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7.0 Bounty Hunter the Jinada-er Master

January 6, 2017 by Xyler0333
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Magic Burst

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

3 4 5 7


2 13 14 16

Shadow Walk

1 8 9 11


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

No CD on Jinada
+275 Shuriken Toss Damage
+50 Jinada Gold Steal
Track grants ground vision around the target
+45 Track Gold
-30% Damage Taken in Shadow Walk
+30 Jinada Damage
+0.65s Shuriken Toss Slow

Words from author

Hi I'm new here and this is my first guide. I also don't know why my profile pic is a Spirit Breaker

Anyways, here is the guide. Don't forget to UPVOTE if u think this is good :D

What Build should I choose?

Build 1 Magic Burst: when burst is love and burst is life

Build 2 Physical Burst: alternative to Dagon-ing. More focused on your physical burst capabilities

NEW: Build 3 NO ESCAPE: with both Abyssal Blade and Scythe of Vyse on your side (or rather inventory), what could go wrong?

Pros and Cons of Bounty Hunter

-is a Bounty Hunter
-with correct timing of skills, u could kill enemy easily

-becomes a bit useless when enemy has detection (thus the reason why u should always deward)
-is soft AF, if u f*** up one of ur bounty hunting, u might end up dying
-can become mana hungry in the early game

To pick or not to pick

In my opinion,

Pick Bounty Hunter when:
-enemy has about 2softies (ex: Sniper, Drow Ranger, Lion)
-enemy has invisibility stuff/heroes that rely on invisibility (ex: Riki, Mirana, Clinkz)
-ur team needs offensivity (invented the word lol)
-ur team needs greed/snowball
-ur team lacks nukers (ex: Lion, Lina, Necrophos, the new Techies)

Do not Pick Bounty Hunter when:
-enemy has means of revealing u (ex: Zeus's Thundergod's Wrath and Lightning Bolt, Slardar's Corrosive Haze)
-ur team has enough nukers (ex: Timbersaw, Lina)
-ur team has more than 2 invi heroes/or heroes that need invi items to function (ex: Riki, Mirana, Slark, Clinkz)
-ur team needs a harder hard carry, not a semi-carry (ex: Troll Warlord, Anti-Mage, Sniper)

Skill Usage

Well I could explain the skills in-depth but I think will give a better in-depth explanation. ("Xyler0333 u lazy f***". IKR)

But anyways here it is

Shuriken Toss Treat as the finishing touch. Also use to cancel channeled spells. Ex: teleport from Town Portal Scroll and Boots of Travel, Freezing Field, Fiend's Grip, Black Hole, Death Ward. U may skill this on level 2 instead of Jinada if u feel like u won't be needing slows.

Jinada Well it is a passive no special instructions here lol. If u skilled Shuriken Toss in level2, skill this on level4

Shadow Walk Can be used to scout/escape when u s*** urself. Try to use this often while harassing during the laning phase to force detection which u will destroy later so that enemy becomes broke. Also nice for courier killing lol.

Track More gold reward after killing is alwas nice. Bounty Hunter farms from killing heroes, not creeps. Always use this skill when u see enemies.

Skill and Talents Progression

I added this Chapter because my screen only shows up to level18 (and IDK why. Like I said im new here lol)

Sooo... anyway just gonna summarize skill stuff

Shuriken Toss Max This First
Jinada Max this last
Shadow Walk Max this after maxing Shuriken Toss
Track Get when available
Talents Get talents when available

So it's like Track and/or Talents> Shuriken Toss> Shadow Walk> Jinada
U understand right? lol

Talents Explanation

Level 10 Talent: +175 HEALTH or +15% EXP GAIN
I think the best choice here is the +175 HEALTH talent because like what I said, Bounty Hunter is soft AF. More hp=less softness. Only get the +15% EXP GAIN if u are about 3 and more levels gap (like for example, ur allies' levels are level 15 and ur enemies are level 14 and u are like still level 10).

Level 15 Talent: +40 ATTACK SPEED or +15 MOVEMENT SPEED
I would recommend getting the +15 MOVEMENT SPEED talent since u really don't need attack speed to dish damage. U will just rely on the Dagon (and ur 1sec cooldown Jinada in the late game) to deal damage. So nahh don't get it, it's bad (well at least for me).
UPDATE: If playing carry though, think of these questions: "Do I need to hit faster or Do I need to chase faster?"

Level 20 Talent: +10% SPELL AMPLIFICATION or +100 DAMAGE
I don't really know how to explain it properly, but GET THE DAMAGE. This is because u can't just rely on your Dagon, u will also need ur ouch damage. Furthermore, it makes your Jinada Crit more painful

I mean like why evasion? Monkey King Bar and tada! Evasion is gone! Obviously, the cooldown reduction is the better-est option. This also scales well with ur previous +100 DAMAGE talent. Imagine an assured painful crit every 1second. With a Desolator, u could like approximately 3hits Pudge with about 10 Flesh Heap (assuming u already did the combo)

Items Explanation

Tango Buy or ask for at least 2, don't be so stubborn though. If u are given then nice but if not, just buy your own.

Orb of Venom This your bestfriend (at least for the early game). Is very helpful in ganks in the early game

Iron Branch ehh just one GG Branch for the stats

Urn of Shadows ok u rush this s*** asap and fill it up. Usage can be for disabling blink dagger, heal self or ally after gank, damage enemy to ensure kill, etc.

Medallion of Courage It's like a cheap Desolator, and works with Desolator. With Desolator, u could like make enemies -14 armor. Upgrade to Solar Crest if needed(remember u cast this in order for the -7armor to work)

Phase Boots Chase, Damage. Good for the carry Bounty Hunter

Arcane Boots If u are an active Bounty Hunter you are probably hungry on mana now, this blue boots will help u with ur mana. If u are not that active though, BE ACTIVE

Ring of Basilius This is to increase ur mana regen a bit. You may skip this if u are not anymore running out of mana. Maybe upgrade this to Vladmir's Offering later

Dagon THIS IS YOUR BESTFRIEND AS WELL. Rush it after ur boots. Just get the level one, we will upgrade it later after buying Ring of Basilius if you are planning to buy it. BTW, if u can't seem to kill anymore with Dagon or you could now kill without Dagon, stop upgrading it. By the time u are level 25, u might need more slots. U could sell this

Desolator If you are using my talent build, you are now deadly AF. Get deso to be deadlier, and to help ur carry kill that tank

Black King Bar Enemy team is probably annoyed AF with u. At this time, u are probably bursted to death lol. Get this to ensure your enemies' death.

Abyssal Blade or Eye of Skadi Do you need to lock ur enemies? If yes, do you need to stun them or just slow them?

Items to consider:
Heaven's Halberd In one of ur ganks, u migght need this so that while u are killing the enemy they can't right click because if they right click u, u will most likely be the one to die instead lol(ex: Ursa, Monkey King)

Guardian Greaves Since you get rich AF quickly, u could offer ur team that u build this. If planning to build this, forget Urn of Shadows, rush ur arcane boots, build just that level one dagon then build this.

Animal Courier and Flying Courier ehh it really won't hurt to buy this. Its just like 100/150 gold and u could get like 400+ gold for every kill. Furthermore u just need that Dagon and ur fine (maybe)

Observer Ward and Sentry Ward again it won't hurt. You could deward the sents placed for u so u drain the enemy support's money and you could place wards in the enemy side so that ur ganks will be easier (since u will see where they are, etc etc)

Aghanim's Scepter If u have some spare gold and have no idea to buy, get this so that u could make ur shuriken bounce twice on target

Orchid Malevolence Use it to silence enemies so that you could kill easier. It is very helpful in order to kill heroes that u have trouble with like Queen of Pain's Blink or some other annoying spells that could ruin your gank like Legion Commander's Duel or Lion's Hex to name a few. Upgrade to Bloodthorn if needed

Scythe of Vyse When it seems like orchid is not enough anymore (since like they break it with BKB), get this fabulous scythe

Battle Fury At some games, ur jinada is very needed (especially when team is like losing). Get this to spread your 1second cooldown crit and hopefully help ur team (well it does help my team)

Divine Rapier Now this is very situational. ONLY GET WHEN LOSING, despite having the Battle Fury. NEVER TOUCH THIS WHEN WINNING. Why? When losing, u could give ur team a hope that u could still win this s***. So if u drop it when u are losing, its just like no effect anyway, at least u tried. But if u drop it in a winning game, then congratulations mister/miss/apache helicopter, u are gonna have a hard time because u gave the enemy carry a free Divine Rapier.

Vladmir's Offering Why? Later in the game you are scaling well with ur killing potential. U might need a lifesteal source that works with Desolator.

Linken's Sphere or Lotus Orb Alternative to BKB. Get it if u have only problem with one skill. Black King Bar is purchased if there is a s*** load of spells casted on ur general direction.

Heart of Tarrasque or Butterfly Are u still having a problem with ur s*** HP? or do you still need more damage?

Blink Dagger or Force Staff Get this if u need an additional escape item

Monkey King Bar When u are the only one capable of killing an enemy with evasion. Don't get it though if no enemy has evasion

Octarine Core More like of a lolz item. 0.75sec Jinada and 8sec Dagon5. Yeah, LOOOOLLL

Aether Lens When u need to keep ur distance while using Track

Why u avoid the following items

Why u avoid the following items:
Ethereal Blade Before, this was the next damage to get after Dagon. Now, don't get it. Early-mid game, u have insane magical damage. Late game, u have both magical damage and physical damage. Ethereal Blade makes enemy immune to physical damage, but get more magical damage. Here is what makes it kind of useless now. U are sort of "cancelling" the high physical damage output of Bounty Hunter as well. Unless that doesn't bug you then get it

Power Treads and Echo Sabre Again, u don't need attack speed/attack frequencey as Bounty Hunter. For the boots, if u feel like the Arcane Boots will be useless because u won't be wasting a lot of mana, better if u get Phase Boots(for chase) or Tranquil Boots(if hp problems) instead

Shadow Blade/ Silver Edge and Glimmer Cape You already have an invisibility skill (which is Shadow Walk) no need to get another one. But what if your team needs Glimmer Cape? Let the support get it. Just avoid invisibility items.

Dragon Lance and Hurricane Pike Why though?U ARE F***ING MEELEE, NOT RANGED

Blade Mail U ARE NOT A TANK, u are a nuker

Assault Cuirass, Shiva's Guard, Radiance This is a bit too revealing. Enemies will see the debuff and they be like "Oh s*** Bounty Hunter is nearby" then uses dust then kills u. Only get it if team really needs it and no one else has extra slots

Bloodstone I understand mana problems mate, but this is too much mana. Scythe of Vyse or Eul's Scepter of Divinity is better to get than this stone.

Veil of Discord Yes it's kind of helpful for ur magic damage. Still no. Well maybe Veil if ur team is magic damage focused but still, don't if possible.

Armlet of Mordiggian This is not good for Bounty Hunter. First, you don't need attack speed. Second, ur draining ur already s*** health. Well if u are a fan of pro armlet toggles, might as well get it if u can do something about it lol.

Daedalus Yeah more crits, but still no. Bloodthorn is the item u are probably looking for if u need more crits.

Your job

-Do not killsteal from your carry. Well maybe from your support and/or iniator but not your carry.

Early Game
-force detection via harassing and ganking. If they bought Sentry Ward and/or Dust of Appearance, good job. You are annoying them. Now destroy the sents(if they are destroyed, the enemy support's immediate action is to place another one for their team's safety which in the long run, makes the supports broke)
-gank gank gank gank gank
-try to kill softies like Sniper and Drow Ranger

Mid Game-Late Game
-use Track on enemies
-if not playing carry, ward enemy jungle and some possible rotation spots (only if u have at least Dagon1), and deward to continue draining their pockets
-make enemy feel unsafe while jungling or alone
-if they bought gem, good job. It means u are annoying them already. In teamfights, steal this gem and place it in base to be more annoying.
-continue ganking

Before Team Fights/Ganks
- Track as much enemies possible
-bait them if u can lol

During Team Fights/Ganks
-when ur iniator starts the clash, throw the shuriken so it bounces
-help kill the enemy to be focused by using ur combo

After Team Fights/Ganks
-heal ur team with Urn of Shadows (that is if u bought one)
-push with ur team if possible
-maybe go with ur team to ur shrine to heal then continue pushing/farming

Runes to get and not to get

Btw, give the runes to other allies if someone else has bottle or they need it more
For example: u found Rune of Regeneration and u are 50%mana. GREAT! But your ally has like 1%hp so give it to them, especially if there is a bloody Bloodseeker
Oh, don't steal runes from your mid laner. That's bad. (well unless if they don't mind or like they have no Bottle

Bounty Rune Free money and exp. Nice.

Rune of Regeneration Get it if u have low hp and/or mana. Remember to give to another ally who needs it more

Rune of Double Damage Who doesn't like doubled damage? Btw, give to ur right clicker if they want it.

Rune of Haste Movespeed always good, get it

Rune of Invisibility No. U already have invisibility. Well only get if no one gets

Rune of Illusion Get this if u want ur illusions to scout/act like ward/f*** with enemies by tricking them its the real one

Rune of Arcane Lesser mana cost and cooldown. Nice. Get it. Btw, give to ur casters if they want it.

Skill Tricks

The following are your tricks

The Shuriken Bounce:
Track enemies> Use Shuriken Toss> watch it bounce>???>Congratulate youself for doing that awesome trick>Profit.

Remember, the tracked units must be at least in 800 range each other for it to bounce( if I remember it correctly). Becomes more annoying when u get ur Aghanim Scepter upgrade (which is shuriken bounces twice on tracked units, therefore dealing about 600damage)

The Attack while invisible:
go invisible>hit while fading>aaand ur still invisible. (because of fade time)
I know it's kinda hard to pull off but man it's pretty useful in some occasions.
DISCLAIMER: only works up to level 2 Shadow Walk. Why? Because when you are about level 3 Shadow Walk, you are faster than that fade time and thus, breaking ur invisibility.

good heavens... would u look at the time, ITS TIME TO KILL

I think I found who I want to kill, now what to do?


2. Shadow Walk while approaching target (if u intend to kill now)
TIP: try not to be so obvious and "fake" ur movements(ex: pretend going back>go invi>chase target)

3. Start by hitting to break invi for bonus damage from Shadow Walk
TIP: if ur target is someone who has built in escapes like Queen of Pain, use the Orchid Malevolence to silence her (so that she can't Blink

4. Use your Urn of Shadows on target (well that is, if u have charges). If u have Medallion of Courage, cast it as well

5. Keep hitting.
TIP: at this point, target may attempt teleporting in front of ur face. If u built Skull Basher/ Abyssal Blade and while hitting the stun doesn't seem to proc, don't hesitate to use your Shuriken Toss(or Abyssal Blade) to interrupt the channel.

TIP: Target may attempt to fight back. Choose which item to use: Heaven's Halberd against right clicker, Orchid Malevolence against caster, Scythe of Vyse to prevent Black King Bar activation, Abyssal Blade if target pops Black King Bar (in case u failed to Hex)

6. When the time is right (i.e. the target's hp is low enough), throw the Shuriken Toss(if it is off cooldown) and Dagon if u built one. Although u could kill them by just continuing hitting them

Thanks + Updates

Well uhh thanks for reading :D
Comment ur suggestions, what u think about, what I should change etc
Please UPVOTE if u think this is good guide lol

Final Words from Author:
(nothing as of now)

-added Build 3
-moved Aether Lens to might consider
-renamed and rewrote some sections (I realized it was too lame)

-added Build 2
-changed skill progression
-added the following chapters:
*Skills and Talent Progression
*Talent Explanation
*Your role
*To pick or not to pick
-renamed some sections
-moved Vladmir's Offering to Might Consider section
-moved Octarine Core to Might Consider Section
-added Heaven's Halberd to Might Consider Section

-created guide (yay)

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