants and his ultimate, wrath of nature. With the gold earned, he can proceed to purchase more damage items or disables if your team sorely needs one. In a nutshell, he is able to push,gank and farm at the same time without losing in terms of farm, making him a very versatile hero.

Skill discussion

It is an easily misunderstood spell, like hey it makes trees what else can it do? The first thing that comes into mind is imprisoning an enemy in a circle of trees, but there is much more to just that. It allows you to scout with its flying vision, blocks enemy vision ( provided they don't have a hill ward ), blocks pathing meaning you don't necessarily have to encircle the enemy with it , you can cast it ahead of them to block or create a temporary disruption. You can also kinda juke with this ability, running into the side secret shop for instance and casting sprout on the ground without you in it may cause confusion and sometimes allow you to escape. Late game when melee or short range carries don't usually carry quelling blades ( unless they have battlefury ) this skill does a ton of work, because it completely negates their damage output provided your teammates know how to work around it. Please put more levels into this skill, the cast range and extra duration can help in more ways than you think, unless it is absolutely unnecessary to put extra points ( its up to your own discretion )

That skill that defines Nature's Prophet from others, rather than mobility in the sense of movement speed, you establish your presence by popping around. This requires communication with your teammates because a well coordinated gank with NP can win other lanes or keep NP in the game if he is getting nothing from the offlane. As a player I define mobility in a few terms, one being quick to weave in and out of battle and outrun your enemies and another is simply out manuevering in map presence. That being said, prophet being mobile in this case doesn't make you fast, because obviously if you've played prophet you should know you are easy to run down. You need to have a checklist before tping, so you don't die needlessly. Simple things such as how much damage you can dish out, where enemy reinforcement is, where your reinforcement is , the terrain surrounding your tp spot, etc.

Summons treants that push, block, scout, harrass. They are extremely strong in lane when you are up against squishy supports, as they dont draw aggro and are tanky early on. The skill itself is not special or amazing in anyway, but depending how you use it you can be a real nuisance. You can tp into ganks and block with treants, jungle, scouting the map ( this is invaluable), push, trap enemies, etc. It will require some micro-ing but that shouldn't be too hard, only 3 ctrl groups for me at least. I cannot tell you how to micro because that is up to practice. This you should take note of :

1) During the early laning stage, you can harass with treants, disrupt creep aggro, pull the large camp into your lane creeps, DENY AND LAST HIT TOGETHER WITH YOUR HERO, and jungle if the lane pushes too far.

2) When you gain more levels and you're jungling or in lane, you can summon treants and send them all around the map for vision. What pains me is to see some players send them all together and on the map you can see a small patch of vision provided by all of your treants at the same spot, rather than spread out;

3) When pushing, use 2 - 3 treants to scout around the tower or further ahead, with one pulling the incoming creep wave aggro away. It lets you push much safer and take the towers faster, 2-3 treants' damage won't make a huge difference when you're pushing with your hero. A perfect example is when pushing radiant bottom tower. 1 treant checks the trees for tp, another checking up north for ambushes and one more pulling the incoming creep wave away.

It is important that you are comfortable with these plays, which makes an Aghanim's Scepter purchase much more powerful.

The skill that makes prophet more prophet. If you think Telportation provides strong presence then this skill contributes to that as well. Cast it on the other side of the intended target, unless it is desperately needed. Keep in mind that if any of your allies are jungling or if you have plenty of vision on neutral camps, the intended bounce may not reach your target, so adjust accordingly. Refrain from spamming this skill off cooldown, it pushes the lanes and makes farming dangerous for your allies. There are exceptions, because this skill itself pressures every lane, split pushing should be your aim when your team decides to do so. I can give an example:

1) You've won a teamfight and your allies are pressuring bottom. You can summon treants top, TP to mid or bottom, and cast wrath of nature away from the lane with treants ( so the next wave of creeps die on the treants' lane). It doesn't matter where you've tp-ed to, but micro your treants to push+ pulling aggro so that lane does maximum damage to the tower. During this time your allies would be pushing another tower and you may or may not be pushing another tower in a different lane. This way you can take multiple objectives and maximize utility from winning a single fight. It's up to you to be rational and creative ( LOL did I say creative ) when using this skill.

Items justifications

x2 x2
Provides needed regen to trade hits, stay in lane, clarities for needed mana, ring of protection to provide some armor and to be transitioned into a ring of basilius for obvious reasons. The extra stats from GG branches are also very nice to have.

This build is good if you have good control over your treants because it provides you with more mana to work with, abit of everything, from HP to right clicks. It can be a better alternative to midas rush if you want to be a factor early in the game, however requires really good communication and game sense because you'll be participating in fights alot more. Great build to trade hits with suports and deprive them of farm or keep them occupied with more right clicks, tankiness and treant harrass or shenanigans.

mid game/ situational

This item is best gotten around before 10 minutes. However if you went for boots first during a vs solo lane and getting midas around 12-13 minutes is still acceptable. If you were to commit to a more active build with phase and drums, and for whatever reason the game slows down, feel free to pick it up as well. This item greatly increases prophet's abilities to farm and catch up in terms of level when u convert big neutral creeps. It gives a neat 190 gold per cast and 2.5x of experience on the unit targeted, which prophet is always able to do safely with Teleportation

An early game build that works well coupled with either phase boots or power treads, depending on your preference. This boosts your tp presence and make your sudden 3 man+ gank really strong. Provides hp, mana, ms and damage, generally abit of everything. Considering how easy it is to build up and how often you fight around the map ( this is really up to player's preference) unless it is painfully obvious that ganks would not be successful and it is a farm game from the start ( which is rare unless you're not good with prophet). Honestly speaking you should be able to contribute in some way around the map, be it direct or indirect pressure. If you fit the criteria of being an active NP and you are able to contribute, this item makes those jobs easier, and may ( i say may ) potentially allow you to snowball.

Heals 250 hp in an AOE and provides +2 armor when activated. Increases your team's chances of surviving clashes and help in pushes. An item that can be purchased by prophet if no one in the team is able to get it. Provides a global mek pop when anybody needs it. Just TP in and heal your allies. Very useful in numerous clashes which are scattered throughout the map. Sometimes having a support to build mek doesn't mean he/she can always use it if he/she is not in position. Prophet on the other hand can always get into position to use it. However, it is much recommended if someone else gets it, as it severely delays prophet's damage potential, and the supports' role is to always be there in teamfights anyway. Buying it when you're winning isn't too bad either, as it opens options for your supports to go for tankier builds or purchase a key item such as dagger or more wards. In other words getting it on prophet is equivalent to carrying some of the supports' burden. Buy only when absolutely needed.

Situational. Provides invisibility which allows you to split push like a notorious annoying rat. Everyone will **** their pants and prepare invis detection when they see you pushing with this like "HEY PROPHET HAS SHADOW BLADE HE THINKS HE'S SAFE LETS GET DETECTION LOL DIE *** PROPHET". In other cases where they don't get detection, you can easily push down towers and get away with all the cookies in your hands. However when they do get them, it is up to your map sense to get away even before they reach you. If they are unable to catch you, that's 180 gold down the drain, slowing down their supports and possibly depriving them from key items. If they do catch you, well that's because you were too cocky. Oh and did I mention the sweet 30 attack speed boost, 30 damage? Plus, there's 150 bonus damage to boot on hit when breaking invis. It's also useful for ganking from the shadows or let u get off your disables before they can react. Personally it is a good damage boost item but it tends to make players feed ( sometimes ).

FINALLY an extension to shadow blade which the effectiveness previously falls off really quickly because you're not continuously farming but rather finding kills, which sometimes you might fail and lose your life. It lets you maim (still better than just right clicking right??) and gives you much needed HP. the extra backstab damage can be nice but the main reason to get this after shadow blade is for the survivability and the ability to disable passives. Prophet can always get into position to get this off. ALWAYS (with proper vision..) Communicate with your teammates. Can they make the jump? Then proceed to TP and smack that bristleback hard ( HAH AIN'T SO TANKY ANYMORE HUH??). Other heroes that comes to mind are Tiny, Phantom Assassin, Faceless Void, and anyone who's passive previously allows them to roam around the map more freely because of increased survivability. This item is highly valued for the passive disable, but falls off really quickly.

If you're participating early and you've opt for the 2 null talisman build, you can proceed to this item. 2 nulls and blademail alone gives prophet a huge temporary boost in damage, and lets you dish out even more damage with its active ability. I would still go for orchid/maelstorm/silver edge over this but if you're in the need to fight OR the enemy has plenty of AOE damage you can opt for this. This item tempts you to fight early, and should you fail and you aren't good at recovering it can be really hard to get back into the game. In most cases I would consider this a desperate buildup.

Provides magic immunity when there are too many disables, nuf said. Bought to rape *** disabler's faces.

Get this when your team absolutely needs this in a fight. You can also go for it when you are really ahead for the extra mobility, but it isn't recommended if you plan to go for a really long game. However against the likes of night stalker, pudge, or against a slow intensive team, get this when the situation calls for it. Repositions the target into your favor. But hey don't go forcing Tidehunter into the middle of your team and help the enemy team get the perfect initiation in the form of Ravage.... Use it wisely , or get flamed KAPPAKAPPAKAPPAKAPPAKAPPAKAPPA.

Provide good stats and adds some pushing power. It's OKAY to get it against AOE line-ups or when you're absolutely mowing down enemy towers. A great extension from the drums build when you are crushing a couple of fights, and realize you are able to take towers after that. Generally winning fights gives NP a huge gold boost because he can continue farming immediately after, so this buildup doesn't slow prophet that much, because it has an easy buildup and doesn't tempt the player into doing questionable feeds, other than feeding necro units if you are horrible at micro-ing. It provides good damage boost, but not getting objectives if you went for this build is a waste, because there can be other people that can ( and should ) provide map control with sentries ( and you with treants ) if you were aiming for the true sight to begin with.

Late game choices

This is gotten for obvious reasons. I'll consider it a "MUST HAVE" item. Extra disables are always welcomed, and the ability to hex is invaluable during the late game. Provides some good overall stats as well and boosts your right click.

Some extra farm will earn you Scythe of Vyse already. Provides zero survivability. However this item has a very easy buildup, that being said allows you to hit really hard when your damage matters in the early - mid game. Allows you to silence your target which takes 20% extra damage after the duration ends. You can get this by mid game actually, and its really good against blinkers that have yet to complete BKB or manta. It can be cancelled by BKB unlike hex which will render its target completely defenseless when casted. Feel free to build it when you are doing good or okay ( provided the silence is an invaluable disable ) apart from hex. Being able to rush this while being active often indicates that you are able to secure plenty of objectives or win skirmishes because of a huge power boost thanks to the cheap buildup that lets you continuously build damage and an early orchid usually messes with the enemy combos.

+88 damage, 15 attack speed, 35% chance to mini bash and deal 100 damage. Oh and true strike. Makes butterfly and evasion reliant heroes poop so hard. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY IT LETS YOU CANCEL TPS!!!!!

This is choosen when deciding between it and Desolator, both can be completely ignored or both can be picked up. It provides a whooping 80 attack speed and +24 damage, and a 25% chance to proc a chain lightning dealing 160 magical damage. Accelerates your pushing and farming rate immensely, clearing creeps faster. The active static charge ability makes the unit you target somewhat tankier as they have a 20% chance to return 200 magical damage. It is exceptionally useful against armor heavy lineups, as your physical attacks might not cut it. Well if it doesnt proc, you're just a really fast hitting creep, considering its cost, you could have more reliable raw damage items. Take note that its magical parts are completely blocked by BKB units, and it triggers linkens, which is somewhat an unreliable method to do so. The only downside is that you need to be able to proc it for quite a number of times in teamfights for it to be useful, so you better be praying, HARD.

It provides a deadly pushing power which is opposite to Mjollnir's pushing power. Mjollnir clears the creeps quickly but Desolator allows you to shred towers. The +60 raw damage is very nice to have, and the armor reduction works on towers. It provides a more reliable source of damage with your auto attacks and allows you to decimate the enemy supports quickly. The buildup however, comes in big chunks and it provides zero survivability.

Note: You can buy both Desolator and Mjollnir. When lightning procs, the deso effect doesn't take place, and vice versa.

The buildup for this item is rather easy, provides pretty good overall stats and its yasha component gives a much needed movement speed boost. This item is very situational as its DPS contribution is not great. The ability to split yourself lets you dodge some very dangerous spells, as well as let you split ABIT better. Push a lane, leave your illusions then push another. Only get it when you have enough DPS and when you're having trouble with single target disables. SITUATIONAL

Not much explanation is needed here. It crits. Feels. I get it almost every game when there is a need to burst someone down ( or when you wanna see supports pop =D ). Provides consistent source of raw damage. IMO, one of the best items for DPSers with no crits.

Armor Power! Significantly increases your EHP with a whooping +20 armor, +5 armor aura, -5 armor aura , increases your attack speed and comes with a attack speed aura buff. It may seem to not provide any raw DPS at all, but the armor reduction coupled with fast auto attacks can prove deadly. It doesn't solve prophet's problem of having low health points, but is rather a TEAM ITEM. It boost your allies DPS, at the same time making them tankier. The aura buffs are extremely useful in pushing as your creeps are able to take more tower shots. ( THE ARMOR REDUCTION WORKS ON TOWERS ). This together with Desolator makes it an armor reduction fest. Enemies will fear you, and towers shall fall.

Improves EHP, increase right click power by a small margain, omits a attack speed slow aura and an AOE nuke that slows. When you're almost maxed out and you feel that every little bit is needed to help your team, don't hesitate to get this. It somewhat helps your team against physical DPS, and it seems ok on paper. I personally only went for it only a few times because I prefer to right click harder.


If you're absolutely stomping, going for this is LOLZY. Zap those supports and voila. Maxing this and then buying Ethereal Blade for maximum LOLZ.

This comes down to personal preference. You can either buy it, or get a magic stick or ignore both altogether.

If all of your ganks seem successful, feel free to get it. It boosts your survivability and gives an option of healing a unit or nuke 150 damage over time. If someone else is getting it, you can ignore this item.

Get this only when you need the initiation for hex. It allows you to either initiate or follow up a chain stun that occurs elsewhere. There are 2 situation that calls for it.
  • You're stomping really hard and you wanna troll
  • You desperately need it to improve mobility to let off your disables in succession.

Sometimes you'll consider to get these when you're ganking any invisible units. Make sure you don't dry yourself up by buying too many, or you can have someone to buy them for you.

Choice of boots..??

  • Some survivability
  • Provides DPS through attack speed
  • Flexible stats to play around with

  • No survivability
  • Good early game right click damage
  • Burst movespeed and 'phase'

    As you can see, both have their own uses, and in most games I usually go for phase. It is exceptionally important to have phase (IMO) during a 1v1 solo lane. It lets you get off cheap harass and lets you last hit better. On the other hand, the 'phase' ability lets you walk pass units. It lets you micro your treants easily without blocking yourself. The damage that phase boots provide is extremely obvious, as you are able to take chunks of HP per attack. Another important note is that it improves Prophet's poor base movespeed. One slow is all it takes to rape his face. With phase , you are able to reposition yourself quickly or chase more efficiently. Most prophet's TP in and die, but phase gives you another option (although its not always 100% successful). The plus side of treads is that it allows you to right click faster and change your treads stats accordingly to your liking. For juking junkies, phase boots is recommended for you. More passive players should go for treads. It all still comes down to which you need to adapt to the current situation. Remember that prophet's items can change accordingly. Don't just play by the book. Adapt, adapt and ADAPT!!.

    This item is a no brainer late game. When you have 5 luxury items already and have no space for a Town Portal Scroll, get this so that you don't lose your global mobility.

    Feel free to NOT GO FOR ANY BOOTS, rarely in some cases you want another slot of item, be it a disable or a crucial damage item, but keep in mind your window of attack is much more limited with the horrendous MS, and you don't have a 2nd alternative to escape other than waiting for teleport to go off CD.


Early game

Offlane versus Trilane
Get any of the items you feel that you're comfortable with. In many cases I go for Null Talisman and Tango, to have mana to summon treants. If the lane seems somewhat dangerous and you can't afford to keep summoning the treants with zero profit, then proceed to the jungle immediately. At the very start of the game, around 0.50 - 0.55, summon your treants and use them to scout runes and the oppositions lane formations. You can use the treants to annoy the enemy supports too if you so desire, but the main goal here is to scout, and possibly deny or secure the rune. Resummon treants around 0.10, and this time bring them with you. Send one to block the pull camp and another to disrupt the enemy creeps. What you want to do here is to make sure your creeps reach the enemy tower range. This way, the enemy creeps will push towards your tower. If you're really good at micro-ing, you can do all of these and block your own creeps at the same time. Remember to always block the pull camps. They spawn 0.30,1.00,1.30 and so forth. This will deprive enemy supports of levels, and force them to stay in lane and take the carry's exp, or possibily forcing them to roam since they have no pull camps. NOTE THAT TREANTS DO NOT DRAW LANE CREEP AGGRO. You can be more active with your hero and the treants to constantly harass and be disruptive on the carries farm. When this happens, you have to play more cautiously as they'll try to jump on you. When the creeps finally move towards your tower, you can sap some exp and hopefully snag some last hits. You can continue this to slow down their supports when your supports are having a good time. Another option is to transition to the jungle immediately. Always be prepared to TP in to aid in ganks. You need to make them fear the possibilities of getting ganked. When a gank is successful, proceed to push the tower if you have mana, or you can return to your lane/jungle. Remember to look out for couriers. They're worth a tower and helps your team immensely. To conclude,
  • Don't die
  • Make life hard for their supports
  • Try getting some farm towards a midas in a farming game, boots and drums in a faster paced game
  • Look for gank opportunities
  • Look for pushing opportunities
  • Look for courier snipes

Offlane/safe lane vs solo
I would recommend going for the build I have put up, but feel free to get something else. Do the usual treant scouting before the the game starts, and make sure you summon them again when the game almost starts, bringing them to the lane with you. Here you can choose to control all units together or separately. I personally micro them in different ctrl groups. I also recommend switching off autoattacks, so you don't unnecessarily push the lane when you're microing your treants. You can combine the treants attack with yours to grab some last hits as well. Feel free to trade hits, but make sure you keep up in terms of farm. Summon treants from time to time but dont spam them or else you'll run out of mana quickly. Many may think they're free gold, but in a solo situation early game, they take awhile to kill and give a very small bounty. If they invest time in doing so, they'll be forced to take harassment and possibly miss lane creeps. It is best that you summon your treants to tank the creeps if they are moving towards your tower. Make sure that your tower isn't hitting the creeps (if you are in the offlane) so the lane doesn't push out. The upside of this lane is that you are able to access a quick level 6, where your ultimate proves very powerful against still squishy supports. You can almost always use Teleportation to aid in ganks, but if you fail it then it is wasted time. You can either be as aggressive as possible with it, or play passively farming and shield your teammates from ganks or increase nuking potential with Wrath of Nature You can turn the tides of ganks immediately or secure ganks and discourage the enemy from turning around. To conclude:
  • Get some farm
  • Get levels
  • Look for gank and push opportunities
  • Turnarounds with Wrath of Nature
  • Look for courier snipes

Mid game

You should have your Hand of Midas by now in a farming game and working on the next extension after boots and drums. Remember to always use the midas if you've bought it. Small skirmishes will occur occasionally, and you need to make sure you win them or get trades in form of towers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE communicate with your teammates. It's paramount for the team's success. If the tier one towers aren't down, just TP, use Nature's Call and destroy them, as they don't regen. When YOU ARE SURE THAT you can win a teamfight by buying back, don't hesitate to do so. Make haste, and proceed to win the fight. A fight won will almost always result in a tower push, roshan, etc putting you ahead. "But Kuro, aren't buy backs costly and slow down your hero?" When your buy back cost a mere 300-500 gold, winning a fight and then getting a tower is worth more, plus it sets your team in a more comfortable position from the newly gained map control. Remember the golden rules:
  • Farm
  • If you can't win clashes, take towers
  • Farm empty lanes. That's wasted gold if no one gets them
  • If you can win, TP and crush them
  • Farm
  • Look at your mini-map constantly
  • If they push, counter push
  • Secure map control
  • Farm

    That should cover the first transition over to the mid game. The mid game transition to late game is slightly similar, but fights become more decisive. Don't simply buyback just because you can. They're worth a truckload of money, and if you die again without accomplishing anything that's a rax gone, as they'll be free from the split pushing pressure that you are able to apply.

    Late game

    Prophet's nuking power starts to diminish here, but that doesn't mean its not noticable. It's still good for pushing out lanes, forcing your opponents to defend even if they win a teamfight cause you'll literally be pushing all 3 lanes in. What matters is your item choices. Have you gone for DPS first? Or did you get disables? Or do you have both? Having disables means that you'll have to play more cautiously, as getting it off at the right timing is of utmost importance. You can either initiate from an unexpected position or chain it from your allies initiation. Going for purely DPS will heavily depend on your positioning. Getting into a good position lets you dish alot of damage before somebody notices and pings the hell out of you. If you had a fantastic game and you have both, you can choose either playstyles. What you wanna do is :

    Make your presence known around the map. Push lanes continuously. 1 or 2 heroes will be forced to commit. This doesnt mean that you should take away all the farm, communicate with your team. If they dont need it and instead want to farm in the jungle because its safe, then take it by all means.

    As fun as farming is, to get all rich, don't overfarm yourself in the late game. Being maxed and overfarmed doesnt accomplish anything, in fact you're just leeching possible gold from your allies who are yet to get better items. You can be 6 slotted and have 10k, but have your supports for instance walk around with a couple of bracers. Save for buyback and a little bit extra.

    You want to formulate a plan with your team here, cause prophet isn't the flashiest hero, limited to right clicking in an extended fight. However, if you need heroes in strategic points immediately, prophet can provide and deliver.

    Sometimes when a base race goes on, its a 50/50 % chance that you might be able to overrun them. You can react immediately by purchasing a Divine Rapier and start going to town on their towers, namely the tier 4 and throne. This is very much risky and only viable if you have no other choice but to commit in a race.

Friends and foes


Find a target, track and prophet's there to get the share of gold.

For obvious reasons, the map presence is extremely powerful.

3 heroes backup TP and ganking. Nobody is alone.

Sometimes there's not enough nuking power. There's always extra with prophet on the field. Supports should fear for their lives.

What better way to split push? More mobility for prophet, he defends lanes and u push. Whenever there's an opening to grab towers, he can bring additional heroes to add firepower. A well timed Illuminate and Wrath of Nature can defend and ward off ganks very effectively.


This most certainly spells doom for towers. A solid way to approach the game , from pushing to ganking or whatever, DK's durability to dish out sustaining damage pairs well with prophet's dmg from ultimate and right clicks , and a won fight lets you mow down towers like a bulldozer.

Surprise gay buttsex infest bomb. Just don't block him with sprout.

This kinda depends on the players communication. It can be pretty good if you pair each other well. You provide tree platforms and additional nukes.


As good as an ally, as bad as an enemy he is

Same as Nyx Assassin. You wouldn't wanna get KAPPAKAPPAKAPPA-ed for tping into a gank.

This is somewhat awkward, as both of you can TP to just about anywhere. The only plus side is that you can cancel yours. The best mind gamer wins :|

Sorry to say most of prophet's friends are kinda his foes as well. But a well played prophet game can crush a spectre with the sheer pressure around the map.

If he somewhat gets a good start, good luck trying to TP around lanes. Go hide in the jungle, but you aren't sure to be safe yet.

Incoming spacecow, brace for impact? Shadow Blade away!! But wait, he brings detection.... A trip to the fountain we go ):

Oh great you just made him hit with pure damage. Good luck juking from a Chakram with Sprout. Its impossible to harrass him in lane with treants, you'll just build up Reactive Armor for free.

Additional section: Aghanim's Scepter

A short section to allow people to maximize the use of this purchase. This is purely how I think it should be played, but don't let it get into your mind that it is the only way. The only thing to keep in mind is:

1) The treants still spawn even if they don't die from the initial cast, similar to Sand King's Caustic Finale.

You should take several considerations into mind.

1) What are your win conditions? Do you need more time? Do THEY need more time?
2) Amount of opponent wave clear and how much structural damage you can do.
3) Can your team take fights or seem like they want to take one to take the opponent's attention away?
4) Are you capable of micro-ing at least to the extent of making this purchase worthwhile?

You will be required to think if you can split opponent's attention yourself. Success in doing so equates to structural damage or maybe even a number's advantage in teamfights. You do not necessarily have to send the summon treants from a lane down that lane itself, you can split them up and move them to different lanes or disrupt creep equilibrium, or even scouting while applying pressure. One thing I would like to note is when pushing high ground, people tend to forget about vision and become complacent because they are in a position that is attacking the tier 3 tower, which often loses them fights and potentially the game. This is where the Aghanim's Scepter purchase let you do many amazing things.
1) You can damage towers in other lanes { obviously )
2) You can scout the enemy base to greatly reduce the chances of being turned in a fight.

In is during these decisive moments when fights become rather hectic, and people forget about the existence of treants damaging the base, or even the presence of them blocking in the fights provided you are micro-ing which causes alot of tilting. Not to mention your pushing power becomes significantly stronger if you win a fight and get mega treants.


Nature's Prophet is not a flashy hero but wins the game through positional game and decision making. You can contribute with your skills in many ways but not knowing the mechanics just brands you purely as a right clicker. It's a fun hero for me not because he farms all game ( because this is an option, not how you should always play him) , but through his sheer power in turning fights and taking advantages tactically and economically.

There are still outdated sections but I feel it shouldn't be much of a hindrance to the actual idea that I am trying to convey. I would update them if it crosses my mind, but this time because I can feel a difference on how I have been playing prophet and it has worked well for me so far. Do voice opinions and please feel free to provide constructive criticism. Peace out.

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