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A guide to the harbinger (6.88)

July 9, 2016 by TheGhostReader
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Your Future Is Grim

DotA2 Hero: Outworld Destroyer

Hero Skills

Arcane Orb

3 8 9 10

Astral Imprisonment

1 12 13 14

Essence Flux

2 4 5 7

Sanity's Eclipse

6 11 16


15 17 18


Hi everyone. I'm bringing you a guide to Outworld Devourer. This is my first guide ever. I really appreciate every feedbacks and (polite) critics. Oh and i am not a native english speaker so forgive me if there are some grammar error (and tell me plz)

The reason why i choose Outworld Devourer as my first guide is because of his rework since patch 6.86 where the way some of his skill works has been changed. Outworld Devourer is a pretty powerful hero right now but people who keep spamming Astral Imprisonment and build the good old Aghanim's Scepter and Refresher Orb or worst,people who never uses Arcane Orb because they're afraid of running out mana even though they have a maxed Essence Aura will ruin OD's potential to snowball really hard (i've seen things man).

Apparently 6.87 as expected nerf OD even though it wasn't as hard as Arc Warden (bye cancer lmao) but he is still pretty good here are some "nerf" to OD:
- Arcane Orb mana cost increases as you level it and the amount of stolen intelligence are reduced by 1
-Early levels Astral Imprisonment cast range reduced
- Rod of Atos no longer has a chance to true strike the target (The accuracy increase has been deleted from the item)

I think the biggest nerf is the Rod of Atos part since you now need a Monkey King Bar to counter evasion but overall he's still pretty good.

About OD

Playing OD isn't really hard by the way.I rate him 2 out 5. But those who are not familiar with him might get a little confused with his spells but it's actually pretty simple.
His role of course is a Carry. More of an Anti-Carry actually. He can counter some Hard Carries quite well (ex: Anti-Mage and Medusa. And a carry who can deal pure damage right clicks and always bring a Schyte of Vyse and Rod of Atos when 6th slotted is scary. And worst is he active rather early.And i don't know why i've seen a lot of OD playing Support.What a waste of potential for such a powerful hero (hey i love supports,but not OD supports)
Oh yeah recent changes to Arcane Orb makes him more of a Slark type hero.

Here's a short way on how to play OD:

1)Max Essence Aura first (Important)
2)And Arcane Orb after that
3)Blast enemy heroes with Arcane Orb as much as y ou can
4)Stay away or Astral Imprisonment Yourself if they pop Black King Bar and other Magic Immunity
5) Sanity's Eclipse When you stole enough INT and they are grouping up (when their bkb's are down of course)
6) Arcane Orb the hell out of them again if there are survivors

Pros / Cons


-Can be hard to stop if snowballed
-Pure damage right clicks
-His voice bruh...
-He looks cool too
-Core items involved some of the best items to counter carries that is usually bought by support
-His Ult "scales"

-Very squishy
-None of his spell pierce magic immunity
-Useless if silenced
-Beware of high INT growth enemy heroes ( Silencer and Pugna especially)



1. Arcane Orb (Q) or (Alt+Q to autocast)

Cast Range:450
Current Mana As Damage:6%/7%/8%/9%
Summons And Illusions Extra Damage:100/200/300/400
Intelligence Steal:1/2/3/4
Steal Duration:60
Mana Cost:100/120/140/160
Ability Type:Target Unit/Autocast
Damage Type:Pure

What you need to know:
-It's a UNIQUE ATTACK MODIFIER meaning you can't lifesteal with Morbid Mask based item or use Desolator/ Eye of Skadi
-Steal your enemiesINTELLIGENCE (This is the most important)
-It doesn't pierce Spell Immunity and doesn't work when you are Silenced (duh)
-Use it to harrass your enemy during the laning phase
-Don't be afraid to spam it because you have Essence Aura especially if it's on level 4
-Cast it manually to prevent creep aggro (This is useful during laning phase)
-The pure damage is based on the percentage of your mana. In other words if you are low on mana (which rarely ever happen unless you don't upgrade Essence Aura) the pure damage is rather low.
-It also checks Outworld Devourer mana upon impact which means increasing or reducing mana before the projectile hits,Affect the orbs damage

2. Astral Imprisonment (W)

Cast Animation:0,25+0,4
Cast Range:225/350/475/600
Damage Radius:400
Imprison Duration:4
Mana Cost:120/140/160/180
Ability Type:Target Unit
Damage Type:Magical

What you need to know:
-It can now be casted on creeps
-It deals magical damage after the imprison duration ends. Deals no damage to allies
-However if you imprisoned an ally and enemies are near the radius when Astral ends,enemies wwill take damage
-Imprisoned units are invulnerable. Meaning you can dodge stuffs like Assassinate, Laguna Blade, Thundergod's Wrath,etc. (And God please safe your teammate from those if they are low on health)
-Since it deals damage,now it disables Blink Dagger
-And since it's 4 second duration imprison at all levels. You could actually keep it at level 1 and take stats instead until you really need the faster cooldown of the spell
-Imprison your teammate if they are Dueled by Legion Commander so that you can kill the LC.Good God don't imprison the LC.
-The same applies to Pudge if he's Dismembering your teammate especially if he's alone.(Adapt to the situation)
-Imprisoned enemies are vulnerable to and takes full effect of Sanity's Eclipse

3.Essence Aura (E)

Proc Chance:40%
Max Mana Restored:10%/15%/20%/25%
Base Mana Bonus:75/150/225/300
Ability Type:Passive

What you need to know:
-Every time you cast a spell you have a chance to restore your mana
-Teammates near you also get the benefits
-Skills with no cooldown,toogle(ex:Aghs upgraded Life Drain, Medusa Mana Shield) and item abilities won't proc the skill
-Acitve Attack Modifier won't proc it too except Arcane Orb

4. Sanity's Eclipse (R)

Cast Animation:0,25+0,4
Cast Range:700
Effect Radius:375/475/575
Intelligence Difference Damage Multiplier:8/9/10
Max Mana Burned:40%
Ability Type:Target Area
Damage Type:Magical
Mana Cost:175/250/325
Aghanim's Scepter Upgrade:Apply the current level of Astral Imprisonment to enemies caught in the radius

What You Need To Know:
-The damage is based on the difference of Intelligence of Outworld Devourer and his enemies
-In other words,you hit them as much as you can with Arcane Orb and when you stole enough Intelligence blow them up
-And it burns 40% of enemies mana. Meaning it's powerful against heroes like Wraith King and Medusa who depends on mana for survival.
-Due to it's long cooldown for such a powerful ultimate. Try to caught as much as enemies as you can in the radius
-It doesn't pierce spell immunity :(
- Aghanim's Scepter Upgrade is rather trash because you no longer steal Intelligence from Astral Imprisonment
-And this skill is also the reason why you need to build item that gives a lot of Intelligence
-If enemies Intelligence are higher than yours.They don't take any damage :(

The Laning Phase:Choosing Your Lane

The best lane for him.Gives him level advantage and rune control. Astral Imprisonment is a really good way to contest rune This lane is your priority. He also counters melee midlaners pretty hard.Oh and he is almost always as a mid laner

Dual safelane:
Tbh i love playing safelane carry with a support (usually Terrorblade and Shadow Shaman duo with my brother). If you're in a typical pub game or low mmr bracker like me where you call for mid but then someone said "AKO NA MID". Then you could still play him as a safelane carry.Lane with someone that has a stun or disable to snatch some kills.

Solo Offlane:
I never tried this tbh. And it's better if you leave it to the initiators

Dual offlane:
So you're playing pubs or low mmr like me eh ? Where safelane and offlane isn't different ? Where Phantom Assassin and Anti-Mage laning together in the offlane ? WBhile Lion and Crystal Maiden going together in the safelane because they are real life buddies ?.(ehem) anyway if you go with a support and sure that you can still snowball,then proceed

Jungle:but you can clear it quite fast later on with Arcane Orb (But not ANCIENT CREEPS)

I never tried a trilane before seriously

Game on


Hopefully you're going mid (+1 if the opposition is a melee). You're gonna do the usual stuff. Take last hits,contest the rune,harrass the opposition mid laner,Snatch a kill on him if you can,go gank when you're lvl 6 or 7. You know... The usual stuff as a mid laner. If you're having a good day or the enemies are stupid, your score could be 9-0-4 at 10 minutes.


probably they tried to gank you and ends up in a triple kill for you. You know... stuff happened sometimes.


Around this time you probably have a Blink Dagger or Force Staff,a Rod of Atos,a Null Talisman,,a Power Treads most importantly of course Town Portal Scroll,and a Black King Bar
At this part you should gank as often as possible,take towers,and some teamfight might happen. Always push when it's a teamwipe for the enemy team. And end the game ASAP.


okay so it's gotten late huh ? hopefully you have that Schyte of Vyse to take care of that annoying carries (especially Blinkers or Morphling).Build Moon Shard if you need attack speed (Which you do), Boots of Travel to save up one slot from TP scrolls,and some other stuffs like Octarine Core or Refresher Orband God... Please save your money for buybacks in case you die. Dying at late game could cause a serious impact. And try to avoid of being killed.


A.Starting Items:

Set 1 (Midlane Starter Pack)
Null Talisman: for better last hit and some good stats
2 shared Tangoes:To sustain yourself a bit
and 2 Iron Branch:Because weed is good

Set 2 (The i don't get shared tango)
Null Talisman and Tango

oh even if you go safelane the above sets are still the best

B.Choosing dem Booties

Power Treads:
With out a doubt the only boots choice for OD. ( Boots of Travel being a late game core on every hero). It gives you +9 int and some attack speed. And i swear OD lovesint and attack speed more than anything

C.Early Game

Get this if you're mid (hell he's a mid hero),Don't forget that rune exist every 2 minutes. Rune of Invisibility and Rune of Double Damage will help you a lot when go ganking
Null Talisman:
Yes a 2nd talisman. It's cheap and gives you good amount of Int it also tank you up a bit
Infused Raindrops:
Probably one of the best item that was introduced at 6.87. Very good against your worst nightmare at early game NUKERS
Magic Wand:
Cheap stats and some burst regen. Bonus if you're facing spell spammer


Pick one of your preferences:
Blink Dagger:
Insta blink,longer range and disjoint projectile.Howeverit doesn't give any stats and when you take damage from a hero,it will be disabled for 3 seconds. Radiance burn and Damage Over Time spell like Poison Nova, Rot could give you a hard time


Force Staff:
Gives 10 Int and some HP regen. It is not disabled by heroes attack and can be used on both allies and enemies. Can be turned into a Hurricane Pike for some stats,attack range bonus and great active Howeverit has longer cooldown,not instant,shorter range,harder to use for some people (since you have to face the direction you wanna go),and doesn't disjoint projectile

My Choice
Because of 6.87 my preferences has changed from Blink Dagger to Force Staff because it can be turned into the all powerful Hurricane Pike

E.Mid Game

Rod of Atos:
Gives a huge amount int and HP.The slows are great to prevent from running and focus him/her down especially early on when people haven't got their bkb's yet. As of 6.87 the accuracy increase to the target has been deleted :( gone but never forgotten

Black King Bar:
Some great mistake a lot of people made is that they skip BKB. OD's greatest weakness is nukers and chainstunned. BKB might not give any int whatsoever but magic immunity is really important. The bonus STR also tank you up a bit. BKB is a CORE.

Dragon Lance-> Hurricane Pike
Dragon Lance is actually a really good item on him. More health,More armor and more attack speed coupled with an increase in attack range to make it harder to reach or escape you. And with the Force Staff you can combine it into a Hurricane Pike. The Pike's active to enemies for unlimited range is extremely powerful while you can still escape with Force Staff self cast

F.Late Game

Scythe of Vyse:
SHEEPSTICK ! Alright this one is a core in the late game (Think of it as the Eye of Skadi for Terrorblade). Hex is really good against enemy that has escape spells like Anti-Mage, Morphling etc (tbh it's good against anyone).It gives +35 Int !

Moon Shard:
It gives the most attack speed of all item and can be consumed if you want a free a slot
Shiva's Guard:
A good late game item. The bonus armor makes you tankier. The int makes your right clicks and ult more dangerous and the aoe slow is really great as well

Refresher Orb:
What's scarier than OD with 150+ stolen Int that can Sanity's Eclipse twice ? (BKB of course lmao).

Boots of Travel:
Free an item slot from TP scrolls and more movement speed ! Dont forget that travel exist in the late game

Octarine Core:
More HP,More Mana,More Int lower spell Cooldown and spell lifesteal !

Heart of Tarrasque:
While it doesn't give Int. The huge HP will make OD tankier.

Butterfly ? Butterfly ! It's a more expensive moon shard but can be more rewarding too. Evasion will force enemies to buy Mkb or Bloodthorn but if you already snowballing really hard. This item will just make you more pain in the butt to deal with

Linken's Sphere:
Get this ASAP if you're facing Legion Commander before she got a lot of duel bonus. This item is for you, you can save your mates with Astral Imprisonment If they are dueled but not yourself. And did i mention that the Ultimate Orb part gives you great stats. Getting a linken will ruin LC's day (And Doom)

Monkey King Bar:
Bye bye evasion item. Alright i'm still kinda sad they took out that accuracy from Rod of Atos. Right now if you're facing PA's,Windrunners or Drunken Panda this item is a core

While Orchid's silence is completely inferior to Scythe's hex Bloodthorn's active for true strike and crits are great when you're up against evasion heroes. However do know that they are dispelable with stuff's like Manta Style, Diffusal Blade,Magic Immunity etc thus it's true strike can be nullified and it's 7k worth of gold so choose wisely between this or mkb

Rejected Items

Lots of items doesn't fit OD here are some of them:

You can't combine 2 different UAM and no INT whatsoever.Besides... your damage is pure right ? why do you need armor reduction ?

While the attack speed boost looks deceiving again... the lightning proc is a UAM. If you need attack speed, Buy Moon Shard cheaper and gives more attack speed

Eye of Skadi:
I'm actually a fan of skadi (especially since i'm a Terrorblade spammer LMAO) but this one is not for you. The slow is UAM and it's better if you build Rod of Atos Scythe of Vyse or Shiva's Guard For slow

Morbid Mask based item:
You can't lifesteal the damage of Arcane Orb.(If you don't know the item: Mask of Madness, Helm of the Dominator,Vladimir's Offering and Satanic

You're not gonna AFK farm right ? ( Arcane Orb can clear camps fast enough man)

Assault Cuirass:
No... Okay you benefit the armor and attack speed but you deal PURE DAMAGE. Armor reduction doesn't mean a thing. It's a 5k worth of item that you could just spent on Shiva's for more devastating effects.

Aghanim's Scepter:
The Sanity's Eclipse Upgrade is trash right now. It no longer steals intelligence in an aoe like it used to since Astral Imprisonment reworked in patch 6.86. Instead it just adds 325 magical damage before reduction. AND DONT BUILD THE OLD AGHS+REFRESHER COMBO.

Echo Sabre:
This item is for melee heroes. Seriously.


Friends and Foes and Heroes You Counter


Roamers/Ganking Partners: Mirana, Pudge, Rubick, Io etc
Basically anyone that has a stun or 2 and constantly help to gank the mid (and other) lane are your friends

Disable/Clump them up together: Enigma, Dark Seer, Magnus
Allows you to hit a perfect Sanity's Eclipse

Tanker/Initiator/I'm On the front line bruh: Sven, Wraith King, Centaur Warrunner , Tidehunter, Bristleback Etc
Strength heroes in general will go to the front line,draw the enemies aggro while you free hit the enemies


High Int Growth heroes: Silencer, Pugna, Invoker etc
High int growth means that Sanity's Eclipse are less powerful. Even if you stole many from them, they can still take less damage from your ult (Silencer and Pugna will be discussed in it's own section)

Nuker: Lina, Zeus etc
Even though you can dodge their spell with Astral Imprisonment they are still a pain to deal with until you got your BKB

Magic Immunity: Juggernaut, Lifestealer, Omniknight, Black King Bar
You can't hit them with any of your spell if they're spell immune. Your best bet is to stay away or Astral Imprisonment yourself (+1 if you dodge Omnislash with it) until their immunities are gone

Silences: Bloodseeker, Riki, Drow Ranger, Silencer, Night Stalker etc
A silenced OD is more weaker than The Rock's People's Elbow.

Invis-Ganker: Bounty Hunter, Riki, Nyx Assassin, Clinkz, Weaver
They might be an easy prey if they are seen. But the problem is they are not. These guys are either legit Orchid's carrier,build in silence,high burst damage or build a Desolator or it's Weaver. Stick together,ward the map,don't feed 'em

The **** you OD starter packs:
- Silencer
This guy here is the worst. He silences you,has 2 of it,and one pierce spell immunity ( Global Silence),Higher Int Growth,Same pure damage Attack modifier and his is not a UAM anymore,And WORST steal int like you but permanently. Yes. Forever. Consider repicking and don't die at his hands if you're facing him or your int will be stolen FOREVER

- Pugna
His int growth is the highest at 4. But the worst of it all is probably his Nether Ward. I mean whenever you hit someone with Arcane Orb the ward will damage you everytime it is casted and hell it's painful

- Omniknight
2 ways of countering you. Repel (magic immunity) and Guardian Angel (physical attack immunity) 2 things that represent OD Arcane Orb rendered useless with this guy on the enemy team. And you don't wanna buy a Diffusal Blade.

C.Who You Counter

Tanky Heroes: Enraged Ursa, Alchemist under Chemical Rage, Bristleback, MedusaEtc
These heroes are walking intelligence bank. The longer they live the more you stole and when their teammates come to rescue, Sanity's Eclipse and look at the mess

Some Carries like:
- Anti-Mage
As long as you are not silenced. You can attack him with Arcane Orb and your mana will be restored and it's pure damage that means his Spell Shield won't save him you can clear his Manta illusion in 1 hit as well and remember. ALWAYS BUY A [Scythe of Vyse]]

- Wraith King
Steal his int means steal his mana.Make sure to Sanity's Eclipse him before you kill him. His mana will be burned and no more coming back for him with Reincarnation

- Medusa
She rarely buys BKB and is really tanky aswell and like Wraith King. Sanity's Eclipse means bye bye Mana Shield

- Terrorblade
OD don't give damn to either his Metamorphosis illusion or high armor. But you need to be careful with his Sunder buy a Linken's Sphere to avoid it since not a lot Terrorblade player buy an Ethereal Blade (even tho it's really good on him) nor do they build stuffs like Abbysal Blade, Rod of Atos, Scythe of Vyse or Heaven's Halberd to pop it out.


Okay,there are lots of mistakes in this guide. Feedbacks and critics are appreciated. Tell me if there is something that i miss. Hope you enjoy it :)

Version History

V1:Guide Published
V1.1:Added invis-ganker to foes and some minor changes
V1.2:6.87 is out !. Some item changes and nerfs
V1.3:Update for 6.88

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