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From Another Dimension, A World Beyond.

September 5, 2017 by WhosNuker
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Build 1
Build 2

Pure Late Game

DotA2 Hero: Spectre

Hero Skills

Spectral Dagger

4 13 14 16


2 8 9 11


1 3 5 7


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+5% Dispersion
+32% Haunt Illusion Damage
+12% Spectral Dagger Slow/Bonus
+350 Health
+100 Spectral Dagger Damage
+12 Desolate Damage
+5 All Stats
-4s Spectral Dagger Cooldown

From Another Dimension, A World Beyond.

September 5, 2017


Hey guys it's me Whosnuker back with another guide, this time on the legendary Spectre, also known as Mercurial. Spectre is a pure late game hard carry. She is a hero that needs to farm consistently to be able to thrive in the late game. She has one of, if not, the weakest laning and early game presences in the game. Now, without further ado, let's get started.


Spectral Dagger

Spectral Dagger is an ability that has many uses. It can be used either as a point target, single target, or an escape. The effects of Spectral Dagger are as follows: It slows enemies that are hit by the path of the Spectral Dagger, it gives you increased movement speed when you are near the path, and it gives you unobstructed movement. This helps you chase an enemy or escape from fights.


Desolate is a good spell because it does pure damage to solo enemies. That means you have a good skill to deal with Phantom Assassin past your Dispersion. Desolate still does the pure damage to an enemy, even if your normal attack misses, meaning killing an enemy with evasion is quite easy for Spectre


Dispersion is pretty much a Blade Mail. The difference between the two is Blade Mail reflects more damage; however, Dispersion reduces the damage you take while Blade Mail doesn't.


Reality switches places with an illusion from Haunt


Haunt creates an illusion of Spectre with every ability she has behind every enemy hero. These illusions move at 400 movement speed but have unobstructed movement. With Reality, you can go to an enemy hero and kill them, especially if they are alone since Desolate does extra pure damage to them.

Build Guide

For this section, I will be splitting the two builds from each other. First, I will be talking about the Pure Late Game Build since it is the more used build and than I will cover the Ahead/Early Fighting Build.

Pure Late Game

Starting Items

For the starting items, you want a Stout Shield, a set of Tango, a Quelling Blade, and the optional Clarity and Town Portal Scroll. The Stout Shield is to give you a little bit more protection from harass so you can stay in lane, the set of Tango is for healing yourself and the Quelling Blade is to help you secure farm more easily. The optional Clarity is for a little bit of more mana if you want to harass a bit with Spectral Dagger or if you need to join in the fight for some reason and you need more mana for Haunt. The Town Portal Scroll is pretty self-explanatory: Help out a lane if necessary or just teleport back to the fountain if necessary.
Early Game

For your early game items, you want your basic Boots of Speed, a Vanguard, and a Radiance. The Boots of Speed is pretty obvious. The Vanguard is for better survival and health regen. Since Spectre is really fragile, you will mostly be in the jungle after the Vanguard unless deemed safe to be in lane and the damage block and health regen will help you survive in the jungle pretty well. The Radiance is a core item on Spectre due to her illusions. Radiance will also help you farm quicker and fight more efficiently.
Mid Game

For the mid game items, you want a Yasha, Boots of Travel, Manta Style, and a Diffusal Blade . The Yasha if for good stats, movement speed, and attack speed. The Boots of Travel is for mobility around the map to increase your farming potential. The Manta Style is for more Radiance burn damage and to confuse the enemy of course. The Diffusal Blade is to deal more damage and burn enemy mana for safety reason if you would and for its active slow to be able to secure more kills.
Late Game

For the late game items, you want an Abyssal Blade, a Diffusal Blade 2, a Heart of Tarrasque, and a Moon Shard while completing the Boots of Travel 2. The Abyssal Blade is to upgrade your Vanguard and to give you even more lockdown. The Diffusal Blade 2 has 3 uses. 1. It upgrades the Diffusal Blade 2. It gives you better stats and 3. It recharges your blade for more slow. After that you want a Heart of Tarrasque just to make yourself that much more tanky and help you regenerate health when you're on the run so you can join back in really quickly. The Moon Shard is pretty much just a luxury item to increase your attack speed. Again it's luxury so don't farm till you get it. Finally, you just finish your Boots of Travel 2 and become a 6-slotted rampaging ghost.
Situational Items

For your situational items, a Blade Mail can be a good choice. It gives you good armor and more damage reflection. Black King Bar is another situational item I.M.O. because spell damage also reflects damage back to enemies. An Eye of Skadi is not really something you want to buy for this build since you will have plenty of lockdown at this point but if you want, buy it as you please. Monkey King Bar is another item I really don't think you need. If you are against, say, a Phantom Assassin, your burn damage from the Radiance and your Dispersion should be plenty enough to kill her but if you dont think it will, feel free to pick one of these up. A Satanic is T.B.H. highly unnecessary since Spectre really doesn't need lifesteal; however, if you feel like dying way too much, than pick one of these up and keep yourself in the fights. 99% of the time, you don't need a Silver Edge but if you feel like invisibility would be good that game, feel free to get one as Spectre is a good solo killer. Finally, the Urn of Shadows is not really useful as it is only a good item in the early game and for this build, you want to be farming early. Well that ends the Pure Late Game Build

Ahead/Early FIghting

Starting Items

For the starting items of this build is the same as the Pure Late Game Build. I really don't want to rewrite it nor make you guys reread it so please just read the above.
Early Game

For your early game items, of course you want Boots of Speed; however, that's about where the similarity between the two builds stops. Your next item should be a Radiance as it gives you a really good early game presence. After that, you want a Yasha for stats, movement ,and attack speed as well as you will be building this into a Manta Style later on. Finally, get yourself a Diffusal Blade for even more early game presence and lockdown.
Mid Game

For the mid game items, you want to get a Manta Style for more early game fighting and lane clear which results in more farm. The Boots of Travel is for mobility to roam and fight around the map, and after that, you want to upgrade into a Diffusal Blade 2 to recharge your charges and to get you more stats. After that, you want an Eye of Skadi to slow them and get kills easier as well as providing you with good stats.
Late Game

For your late game items, you want an Abyssal Blade to finish off your last slot for more lockdown and survival. After that, just get a Moon Shard to eat for the bonus attack speed.
Situational Items

For situational items, again there's Blade Mail because of it's synergy with Dispersion but I don't think you really need it all that much. Desolator is good for taking down enemies quickly period, no questions asked. A Heart of Tarrasque is for greater health regen to be able to rejoin fights, Mjollnir for faster attack speed and the Static Charge active is useful for if the enemy targets one of your allies. Sange and Yasha for more slow and movement. You can replace this with Eye of Skadi as the pretty much do the same thing, they just give different buffs. A Satanic is good if you plan on staying in the fights longer and an Urn of Shadows is good for that early game heal.
That's it for the item build.

Skill Build

Again, I will be splitting the two builds into two different sections.

Pure Late Game Build

The first skill you usually want to get is Dispersion just because it helps you deal with harassment by reducing the damage you take and reflecting the damage back on your enemies, causing them to have a harder time to stay in lane. The next skill you want to get is Desolate because it occasionally helps you last hit and can be used to harass. After that, get another point into Dispersion to help you survive longer in lane and keep enemies out. Next, put a casual point into Spectral Dagger and leave it at that because it really doesn't scale well. After that, max your Dispersion while leveling your Haunt when you can and get talents whenever you can. After that, max your Desolate because it deals pure damage and because Spectral Dagger doesn't scale well as I have stated before.

Ahead/Early Fighting

The same as the last build, you want to skill Dispersion first because it again helps you lane better. After that get 2 points into Desolate because it helps with fighting. After that, get a point into Spectral Dagger for its slow, move speed increase, and unobstructed movement. After that, just max your Desolate since deals a lot of pure damage. After, max Dispersion because it keeps you in the fight and than get Spectral Dagger while skilling your Haunt and talents when you can.

Pure Late Game Talents

For your level 10 talent, you can choose either +20 damage or +5 armor. Since you will be farming a lot and eventually fighting, so you want a +5 armor over the +20 damage.
For your level 15 talent, you can choose either +8 all stats or +20 movement speed. The +20 movement speed really don't help because the Spectral Dagger slows the enemy and increasing yours and giving you unobstructed movement to help chase down your enemies.
For your level 20 talent, you can choose +30 attack speed or +20 strength. Generally, I like to choose the the +30 attack speed because the level 25 talent has the +400 health, which is pretty much the same thing as the +20 strength. If you really need more health, than go for the +20 strength but otherwise go for the +30 attack speed.
For your level 25 talent, you can choose the -10s Spectral Dagger CD or the +400 health. Generally, I like to go for the +400 health because Spectral Dagger isn't that good a spell to be completely honest with you and it's definitely not a spell you want to be spamming.

Ahead/Early Fighting

For your level 10 talents, you want to go with the +20 damage just because of the extra damage for early game fighting.
For your level 15 talent, you want the +8 all stats because the movement speed is not so useful.
For your level 20 talent, get the +30 attack speed to increase your damage output.
For your level 25 talent, you want to get the +400 health because, and again I say, Spectral Dagger isn't a spell you want to spam and the +400 health will help you stay in fights longer.

Pros & Cons


    Great late game presence
    Probably one of the strongest late game heroes
    Good with dealing evasion
    Good survivability
    Decent farming hero


    Really bad early game
    Has no stun skill
    Really item dependent
    Takes a long time to farm
    Not so good lockdown on heroes with blinks


Now I always include a rune section in my guide just for a little bit of information. You don't need to read this but it's good to know.
Bounty Rune- This is just a casual pick up to boost your farm. You don't need to take it since you can farm really fast.
Rune of Double Damage- Towards the late game, this is a really good rune to have as it increases your damage output significantly; however, in the early game, let one of your allies have it as you don't want to be fighting all that much.
Rune of Haste- Again, this rune is pretty much only good for you towards the later stages to lock enemies down. You can take it if you want to farm even faster than before but if you can, leave it for allies.
Rune of Illusion- This is a good rune for you to take if you have your [[Radiance[[ as it allows you to send them to clear lanes even if they don't do good right click damage.
Rune of Regeneration- This is a good rune for you to take if you need more health and mana but don't want to take that long trip back to the fountain. However, leave it for your allies if they need it more than you.

Allies and Enemies

Bloodseeker- Bloodseeker is a very good combo with Spectre just because of Thirst. If you see someone running back to base with low health, you can use Haunt and easily kill them with your Desolate pure damage. If they choose to fight back, your Dispersion will save you and hurt them at the same time. Along with that, if Bloodseeker uses Rupture on someone, the enemy will most likely converge to protect them from dying. This is good because of the Radiance you pick up with that large AOE burn.
Dazzle- Dazzle is a great hero to have on your team as a Spectre. The Shallow Grave keeps you alive and lets you deal so much more damage through the duration. Weave Armor is also really strong because it makes Spectre so much tankier as if she wasn't already tanky enough.
Oracle- Oracle basically has the same role as Dazzle but I.M.O. better. The False Promise not only keeps you alive and fighting, it also amplifies any heals you receive. This works really well with the low cooldown of Purifying Flames.
Axe- Of course Axe makes it on another enemy list. Anyone surprised? His Berserker Call and Counter Helix just shreds Spectre if he gets enough of them.
Necrophos- Necrophos, one of the most broken heroes since patch 7.00. His Heartstopper Aura really hurts since Spectre has a decently high HP pool.
Any Late Game Carry- Basically, any late game carry can put up a good fight against Spectre. A few are Anti Mage, Naga Siren, and Faceless Void if he gets a Silver Edge or his team does. Of course the threat is even more deadly if there are more than one of these on the enemy team.


Well, that pretty much covers everything. I may have missed a few points in this guide (I probably did to be honest) and if I did, feel free to let me know in the comments. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comment section and I'll try to reply as soon as possible. Once again, I'm WhosNuker signing off. The next guide on my list will probably Anti Mage but if you want a guide made for a hero, just let me know. Cya guys and have a nice day. Ciao!

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