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The true guide for poor nerfed Enchantress

May 3, 2017 by DioX
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The true build (carry-support)

DotA2 Hero: Enchantress

The true guide for poor nerfed Enchantress

May 3, 2017

About this guide/Introduction

Hi so its me again. I CANT HANDLE CRITICISM so please stop.

anyways this guide is the true guide for enchantress she is very fragile and very weak unless you get the proper item.

so she depends a lot on her ult and try not to get targeted first or you'll die. her passive isn't that strong its super weak.

Enchantress is a harmful half animal and half human or elf type I dunnot know who is her parents are but don't ask its weird. Every neutral creeps loves her and wants to help her or die for her because she's an evil witch who kills neutral creeps and not get exp or gold from it after death and she doesn't care because she knows what's gonna happen and there's nothing she can do to prevent it.

and she is a sproinking hero who hops a lot when she walks and can easily run away from ganks and not engage from them to not die. if she gets targeted first she can just flee because of Untouchable and you can chat your enemy team if you escape or they got killed "you can't *touch* this". icefrog nerfed her so they can acually hit her. :/

Pros / Cons

I hate this chapter


-Her beguile helps her not to get targeted first by any hitters
-Can be a support or carry
-Strong heal but high cooldown
-Cute and looks like a disney character
-Good turn rate
-Can split push but not very effective
-She HOPS without hesitation


-Weak againts nukers
-Low ranged
-Requires Dragon Lancer and Scepter as Core
-Has to buy attack speed
-For an intelligent hero, she doesn't have any nukes
-Harmless (literally) unless she has alies
-WTF is this talent tree so weak
-Enchant doesn't work like Chen 's Holy Persuasion
-Her ult requires the enemy to move farther.
-Any breaks or very high as speed can desolate her quickly due to low armor
-She has low armor growth


Your important items are Hurracane Pike and Observer Ward because hurracane pike can be overpowered on enchantress that's why they nerfed her range then Aghanim Scepter Shiva's Guard and Bloodstone for stats, as slow, armor and regeneration better than Heart of Tarrasque.

actually that's it. nothing else to add

Team Work

You need your space to jungle or farm for your items. then if you have your items wait for the enemy to come and hurracane pike then then watch then flee or come close to you because you have observer wards.

you need a carry to win a game. Enchantress is not a good carry.

Never play if you have no carry or no nuker or proper heroes.

What you need to be a successful backup carry are:

A non-Jungler but lane farmer type so you can farm in the jungle

Strong againts and Weak againts

Strong Againts

Anti-Mage cannot hit you and waste his time to jungle and just blink if her teammates tries to help her. don't let him farm or he rekts you

Sven cannot chase enchatress very good even if he stuns her she can just run away.

Bloodseeker can be a problem if you just run after being ult OR you can just tp out and watch him try to hit you and your doing a scream sounds like *NOOOOOOOOO!* because you have very low hp.

Legion Commander cannot duel you without Silver edge or Attack speed like Assault Curaiss and Mjonir. Sad :(

If Phoenix tries to ult. you can just hit it with 0.9 attack speed.

Lifestealer cant hit you sad only slows you down but not enough harm.

Bounty Hunter Cant hit you. Sad

Weak againts

Nyx Assassin Can just hit her... SLOWLY if she just stand there (jungling) still stands there (might be farming in lane) then if nyx hits her he nuke her in just 1 second and she's dead. :( just run around and around so he can't hit you and gets tired of you

Bristleback can just goo her (eww) and chase her then quil spray her to death. which she has low armor. too bad bb can't hit her :(

Troll Warlord and Phantom Assassin can just rekt you because they have high as speed and can buy armor reductions ( Assault Curaiss or Desolator ).

Meepo can just have a ******** with Enchantress and your forced to buy a Blink Dagger or Force Staff

Tinker can just Laser you and use homing missle to destroy you.

Alchemist Can just throw a homming cocktail and stun you with a mjonir, assault curaiss and radience you have no escape once your not stunned for 3.5 seconds.

Visage can use his familiars to hit you then use Soul Assumption

Templar Assassin has good as speed enought to destroy you with 1 hit and you cannot break her shield and requires as speed to break it mana or she can just use Meld to avoid hurracane pike or just buy a dust so she can't meld.

Any nukers with disables will destroy you.

Crystal Maiden

Clinkz can balance Untouchable with Strafe

Invoker will just QUAS WEX EXORT Myrault's Hinder-Gast! Killing Wall of Koryx! ELEMENTAL PULSE Thus I invoke myself! Such tedium Fight me! Arcana known only to me! Infelicitous! Perturbations! Lamentable. Quas Trionis! Traitorous sorcery. Zeal of Wexort! Exort Tri-Solar! Voidal Pyroclasm! Tri-orbant blast! (well you get it he invokes you)

Balance Strong againts and Weak againts

Kunkka must have a perfect X mark the spot to nuke you

Doom cannot initiate you well if he doesn't buy Blink Dagger or silver edge.

Riki cannot Diffusal Blade silesmoke bomb you because your core item is forcestaff then a hurracane pike if he hits you, you hurracane pike him to death until he uses ult to avoid being contact with that unless he manta away *if you have dust* or phase boots away which chase him after wards except manta that thing phase shift it (I forgot what its called).

Mirana cant sacred arrow you well but can starfall you if she has scepter.

Storm Spirit can dispel or make sure he doesn't get ulted by you by ball lightning toward you but cannot hit you and he depends on Overload s to do damage

Winter Wyvern cant ult you because of your -130 as speed which only takes about 5-12 seconds for you to get killed by your alies depends on how much damage they have.

Death Prophet cant hit you so her ult can destroy you first. so sad

Skywraith Mage has low armor. you can just hit him or GET REKT by Ancient Seal, Concussive Shot and Mystic Flare ending with Arcane Bolt

Ancient Apparition will stop you from healing using counter heal I mean sprite I mean Nature's Attendance

don't be afraid IF YOUR PRO.

Early Game

Jungle, if you want to lane just to support then do it.

Get the early game item on the "hero build" avobe this words I wrote just to help you understand the hero.

You must rush for hurracane pike and Power Treads set the treads to int for damage, str for durability or agility for as speed.

then get wards and hurracane pike can just do it's work. watch out for blademail users

You can use Enchant to slow down anyone who gets in your way or enchant a creep to help you in battle or enchant an enemy illusion like an Anti-Mage, Chaos Knight, Meepo or Viper illusion to burn mana, damage them or slow damage them down. Note: you must be pro and knows how to have fast hand or tab to do that.

Mid game

You must have all the early game items then go for Blood Stone and Aghanim Scepter or just ask Alchemist to buy you one if your a girl. if your a male player. he'll ignore you if your not his friend. :(

You can get Orchid Malevolence if you want just for burn damage and silence unessesarry nukes or stuns or Linken sphere againts nukers who loves to put a sharp brown earth like stick up your *** and finger you. TALKING TO YOU Lion >:( and Lina with your euls also you Meepo

Late Game

End it fast or have fun until your enemy buys blademail, butterfly, yasha, nukes or silver edge.

You can enchant Ancient creeps now. you can get the giant golem to increase your team's health or the ever popular powerful magenta (purple) monster who roots you and armor reduction you when you try to farm them.

their dangerous if there's a riki and an Anti-Mage trying to farm that magenta monster Riki can just kill Anti-Mage in just 2 seconds if he smoke and diffusal blade.

and you can support your carry and use shiva's guard to harass them or buy a assault cur*** or support items like Linken Sphere to help your team push the tower WITHOUT dying.


Sure win. :)

but no she's nerfed harshly and only capable of buying hurracane pike and observer wards so be mindful about that.

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