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A guide to blink dagger, the best item in the game.

April 15, 2014 by Timminatorr
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A guide to blink dagger, the best item in the game.

April 15, 2014


Hi, im Timminatorr and this is my, guide i guess, to Blink Dagger.

I decided to make this guide becouse it is a high skill item, unlocks secret extra potential in a lot of heroes. And in the right hands it is the best item in the game.

This might be quite different from normal guides but i think it will still be usefull, since a lot of people undervalue this item.

What does Blink Dagger do?

Blink Dagger doesnt offer any stats, but gives you the amazing ability to 'blink'.
This is a great asset to a lot of heroes, as positioning is increadibly inportant in Dota.
Not to mention it has amazing synergy with a lot of hero skills.

Some combinations with big ultimates can be very devestating, but spammable stuns with a short cooldown can be even deadlier. While they probably wont wipe the whole team, (though it can) you are constantly a large threat with higher kill potential, that forces the enemy to play more passive.

Overall it makes your initiation much deadlier, and also more suprising.

Technical stuff.

Blink Dagger doesnt give you stats of any kind, but instead gives you the active blink.
Blink allows you to instantly appear somewhere within 1200 range. But clicking outside the 1200 range causes you to only blink 960 range, so try to get used to the exact range of blink.
This has a 12 second cooldown and since recently no mana cost, so it can be used to travel faster around the map if you dont expect to use it in the following seconds.

But if you are damaged by any player source damage, hero controlled units or roshan it will go on a 3 second cooldown. So this will prevent you from easily escaping after taking damage, so be sure to see any gankers coming and blink back or into a spot that they dont expect you to.

Self damage like Pudge Rot or Huskar Life Break will also put it on cooldown, but HP removal from using Soul Ring will not. Neither will other HP removal like Necrophos Heartstopper Aura.

You are able to dodge/disjoint ranged attacks and certain single target projectile skills like Magic Missile or Shadow Strike with it, though some others like Shackleshot or Unstable Concoction will just make a 180 and follow you.


Is Blink Dagger a legit item on every hero? Lets find out.
With a short explenation on why to get it.

As a hero based almost purely on positioning and reacting quick and accordingly, a blink can be amazing since Aphotic Shield only has 500 cast range. Dispelling that Flaming Lasso or Primal Roar can be gamechanging.

Especially now since the charge time on Unstable Concoction has been reduced, a Blink Dagger outclasses Shadow Blade on ganking/support Alchemist becouse your initiation has a bigger chance to hit and its longer range.

This hero is actually in the minority, a support hero who doesnt really benefit from a Blink Dagger. His abilities are very long ranged and Cold Feet has a long delay. And he benefits much more from Aghanim's Scepter then anything else.


An important core item, it allows you initiate with beserker's call, which is also your highest contributing spell later in the game when you fall off.

A great item choice in a lot of situations. Sometimes you would like to get Black King Bar first, but this item is always amazing on him.
You can get in a good position for a fiends grip, which can be gamechanging. And you can provide amazing setup with Nightmare, while otherwise its range would be very small.

Bottle, Boots of Speed, Blink Dagger. This item should almost always be rushed and obtained at 8-12 minutes.
This will give you some of the best initiating abilities in the game, as a hero flying over cliffs who jumps out of the fog is almost impossible to avoid.

Another hero who often picks up Blink Dagger. Although when you pick it up depends a lot on your team's strategy and what items are required to get for that strategy, it is always a solid choice as you will become able to pick off any hero with it.

He cant afford to go an item that doesnt give stats, becouse his contribution will become very minimal that way. And with the high movement speed and large cast range on Rupture it isnt needed anyway.

A weird item to pick it up on, but you can do it if you either dont need anything and you want to chase even more with blink, or if you are stomping and want to 1 shot enemies who came prepared with detection.

A core item. You usually pick it up after upgraded boots. With this you become quite the midgame presence, as the damage and slow from Thunder Clap, as well as the chaos created from a sudden Primal Split can prove really effective.

He needs a good start and as a result he cant get away with getting statsless items, and it hardly adds anything.

Kind of a weird hero to get blink on right? Exactly, you can already disappear into the trees while splitpushing. Better off buying something to push with.

Absolute core and gives you most of your midgame presence. The synergy with Hoof Stomp and Double Edge is obvious and can make for devestating initiations. I see too many people picking up things like Sange first, it makes me cry. Dont make me cry, get Blink Dagger.

Only legit if you end up playing support chaos knight. A long stun like Chaos Bolt coupled with blink on a support hero is always good.

There is no obvious synergy here, and Force Staff probably outclasses it, but positioning is always important on supports, and a blink into test of faith sendback can really save your carry's ***.

Became more popular after EternalEnvy started to play a lot of 'Blinkz'. With this almost none can escape you, and gives you insane solo gank potential. It is usually gotten after Orchid Malevolence, but you can delay it if other items like Black King Bar are needed.

Quite a strange item choice, it is usually gotten later in the game, after aghanims scepter so you can delay the opponent by using Power Cogs and escaping. If you dont need any team items like Pipe of Insight, consider pick it up since your own stats arent that important later in the game and it provides a lot of utility.

Often picked up if she has the money to afford it, it enhances your ganking potential by a lot and can get you in a great position for Freezing Field

Vacuum can be one of the best non ultimate spells in the game, and coupled with one of the strongest teamfight ultimates in the game, Wall of Replica, and your allies AOE this item can suddenly pull off amazing initiation to win a teamfight. Its wombo combo time!!

Another support who depends a lot on positioning becouse of Shallow Grave, it is often a great pickup later in the game.

Death Prophet is a hero that needs every piece of stats she needs. She snowballs off tower gold and can only really build tanky and utility.
With no initiation, no stuns or slows, she hardly benefits form Blink Dagger.

Disruptor is a very defensive support, and as a result he is more of a Force Staff hero.

Doom bringer I see too much people picking up Shadow Blade instead of blink on doom bringer. Although it is a good item on him, you mainly get it when you are snowballing.
While a lot of the time you need a good initiation. Doom is such an important spell that if you can blink Doom a Dark Seer for example it might win you the teamfight or even the entire game.
Not to mention the nice synergy with the centaur stomp.

Dragon Knight is quite similar to doom bringer. A semi-carry with good initiation. The main difference is that dragon knight doesnt have Doom, so most of the time a Shadow Blade is great.
You can get a blink though, ive seen pro's do it and it works really well if you are snowballing hard and dont need much more carry potential in your team. An instant stun is nothing to laugh about.

Drow is a brittle glass cannon that is massively dependant on positioning becouse of her ultimate and squishyness.
In the rare cases that she is played by high level players they often go for the Mask of Madness Blink Dagger build.
The idea behind this is that she can use the movespeed and blink to stay out of harms way, and that she is dead anyway if she gets caught, so she doesnt build survivability at all.

Give a high skill hero a high skill items and the results can get nasty. He relies a lot on positioning and with a blink he gets a psuedo Flaming Lasso by suddenly punching an enemy into your team's eager claws.

Tips and tricks.

You can click your blink hotkey twice, or doubletap, to blink to the direction of your fountain. This can be used to blink instantly if needed.

Look out for Radiance, as its burn damage puts blink on cooldown and can screw over combo's and intiations. Be really cautious when you are up against Spectre becouse Haunt wil pretty much damage your whole team.
On some heroes its better to pick up a Force Staff in these kind of situations.

You can blink away after being affected by spells that grant you invulnerability like: Disruption, Astral Imprisonment, Phase Shift and respawning with Aegis of the Immortal.
Even before you get hit by AOE Dot's like Acid Spray and Radiance if you instantly blink to the direction you're facing.

To be updated.

This guide isnt done yet but i wanted to upload it now, since i discussed most of my general thoughts about the item.

I will add more heroes and some other improvements untill it is done.

Timminatorr out!

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